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These Psychiatrists Want Your Child Raped By Their Patients (updated)

(***Second Update: Addendum added at bottom as rebuttal to homosexuality argument*** 9/15/2011)

(***Update at bottom of article***)

In the event this atrocity has slipped by you, the pedophiles and their buddies in the medical community are at it again. I’m speaking, of course, about their pathetic attempt to list pedophilia as simply a misunderstood sexual orientation, liking it to homosexuality and comparing the public’s view of pedophiles as has been the intolerance suffered by the gay and lesbian community (This should outrage GLAAD as much as the rest of us). There is a conference aiming at normalizing pedophilia. This time, however, this sadistic movement is getting much wider coverage and won’t be some secret mission hidden from the normal people in society who can and will stand up against it.

I would normally only post a few clippings here and have my readers follow the link to the full story; however, this is far too important to have you skipping back and forth. Here is what was planned for August 17, 2011:

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia

By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller Published: 10:00 AM 08/15/2011 | Updated: 4:38 PM 08/15/2011

If a small group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have their way at a conference this week, pedophiles themselves could play a role in removing pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association’s bible of mental illnesses — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), set to undergo a significant revision by 2013.  Critics warn that their success could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.

The August 17 Baltimore conference is sponsored by B4U-ACT, a group of pro-pedophile mental health professionals and sympathetic activists.  According to the conference brochure, the event will examine “ways in which minor-attracted persons [pedophiles] can be involved in the DSM 5 revision process” and how the popular perceptions of pedophiles can be reframed to encourage tolerance.

Researchers from Harvard University, the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Louisville, and the University of Illinois will be among the panelists at the conference.

B4U-ACT has been active attacking the APA’s definition of pedophilia in the run up to the conference, denouncing its description of “minor-attracted persons” as “inaccurate” and “misleading” because the current DSM links pedophilia with criminality.

“It is based on data from prison studies, which completely ignore the existence of those who are law-abiding,” said Howard Kline, science director of B4U-ACT, in a July 25, 2011 press release. “The proposed new diagnostic criteria specify ages and frequencies with no scientific basis whatsoever.”

The press release announced a letter the group sent to the APA criticizing its approach, and inviting its leaders to participate in the August 17 conference. “The DSM should meet a higher standard than that,” Kline continued. “We can help them, because we are the people they are writing about.”

APA spokeswoman Erin Connors told The Daily Caller in an emailed statement that her organization was not participating in the conference and would not comment on its aims.

Child advocate Dr. Judith Reisman, a visiting professor at Liberty University’s School of Law, said the conference is part of a strategy to condition people into accepting pedophiles.

“The first thing they do is to get the public to divest from thinking of what the offender does criminally, to thinking of the offender’s emotional state, to think of him as thinking of his emotional state, [and] to empathize and sympathize,” Reisman said. “You don’t change the nation in one fell swoop; you have to change it by conditioning. The aim is to get them [pedophiles] out of prison.”

According to Reisman, empirical data show that pedophiles typically molest many children before finally being caught.

“The data on paroled pedophiles confirms these predators repeat their crimes against children and are known to have escalated them even to murder,” Reisman said.

Several speakers at the August 17 conference, including B4U-ACT director of operations Dr. Richard Kramer and conference keynote speaker Dr. Fred Berlin, of the Johns Hopkins University, have actively opposed sex offender notification laws.

“What purpose does calling someone a ‘pervert’ or ‘predator’ serve anyway, other than to express contempt and hatred?” Kramer wrote in a March 14, 2009 blog entry on the website “How is this productive? It certainly doesn’t protect children. I would urge all SO [sex offender] activists to listen to their own message: Stop buying into and promoting false stereotypes. Stop demonizing a whole class of people, and start learning the facts.”

Berlin has similarly compared society’s reaction to pedophilia to that of homosexuality prior to the landmark 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision that decriminalized sodomy.

B4U-ACT’s own website puts Berlin’s views front and center. “Just as has been the case historically with homosexuality,” he writes, “society is currently addressing the matter of pedophilia with a balance that is far more heavily weighted on the side of criminal justice solutions than on the side of mental health solutions.”

Berlin’s opposition to, and even noncompliance with, Maryland’s sex offender notification law drew scrutiny from former Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran in the early 1990s.

In 1990 The Baltimore Sun reported that Berlin refused to report pedophiles under his care who were actively molesting children.

In an emailed statement to TheDC, Berlin distanced himself Monday afternoon from other B4U-ACT conference participants’ stated aims, saying that he opposes removing pedophilia from the DSM and that he hopes to stop pedophiles before they act.

Berlin also disputed Reisman’s contention that he wants to decriminalize pedophilia, noting that “society’s interests can best be served by supporting both criminal justice interventions and public health initiatives.”

Reisman remains unconvinced. “His empathy was with the pedophile and the pederast, not with the child victim,” she told TheDC. “He refused to report the criminal to law enforcement because he said they were in treatment.

“Taxpayers pay for treatment and they are molesting kids. They go out to Berlin, and he gets paid by us [the taxpayers] for therapy.”

Reisman also claims that mental health practitioners like Berlin want to place pedophilia on a par with neuroses or clinical depression, and counsel pedophiles rather than incarcerate them.

