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Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I have been on this site, and I apologize to those who have left me messages and needed advice. If you left contact information and I am aware of you, you will receive a reply soon. For all others, I have decided to respond here in a bulk message. 



Submitted on 2014/10/28 at 11:09 pm

It’s funny how dumb you fuckers are. and visions of alice and all these honeypots are run by cops, not real pedophiles.

you dipshits.


Well, Tabs, considering my volunteer work with NCMEC for the last 10 years, I can assure you that the only dipshit here is you.

Lindsay Ashford (look him up since you don’t know how to navigate my site) is the head of such sites and is a notorious outspoken raper of little girls. He is not, nor ever was, a police officer.


Christopher Blackwell

Submitted on 2014/12/05 at 9:14 pm
What the book says is reprehensible and should have been retracted long ago. I will also say there is no evidence that Frosts ever done any of these things. If anyone has actual evidence, by all means go to the proper authorities and preset your evidence. If anyone was a actual victim again go to the proper authorities.This is a legal requirement of anyone knowing of actual child sexual abuse.

We have gone recently though actual cases of people who in fact did do illegal things. I have no problem with exposure of actual illegal acts particularly sexual abuse against women, men, or children. But present the evidence to the proper authorities not the rumor mill. What is said about the book is true. But no evidence against the Frosts has ever been presented.If you have any such evidence than present it.


Christopher, you are correct. It is reprehensible; however, it should not only be retracted. Retraction does not excuse its inclusion in the first place. The simple fact it was included should alert you to the mindset behind it.

People who do not molest children do not create books on how to molest children. I’m not sure how you became so naive, but I suggest you participate in some very real cases involving child porn authors. Your defense of them suggests you may have something to worry about, yourself. What that is, I do not know. I just suggest you not defend promoters of child rape too loudly.



I’ve seen how these sex offender laws DON’T work. And if the authorities keep THIS up, 1. There will end up being at least 3 branded outcasts on every neighborhood block, and 2. We will all find ourselves living in a totalitarian zero-tolerance POLICE STATE, like the Soviet Union!!! And does anybody remember “childhood sexuality??? Yeah, NO parent likes to think about that, … but it’s been a part of “growing up” since human beings came into existence! See, when God created human beings, he did not place “age restrictions” on people the way WE did!!! What’s more, we’ve always had to have some kind of WITCH to hunt down!!!
PS, the sexual revolution DID NOT END with the passing of-the free love 1960s! It ended when these evil new sex-offender laws came into existence in the mid to later 1990s! …. WE LOST!!!


Redmane, the SOR is not littered with innocent people as the pedophile community has attempted to make gullible idiots believe. Have you ever looked at the SOR? Beneath every convicted person is a description of what they did. I have not once seen something innocent on there. I have seen violent assault convictions on adults as well as children.

Childhood sexuality is not an open invitation to rape and molest a child. Children are naturally curious because it’s their bodies. We have a right to explore ourselves. Others do not have the right to explore us without our consent. That is called sexual assault. Apply what you are saying to any rape case involving an adult woman and a male assailant. The idiocy of “her clothes said she wanted it” was banished from the defense system 20 years ago. If we don’t allow rapists to use an adult’s behavior to allow rape, why should we allow a child rapist an excuse to rape an innocent, vulnerable and defenseless child that doesn’t know any better?

Your entire rant about “age restrictions” exposes your pedophilia. You will be hearing from us.


Philip Rose

Submitted on 2015/03/20 at 7:32 am
Keep up the good work!


Thank you!


Jennifer Hillman

Submitted on 2015/04/23 at 1:07 pm
Thank you for everything you do to educate the community! I am beyond grateful for your service. I am also an advocate to prevent sexual abuse and have created an award-winning educational DVD program for children ages 2-6 to watch with their parents to prevent sexual abuse. It is SO imperative that adults and children be educated to put an end to this plague! I would love for you to check out our website at: Best, Jen


Thank you so much, Jen! I will be adding your site to my reading list. It seems you are very dedicated and have a lot of educational resources on your site. Thank you for your work and for sharing it here!


liegha Brady

Submitted on 2015/05/21 at 9:21 pm
I have strong reasons to believe my ex molested my daughter and is now hackedva our accounts. How can I hack all their fb account s?


