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I began this volunteer work with the primary goal of alerting society to the horrific pandemic of child sexual abuse (CSA). I felt it was not being discussed enough when I saw any mention of it was met with not only shock but disbelief and remarks that “it can’t be that bad.”  I believed, as others like me, that society needed to be exposed as much as possible to the reality of children being raped, molested, and even sold into prostitution.  We needed the awe factor keeping people from discussing it to become anger, and we needed the refusal to accept it as a viable concern to become realization to the reality so we could move on to ending it.

Throughout the last four years of my volunteer work, both online and off, I have encountered incidents which lead me to confront groups and individuals for their permissiveness and their own abusive behavior. My efforts were successful to the awareness part of my work, showing society what really is out there lurking around every corner that society not too long ago was ready to say was a ludicrous paranoia of over-protective parents (or my personal favorite: “morality police”).

Through the efforts of myself and others like me, anti-child abuse groups that were once struggling to be heard are now being sponsored by major corporations and celebrities. The media and Hollywood have taken up the fight, even if it may be just to line their pockets.  Regardless of any self-serving reason these people may have to back the anti-child sexual abuse campaign, the result is pushing the fight into mainstream society, making it a daily topic on people’s minds, in the news, and even in highly rated prime time television shows.

Society is no longer oblivious nor is it remaining silent.  Where just a couple of years ago, people like me were chastised for “not understanding,” such understanding today will get one crucified in the media and in society.

All that being said, I recently began to re-evaluate my mission — hence, my recent unusually long hiatus from this site.

When I began, it was alone but with the backing and membership of other survivors and parents of victims.  Posting awareness articles spread into actively pursuing predators both online and off. Merely blogging about the dangers became an online war for all to see, with many pedophiles and their supporters coming to attack me and being quickly shown this warrior is not one to challenge.  I, even, found myself involved with others and becoming a team.  That was my first lesson that some people are in this fight just for their own attention seeking and even monetary benefit.

At one time, I even learned there are those in this cause who are actually sexual predators looking for stories to get them off, find out how we operate, and even where they can find good targets to groom.

After taking a break from the so-called “team-work” and working on my own once again, I found myself as part of a group that is not bothered with how people feel about their no-nonsense stance against child abuse, not bothered with putting on airs to impress society, not concerned with how their vehement intolerance toward child abusers is viewed because they know all that matters are the innocent victims. I am, of course, speaking of B.A.C.A.: Bikers Against Child Abuse. I am not a member per ce, but I’ve come to know them as family and they respect me likewise.

It is in being around these people while still working alone that I started to get a foothold back onto my original goal: Awareness and prevention.

Just recently, I was visited by pedophiles trying to pass themselves off as concerned citizens “only trying to help” with my “inaccurate” information. There was a time that I would have approved all of the comments, tore into them with my special kind of zeal and vinegar, and invited others to do the same.  It occurred to me, however, that such response serves only to distract me from what I should be doing and what I want to be doing. That is: helping parents and guardians with the restless task of keeping children from becoming targets in the first place. Allowing one or two comments for people to see into the pedophile mind and through his/her tactics is fine, but wasting my time waging war on a few stupid assholes in a blog will only serve the child rapists rather than serve my purpose for the children.

In considering all of this and the direction I wish my site to take, I started thinking about the posts I’ve made concerning Alice Day and International Boy Love Day.  I remembered that every time I post about these pedophile celebrations, I make note to people that they should never consider other times of year to be danger-free, nor should they think that all pedophiles are easy to spot because of their participation in this day. Basically, then, what I have been saying is that although these two celebrations are a reminder about how twisted and evil these people are to treat raping and molesting children as one would a religious holiday, they are only a small part of what sexual predators of children do the other 363 days of the year.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I can blog all the information I can get my hands on for Alice Day and IBLD. I can rant and retaliate against pedophiles every time one of the intellectually defenseless bastards wanders into my web, but what does that accomplish (other than putting them on their ass the way all bullies deserve)?  Part of why I’ve publicly humiliated them has been to empower victims, to let them see just how weak minded and easy to defeat these creatures are.  I can still do that but not to the extent I have in the past, to the point it distracts me from new posts with alerts and educational tips to keep predators away from children in the first place.

There is a reason the pedophile community attacks posts we put up exposing their grooming tactics, their symbols, their texting/chat/gaming codes, etc..  They cannot have their ways of acquiring their prey exposed because then, society is armed with how to stop them.  Additionally, they know that as soon as any concerned parent, caregiver, or other adult interested in the safety of children comes across these informative posts, their game is up.  All the time they invested into getting their hands on their prey will be wasted as soon as those in charge of their prey learn the warning signs of such grooming behavior. More than that, it could lead to questions about their behavior, which is the last thing they want happening.

I could post every day on abuse stories, verbally attack pedophiles, and explain why abuse is wrong (it boggles the mind that I have had to explain why there is a downside of abuse in the first place!), and a person could take from such posts the importance of keeping kids safe.  Unless, however, they want to delve into the psychological aspects of the posts, it really doesn’t do much about how to avoid the situations in the first place.  My focus from this point onward will, therefore, be on preventative measures.

Not only do we need to protect our children from the horror of sexual abuse for their own sake, we have to remember that sexual predators create more sexual predators with their abuse. It is a vicious cycle that we cannot hope to end if we fail to keep it from beginning.

Aesop’s Fables

The Ass and the Mule

A Mule-Driver set forth on a journey, driving before him an Ass and a Mule, both loaded down with gear.

The Ass, as long as he traveled along flat ground, carried his load with ease, but when he began to ascend the steep path of the mountain, he felt his load to be more than he could bear.

He begged the Mule to relieve him of some of his load, promising that on the way down he would carry extra, but the Mule ignored his request.

Soon, the poor Ass simply dropped dead under the load. Having no other choice, the Mule-Driver added the Ass’s load onto the Mule, and atop it all placed the heavy hide of the Ass, after he had skinned him.

The Mule, groaning beneath his heavy burden, said to himself: “I deserve this. If I had only been willing to help the Ass a little when he needed it, I wouldn’t now be carrying not only the Ass’s load, but the Ass himself!”

Moral: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

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