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Young Father Rapes Baby, Proves Laws Need To Be Changed

I belong to “Mandatory Life Sentences for Pedophiles & Child Molesters, Death for Child Killers” group on Facebook. Today, I saw a video someone posted about a year old story that really drives home so many points awareness volunteers and child protection workers have tried to get people to understand. First, the video:

As a whole, we in this field have been called “fear mongers” and have been ruthlessly harassed and insulted when the topic of teenage sexual relationships is brought into the mix of underage sex with barely legal teens. In no way am I pushing the poor baby aside, but I want to address the underage mother first because it shows the mentality of those who prey on minors, even those just a few years younger.

In this case, we see a young boy who impregnated a girl 3 years younger than himself. The child he raped was 8 days old. The mother was 14 when she became pregnant, he was 17. This was a crime since she was a minor. Considering he raped his helpless 8 day old daughter, I think it’s a fair assumption that he raped the 14 year old mother – or in the very least, coerced her, which translates to rape when dealing with a minor.

Yet, no one did a thing. Probably because they felt as so many feel that 14 is old enough to consent to sex, even with a partner several years older, who knows more about sex and consequences and how to manipulate an impressionable child.

Then, no one did anything while he was raping and beating this infant, although there were others in the house. The same people, I presume, who permitted this sexual predator to impregnate the 14 year old victim. In this case, I believe everyone associated with the caregiving responsibilities of the mother of this infant should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in the case of the young mother, and as accomplices in child sexual abuse of not only the infant but the mother, as well.

It is damned time we start holding silent witnesses in child abuse cases accountable!

First, he received a $50,000 bond. Then his defenders (family, friends, pedophile sympathizers) said Reginald Davis deserves his day in court to explain his actions.

What defense could anyone possibly have in the rape and brutal beating of an 8 day old infant? Since his juvenile records are sealed, it is almost impossible for us to know of his many victims prior to this one (two if you include the mother, which I do). He already displayed sexual predation with the young mother. Now he is caught raping a newborn. This does not happen overnight. It is a growing fetish in a person that has been carried out numerous times prior to the first incident when they are caught.

There is no defense to what he did to this child. Why are we wasting tax payer dollars, especially in these times, to give this sick bastard the voice the young girl and the baby never had? He doesn’t deserve any time in court. None of these monsters who sexually assault children do.

I am so happy more people are joining forces in a public outcry to stop these ludicrous liberal attitudes toward pedophiles, molesters, child rapists, and their supposed rights.

No, child sexual abusers do NOT deserve to be heard. They do NOT deserve to be defended. The do NOT deserve kid gloves while serving time in posh resorts while their little victims suffer the aftermath for the rest of their lives.

Too often we hear about treating child sexual abusers because they are “sick,” and if we study and treat them, we can help make it stop.

Too little-to-never do we hear about treating the victims of child sexual abuse, which is absurd if anyone truly wants child sexual abuse to stop because most abusers were abused as children. Treat the child, NOT the abuser, and you will not years later have an abuser who creates dozens more potential abusers.

The logic is so simple. Why can we not grasp it?

Children deserve help. Abusers deserve life without parole, death in the more heinous of their crimes.

You can help abused children get the help they so desperately need by joining groups like the one I linked above on Facebook, Bikers Against Child Abuse,,, Little Warriors, Safe Horizon, Soldiers and Kids, and Project Sister.

Join the numbers and speak out about this vile crime.

Refuse to vote for politicians who promote child endangerment issues, defend child abusers, or who don’t take child sexual abuse seriously. Vote for politicians who have a record of fighting against child sexual abuse and especially those who have created ways to protect our children.

Call the police immediately when you see or suspect child abuse – no one is going to be angry if it turns out to be nothing because too many real incidents of child abuse go unreported until it is too late.

Above all else, we MUST fight the war on child sexual abuse together, setting aside religious and political differences, arguments with our family or neighbors, disagreements over opinion and emotional arguments, and realize that none of that matters when we come across a child being assaulted.