I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Unfortunately, I cannot instruct or condone hacking anyone’s Facebook account. If you suspect your child is being dangerously exposed on someone’s account, you need to contact Facebook and your local police department. You may, also, fill out a form on the FBI’s NCMEC website to report a dangerous page. Fill it in with the URL to the person’s Facebook page and explain why you need their account investigated. Good luck!



Submitted on 2015/06/22 at 11:50 pm
Hello! I know it’s over a year after the last comment here, but I’m looking for a current petition and can’t find one. I’d like to bring up that every time I’ve watched this show On Demand, the most common advertisement is for Viagra. And we know it’s not for the preteen girls who watch this show. If that’s not creepy as hell, I don’t know what is. I’ve stopped watching it because I don’t want any of my money or view hits to go towards Abby Lee Miller’s continued existence as Trash Queen of the world.


AK, you might find this interesting. I recently came across a group set up on Facebook exposing some very questionable activities of Abby and people she has been seen hanging out with. The group was soon banned. Another came up but it was banned, too. From comments I read, it was Abby monitoring Facebook and reporting anytime these groups would open. Now, if these people were guilty of slander, Abby would have had just cause to sue them. She did not. Slander means lying about someone to the public. It makes you think and wonder why she didn’t pursue a slander suit. In such a trial, the person being accused of slander must present facts to back up their claims. A guilty person wouldn’t want those facts being part of public court transcripts. Just something to think about.



Submitted on 2015/06/23 at 12:20 am
An abusive man I used to know once told me, as a ten year old, that a local festival in which people walked around nude was a great thing because “well, some people just aren’t ashamed of their natural bodies.” That bothers me because to another adult who didn’t know the rest of what he would do or say, it sounds like a body-positive, don’t-be-ashamed-of-who-you-are kind of thing. He didn’t say it around any other adults, just me and my friend (he was my friend’s dad), but if another adult had been there I bet they wouldn’t have even blinked an eye.


AK, I know the feeling. After discovering what a relative had been doing to his children, I thought back on certain conversations that seemed innocent enough. To the kids he was abusing, however, he was not only keeping them afraid of what he would be doing to them, but he was convincing them, also, that no one cared. They didn’t understand that the adults hearing his words didn’t know he was being a pervert. I, on the other hand, was always creeped out by him because though I was never a victim of his, I had been a victim of someone just like him.

As an adult, I have learned that if it sounds like it could be taken another way, look at the children around him for their reaction. It’s all in their eyes.


Ishtar Mohammed Suleman

Submitted on 2015/07/18 at 9:34 am
Ridiculous. I have no symbols, and I am the last person you would suspect, yet you still provide me with almost unlimited access to you kids. They get the love and physical affection you fail to provide. Keep guessing.


No one has said that all pedophiles use the symbols and codes discovered by the FBI. They do, however, use them. You can pretend it’s fake if you want. I can tell you from personal experience that they are real, the jewelry is real, and the reasons behind a pedophile making his victim wear them are real.

No, you are not the last person I would suspect. We all know pedophiles come in all colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, financial status, countries, etc… Believing that you are above suspicion makes you so easy to find. Thank you.
























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Using Abuse To Cure Violence

This story was brought to my attention two days ago: “State Urges Arkansas Juvenile Detention to Stop Using WRAP Restraint.” The original share came from this Facebook page: Fox16 News Photo

During this time, I have had a heated discussion with individuals who believe there is nothing wrong with this and defending their own use of such devices as employees in youth correctional facilities. Even in the comment section of the Facebook photo, there are people defending its use. This is disturbing on so many levels. It suggests that so many in our society are willing to resort to violence against children rather than learn how to properly treat them, and it’s quite disturbing that some of these individuals work in juvenile facilities.

I am going to quote the article because I have noticed in some of my much older posts that older news articles can no longer be found. I am unsure why news agencies archive old stories to never be found again, but with the possibility of this happening for such an important part of this post, I will quote the article here and give full credit to the news page linked first above.

State Urges Arkansas Juvenile Detention to Stop Using WRAP Restraint

10/09/2014 08:19 PM10/09/2014 08:26 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 10.12.35 AM

YELL COUNTY, Ark. — The State of Arkansas is cracking down on a restraint mechanism some juvenile detainees call “torture.” It’s known as the WRAP system. According to the state, the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center used it to restrain minors at its facility for up to four hours at a time.

State Juvenile Ombudsman Scott Tanner investigates complaints within the juvenile detention system. He says several youths housed in the Yell County facility voiced concern about the WRAP, so he went to Danville to experience it himself. That’s him in the photo, which was taken in September.