“The scientific defense of pedophiles follows on the natural outgrowth of … [Alfred Kinsey’s] 1948 book ‘Sexual Behavior of the Human Male’ where he describes the rapes of infants and children, as would any pedophile, as ‘orgasmic,’” Reisman said.

Reisman warns that declassifying pedophilia as a mental illness could result in the repeal of child-protection statutes because the law always follows the input of psychiatry. She points to psychiatry’s normalization of sadomasochism, exhibitionism, and homosexuality as precedents.

“[I]t has been carried from the university to the law, going back to Kinsey,” Reisman said.

And other conference panelists such as Jacob Breslow, a graduate student in gender research at the London School of Economics, plan to discuss how political activists can exploit removing pedophilia from the next edition of the DSM for their own ends.

“Allowing for a form of non-diagnosable minor attraction is exciting, as it creates a sexual or political identity by which activists, scholars and clinicians can better understand Minor Attracted Persons,” Breslow writes in a summary of his upcoming August 17 presentation.

“This understanding may displace the stigma, fear and objection that is naturalized as being attached to Minor Attracted Persons and may alter the terms by which non-normative sexualities are known.

I don’t call my site “The Ultimate Evil” for nothing, the same as Andrew Vachss who called his child sex slavery novel  the name first.

This is what we know to be “Grooming.” Yes, pedophiles groom society the same way they groom children, though with a different desired outcome. They groom children to be complacant in their sexual abuse and to be too afraid to tell. They groom parents to accept their steadily increasing interest in their child. They groom society to accept their sexual abuse of children by first desensitizing the public (via jokes about child rape, images mocking child rape, mocking the fight against predators, demonizing television shows and news specials aimed at taking down predators, etc..), then by introducing themselves as sick or past victims who need help, until finally the only victim in their crime is the abuser him/herself.

I have had many pedophiles try to groom me and other visitors with their “oh, woe is me” comments. It has never worked. Now that this conference has taken place, I’m seeing an even slicker crowd come forth.

I just received a comment on an earlier post exposing pedophile codes and symbols by this … interesting … individual. I find it interesting that it comes on the heels of the current push to normalize pedophilia, beginning with the grooming by the pedophile community of society to show “compassion and understanding” for the abusers rather than the victims. Isn’t that what the multi-million dollar state of the art rehab centers for baby rapers are for? I can’t help but to ask yet again when victims are going to get such compassion and understanding. You know, because logic and reason dictate that in order to effectively stop the cycle of abuse, the victim must receive help as soon as possible to cope and to heal. Wouldn’t the only reason to give so much coddling to a criminal who has already created many victims, thus ensuring the continuation and expansion of the cycle of abuse, be to simply help them avoid prison?

But my intelligence and I digress…. where were we? Ah, yes. A comment by a pedophile sympathizer:

Ambrose Chrysis

Submitted on 2011/08/26 at 5:59 pm 

Whoa, that’s a lot of misplaced hatred.

Should people who rape children be sent to prison? Personally I’m more in favor of execution in instances in which guilt can be established without doubt. Why risk repeat offense?

But listen, pedophiles are not necessarily child rapists.

I knew a pedophile I respected immensely because he understood that his desires were wrong, and vowed to never, ever act on them. A tortured life to lead, but a noble one.

We may never be able to eliminate pedophilia in the sense of sexual attraction to children, but we can eliminate sexual abuse of children by teaching these people to control their urges.

Hatred for them will not help them. When they do offend, they must be permanently removed from society, and either used as slave labor, for medical experimentation, or put to death.

Not out of hatred, but necessity. If anything, compassion for them and others.

The reason some of those lines are in bold is to help you read between the lines and see the true intent of this comment. It is quite obvious this author is only after convincing me to “care about” and “understand” pedophiles. He even goes so far as to call them respectable and noble!

Let me explain something in the event you don’t already know: Pedophiles NEVER avoid children! That is an outright lie. And by the time an abuser is caught, he or she has already abused many others he groomed into silence. There has never been a case of which I am aware that a pedophile was caught the very first time he raped or molested a child. I have heard of young pedophiles being afraid of their feelings and telling someone before acting upon them. By the time a pedophile is actually caught for sexual abuse, though, they already have a history of doing so.

Pedophile sympathizers like Ambrose want us to care instead of hate. Honestly, do you really need any more proof as to the state of someone’s mind when they chastise people for hating those who rape children?

To be honest, though, I see what he is saying. In closing, let me share the wisdom of his suggestions:

Teaching pedophiles to control their urges:

The naked pedophile would be placed into the chair so that the thorns would stick into their body at the slightest movement. If necessary, the chair could be incandesced, a fire lit beneath the seat, and accessory instruments like finger and toe tongs could be attached. The rehabilitation could last from a few hours to several weeks.

Another teaching device that involves knee crushing and whatever other lessons the pedophile may need.

Why, I can almost guarantee any thought of sex with children would suddenly become such a terror, most pedophiles would be cured! Ambrose and the pedophile loving psychos may be on to something.

And for those who are too ill for compassion and deterrants to work, there is always

The Cure

Barrett 82A1 .50 cal sniper rifle

For those extra tough cases involving groups of poor lost pedophiles, such as NAMBLA, there’s a

Community Rehabilitation Plan

Because rescuing the innocent and bringing down terrorists is what they do best.


