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Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I have been on this site, and I apologize to those who have left me messages and needed advice. If you left contact information and I am aware of you, you will receive a reply soon. For all others, I have decided to respond here in a bulk message. 



Submitted on 2014/10/28 at 11:09 pm

It’s funny how dumb you fuckers are. and visions of alice and all these honeypots are run by cops, not real pedophiles.

you dipshits.


Well, Tabs, considering my volunteer work with NCMEC for the last 10 years, I can assure you that the only dipshit here is you.

Lindsay Ashford (look him up since you don’t know how to navigate my site) is the head of such sites and is a notorious outspoken raper of little girls. He is not, nor ever was, a police officer.


Christopher Blackwell

Submitted on 2014/12/05 at 9:14 pm
What the book says is reprehensible and should have been retracted long ago. I will also say there is no evidence that Frosts ever done any of these things. If anyone has actual evidence, by all means go to the proper authorities and preset your evidence. If anyone was a actual victim again go to the proper authorities.This is a legal requirement of anyone knowing of actual child sexual abuse.

We have gone recently though actual cases of people who in fact did do illegal things. I have no problem with exposure of actual illegal acts particularly sexual abuse against women, men, or children. But present the evidence to the proper authorities not the rumor mill. What is said about the book is true. But no evidence against the Frosts has ever been presented.If you have any such evidence than present it.


Christopher, you are correct. It is reprehensible; however, it should not only be retracted. Retraction does not excuse its inclusion in the first place. The simple fact it was included should alert you to the mindset behind it.

People who do not molest children do not create books on how to molest children. I’m not sure how you became so naive, but I suggest you participate in some very real cases involving child porn authors. Your defense of them suggests you may have something to worry about, yourself. What that is, I do not know. I just suggest you not defend promoters of child rape too loudly.



I’ve seen how these sex offender laws DON’T work. And if the authorities keep THIS up, 1. There will end up being at least 3 branded outcasts on every neighborhood block, and 2. We will all find ourselves living in a totalitarian zero-tolerance POLICE STATE, like the Soviet Union!!! And does anybody remember “childhood sexuality??? Yeah, NO parent likes to think about that, … but it’s been a part of “growing up” since human beings came into existence! See, when God created human beings, he did not place “age restrictions” on people the way WE did!!! What’s more, we’ve always had to have some kind of WITCH to hunt down!!!
PS, the sexual revolution DID NOT END with the passing of-the free love 1960s! It ended when these evil new sex-offender laws came into existence in the mid to later 1990s! …. WE LOST!!!


Redmane, the SOR is not littered with innocent people as the pedophile community has attempted to make gullible idiots believe. Have you ever looked at the SOR? Beneath every convicted person is a description of what they did. I have not once seen something innocent on there. I have seen violent assault convictions on adults as well as children.

Childhood sexuality is not an open invitation to rape and molest a child. Children are naturally curious because it’s their bodies. We have a right to explore ourselves. Others do not have the right to explore us without our consent. That is called sexual assault. Apply what you are saying to any rape case involving an adult woman and a male assailant. The idiocy of “her clothes said she wanted it” was banished from the defense system 20 years ago. If we don’t allow rapists to use an adult’s behavior to allow rape, why should we allow a child rapist an excuse to rape an innocent, vulnerable and defenseless child that doesn’t know any better?

Your entire rant about “age restrictions” exposes your pedophilia. You will be hearing from us.


Philip Rose

Submitted on 2015/03/20 at 7:32 am
Keep up the good work!


Thank you!


Jennifer Hillman

Submitted on 2015/04/23 at 1:07 pm
Thank you for everything you do to educate the community! I am beyond grateful for your service. I am also an advocate to prevent sexual abuse and have created an award-winning educational DVD program for children ages 2-6 to watch with their parents to prevent sexual abuse. It is SO imperative that adults and children be educated to put an end to this plague! I would love for you to check out our website at: Best, Jen


Thank you so much, Jen! I will be adding your site to my reading list. It seems you are very dedicated and have a lot of educational resources on your site. Thank you for your work and for sharing it here!


liegha Brady

Submitted on 2015/05/21 at 9:21 pm
I have strong reasons to believe my ex molested my daughter and is now hackedva our accounts. How can I hack all their fb account s?


I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Unfortunately, I cannot instruct or condone hacking anyone’s Facebook account. If you suspect your child is being dangerously exposed on someone’s account, you need to contact Facebook and your local police department. You may, also, fill out a form on the FBI’s NCMEC website to report a dangerous page. Fill it in with the URL to the person’s Facebook page and explain why you need their account investigated. Good luck!



Submitted on 2015/06/22 at 11:50 pm
Hello! I know it’s over a year after the last comment here, but I’m looking for a current petition and can’t find one. I’d like to bring up that every time I’ve watched this show On Demand, the most common advertisement is for Viagra. And we know it’s not for the preteen girls who watch this show. If that’s not creepy as hell, I don’t know what is. I’ve stopped watching it because I don’t want any of my money or view hits to go towards Abby Lee Miller’s continued existence as Trash Queen of the world.


AK, you might find this interesting. I recently came across a group set up on Facebook exposing some very questionable activities of Abby and people she has been seen hanging out with. The group was soon banned. Another came up but it was banned, too. From comments I read, it was Abby monitoring Facebook and reporting anytime these groups would open. Now, if these people were guilty of slander, Abby would have had just cause to sue them. She did not. Slander means lying about someone to the public. It makes you think and wonder why she didn’t pursue a slander suit. In such a trial, the person being accused of slander must present facts to back up their claims. A guilty person wouldn’t want those facts being part of public court transcripts. Just something to think about.



