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I’ve been a fan of B.AC.A.: Bikers Against Child Abuse for a few years now. You can find links to them and videos to the right and on my first post of this blog. They are a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting child abuse victims in ways that range from compassionate encouragement to escorting the victim to court to face the accused. A video by their founder showing them in action is below.

Not too long ago, I was directed by a B.A.C.A. member to a site called B.A.C.A. Nation. It’s a B.AC.A. affiliated site that features Podcast as well as the B.A.C.A. Nation TV, which shows the guys in the studio doing their show.

The DJ’s (Affectionately referred to as The Four Horsemen) are:

And their producer:

Yes, they really are bikers, and if you think they look scary behind a mic, let them find out you’ve hurt a kid!

I’ve listened to the show a few times (Live Sunday’s from 7:00pm to 10:00pm Central Time). It’s interesting, to say that least, especially the chat going on by members on the B.A.C.A. Nation TV page. Not always for the little ones, but the kids B.A.C.A. has taken under their wing are more than welcome to write in any time and ask questions, make a statement, or make requests for music being played. In fact, these guys consider the B.A.C.A. Nation show to belong to “their” children as much as to the DJ’s, themselves.

The show is mingled with music and some lively banter about B.A.C.A. events as well as kidding around or ranting about current events. On every show that I have seen, there is also something about child abuse awareness and prevention, an expression of disgust in people who hurt kids, a mention of child abuse in the news…

It’s not your ordinary radio broadcast. It’s a show designed around the B.A.C.A. activism against child abuse, and I tear up every time I see these working class, hard core, badass bikers get steamed about people hurting innocent children.

Their function is to get people interested in the show by giving them what they want in a rockin’ radio show, and while they have them there enjoying themselves – and take it from me, it’s a pleasure listening to a show that ends far too soon – they mix in conversations about child abuse: the issues surrounding it, the ways to tackle it, how to help children you love, and how B.A.C.A. continues to give victims hope and put abusers in their place.

Say what you want about a “bunch of hardcore, tatooed, rough and foul mouthed bikers.” When it comes to supporting people who claim to abhor crimes against children, I prefer to go to those who are actually doing something to make a difference … And it just so happens to be a bunch of hardcore, tatooed, rough and foul mouthed bikers*!

B.A.C.A. Nation? You guys ROCK!!!

*They bleep out the bad words 😉

May 16, 2009 - Posted by | B.A.C.A., Child Advocates


  1. For those who think -“ooh, a 3 hour child abuse show, I would rather watch grass grow!” -We’ve got a surprise for you.

    About five years ago with a three dollar mic in my dining room the BACA Nation show was born. Since then we’ve learned that you can’t beat people down with this kind of information. It is too dark, too stark and real. People would hang themselves.

    We’ve found that if you play good music, entertain, have lively conversation and throw in a tidbit here and there, you get through to people. Essentially, they learn without knowing they have been taught. You know – a spoonful of sugar…. (Imagine that, a Mary Poppins reference by a biker???)

    A bit of caution – if you are looking for the same kind of bland sanctimonious drivel you hear on your local station, don’t tune in here. Your heart won’t be able to stand it. We believe ourselves to be the Last American DJ’s! We play what we want to play, say what we want to say and don’t give a damn if it is politically correct. If there is an elephant in the room that everyone else it tiptoeing around, we are gonna walk in and say: “Hey, there’s a !@#$ing elephant in here, what the hell is that all about.”

    We are going to broach topics that most folks run from and we will get steamed about some of them. When we do YOU ARE GOING TO KNOW IT!

    When we started this whole mess it was with the belief that we would spread the word of BACA, but somewhere along the way, the show started making a difference in the lives of abused children. They couldn’t believe that there were folks out there that they hadn’t met, that cared for them, and loved them sight unseen, folks who would come from all around the world to their aid if needed.

    We (the show) represent the tip of a very big iceberg, thousands people who want to make a difference. The kids got it, they understand. I read their letters on how it makes them feel and the hope it brings. It makes draggin my tired butt out of bed Monday morning at zero dark thirty to go to work a lot easier.

    I could go on for hours. So, let me wrap this up by saying – to become a member of BACA requires a bike, a lot of dedication, time, love and a huge piece of your heart. It is not for everyone.

    To become a member of the BACA Nation is a little easier. We have no borders and only one requirement, tune in, listen, and learn. Encourage others to do the same, because it may be your knowledge of the organization that ends up making a difference in an abused child’s life.

    Program Director
    BACA Nation

    Comment by Guru | May 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi, Guru!

    I’m sorry for taking so long to comment back. Looong day lol.

    It’s an honor having you come by to check out the post. I hope I did you guys justice, although words can’t describe the experience of watching/listening!

    I’ll tell you something about the length of the show. I have you guys on while I play Bubbleshooter or my 7 Wonders computer game or even my graphics program. Between the dialogue carried on by you guys with each other and with the callers mixed in with the great music and working on my game score, those 3 hours fly by! And you’re right – much is learned along the way.

    If someone is inclined to do so, watching the chat box on the right is just as entertaining. Pretty cool people comment there and are quite fun to watch lol. I’ve been thinking of joining in, but I’m not a chat-type person. Wouldn’t know what to say. Maybe I’ll try one of these days. 😉

    That attitude of declaring your observance over an elephant while everyone else may tiptoe around it is EXACTLY why I like you guys so much. I’m tired of the pussy footing around people do about this issue, the coddling of pedophiles and other child abusers because they’re “sick.” Hell yeah, they’re sick! But I’ll keep my concern for their victims and stand up for them rather than an adult who knows damned well what he/she is doing to that child.

    I’m tired of the government funding – billions of dollars – that goes into “rehabilitation” of child sexual abusers and nothing to help the victims get through it. Especially when we all know there is no such thing as rehabilitating a child molester/rapist. I’ve even read cases where recipients of chemical castration testify they merely used foreign objects to abuse. That is a conscious decision to inflict suffering and dominance, as they all have, and should receive no more compassion or aid than the children they tormented and hurt in the most vile ways.

    I’ve heard that we need to research them in order to correct what’s wrong with them and thereby ending child sexual abuse altogether. Bullshit. That’s a fancy way of saying we need to shed a tear and let them walk. Not on my watch, buddy! Take your hundred or so test subjects to a facility where they will never see the light of day and stick all the others on death row. Period.

    I’ve been told that people who make the kind of statements I just made are inciting violence and have no compassion. My compassion is reserved for the VICTIM of the person who CHOSE of their own free will to hurt that innocent child.

    As for inciting violence: Demanding our government take a stricter stance on child abuser sentencing is not inciting violence, but if it were, so be it. I’d rather incite violence against child abusers rather than tell them what they did is okay because they’re sick and it’s not their fault. People don’t realize what pampering these people is doing to the children they abused. The message it is sending them. That their abuser was right all along when they claimed no one would believe them or no one would take them seriously or no one would care. And that is why I lump the sympathizers in the same pile with the abusers. They are no better as their actions are condoning the abuse and forcing the child to believe yes, no one cares.

    Thank you again for all your work in this fight, for not standing silently by, for not showing more concern for the feelings of child abusers over their victims, and for not being afraid to speak out against what no one wants to talk about. Delicate sensibilities are nothing compared to what these children survive every day!

    Comment by TUECAA | May 16, 2009 | Reply

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