There was an excellent show on B.A.C.A. Nation Radio last night featuring guest Dr. Judith Reisman, “scientific consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” an “international expert witness on human sexuality,” and an attendee at the above pro-pedophilia conference. Upon looking through information about pedophile supporter and keynote speaker at the conference, Dr. Fred Berlin (founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic), I found an article which outlined some of the remarks made on pamphlets, by pedophile attendees, and by speakers like Berlin:

  • Pedophiles are “unfairly stigmatized and demonized” by society.
  • There was concern about “vice-laden diagnostic criteria” and “cultural baggage of wrongfulness.”
  • “We are not required to interfere with or inhibit our child’s sexuality.”
  • “Children are not inherently unable to consent” to sex with an adult.
  • “In Western culture sex is taken too seriously.”
  • “Anglo-American standard on age of consent is new [and ‘Puritanical’]. In Europe it was always set at 10 or 12. Ages of consent beyond that are relatively new and very strange, especially for boys. They’ve always been able to have sex at any age.”
  • An adult’s desire to have sex with children is “normative.”
  • Our society should “maximize individual liberty. … We have a highly moralistic society that is not consistent with liberty.”
  • “Assuming children are unable to consent lends itself to criminalization and stigmatization.”
  • “These things are not black and white; there are various shades of gray.”
  • A consensus belief by both speakers and pedophiles in attendance was that, because it vilifies MAPs, pedophilia should be removed as a mental disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), in the same manner homosexuality was removed in 1973.
  • Dr. Fred Berlin acknowledged that it was political activism, similar to that witnessed at the conference, rather than scientific considerations that successfully led to the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder: The reason “homosexuality was taken out of DSM is that people didn’t want the government in the bedroom,” he said.
  • Dr. Berlin appeared to endorse the politically maligned clinical practice of “reparative therapy” for homosexuals and pedophiles alike, saying, “If someone, for their own reasons, doesn’t want to live a homosexual lifestyle, I tell them that it’s hard but I’ll try to help them.” 
  • The DSM ignores those pedophiles “have feelings of love and romance for children” in the same way adult heterosexuals and homosexuals have romantic feelings for one another.
  • “The majority of pedophiles are gentle and rational.”
  • The DSM should “focus on the needs” of the pedophile, and should have “a minimal focus on social control,” rather than obsessing about the “need to protect children.”
  • Self-described “gay activist” and speaker Jacob Breslow said that children can properly be “the object of our attraction.” He further objectified children, suggesting that pedophiles needn’t gain consent from a child to have sex with “it” any more than we need consent from a shoe to wear it. He then used graphic, slang language to favorably describe the act of climaxing (ejaculating) “on or with” a child. No one in attendance objected to this explicit depiction of child sexual assault. [I strongly urge GLAAD to place as much distance as possible between them and this “self-descrived gay activist”, and I remind everyone that sexual abusers in certain religious cults claim their god or their prophet tells them to marry and fornicate with children.]

The author of the article, Nathan Tabor, attempted to call Johns Hopkins Hospital Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and inquire as to their knowledge of their professor’s favoritism for sexually abusing children. Although the person on the other end claimed not to know anything about it, they didn’t seem to take the call seriously. Mr. Tabor published the contact information for Berlin’s boss, Dr. J. Raymond DePaulo- director of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department at John’s Hopkins, in the event those of us intellectually superior to pedophiles would like to share their opinions and concerns:

J. Raymond DePaulo, Jr., M.D.
Henry Phipps Professor and Director
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 410-955-3130

“I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients

according to my ability and my judgment

and never do harm to anyone.”

–Hippocratic Oath

***Addendum – 9-15-2011***

I received a comment by a pedophile last week that I sent directly to spam due to my refusal to participate in useless repetitive arguing. However, the comment caused me to re-read my article and the conversation with the previous pedophile sympathizer in the comments below. I came to realize that I left this post open to speculation regarding the connection with pedophilia and homosexuality. I would like to correct that unintentional oversight and express my feelings more clearly on the matter.

Pedophiles and their ilk frequently attempt to compare pedophilia with homosexuality. They want people to see them as victims of bigotry, ostracized by a small-minded public that is trying to force its ethical or religious will upon everyone. The so-called psychiatrists that are the subjects of this post lead their pedophile brethren in this attempt to psychologically manipulate society.

Never forget that these people have been trained to garner emotions and control how we feel and respond to any given situation. They know they are logically and academically incorrect in the comparison of pedophilia with homosexuality, but they realize not all of society has a medical degree, particularly in psychiatry, and the easily manipulated media certainly doesn’t take the time to research such things from a scientific point of view.

These people are counting on our gullibility and outright stupidity. Our children and generations to come are counting on us to use intelligence, rational thinking, and good old fashioned common sense.

Here is what we know to be fact:

Homosexuality is a mistake of nature, but it is, none-the-less, part of nature.

The primary purpose for intercourse is to breed and continue on the population of a species. The sensation of pleasure exists to ensure the species finds the activity acceptable enough to perform, thereby ensuring the survival of the species. If you don’t like something, you usually don’t do it, particularly if it is painful or unpleasant. For a species to continue thriving, breeding must occur.

In nature, some species rely upon forced copulation. Humans, however, have evolved beyond such primitive behavior. We can communicate with words, we can create with tools and electricity, we understand reason, and we understand that violence against another for selfish reasons is counterproductive to our evolution. We reason, theorize, experiment, and conclude based upon science instead of simply behaving as instinct in the wild dictates.  This is why consensual sex is part of our ever evolving species, and heterosexual relations are necessary and normal for our kind. It is true, then, that homosexuality is not normal and it is not as nature intended us to be because it interrupts our species progression.

