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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Now, lock up your daughters and wives!

In no way, shape, or form am I against immigration or LEGAL immigrants. None of us have a right to be because we wouldn’t be here without it. However, I have every right as an American citizen, a concerned woman, and a highly protective mother to vehemently oppose this New World Order of allowing illegals the same rights as those who fought and struggled to live here legally, and who abide by the laws of THIS country rather than holding their allegiance to foreign nations that allow such criminal and heinous behavior as Rapto.

Please go here to learn more about this practice of illegal Mexican immigrants, who refuse to take no for an answer when they see a woman and even a child they wish to possess and rape.

Stop making this a matter of politics and start making it an issue of protecting OUR mothers, daughters, sisters, etc…  This is the 21st century.  If a culture refuses to evolve into civilized society, they do not deserve to be a part of one!

May 5, 2010 - Posted by | Culture


  1. Check the stats, by far the most child rape, murders, sex crimes happens at the hands of white, bald, unattractive, middle age men with pot bellies. In our schools, it’s the mostly white, middle-aged, unattractive female teacher. In fact, most sex crimes and the most horrendous, are committed by the majority population in this country, white people.
    One only has to listen to the local or national evening news to confirm this! Quit picking on us “brown” folks and quit trying to use us a scapegoats. Remember how you use to accuse black men for rapes and sex crimes when in fact it was white women throwing themselves at them desperate for black sex! This has been most common white female fantasy since forever, and falsely accusing them of the crime. Look at the history of this country and you’ll see a distrubing pattern of white oppression, murder, rape and racist views beginning with the Ameican Indians, to the Chinese and Japanese, the blacks and now the brown. You whites cannot help it, it is your genes to feel superior and in your blood to be racist! It’s “we the people” with color that need our Federal Government to protect us from you!

    Comment by John Martinez | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. John, you are a prime example of what is wrong with the increasing rate of child rape and rampant pedophilia in this country right now. You took this post and the other one linked here – which I will reply to you there after this one – and turned my entire site into your political soapbox.

    Did you even bother to read my other posts? Of course you didn’t. You don’t care about children being preyed upon for sex. You just care about getting your 15 minutes with the race card.

    Okay, I’ll play just this once. However, no more of your posts will be approved. I will not allow some insensitive jackass to hijack my site dedicated to CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS AND PREVENTION.

    I am from Louisiana. All the years growing up, we “white” girls knew the most dangerous places to go were “black” and “brown” neighborhoods. Why? Raping a white girl was not only a gang initiation but what “black/brown” boys deemed their right.

    Had you read my previous posts, you would know I have an extensive past including molestation and rape. I was raped by one black man and attempted to be raped by another black man with ruffies. My niece was gang raped by 5 black men when she was 14 to prepare her to become a white whore for their gang. Did you ever watch Star Trek? Do you remember the blonde who was from a planet where she described rape gangs? That is EVERY DAY in Louisiana, and those rape gangs are made up of “black/brown” men targeting all color girls and women – but raping a white girl, the younger the better, even children – will get you higher prestige within the gang. Regardless of the past, do you think it’s fair for any CHILD and any WOMAN to be RAPED??? That’s what you are saying in your two comments, John. Oh, the white man did it a century ago, so innocent children and women today need to suffer. NO ONE deserves rape, John, and that is why this country went to war years ago and so many of ALL colors fight for equal rights – so that such atrocities would end, not so racism could rise up in another form and cause undeserved torment for innocent children who never hurt anyone.

    Do “white” men sexually assault women and children? Of course they do, otherwise the numbers wouldn’t be so high. Most of my abusers were white. Not once did I bring color into this post, though, John. YOU did that. Not once have I ever brought color, race, or nationality into any of my posts, John. You are the first to do so and the first to make any of my posts into a racial issue.

    The fact of the matter is, John, that I am not “white” by your standards. My husband isn’t even “white” by your standards. As a matter of fact, I have blood directly to a lesser Spanish king from the 1700’s and Mic Mac Indian, and my husband has Mexican blood as well as American Indian. I am descended from Vikings, Acadians, Italian, Irish, and Scotch. My husband is, also, from Acadian blood. Every fiber of our blood, with exception to the Mic Mac in mine and the Choctaw in his, comes from immigrants…. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    See, that is the issue here. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. I addressed the illegal Mexican immigrants in this post and the other because Mexico is so close and is always a cause for debate regarding the border. I, also, did not just address rape here, John, but the violent gangs and drug cartels ruled over and run by illegal aliens – Mexican as well as Arabic and Russian and Italian, etc… Again, ILLEGAL being the operative word, John.

    Hollywood is always trying to argue in defense of illegal Mexican immigrants, not any other illegals – just the Mexicans. Why? Because the rich and famous don’t want to lose their slave labor, and let’s face it, the illegal Mexican worker is treated barely better than a slave. This goes on because these people know the illegal worker cannot press charges or sue for unfair treatment.