Fight for tougher laws. Fight for the rights of the children instead of the rights of the abuser. Arm yourself with knowledge and refuse to be taken in by suggestions of tolerance for those intent on sexual gratification with a child.

They are not mentally ill. They are not repentant. They lie. They hate their meds because they miss the feeling of arousal around children. They rape and sodomize with foreign objects if they are chemically castrated. They tell rehab doctors what they want to hear so they can get out and abuse again. Those who claim to only look at child porn and not act out are still condoning and contributing to child sexual abuse because child porn depicts child rape and molestation. Understand all of this.

Read my past posts and try to understand why I do what I do, and why so many like me do what they do. Understand how important it is to spread the word, even if some people don’t want to hear it because it frightens them – those are the parents of the children that need to hear it the most.

Learn how to avoid putting your child at risk. Learn what to do in the event something happens to your child or one you love. You may be the only hope a child has to save them from a fate worse than death. If you are too afraid to stand in the way, please at least notify someone who can help. Reaching out is the only way a child can get help, and most times the only person who can reach out to the police is a witness.

If you were in a street brawl with five others who all hated each others convictions, would you all stop the moment you heard a child scream in pain and pleading for help? I would like to think you would, even if it was just one of you who lead the way. Think of that scenario in every day life because it IS every day life for so many children, and these children are silently screaming for someone to save them and stop the pain. Children like the 14 year old mother and then the 8 year old baby who was raped and beaten nearly to death to silence her by a ruthless sexual predator being treated like a victim.

The worst thing anyone can possibly do when they witness child abuse is to remain silent. Not only are they failing the child inwardly pleading for help, they are also failing every victim that comes next.

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  1. This was such a horrible crime it is hard to think of a punishment that would be harsh enough for this animal! I agree with what you have to say completely and commend you for standing up and speaking out for the children.

    Comment by leolabutler | August 29, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you, Leola! Please look through the rest of my site and feel free to share your thoughts, especially regarding the recent conference to normalize pedophilia.

      Comment by TUECAA | August 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi, I don’t know how to start. My son is a victim of sexual abuse, we are in the legal process right now. The predator has recently been released on a 10,000.00 bond. I have been trying to find support groups in my area but have not found any. I applaud you for what you are doing. We are the voices for all these children.

    Comment by Suzy | April 4, 2012 | Reply

  3. Everything feels yucky. I thought less to nothing about the meaning if a para or pedo phelia. like they havea reach to me beyond my sences. That in some instances my parents can not and are not expected to touch me at far distances, while these can search me out,observe, and make me elude my own defenses. It is more than I can bear however These types of criminals are not seen openly in the publicly for the historical,religious,or medical influence for
    their behavior. Nor are they given the emotional and
    economic identity that would make them available beyond
    an intellectual discourse. We do not yell at them or tell
    them our expectations for them as men or women. We do
    not sound like we miss them, that our society is weaker
    when they choose to be away. All other criminals are
    loved,sought after for contact, affection, change, and
    acceptance. I have no memory of my abuse except for
    what happened in adulthood. As a muslim it seems i
    asserted my limits in confusion that made me weak to
    assault. The religion Islam is infamous as the true
    propagator of pederasty, child molestation, a jewish
    custom. It is a rewrd in the afterlife as well, mostly as
    some rush to hear rumors for males of any age. I see my
    recent life experiences are coincidental with Michael
    Jackson’s,Janets and Latoyas. I learned today that Latoya
    was raped by her father Joseph. I was told I was raped by
    my father, Charles. However,the mom, Rosalie would
    masturbate beside me in the bed and whipped me,
    claiming I molested her son, Charles jr. Charles was the
    only muslim in our family. I, learned Michael
    Jackson,Janet and I bec ame muslim at the same time. I
    feel that since we did that and Michael Jackson like me
    was getting religious support and guidance from a
    saggitarius, Jermaine his bro. for me a colleague named,
    Greg. I like Michael Jackson was also coming out of
    domestic abuse with parents we had children with. I
    believe the female molesters blame children and make
    them male no matter what. As for islam its as if we were
    divorcing them from christ and tried to make ourselves
    bigger than possible because we go to Allah without their
    sacrafice and highpriest. I have lost my children and been
    to jail, still suffer other forms of revictimization. So, it is
    more obvious that not only are muslims not muslims, they
    are Christians and granted our seclusiins, Janet Jacksons
    assault in her marriage to a muslim, as a means of
    trysting gid with us in Satans hands. So, the racist system
    unlike whites you interviewed who want to preserve their
    race and gender, have exploited as a sword from
    Saggittarius, the sun and child of the cosmic zodiac, an
    overly concerted revictimization of us three together. Only
    Janet willing to be both wealthy and independent
    could only afford to be polite, discipled, an example of
    sexual mateurity. I mean Janet does not know her rights
    It only looks better. Michael Jackson was paid to pay for
    an exchange of bail in secret lives we could never know
    oer empower. It is Latoya and Janet Jackson who are the mystery. The tall virginal tail in Israel about Michael Jackson and The grace of islam ineffective without the Tithes of Janets reprobation. Not too mention each of the jacksin children were exploited through child labor law violatiins, no relief, removal by the courts or relatuves from the abuse and sexual expisure at home andin night venues.

