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Teaching Children About 911

Children today are constantly bombarded with song lyrics and movies about how bad police are and involving police will only make bad situations worse.  This dangerous trend of cop-hating-media and musicians needs to come to an end before more of our children are trained by abusers to keep silent.  After all, it was the abuser who first came up with the mantra: If you tell, you’ll get in trouble.  Don’t think like a monster!

It doesn’t matter if it’s abuse against the child or another kind of dangerous situation where calling for police intervention is required, kids should always be taught 911 is a lifeline.  Our children need to believe in things like 911 or else they won’t ever ask for help, which is what the bad guy wants.  Law enforcement should always be the first responder in a case of child abuse, regardless of how the courts later handle the case.  Calling for help helps more often than not.

Clearly, the parents of this little boy raised him right:

[clearspring_widget title=”Boy’s 911 Call Thwarts Attackers” wid=”4ae8d36a3102598f” pid=”4b97de547e5fab4e” width=”332″ height=”300″ domain=””]

Click here for more information on how to teach your child about 911.  Remember: Silence is an abuser’s best defense.

March 10, 2010 - Posted by | Dangerous Trends, Other Safety issues, Parents who get it

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