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So You Want To Know About Chan – The Pedophile’s Playground

I’ve been receiving quite a few hits from people searching for child porn on chan, so this is my little expose dedication to them.

Many people have no clue what chan sites are. Well, “chan” by definition is nothing more than internet speak. However, there are certain sites that use the term in their names and are preceded by numbers such as 4, 7, and 12. i.e. 4chan, 7chan, and 12chan.

The short of it is, these sites are made up primarily of a bunch of horny losers seeking their release with children and young teens, and of kids who have no life offline and are easily manipulable by online predators. Predators (who are sometimes even teens, themselves) have groomed these kids into believing it’s all just a big joke. They’re not serious. This lie keeps these children there posting intimate thoughts and details about their lives.

Unsuspecting teens post images of their young siblings doing various things – at games, playing in the yard, naked in the tub, swimming. They speak of their birthdays, parents’ names, locations, what they like and don’t like in life… Everything a sexual predator is looking for to hunt down their target in real life.

Predators give children on these sites what they aren’t receiving at home: compassion, understanding, support, a friendly ear without ridicule or punishment. I will repeat for as long as I need to: If you don’t talk to your child, someone else will!

When I was a kid, if we didn’t get these things at home, we got them at school from the councilor or from friends our own age in our neighborhood. Tangible people we saw and spoke with in the real world. Sure, there were the peers who got troubled teens to do drugs, drink, steal, join gangs, etc.. but they weren’t as common place as the other side of it, and most kids back then were raised with a sense of morals and self-respect.

No kid I knew of would ever in a million years post their personal information all over town for the world to see, much less photos of themselves nude or halfway there. There were sexual predators looking for kids to molest and rape, but kids didn’t hand themselves over on silver platters back then, and if a kid was approached by a stranger in a car or on the street or anywhere, we screamed and ran like hell away from them.

All this has changed with the dawn of internet sites like MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, and yes, chan. There are now plenty of public service announcements explaining to kids what is really going on at the other end of that circuit, and that’s a good thing. The problem is that online predators have their claws dug in so deeply with kids on chan sites and the like, that those kids believe everything they are told, including that adults are lying, exaggerating, that the pedophile problem isn’t as bad as they say, that there is no such thing as an online predator because it was all made up by the FBI to control people on the net.

Predators are creating young conspiracy theorists who are terrified of the government so that these kids are too afraid to alert the FBI when they find things they know aren’t right. I’ve seen comments by suspected pedophiles saying that if they alert the FBI, cops will raid the houses of every member of that particular forum and go through their computers to tell their parents what they’ve been doing and arrest them for terrorism or some other crime they know will hook the child’s fear. It’s the equivalent to a child molester telling their victim, “If you tell, they will be angry with you and you’ll be punished.”

Yes, they really are this devious and this complex. There are people in this war against pedophiles and online pedophiles who simply don’t understand that. They think ranting and raving, trolling their pages, and openly accusing them – without proof – will make them shake in their proverbial boots and go away. Well, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not that simple. They are organized, well equipped with the latest internet security and tech cloaking/scrambling equipment, and they are untouchable by anyone without a badge. Yes, including me.

What I do on this site is expose as much of their techniques as possible to make people aware of how they go about stalking our children and acquiring your trust and their target. This is an awareness site aimed at preventing as many casualties of their assaults as possible. I do not, nor have ever, deemed myself important enough to take down organized rings on pedophiles.

Sure, I was very much in the volcanic pit making changes on the Pagan site, removing sexual predators from it and elsewhere. I do not for a minute claim to have ended that ring of predators working within that site and among the Ning platforms. They are still there seeking new targets, though this time the FBI is monitoring their every move.

One of my colleagues at the time discovered a child porn/rape site hosted on Ning and I helped her report it and have it not only destroyed but every member put on a watchlist. Reporting sites and people like that will always lead to saving abused children, and that is why it is very important for everyone to come forward when seeing it.