In his report that followed, Tanner says the WRAP caused difficulty breathing and increased anxiety. He also says it presents a risk for head injury and violates state standards, which say any placement of juveniles must be therapeutic and not punitive.

In the report, Tanner also mentions his interviews with juvenile detainees. He says their descriptions of the WRAP were consistent: “It is torture. This should not happen to kids.” Tanner says the juveniles told him the restraint was additionally humiliating and traumatizing because they were restrained in the wrap in front of other detainees.

Tanner writes the following in his report, filed September 18: “I believe the manner in which the WRAP restraint is being used in your center creates significant liability. This is magnified by deficiencies in both policy and documentation. Based on my own experience in this restraint and interviews of youth similarly restrained, it is my opinion that the use of the WRAP restraint on youth is inappropriate.”

Tanner requests Yell County ban the WRAP and asks that DHS prohibit it across the state. In the report, he also mentions that Yell County needs to revise its policies and procedures surrounding situations where a juvenile may be a danger to themselves or others.

Following that report, the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Division of Youth Services sent a cease and desist letter to Yell County. In that letter, dated September 29, DHS calls the WRAP “highly controversial and potentially dangerous” and directs Yell County to stop all use of the WRAP immediately. It also asks that Yell County provide a “corrective action plan” within 30 days to address state code violations and to ensure it complies completely with state juvenile detention standards.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, KARK obtained documents showing the Yell County sheriff has instructed his staff to comply with the state.

Tanner says juvenile detention centers in Benton and Washington Counties also use a variation of the WRAP, but he says they both use a different helmet and only use the WRAP as a last resort in extreme situations. KARK reached out to both of those facilities to learn more, but have not yet heard back.

(courtesy KARK, Little Rock)

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 10.12.55 AM


There is never any reason to restrain any child in this fashion. After researching multiple detention centers in Arkansas, I learned that this particular detention center is the only such facility to use this device. It, also, has a history of abuse complaints. It concerns me that these children (and they are still children) are not being properly monitored by outside interests for their health and safety, and that the staff is not being properly supervised. What is clear to me is that these individuals have never received proper training, including psychological training and perhaps even psychological evaluation. Every facility in the country that works with troubled minors should require a thorough psychological evaluation of its employees, a thorough background check into not only their job and criminal histories but their personal ives, and a responsible degree of child psychology training.

This is child abuse. There is no mistaking what we are seeing here in the images of the investigator. If this were to happen in an adult prison system, society would be demanding charges filed against the warden and guards responsible for inhumane treatment and torture not seen since the early days of psychiatric institutions.

Bottom line is that these adults were never properly trained. In fact, anyone who thinks this is an acceptable way to handle even a violent child has never had proper psychological training and doesn’t have the patience to be in this position. It is an unfortunate fact that most employees in juvenile correction facilities have never undergone any form of psychological testing on themselves or have had to learn any form of child psychology. From what I’ve seen in my years dealing with children who were abused in such facilities, a good many employees only work there for the position it gives them to abuse children. The arrest rate is alarmingly high.

Imagine for a minute that these children survived horrific abuse at home, which is a large percentage of why they act out violently. Forcing them into this disgusting device is only twisting their minds more and pushing them over that edge we see in serial killers and serial rapists. Abusing a child who is already violent further deteriorates their mental health.

Imagine what this device is used for by those adults who aren’t screened prior to being hired. Just imagine. 

I know full well that these people in this position are using these devices for their own sick gratification. There is no LOGICAL reason to use these things on a CHILD. I find it bizarre that reasonably intelligent people cannot grasp the implications of an ADULT feeling it necessary to restrain a CHILD this way. I’m not saying these kids are little angels and delicate darlings. I’m saying that this device and anything like it isn’t to help the child. It’s for the gratification of the adult who wants to feel good about hurting anyone who dares disrespect them and is weaker than them.

Any child who has reached this stage of violence did not start out like this. When kids are sent to these facilities, it is to 1. punish them for breaking the law and 2. council them so they can turn their lives around and become productive members of society, hopefully turning them onto the right path before they become career criminals. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that true counseling is very rarely received by these children and they do, statistically speaking, continue lives of crime and evolve into much more dangerous individuals.