How, then, do we handle homosexuals and homosexuality?

Being part of a species that has evolved as I stated previously includes understanding that those born with this infliction should not be punished for that which they had no opportunity or ability to oppose. Regardless of a person’s opinion about sexual orientation, we can all agree that everyone deserves human contact in the form of affection, and human interactions that include love.

One can argue in defense of their disapproval with homosexuality, but any argument they present should be formed after they have learned the facts of homosexuality. Any effective argument in their favor must include facts and not opinion. The truth of the matter is, arguments against homosexuals do not treat the individuals as separate entities from the orientation.  Furthermore, arguments against homosexuals and homosexuality have been driven by religious leanings rather than science and academic findings. We cannot impose our religious beliefs onto others. Religion is not a necessary item in our species’ growth and evolution. It is purely for spiritual growth and the presumed impact such growth has on the growth of humanity (which is another experiment altogether, and although fascinating to me, does not pertain to this article).

Judging homosexuals and homosexuality, then, from strictly a scientific perception, we see that same-sex intercourse may not be beneficial to the evolutionary cycle of mankind or the promotion of the species’ population, but consensual relations between humans at a stage in their physical and mental growth that can accept such a relationship and its consequences does no harm to the species as it cannot encourage the genes that would normally be passed on through heterosexual intercourse.

When we discuss consensual sexual relations and the affect consent vs. force has upon the human race, then associate the discussion with those who have sex with children, we see that pedophilia is quite different from homosexuality in that only pedophilia truly harms the species with a much greater impact.

Taking the identical points made in the paragraphs pertaining to homosexuality, we know based upon scientific study through psychological testing and physical examinations that pedophilia does harm the human race and attempts to halt its intellectual evolution, which will in turn begin to erode the population.

Sexual abuse on children results in a psychological break down of a child’s intellect. Common knowledge is that a child generally stops or dramatically slows down their mental maturity at the time they are abused. If a 25 year old was sexually assaulted at 6, that 25 year old will show signs of behaving as a 6 year old. The severity of exhibiting such behavior will depend upon how often the person was abused and for how long it lasted. Let us say this 25 year old becomes pregnant by another 25 year old who was beaten every day from the time he could walk until puberty. Both parents will not only lack proper parenting skills, they will, also, pass on genes that include a slowed mental development. Perhaps during the young woman’s sexual abuse, she developed a sexually transmitted disease or other physical traumas. These can affect the pregnancy, growth of the fetus, birth, and perhaps even life of the child if these things were passed on to him while inside of the womb.

Most pedophiles were sexually abused as children. They encourage the cycle of abuse by not fighting any psychological defect that compels them to have sexual relations with a child. This cycle grows to include other children, more and more over time as each child grows into a possible pedophile and creates their own family tree of victims.

The damage here is twofold: Since female children are not yet fertile, and since a male child cannot get a woman pregnant, sexual relations with children hurts the population growth. Additionally, each child that is coerced or physically forced into sexual relations with an adult will develop severe psychological problems that will be counterproductive to the species’ social growth.

Children are, also, not mentally prepared to accept the emotional weight of a sexual relationship or intellectually developed enough to understand sex. Adults get into relationships with other adults sometimes with a mutual understanding that it is only a sexual relationship. They are both responsible for their actions and decision to engage in such a situation. Adults who prey upon children expect us to believe that a child can 1. make an informed decision to agree to such a relationship, and 2. are capable of understanding and being in control of any emotional involvement, such as the love a pedophile claims to have for the child he or she is sexually abusing.

Physically speaking, children are not developed to accept sexual intercourse with an adult. For an adult to accomplish this, there must be force of some kind – be it physical or psychological manipulation. (And here we see that since both physical and psychological force are illegal, this leaves no possible defense of pedophilia.)

Although a child is not responsible for what an adult does, an adult is responsible for their actions when they become old enough to understand the consequences of those actions. Whereas homosexuality is not a choice and does not greatly impact the evolution of the species because it does not create more non-productive homosexuals, pedophilia is always a choice when acted upon and causes great damage to the species’ in numerous ways.

I hope this clears up the factual side of this argument as I will no longer entertain those intolerant of the truth.

On a more opinionated note, though still factual in its sense, the comparison of homosexuality and pedophilia infuriates me because, for one, it compares consensual sex between adults to forced sex between adults and children. Next, I have seen the harm anti-gay activism can do to the war on child sexual abuse.

There is an alarming number of people who insist upon indicating that pedophilia pertains to men raping boys, claiming it is a gay crime. They like to cite groups such as North American Man Boy Love Association, even though there are more groups designed for men who desire little girls and even women who desire little boys. This hurts our cause tremendously because the truth is, there are more cases of opposite-gender assaults than same-sex. By the argument of these anti-gay groups, all heterosexuals must then be child molesters based upon the statistics placing heterosexual child abuse cases above homosexual ones.  Since the number of children who suffer abuse by an adult of the opposite sex outnumber those who suffer by an adult of the same gender, the majority of victims are being forgotten and ignored. Personally, I have no doubt that this is one of the many reasons these pedophile psychiatrists are trying to compare their movement to homosexuality. It creates more anti-gay followers and puts the emphasis on homosexuality rather than child sexual assault.