Yes, we CAN and DO make a difference – even taking a large bite out of the predator/pedophile online industry. But as long as we have sites like chan, where people can freely post child porn, joke about child rape, share information on how and where to obtain targets, and have access to our children who have been manipulated into believing they are exactly what they say they are, the sexual abuse of our children will not end. Especially when we have a society that doesn’t want to believe what they hear, doesn’t want to see the images of child rape that will expose just what we are fighting, would rather bury their heads in the sand so they don’t hear the children screaming and begging for help.

This is something I found about 12chan, one of the more outspoken child porn trade chan sites. It’s from about a year ago, but considering how old these chan sites are and how well established child abusers are on the net, you can believe this is as pertinent now as it was then. The site, by the way, that the linked article speaks of is 12chan – verified by the 12chan users on the following screen captured forum:

Philip Thompson (Pic: Cleveland Police)

Thompson had 241,000 indecent images of children

A man police said was the “librarian” of a global internet child abuse ring has been jailed indefinitely.

Philip Anthony Thompson, of Stockton-on-Tees, will serve at least three years and nine months, but a Teesside judge warned it could be much longer.

Thompson, 27, admitted 27 charges, including causing children aged under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

The website he was involved with used “borderline-legal” images to bring together “like-minded” people.

Police have so far pinpointed 360 suspects.

Handing down sentence at Teesside Crown Court, Judge Michael Taylor said Thompson posed a “very significant risk” to the public and therefore he would be imposing an indeterminate prison sentence for public protection.

He told him: “You have shown that you are a very dangerous individual indeed. I consider that you pose a very significant risk to the public and you are a dangerous offender.”

Thompson, who lives with his mother in Gooseport Road, has also been placed on the sex offenders’ register for life and banned from the internet and any contact with children.

About 241,000 child abuse images – which were still and moving images of varying degrees of extremity – were discovered in his possession.

Police said more than 130 suspects had been uncovered in the UK and more than 50 arrests have been made.

As a result, 15 children in the UK have been removed from situations where they were being abused or were accessible to an offender.

Police revealed the network was first infiltrated by Metropolitan Police officers, working undercover, in May 2007

It became the largest investigation of its kind in the UK, also involving Cleveland Police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

Users of the forum would post borderline-legal images of children and pass comments on them.

Police said “indicative images” rather than explicit child sex abuse images were posted online in an attempt to keep the site “below the radar” and prevent it being shut down.

According to CEOP, which co-ordinates covert investigations into internet child sexual abuse, users would make contact this way then meet other like-minded individuals and exchange images in “different online environments”.

Its chief executive Jim Gamble said: “This website – whilst appearing to operate on the margins of legality – was clearly a front for the sinister, sexual abuse of children and an image trading ground for paedophiles.”

Det Chief Supt Mark Braithwaite, from Cleveland Police, said Thompson had been “a critical piece of this network”.

“He was the librarian/warehouseman for a myriad of images that were distributed to like-minded individuals both in this country and elsewhere.”

Take a look at the comments posted in this short forum about this incident. They find nothing wrong with joking about child rape and fantasizing about child rape using drawings, but they find everything wrong with anyone trying to stop it: (click for larger view)

(Online resource for Autism and Aspergers – They are everywhere and people think we’re making this stuff up.)

Yes, apparently making child porn illegal is “fascist.” The mind of the pedophile and pedophile sympathizer – the brazen degeneracy will never cease to amaze me.

Yes, the Netherlands is known for looking the other way in child rape cases, and I see it’s the anti-American who points this fact out as well as other anti-American slogans. See how he’s, also, a “9/11 truther.” Remember what I said about guiding children to be afraid of the government. I’ll bet that’s an angle the right wingers never thought to consider. As I said, they are everywhere controlling everything for their one soul purpose in life: assaulting children. They will stop at nothing, including tearing down our country.

As for the doubts this pertained to chan or the suggestions nothing really bad is happening, I have seen what happens on these #chan sites.