Juvenile correction facilities are some of the worst run criminal detention centers in the country. No one monitors the staff. No one pays attention to what is happening to the children behind those doors. These kids are written off before they even have a chance to prove they can do better. They are given the mentality that jail is their only future.

I have seen children with obvious mental disabilities sent to these places instead of a hospital. I don’t mean Autism. I mean serious psychological illnesses that require serious treatment. They are treated, instead, like unruly animals. They are treated like 30 year old career felons. They are restrained like this by an unprofessional staff that doesn’t know how to handle them because they never received the training to do so and because the state would rather sweep away these children as criminals rather than put them into an institution and admitting there is a problem.

I haven’t even mentioned the face drawn on the mask. This is clearly a purposefully cruel humiliation tactic. What trained professional would do that to a child or any mentally unstable person? NONE. And therein lies your answer.

It would seem the entire county of Yell, AK needs monitoring. I find it troubling that the Sheriff’s Department overseeing the Yell Juvenile Detention Center has had its share of child abuse lawsuits. This is one such abuse, and these are the people assigned to protect troubled children: Yell County Officers Break Arm of Child In Their Custody.

I am happy to report that this torture device has been removed from the Yell Juvenile Detention Center due to the investigation by the youth ombudsman; however, I sincerely hope this facility continues to be monitored. Just because they say they won’t use it, doesn’t mean they truly won’t. It required a certain depravity to implement this device in the first place. Although the director has been replaced, the rest of the staff has remained. This concerns me.


The following is a PDF of the letters between Sheriff Bill Gilkey, Yell County Sheriff, and Kristi Padgett, Director of Yell County Juvenile Detention Center.

PDFletter1 PDFletter2






PDFletter5 PDFletter6


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Vanessa Williams Speaks Up About Molestation

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 9.31.46 AMVanessa Williams has come forward to speak about molestation and its impact on young girls. It wasn’t a long testimonial, but its message is undeniable. Below is a summary of what she said on Oprah’s Master Class. At the bottom of the article is the video of her complete interview. It’s short (2 minutes) and makes so many valuable points.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 3:04 PM
Vanessa Williams Opens Up About Being Molested As a Child
By Lauren Turner

Actress Vanessa Williams, 51, is opening up about being molested by an older girl.
In an appearance on Oprah’s Master Class, the former Miss America said her molestation by an older family friend, made her “more sexually promiscuous and more curious at a younger age than I should’ve been.”

The summer before fifth grade, Williams went to California with family for the first time. While there, she stayed with a family friend and was introduced to their then 18-year-old daughter. She described the girl as being “one of the cool girls” who “made you feel like you were a grown up.”

When the girl came into Williams’ room one right, what was once admiration, took a new turn. “She told me to lie down on the floor,” says Williams. “She took my bottoms of and she told me to be quiet, and she went down on me. And at 10 years old, I had no idea what it was, but I knew it felt good and I knew I shouldn’t be saying anything…I knew it felt good, but it was also something that I knew wasn’t supposed to be happening.”

This conflicted feeling stuck with Williams, long after that night. But because of family drama surrounding the death of her father’s brother, Williams thought it wasn’t the right time to say anything. Her molestation left her with years of shame and guilt.

“At that young age, having that happen to you, in your body, it awakens your sexuality at an age that it shouldn’t be awakened,” she said. “I think that had that not happened in my life, and I had an opportunity to have a normal courtship with a boyfriend at 16 or whatever, and have your normal first kiss, you know, there wouldn’t have been that shame that was kind of always haunting me.”

1. Sexual abuse is not only committed by adults.
2. Sexual abuse is not only a crime committed by men.
3. Sexual abuse creates sexuality in young children when they shouldn’t be sexually active.
4. Sexual abuse makes children become mature in ways they shouldn’t have to, including shouldering the burden of their abuse for the sake others.

The issue of belonging is something used by bullies at school, members of gangs, and pedophiles grooming their prey. It starts with little things: “If you want to be cool like me, you’ll smoke this/steal this/say this.” In Vanessa’s case, the 18 year old abuser introduced her to a world of free will and no consequences, smoking cigarettes and being adored by the in-crowd. By the time she came into Vanessa’s room, she had the 10 year old fawning all over her, eager to please and eager to be like her. She looked up to this older girl and didn’t know how to handle the heartbreak mixed with something her body told her felt good. She chose to remain silent while her mind tried to sort through the hurt and confusion. It’s grooming and it’s what predators do all the time. We are quick to recognize it and speak out about it when it comes to bullying in school now, but we still say nothing when it comes to sexual predation. It’s too uncomfortable, so we choose the safety of our bubble instead of protecting potential victims.