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  1. I like how you call Pedophiles sick and yet at the end of all your babbling, you support murdering them via torture and against your own Constitution and what it stands for. Your moral compass is twisted, you may think pedophiles are sick, yet I find your way of thinking just as sick!

    Not all pedophiles like the way they think, the things they do, many do them in secret, dont let people know. Just as a young male would fell about coming out of the closet and telling people they are gay, that same feeling goes for many so call pedophiles and the things they think about small children! You dont see it this way obviously!

    For any person who has been abused as a child, you could ask any abuser and would find that a good majority of them were abused themselves, they take that loss and use it again, an evil that is passed from 1 to another. Do a bit of research I suggest and talk to real people who have been through treatment on the issue and you will find many have deep impacted thoughts on what took place to them, things like fear, pain, loss hurt and things of that nature, it creates a power vacuum that they have to fill.

    Not saying that all abused turn to abusers, but many do have issues or problems years later in life! Drugs, Spousal abuse, alcohol etc… they need to fill the void that was created and yes some do fill it with young children, most that are in the age range of when they themselves were abused. I dont support the actions of abusers, simply pointing to you that your own thinking and murderous thoughts are just as morally wrong as what pedophiles thought, it people like you that dont think an entire aspect though that creates more problems then less!

    Comment by | August 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Dear Michigan jackass, You’re an idiot. I can’t figure out yet if you’re a pedophile pathetically trying to garner compassion for your desires to rape children, or if you’re just this completely fucking stupid to believe the utter horseshit you just posted — and let’s be honest, shall we? You know it’s horseshit like everyone else knows it’s horseshit.

      Do you know how many of those fighting these demons are survivors of child sexual abuse? Most of us! We CHOOSE to protect children from living that kind of experience that will never go away. While we CHOOSE to do the RIGHT thing, your pedophile friends are CHOOSING to rape, molest, and lust after children. It is a CHOICE whether you and your ilk want to believe it or not. The only time a pedophile is ever sorry or ever claims tearfully of being a victim and only doing what his past directed him to do is when they get caught.

      Are you really going to sit here and try to convince me and every other NORMAL person on the planet that a pedophile is truly remorseful every time they leave a child broken and crying and scarred for life from their abuse? Really? Especially if they were, themselves, abused and know what it does? Really… What a dumbass.

      Let me give you a little scenario to put this into perspective for your feeble, pathetic mind: If some guy would go around hitting people with a baseball bat, do you really think people would believe he’s sorry when he keeps doing it over and over even after putting several people into the hospital with severe injuries? Hell no! Because people are too damned smart to fall for that bullshit. So what the hell makes you think anyone really should believe a pedophile when they say they are sorry and that they don’t like what they are doing when they go from child to child forcing them to have sex through tears and screams and pleas of “No”?!

      Again I ask, are you this fucking stupid?

      And just to make sure you understand, the choice to not rape or rape a child has absolutely nothing to do with morals (that’s where you gave yourself away, fyi). It’s about common fucking sense and the difference between people who are criminals and those who are not. It takes a particularly demented mind to feel there is nothing wrong with having sex with infants and children, and one just as twisted to know what hurt it causes and to do it, anyway.

      I wasn’t going to address your batshittery of comparing a pedophile to a homosexual, but this particular argument is starting to wear on my last nerve with you people. What is so damned hard about understanding the difference between sex between two consenting adults and sex an adult imposes upon a child? I suppose it’s that same incurable brain malfunction that thinks we should show more compassion to chid abusers than to children, and the same that considers the decision to not abuse a child a moral or religious one.

      My Constitution is for law abiding citizens. As for the drastic measures in dealing with pedophiles that those of us in the anti crowd have come to accept as the only way to stop them, you can thank the pedophile community for their grooming tactics and their allies in the medical community as well as those in the judiciary and political arenas.

      Discussion no longer works. Patient awareness into the way the pedophile community works has only gotten us so far. If you and your buddies seriously believe we will sit back and let you charm your way to our children, you are all sadly fucking mistaken. Don’t think for a minute we are just joking around about our belief in how pedophiles should be treated. There will come a day when the only choice left is to put down the pen and take up the sword. Better choose now if you want to side with child abusers or the children.

      Comment by TUECAA | August 27, 2011 | Reply

      • Really? Were u abused? If so you know the hurt and pain a abused feels, you fill that void with your hate for pedophile, just as pedophiles fill that void in their own ways. You cant see that because you simply HATE the feeling that you are feeling, the thoughts you think… that’s not a NORMAL thought, in fact its just a corrupt and sad as a pedophile! Welcome to the conversation!

        I like how you say being a pedophile is a ‘choice’ would you say the same thing to a gay person!? If so I bet you would have 1 hell of a debate on your hands, because gay’s tend to say that they were born gay! Whats to say pedophiles weren’t born pedophiles!? Are you a scientist? No… so Ill just say your ignorant instead!

        And not ALL pedophiles rape, hurt and purposely go after children, in fact majority of them DO do what they do in secret, they do it because they are afraid and fear what they do, think and are. Its not a normal thing, they know this, just as a gay person coming out for the first time thinks… its a very different experience then a hetro-sexual may think, which is why our country is far still homo-phoebe then it should be!

