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“Toads May Talk”

I don’t usually do this and I am a supporter of “Boycott;” however, I feel this book is an excellent tool in teaching children how to deal with situations in which they may find themselves, and how to cope when a friend or loved one is a victim. Please check it out!

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Book Description

Publication Date: 1 Jun 2012

“A young boy learns that some friends are not friends.”12 year old Luke and his Mum flee his evil stepfather and the city for life in a country village. All looks idyllic; a new, more peaceful way of life, a new school, new best friend. Everything appears perfect until one day Luke meets the mysterious Albie, in a graveyard of all places…

Toads May Talk was written as a response to the many tragic incidences of abuse of children by people that they know. It is reported that most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone within the child’s social sphere – for example, a relative, a family friend, a teacher, youth worker, religious leader, neighbour. Despite the stereotypical image of the abuser propagated by the media, abusers usually do not look like monsters and it is relatively rare for them to be strangers.

Toads seeks to help answer the question on every parent’s lips – “how do you teach your children to trust their instincts when they know something is not right?” It seeks to teach children about the ways in which some people, even those who are not strangers, can manipulate them.

Written as a sensitive and enjoyable tale from a young boys point of view, the story is intended to educate and empower children from ages 9 years and up. The author recommends that you read the book with your child, so that they may ask questions that may arise as they follow the story.

The tale is of a friendship between two boys, Luke and Tobias, who regularly spy on small animals in the garden hoping to hear them talk to each other. When Tobias’s father begins to become over-friendly with Luke, taking him into his confidence and introducing him to alcohol in a cool, seemingly innocent way, Luke senses something is not quite right but as many good boys who are taught to be polite to their elders, he doesn’t voice his concerns.

The story follows several incidents where Luke is under the influence of Tobias’s Father (and the ‘alcohol’ which in reality is a drug) but is taken away from the scene by meetings with the mysterious Albie. Thus, allowing the reader to learn the valuable lessons within the story without being subjected to the full reality of the situation.

It is hoped the story will serve as a gentle, compelling, sometimes amusing and, most importantly, cautionary tale for children to raise awareness and assist parents to have a conversation with them on the difficult and dark subject of child abuse. Knowledge is power.

Author’s website: …

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  1. i who.can helpe with.some very bizaar pictures cartoon pics which have been.files used by s now known.paedophille. I CANNOT beleive that anyone in the whole wide world could want this dirty filthy twisted insanity could ever be classed as acceptable. how would terrified to.death feel all the hatred ever known for both the perpetrator and themselves. a right to even have a that about a child personsally i would have the same done to’them.only kill them at the end. please help as i dont know which way to turn

    Comment by joanne | July 5, 2013 | Reply

    • Joanne, you may post anything you wish in a comment here and tell me “Please don’t publish my comment.” Only I will see it. I will respect your privacy. Tell me what is going on and I will look into it or have another experienced associate look into it. I can get back to you in a private manner as to what is required for what is found.

      Comment by TUECAA | July 5, 2013 | Reply

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