    Comment by Ayriss Aaliyah Corporate Estate | May 3, 2014 | Reply

    • Ayriss, I have done my best to interpret your comment with a clear understanding but find I still need clarification. Perhaps English is not your first language but you did your best. Although I can’t understand your point, I’m going to allow this comment to post because someone may find meaning in it and in my answer to what I can understand.

      The first thing I did understand clearly is that you believe Michael Jackson was a muslim. This is more wishful thinking of muslims than reality. His brother, Jermaine, is muslim and stated on Dubai TV that Michael was “muslim at heart.” The witnesses who were rumored to have been present at his conversion ceremony have come forward to publicly deny such rumors. Two are very well-known celebrities, Cat Stevens and another in Canada. Both were islamic converts and both say they were never present during any conversion ceremony. The muslim media and American media tried to leak rumors that they were, but they say it is untrue and can even prove they weren’t in the country at the time this ceremony was claimed to take place. So no, Michael was not officially muslim. I believe the rumors began because ONCE he used a long black hijab to cover his identity and the identity of his son so they could go out in public. Wearing a hijab does not make a person a muslim.

      Pedophilia is prevalent in the muslim world, as you seem to admit, but it was NOT a staple of judaism. I will never tolerate anti-semitic statements on my page. Mohammad was a pedophile and lead his people to rejoice in raping children, even using little boys as sex objects to avoid committing adultery. I supposed Michael Jackson would, then, certainly fit into the muslim world since he was a child rapist and child molester.

      I’m not certain why you are saying you went to prison, so I will not comment about that. I don’t want to cause any painful feelings if you were innocent and wrongly convicted of something.

      I am very sorry you were abused. I am sorry your mother was part of your abuse. There is never an excuse to harm a child, but sexual abuse by parents is so vile and inexcusable, there is no punishment worthy of their betrayal and crime.

      Regardless of someone’s religion, they, as an intelligent human being, KNOW the difference between raping a child and having sex with a consenting adult. Child abusers hide behind religion. They use religion to justify their abuse. Every religion has pedophiles as members because these monsters are everywhere. Catholics have pedophile priests. Wiccans have pedophile coven leaders. Islam had Mohammad. The cult of Branch Davidians had David Koresh. The Texas branch of mormons more recently in the news had a cult of pedophiles that were banned from Utah because of their abuse. There will always be a sick someone who will use naive members of their religion to follow their path of abuse and violence. This makes the members of the religion question their own faith. You aren’t the bad one. The person who hurt you is the guilty one. Your faith did not lead you to abuse. The person who used your love of your faith against you forced you to be abused.

      I won’t say more about your comment because as I stated, I had a difficult time understanding your words. You are welcome here anytime and I will try to understand you to the best of my ability.

      Comment by TUECAA | June 21, 2014 | Reply

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