        And the Constitution does not support your views, in fact it goes against it… Your views of treatment on how to treat a pedophile is against it, the way you speak about them, they way you see them, basically everything! But I have a feeling you find that we have the right to bare arms dont you? Not the fact that it clearly states that a ‘regulated militia’ has the right and not a common citizen. But hey, who really cares right!?

        I would suggest that you spend some time and actually speak to someone who considers themselves a pedophile, not a radical thinker, not 1 of these community people that are brain washed with what they believe, but someone you may know, because I am sure if you dig, you will find people close to you in your life that ARE as you state a pedophile. Sit down, talk to them, find out why they are the way they are, if you honestly want to know, you’ll find out!

        And I would offer my assistance in your picking up of weapons against them, but I am going to be the lawful citizen and sit back and watch as your committed of charges of murder and pre-meditated murder from your own words here in this so called site! But I am sure you wont mind spending time in a cell with someone. Share a small space for 25 to life, maybe many life’s… So you enjoy that, oh and I’m sure your views will go over well there knowing that prisons are filled with homo sexual activity! Enjoy!

        Comment by IP address: | August 28, 2011 | Reply

        • It’s amazing. The more you comment, the more people understand just what kind of filthy degenerate we’re fighting. You are a prime Grade A example of what these pedophile psychologists are trying to force society to accept. Honestly, on one hand I want to see you permanently removed from society because it is so obvious through your dramatic defense of pedophiles what you are, but on the other hand, I have to sincerely thank you. There is a pocket of people out there that truly cannot seem to grasp the kind of mental state we are dealing with. You are showing them right here. I couldn’t have walked up to a pedophile and asked for better evidence than what you’ve given us.

          In one fell swoop, you:

          1. …state that a pedophile’s sexual assault of a child is simply his way of filling a void and is in no way worse than a survivor’s hatred of their abuser.

          2. …state that the pain and suffering felt by an abuse victim is not normal, corrupt, and on the same level of abuse a pedophile enjoys inflicting upon innocent children.

          3. …honestly believe that a survivor has no right conversing with a pedophile unless they agree that their pain is the same as the pedophile’s sadistic behavior.

          4. …try to say that a pedophile is born wanting to rape and molest children (yet, you still contend that such feelings are brought on through abuse suffered by a pedophile at a young age…the age he/she chooses to abuse, as you stated in your previous comment) while you foolheartedly attempt to put homosexuality in the same category as pedophilia.

          5. …first try to make the asinine claim of homosexuality being the same as pedophilia, then you try to make it seem as if it was me who said it instead of you (have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia?).

          6. …you, actually, have the unmitigated gall to EXCUSE a pedophile’s secret abuse of children by making it seem like the abuser is the victim because they are forced to carry on their sexual abuse in private. That they should be able to rape and molest children freely and in open because again, you try to compare what they are doing to the behavior of CONSENTING ADULTS.

          7. …claim their abuse is an accident. Oh yes, they don’t “purposely go after children.” Naaahh…. Ever hear that joke about when a woman is caught having an affair? It goes, “Oops, tripped, fell on his dick!” Because we all know forcing sexual acts upon a child is really an accident. You really meant to seduce the 20-something at the bar down the street and have no idea how you ended up sweet talking that little kid from the playground into your car. You didn’t mean to slip your penis/fingers into their vagina/anus/mouth. You didn’t mean to slip their penis/fingers/tongue into your vagina. It was just a freak accident, right? And I know, I know. When they begged you to stop, you really meant to, honest, but the devil was right there forcing you to continue and you had absolutely no control.

          8. ….claim pedophilia is protected by the Constitution and condemn self-defense. Not a shocker here that you’re afraid of private gun ownership because you know what any real man or woman would do to you and your ilk if you came near their children. However, I would like for you to find and post word for word the part of the Constitution where it gives you the right to rape, molest, and lust after children, and where this “right” supersedes the rights of a child to not be abused or the rights of society to protect children from your abuse. Also, find where it says criminals have the right to walk free and commit their crimes unencumbered and with no threat of punishment or suffering justifiable defense by victims and those the courts find acting in the interest of a defenseless victim.

          9. ….attempt to pretend after both of your highly defensive, pro-pedophilia comments that you aren’t a pedophile. Then, you try to suggest there are different types of pedophiles, suggesting there are “radicals” and there are good pedophiles who could actually slip into my life under my radar because they really are decent members of society. You know, the kind that just “makes love” to children rather than the radicals who rape them. Had you bothered to actually get to know me, you would know that I know quite a number of pedophiles like the ones you state. Just recently, in fact, a pedophile that lives near me tried to convince me it wasn’t his fault that he had sex with his little sister, who he blamed for telling their parents and “ruining his life.” “Because of her,” he keeps losing his job because he’s a registered sex offender. “Because of her,” he can’t hold his daughters because she has him afraid that he’ll sexually abuse them. Yes, dear, speaking with a pedophile is a REAL eye opener, and I highly suggest people watch the hundreds of news programs and talk shows out there that have welcomed pedophiles to speak candidly about their beliefs. It really pushes home the importance of keeping you people locked up and away from our children, or like other states, an instant death penalty.