Had this been an 18 year old boy, there would be no question about the assault. Had this even been two adults, we would very quickly recognize that it was unwanted sex.

Pedophiles and sexual predators would have us believe that the pleasure she felt means children enjoy sex. Understand that these are the same people who believe (and have stated publicly in interviews and in court) that a screaming infant and crying child is having an orgasm, not in pain. For a 10 year old, yes, oral sex would have a feeling of pleasure to the body because it was not intrusive, but the mind has a right to be willing, and a 10 year old’s mind is never willing. Children become confused and afraid because while their body wanted it, their mind did not. They become ashamed and feel that their body’s response means they “asked for it.” Once an abuser has a child in turmoil over the first assault, they own their mind and body. They make them feel it was their fault and if they don’t let them do it again, they threaten that everyone will find out and blame the child.

Sexual abuse is never confined to an assault on the body. It is never restricted to only sexual chaos. A victim is suddenly burdened with what to do with what just happened. Very often, there are others the victim has to think about when deciding on whether or not to tell. Who will it hurt if they tell? Whose lives will the secret impact? Often times, adult rape victims are faced with this painfully difficult situation and must remain silent, at least for the time being. Imagine a child in such a situation. Imagine a child needing to tell but watching those around her dealing with other tragedies. Imagine being a child and choosing to bury your pain so others don’t have another burden to deal with. How fair is it for us to expect such maturity from a child? Such self-sacrifice from a child who just experienced a painful and terrifying event? And yet, children do it every day.

Child victims of sexual abuse, whether it be once or many times, will never be the same or have the kind of life “normal” people have. They will always feel as if it’s wrong to enjoy sex, will always feel as if they are sluts if they instigate sex, will always wonder what it might have been to experience their first time when THEY were ready and when THEY wanted to and with someone they loved. There will always be a void that occasionally fills itself with guilt, shame, regret, despair, and longing for what they will never have because it was stolen along with their childhood.

When you want to feel sorry for pedophiles, consider how much suffering they willingly and knowingly inflicted onto their victims who will never have the beautiful memories you have and will be forever haunted about their first time.

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 9.35.19 AMSometimes, someone comes along who I can feel has had an exceptionally valuable life, one that can and may someday benefit this world. There was always a kind of light from her that touched something in me, and now I know it was because she is a survivor with a beautiful soul. She chose not to let her experience define her, learned from the mistakes it caused, and moved on from it all. Now, she is speaking up and speaking out for all of those who can’t. Never give up. Never let them win.

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Pagans Finally Showing Outrage Against Pedophiles

5134539ec24850b86f79f22926f220d2Regular visitors and followers of this site know I will expose any threat to children regardless of who is behind it. I don’t care about religion, political affiliation, Hollywood status, or anything that makes one believe they are above the law and above scrutiny.

In the course of my revealing posts, pagans have become more outraged at not the child abuser but about my revelation that many pedophiles have been using our symbols to 1. identify each other, and 2. to target children within the pagan community. I have countered these ludicrous attacks with the disclosure that I, myself, am pagan (on the Asatru path) and responded with anger that these commenters seem to care more about their image than about the child abuse, itself. I feel I may have been too hasty in my assessment of them – just as they were too hasty in their assessment of me.

I posted an answer to help them understand I was not attacking our kind but rather only going after pedophiles. I will never apologize for my work to anyone. I stand by all I do. I sincerely wish those in the pagan community cared more about the issue at hand and less about their ego. I am, however, happy over their outrage that our sacred symbols are being used by child abusers. This alone calms the insult of being misunderstood by my kin.

The level of outrage over the use of these symbols can only mean more pagans are becoming aware and are becoming infuriated at being compared to such vile filth as pedophilia. In recent days, I have received an unusual number of visits from the Asatru and Odinist communities. I find this curious but a pleasant surprise.

UPDATE: I was sent a link this morning to a blog featuring the symbols article, and it is now apparent to me where the majority of the angry comments from Asatru folk and Odinists are originating. This blog ( )    purposefully misrepresents the Valknut by stating: “The ‘Wiccan triple knot’ is a well-known paedophile call sign.”   I have written to the Editor of the site and requested a retraction, removal of the image, or at the least a removal of any reference to my site. Please, feel free to send your complaints over this travesty to the Editor of that website: . Thnorse_valknut_blue_round_car_magnetey do not allow comments on their website and request letters to the editor, instead. 