    The reason illegal immigration is such a hot topic for me in the regards of my awareness blog is because we have enough legal citizens, of ALL COLORS, preying upon our children. We cannot afford to put more officers out there for the legal citizens we know are out there sexually assaulting our children every day. We cannot afford the child protection services it would take to combat the problem to put it to an end once and for all. We cannot afford to have the manpower to stop sex slavery that goes on within our borders through legal citizens as it is. Illegals make it almost impossible to combat. They add to the numbers of criminals, pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers, gang bangers, etc.. And who pays the price more than anyone? OUR CHILDREN! So quite frankly, John, I don’t give a damned about your race card that you will use for your own agenda but keep it from the “brown” children being preyed upon by illegals as much as any other child. You may not care about the “brown” and “black” children in this country, John, but I do!

    Now, perhaps you would like to re-read the words I have used, John. Focus primarily on the word “illegal.” I will help you with it:

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Main Entry: 1il·le·gal
    Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i(l)-ˈlē-gəl\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French illegal, from Medieval Latin illegalis, from Latin in- + legalis legal
    Date: 1538

    : not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit; also : not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game)

    And the definition of “illegal immigrant”:
    illegal immigrant
    n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa.

    Are you starting to catch on, John? NOWHERE have I EVER said anything about anyone’s color being the cause for sexual assault. YOU did that. Who is the racist now, John? We already know who cannot read.

    Comment by TUECAA | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. Oh, by the way, John, your first paragraph is a complete load of horse manure. Clearly, you have never looked through a filing cabinet of child sexual abusers. Clearly, you have never worked cases or spoken with child welfare workers about any of this. You are trying to operate under the category of snatch-and-grab rapes, but the majority of CSA are by men and women of ALL colors who take time to groom the parents and then the child. It works better when the predator is attractive, and many are. Many are, also, non-white. Furthermore, Japan has a complete social order of sexualizing children (to the point that child porn is sold in video stores right beside G rated family movies), as does the nation of Islam. To these two cultures, children are for the sexual pleasure of adults, and they have immigrated here to de-sensitize American citizens to their “children are for sex” ideology. What do you think Anime and Manga are about? Not to mention Hentai. And then there is the whole “Mohamed said to rape children and had a child bride so we can do it, too” mentality of many Muslims. Don’t forget that countries like Cambodia and Thailand actually thrive on legal child prostitution. And yes, American business men – of ALL colors – traveling abroad partake of such things.

    Read my site, John. Not just one post that some uninformed idiot sent you here to tear into. You’ve come here looking to make me into a racist and only proved yourself a clueless, heartless bastard who cares more about defending illegal immigrants than protecting children from them.

    Comment by TUECAA | May 10, 2010 | Reply

    • As someone who reads Manga and watches Anime, I have to say that you are a bit wrong. This is like saying all art is child porn or all written works are about child porn. What you are against is Lolicon and Shotacon, aka the child porn of the anime/manga world.

      Also if you’re going to attack Anime and Manga, you’re also basically attacking alot of old cartoons made/shown in the US.

      So yeah, that’s the only thing that irked me.

      Comment by Random | May 18, 2011 | Reply

      • Hi, there! Unfortunately, there is truth to your post because I was so pissed off at the inconsiderate asshole, I didn’t take proper time to be more accurate.

        What I SHOULD have said is that pedophiles use Anime and Manga for their sick fantasies about underage kids. There is a large cult overseas of men who sleep with life-size replica dolls of popular Anime and Manga characters, the ones that are children and pre-teens.

        Thank you for pointing out Lolicon and Shotacon. I was going to do a post about that a couple of years ago, but these stories keep piling up and others get lost.

        I want you to know that I am, also, a fan of several anime. Always loved Sailor Moon and I adore movies like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle. But of all, my favorite is Kiki’s Delivery Service. I know it’s kinda hokey but something makes me love it.

        Comment by TUECAA | May 24, 2011 | Reply

  4. You have my fullest support Jade! Fullest! Our ancestors did not come here and bust their ass and vow allegiance to this country for all it gave to them to have these lazy pissers stealing all my grandparents suffered to give me. John Martinez nobody fucking cares a shit about your skin or your religion or your cousins dog back in your home village that you left because it was a shit hole and the government didnt give you freedom to wipe your ass without a gun at your head. Pledging allegance to the United States of America displays loyalty to the country that opened its doors to you. Not pledging means you have no loyalty and no intention of following the laws the rest of us have sworn to abide and those like me have risked our lives to enforce and protect. John Martinez should have ridden with me when I was on the job and picked up one brown brother after another for dv, rape, gang violence, and drug dealing. I’m happy to see you never caving in to these jackalopes. Keep up the great work kiddo!

    Comment by Laszlo | May 10, 2010 | Reply

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