          10. ….share your ignorance to the way pedophiles and pedophile killers are treated in prison. Have you been living under a rock, or do your pedo mentors keep the truth from you? Pedophiles in prison suffer daily and don’t last long. People who go to prison for killing pedophiles are treated as heroes and royalty. Most inmates were abused physically and/or sexually as children. They take out their anger, pain, torment over the lives they led out on child abusers. There is a reason pedophiles are many times kept away from general population. You either don’t survive your entire prison sentence or you pray daily for death. And those of us who really love children and fight you sick, evil bastards like we do wouldn’t hesitate putting an end to your worthless life if you ever dared harm a child we love. And no jury would ever convict us for it. Believing, however, that a TRUE loving parent wouldn’t go to prison to see to the death of the person who abused their child screams of a complete lack of understanding what true love for children means. But then again, pedophiles don’t have the first clue as to what love means. Only lust, domination, manipulation, and force.

          As for your final attempt to cloud the issues of pedophilia and homosexuality: Sex by force is rape. It has nothing what-so-ever to do with homosexuality. The disturbing ideal that these quacks who call themselves psychiatrists are trying to promote completely disregards the terms “consenting” and “adult.” Homosexual adults have every right to do what they wish in the privacy of their own bedroom. In fact, most of what heterosexual adults do with each other was long criminalized by religions of the past. We have evolved into understanding that adults have the right to behave as they wish with each other, so long as it is consensual and doesn’t impede upon the rights of others. Children are not mature enough mentally or physically to consent, and are, therefore, protected by law from criminals like you who feel you have the right to manipulate them to your will.

          You keep smoking that pipe, though, sunshine. Your utter stupidity and arrogance in what you do has you giving society the look they need into the minds of those these pedophile psychiatrists want unleashed upon our innocent children.

          Comment by TUECAA | August 28, 2011 | Reply

          • Its all good, you can believe what your fetal little mind wants to believe, because you cult followings are few in number and I will keep a nice record of your jabbering for your court date!

            On the other side of the book, I would like to note that none of this was my own personal outlook, if you feel its wrong, consult your local government official because this is what we are told to teach in treatment programs for people that are convicted of a said ‘Sex Crime’.

            Your hate is the only thing that has been shown in your comments, nothing I said supported a pedophile, re-read it and look at it from the point of view other then yourself and you will see it, but you cant, you wont because of your fear, because of your hate you hold. Its okay, though you may not forgive the person who hurt you, I can, I will, I was able to, and I hope someday you will let things go and forgive those who hurt you as well!

            Thanks for making America a more annoying place then it already is!

            Comment by IP | August 28, 2011 | Reply

            • I will approve this one last comment of yours, then send any others after it to Spam. It is clear you are out of gas and have nothing of value to add to the conversation any longer.. The “value” being an intimate look into the mind of pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers (such as the fake doctors in the above article). This will, also, be the last time I address you because you are on a mission to recruit the unrecruitable, which is probably why you choose people like me when your mentors send you out to gather flock.

              As to your first sentence, I would like to invite you to watch the movie Law Abiding Citizen. See, people like you cannot comprehend the true love a parent or guardian has for their children. Child abusers are terrified of going to prison because they know what happens to them there. It is that selfish character all child abusers have that will not let them understand the sacrifices the protector of a child would make to avenge that horror inflicted upon the innocent victim and assure no others suffer at that abuser’s hands. But I invite you to turn all of this over to someone in law enforcement. Be prepared, however, to have your own life turned completely inside out and upside down. You’ll be in my playground then, and I won’t stop until even your great-great-great grandchildren remember you for what you are and your defense of child rapists.

              Your attempt to appear as though you are in the medical field is quite humorous when you cannot even grasp simple rules of reading comprehension and punctuation. I’m, also, running psychological circles around you and I’ve never even been to medical school. Furthermore, no treatment program is going to teach a pedophile that raping a child is okay as long as it’s “filling a void left by his own abuse,'” as you have claimed in your previous statements. The so-called medical professionals who are attempting to make pedophilia a normal orientation in society (most of them graduates of Fred Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic and pedophile lover) are not true doctors. In Law, if a lawyer or judge breaks the rules of the judiciary standard, they are disbarred. These “doctors” are breaking their very oath upon swearing in as medical professionals. They all deserve to lose their licenses and should be sued by the American people until they do.

              You see my intolerance as hate because it makes it easier for you to fight inside your mind. In fact, it is rational thinking of a normally functioning human being to not tolerate the sexual assault of children. Only a pedophile or a groomed pedophile sympathizer would see such logic as “hate.” Thank you for once again letting the public see your kind for what you are.

              Everything you said supports pedophiles. Not one thing you said supports the victims of pedophiles. You even expect the victims to forgive and forget while you expect society to just let pedophiles do as they wish because it makes them feel good … and to hell with what it does to their victim.

              You are the only one here afraid. You have been terrified to address any point-by-point statement I’ve made. You know that in doing so, you will have to admit the truth behind the logic, and when you admit to those truths, your entire world will come crashing down around you. Fortunately, that day will happen. It always does. Truth always prevails. The best thing you can do for yourself is accept it now rather than continue on this destructive course that will only make your imminent fall more painful and mentally destructive.

              Your final statement is more damning than the rest of your final comment. That you consider those who fight to protect children from sexual abuse “annoying” rather than those who sexually abuse children speaks louder than anything I or anyone can add.