Submitted on 2015/06/23 at 12:20 am
An abusive man I used to know once told me, as a ten year old, that a local festival in which people walked around nude was a great thing because “well, some people just aren’t ashamed of their natural bodies.” That bothers me because to another adult who didn’t know the rest of what he would do or say, it sounds like a body-positive, don’t-be-ashamed-of-who-you-are kind of thing. He didn’t say it around any other adults, just me and my friend (he was my friend’s dad), but if another adult had been there I bet they wouldn’t have even blinked an eye.


AK, I know the feeling. After discovering what a relative had been doing to his children, I thought back on certain conversations that seemed innocent enough. To the kids he was abusing, however, he was not only keeping them afraid of what he would be doing to them, but he was convincing them, also, that no one cared. They didn’t understand that the adults hearing his words didn’t know he was being a pervert. I, on the other hand, was always creeped out by him because though I was never a victim of his, I had been a victim of someone just like him.

As an adult, I have learned that if it sounds like it could be taken another way, look at the children around him for their reaction. It’s all in their eyes.


Ishtar Mohammed Suleman

Submitted on 2015/07/18 at 9:34 am
Ridiculous. I have no symbols, and I am the last person you would suspect, yet you still provide me with almost unlimited access to you kids. They get the love and physical affection you fail to provide. Keep guessing.


No one has said that all pedophiles use the symbols and codes discovered by the FBI. They do, however, use them. You can pretend it’s fake if you want. I can tell you from personal experience that they are real, the jewelry is real, and the reasons behind a pedophile making his victim wear them are real.

No, you are not the last person I would suspect. We all know pedophiles come in all colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, financial status, countries, etc… Believing that you are above suspicion makes you so easy to find. Thank you.
























August 13, 2015 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. This isn’t a post related to the replies above, but it is related to another important subject: sexual predators on deviantArt.

    As one of my close friends is a digital artist on deviantArt, and a lot of her fans are younger, I occasionally hear from them; especially one or two, who are close enough to my artist friend to be in Skype calls, etc. Some time ago, one such young woman, who shall remain nameless, was harassed by another “deviant”, going by the pagename, “MRFarts”. After posting several blog posts on their site, partially to spread the word about him to other young individuals who might unwittingly fall for his traps, and partially to get deviantArt’s attention to the growing problem of sex offenders using their site to harass children and teenagers, many of his unwitting fans were directed to my accounts, and were informed of the situation (few believed the facts, and were trying desperately to come up with excuses to deny the evidence – screencaps of conversations, – but enough paid attention that he, eventually, claimed to have left his page to friends of his). deviantArt had a couple of the journal entries taken down, because posting such an expose’ about such an individual, posing a threat to their users, is, apparently, against their policies (I managed to keep a few up). I went around, behind their backs, posted all the information on Facebook posts, started a petition to spread the word about this individual and his tactics, and spoke to a friend in India, who could report him to their authorities. His name was Mohamed Raoof (MRFarts stood for Mohamed Raoof Arts, not Mr. Farts, although he does seem to have plagiarized the work of other artists to build his own portfolio), and some of the younger people involved in this issue created an EncyclopediaDramatica page about him, to get the word out even more.

    The point of this post is, sex offenders, from all over the world, are using sites like deviantArt, and social networking programs like Skype, to find and manipulate both hordes of unwitting supporters, and prey, and these sites and program developers need to have more pressure put on them to allow such exposure, as well as to work with law enforcement more on addressing this issue, because silencing the victims and witnesses of such crimes is every bit as bad as the crimes, themselves.

    Comment by Anyman | August 19, 2015 | Reply

    • I know the site well and yes, it is crawling with predators. I was alerted to it several years ago, and a few of us monitored it closely. Anytime someone would report a drawing or story depicting child rape or joking about child rape, we were met with nonchalant attitudes that art is subjective. When a predator was brought to the attention of the admins/mod team, we were threatened with slander — even if the proof was as clear as a bell for everyone to see and not in any way a legal case of slander. No matter what we did to help clean the place up to help the people who came to us, we ran into a brick wall erected by the admin and mod team.

      Articles were published on the site to warn about ways the predators were using certain features and activities to get information on the underage users. The articles were taken down and the posters were banned, yet none of the predators’ pages were banned.

      Members who claimed to be professional companies and were recruiting minors for child porn were exposed, but it was the people exposing them that were banned.

      In our investigation, we tracked many of these predators to other websites notorious for proudly hosting sexual predators. When brought to the attention of the admins and mods, nothing was done and the person alerting them was threatened with banning if they harassed the predators.

      At some point, EncyclopediaDramatica pages were set up against those who were reporting the predators. Information on those pages could have only been obtained by people who had access to the members’ accounts. Eventually, certain things became obvious and the website was left to be monitored closely by the proper authorities.

      My suggestion to you is to report the members directly to NCMEC. If they are posting specific things related to predatory behavior, child porn, etc…, you can post the direct link to it on an online reporting form found here: NCMEC Cyber tipline

      I normally don’t publish comments accusing people, but since I have personal experience on that site and with predators openly going after children on that site, I will make this one exception. (In fact, a young relative of mine was approached on multiple occasions on that site until she finally felt unsafe enough to leave.) I am not responsible, however, for the names posted by you. If you get any more information regarding the individual you named, please let me know.

      Thank you for keeping an eye on things and for not choosing to turn a blind eye as so many there have. If you have a website where you expose individuals like this, I would be happy to share it here as long as there is proof to go along with the accusations.

      Comment by TUECAA | August 19, 2015 | Reply

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