If any path will see pedophiles to their demise, it is ours! In the name of Odin and the warrior spirit that drives us all, the very meaning which is behind the shield symbol of this site, it is our kind that will arise to defend our children.  
It’s disheartening that my brothers and sisters on this path believed I was attacking our community when all they had to do was read the articles to see I was doing nothing of the sort. Their anger over pedophilia, however, makes me proud!

I must say that there has been a landslide of malice toward pedophiles from the Asatru/Odinist communities while the wiccan community still appeared to be covering for their own. That is, until recently …

In December 2008, I ran an article about my experience on a pagan site infested with pedophiles and the members protecting them. In September of 2008, I had run an article warning wiccans about the Frosts, who are known by their Good Witch’s Bible, which teaches about raping children. I posted a follow-up article holding wicca accountable for protecting the Frosts because of their willful blindness and pro-active defense of these pedophiles. To help readers better understand the intent of the Good Witch’s Bible, I posted the most relevant sections that pertained to how a father should rape his daughter to prepare her for sacred sex rituals. 

Unbelievably, the majority of the wiccan and pagan community that viewed these posts attacked me for exposing it rather than the Frosts for writing about it or the other pagans who supported it. I came down hard and pulled no punches when responding to these people. Our kids are more important than the ego of the pagan community and more important than a pair of filthy degenerates hiding within paganism to promote pedophilia, child rape, and child porn.

It was a long time coming but I am happy to announce the pagan, especially the wiccan, community is FINALLY stepping up and striking back against the Frosts and their fans!

It was recently announced that the Frosts will be guests at the Beltaine Festival held by the Florida Pagan Gathering. I haven’t kept up with the Frosts because wiccans have let me know in no uncertain terms that they were quite happy with instructions on how to rape children. I decided if they wanted to continue being poked and prodded by the FBI and demonized by christians, that was their own doing and I would wash my hands of trying to care. Care about the children? ALWAYS! Care about the adult wiccans who serve their children up as lambs to the slaughter? FUCKING NEVER!

In browsing through my visit history to gather IP addresses of bothersome trolls, I was shocked to find a sudden surge in visits by pagans. In one day, I had over 435 visits by them (many of whom were the Asatru and Odinists I mentioned before). I wondered what was going on so I looked through “Referral sites” and found over 20 pagan websites discussing the Frost’s attendance at this year’s festival with links to my articles exposing them. Links were either in the articles, themselves, or in the comments.

All articles expressed outrage over the Frosts being permitted to attend, and they finally took up their own torches and pitchforks against them. One of these was an author who asked them point blank if they regretted what they had written 30 years ago and they said no and defended their stance on initiating pre-pubescent children in which they still believe.

More pagan sites that are finally exposing the Frosts are:
Pagan Newswire Collective, The Wild Hunt,  Dark Goddess Musings, and quite a few more that appear to prefer privacy so I won’t link them. 

Thank you to those of you who have finally awakened to this horrific representation of the wiccan and pagan communities. I am deeply saddened and furious at the festival coordinators who are still giving the Frosts a voice as though they represent wicca and paganism as a whole. I encourage those of you stepping forward to continue to fight them and to continue to make known your disapproval of the honor bestowed upon them by such events.





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996935_510489555709503_2058485557_n The FBI, with the help of Anonymous’ #Op SafeKids  , is asking people to please take a close look at the images of this child rapist caught on cam abusing a little boy.


The FBI is asking for help tracking down a man accused of sexually abusing and exploiting a child.

The suspect, who is being called John Doe 28, is shown in photos and video engaging in sexually explicit acts with a child. It was first recorded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in November 2012.

Now, images of the suspect are being released across the country in hopes of tracking him down.

He appears to be a white man, possibly in his 30s or 40s, with a receding hairline and wire-framed glasses.

He was seen wearing a burgundy T-shirt with what appeared to be a shark logo on the left side.

In one video, a blue sofa chair and a picture hanging on the wall were visible in the background.

There are currently no specific details linking the suspect to a particular state or region of the U.S., according to the FBI.

He is being sought as part of the FBI’s Operation Rescue Me and Endangered Child Alert Program.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or leave a tip online at






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