              I may not know you personally but I do know you. I know there is at least one definite thing about you based purely upon what you’ve said to me here. You are either:

              A. Pedophile. If this is the case, you are quite obviously self-hating. You have chosen someone who will tell you the truth of what you are rather than coddle you like the mentors in your pedophile forums. Sure, you make excuses for pedophilia as any pedophile would, but your weak arguments are purposeful and you chose this arena rather than a pro-pedophilia one because you hate yourself but you refuse to stop. Upon hearing my thoughts on “choice” and my argument against your insufficient argument stating any harm is not on purpose, you became instantly defensive because you don’t want to hear that logically, sexually assaulting a child is purely a choice….one you have made and are making.

              B. Victim. What is very possible is that you are a victim who has been manipulated by your abuser and is using such forgiving statements to cope with your abuse. Many victims adapt a “forgive and forget” policy because it is their only way to deal with what happened. Often times, it is their abuser who grooms them into this reaction to make themselves feel better about their assault and/or to ensure their victim doesn’t report them or testify against them. This is usually accompanied by an abuser making their victim feel the abuse was their fault.

              C. Close to a pedophile. The third and very likely scenario is that someone very close to you is a pedophile. The only way you can handle what you know to be wrong clashing with your love for this person is to demonize those who would make you see the truth instead of the lies that help you sleep at night (possibly beside the abuser). The defensive manner in which you have commented quite possibly screams of your fear of hearing what you know inside to be the truth about the person you care about so deeply. Plugging your ears and humming isn’t helping you or them, and you’re only guaranteeing more victims.

              Although I am quite confident you are one of the above, the jury would have to decide which. My suggestion is to seek out Dr. Judith Reisman. Only she or other true psychiatric professionals can give you the help you so desperately need, and perhaps save others in your path or the path of the person you’re protecting.

              Comment by TUECAA | August 29, 2011 | Reply

      • Children cannot consent. They are not old enough to assess their status in relation to an adult. I believe these sick folks are doing the same thing as a violent rapist. It is all about control. I won’t begin to address where this perversion comes from. It is a question of a person having a moral compass. If the needle isn’t pointing north, the compass is wrong.

        Comment by Wendy M. Mathein | December 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. […] it that every pedophile meets their end in very slow and very painful ways, and I’ve recently blogged about a small group of mental health “professionals” who seek to serve children on a silver platter to their pedophile […]

    Pingback by The Good, The Bad, and The Pedophile « The Ultimate Evil | August 31, 2011 | Reply

  3. Amen, sister, from a fellow child rape survivor.

    Comment by Holly | September 3, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you, Holly!

      Comment by TUECAA | September 3, 2011 | Reply

  4. I wanted to share this video with you. It covers much of the same material that you cover in your discussion of homosexuality vs. pedophilia, but I like the way it is presented. The bottom line: deliberately confusing gays with pedophiles helps no one but the abusers.

    Comment by Jim | September 20, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow, Jim! Thank you! This person is brilliant and handled this controversy beautifully.

      Another common reason for a man to choose a boy is because of the shame he knows will further ensure his victim’s silence, particularly if the boy comes from a homophobic or intolerant home.

      What I see the homophobe conveniently left out of his figures are the sexual assaults on boys by women. He doesn’t even mention women as abusers. There are more female abusers than statistics show because boys grow up surrounded by the belief getting laid is an honored rite of passage. To complain about a woman coming onto him would cause ridicule and accusations of being gay for not liking it. Further evidence that homophobia has only aided sexual abuse and abusers, but the anti-gay crowd doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

      Thank you so much for commenting and for sharing this video. It’s great!

      Comment by TUECAA | September 20, 2011 | Reply

  5. After numerous years working inside the walls, confiscating from sex offenders, various childrensware catalogs, as well as listening to them attempt to justify their actions, when I took off the uniform and became a counselor, I can assure you that rehabilitation happens after rigor mortis. There is a reason why Washington and other states have implemented two strikes laws and civil committment…some people need killing, but our society is too polite to eliminate some of the biggest threats. Why? I do not know. Breeders kill off less than perfect show dogs, so, when someone chooses to have sex with a child, I’d rate that a little worse and deserving of a cranial lead injection.

    What I don’t understand, is how sex offenders make it to trial. Abuse a family member and I’ll post your bond and ensure you commit suicide prior to trial. Anyone who says that they deserve forgiveness, is either fooling themselves or not safe to be outside of the house without a helmet and a leash. Until you have heard some piece of human excrement say, “She was asking for it” when talking about a two year old baby, you need to just STFU and take your place in the idiot hall of fame.

    Comment by Bill Turner | January 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Welcome, Bill! Thank you so much for being here!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with these people. I wish more people like you would speak up, but I’ve spoken with a few who express concern over their job security if they did. Since you are out of the system, you can speak freely and I thank you so much for doing so! I would like for others still inside to speak openly in an anonymous fashion, but I suppose they are too afraid I will reveal their identities. It pisses me off that we have devolved to the point of making people afraid of hurting the abuser rather than take pride in avenging the abused.

      As for your second paragraph, I can guarantee you that if sex offenders of children were killed immediately upon being found guilty after a fair trial, the child abuse rate would drop almost over night! I think it’s high time we the people started creating the laws to ensure this and demanding they be upheld to the very letter. I could go on about that but then we’d be getting into the political area of your site and radio show. We should have a collaboration.

      Comment by TUECAA | February 1, 2012 | Reply

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