The images they claim are just cartoons are fantasy scenarios of child rape. In America, it is “freedom of speech” to make drawings of rape, including child rape, so they use images of child rape to express their preferences without actually coming out and saying it or posting illegal photos or videos of child rape. This is, also, where pedobear comes in. He is the pedophile/child rapist in these scenarios. Since law enforcement can’t very well arrest someone for drawing a photo of a teddy bear in a child’s bed, regardless of the pornographic dialogue scrawled within, this is the predator’s way of expressing what they like to do to children, situations they like to instigate their abuse.

Several drawings I’ve seen show pedobear in the bathroom beside the tub of the frightened child. Others show pedobear hiding in a closet in the child’s room watching them get undressed. Others have pedobear climbing into bed with the child who is either asleep or has a terrified look on their face. All images result in jokes about how the victim is about to be raped, and the comments are very graphic. The descriptions in these comments are so explicitly detailed, even explaining how good it feels to break the hymen in little girls and hear a boy scream at his first anal penetration, that there is absolutely no doubt these people have raped children before, and clearly don’t intend to stop.

So afraid are they of having their secret sites and lives revealed that they have managed to brainwash the children who still post there into harassing anyone trying to expose the site or shut it down, including law enforcement. They hide behind the very children they fantasize about raping. It’s like when adults get minors to commit crimes for them.

I’ve had survivor groups infiltrated by pedophiles looking for stories to get off on. I’ve had channers try to ruin me and take me offline, embarrass me by posting about me on Encyclopedia Dramatica (another pedophile haven used to covertly expose anti-pedophiles to the pedophile networks). All in all, it’s been an honor to be so feared.

A lot of people out there are afraid to butt heads with pedophile rings on the net because of their ruthless attacks. Well, I’m here to say that I’ve been there, done that, and have the award for being such a threat to their internet world they would fall all over themselves to shut me up. Thanks for the honor!

***Stay tuned – several of us are currently working on a very real award bestowed upon those of us in this fight who are attacked by pedophiles and their ilk. I may have people vote on the design in the near future! ***

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  1. (copied over from original post)

    It’s good that you shared this. Most people have no idea about the chan sites or any of the pedo sites and forums. I still get people who are upset because they don’t believe that pedos are so agressive online and that they talk online the way they do.

    I’d love it if we could just make it all go away and then never have to show the public the ugly truth of what’s really out there. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

    Comment by Sues | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. (copied over from original post)

    People would rather believe we are blowing things out of proportion because to accept the truth means they have to actually do some real parenting and because it means humanity isn’t as pretty as they’d like to believe.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that I was also responsible for raising awareness about those tagging games being used by predators to find out pertinent information about kids.

    I had given examples of the more popular tagging games on deviantART that asked extremely personal and target finding questions. The comments I received were along the lines of, “Oh shit! I never thought about that…” I linked to a suspected pedo page where the person who was supposedly a child had ADMITTED how easy it was to get people to give him all of their information by “Tagging” them with random questions and the ones he really wanted answers to hidden throughout. This person had created many of the tagging games on deviantART, including one asking questions about first sexual experiences and how early people think a child experiences their first orgasm.

    During the week my account was attacked for the pedobear incident, the tagging games started fading away and that particular news post started receiving comments from the suspected pedophiles of deviantART attacking the post and my arrogance to think anyone would actually listen to any warnings I gave. Some of them even came out and admitted the questions were “perfect” ways for pedos to get info on their targets, but it didn’t matter because no one was going to listen to me. I replied asking if they were stupid because they just admitted I was right and then called people too stupid to listen to my right advice. They were stuck because you can’t delete your comments on deviantART!

    They may be hard to stop in the beginning, but once they try to defend something they hold dear, they screw up EVERY TIME! 🙂

    Comment by TUECAA | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  3. im now a 42 yr old man,but i was severly abused sexually and tortured physicaly,broken bones and sex abuse has left me with chronic p.t.s.d and daily desire to commit suicide …….on behalf of all abuse victims I just want to say your awesome:’) we need more like you in the world:’) thankyou ..bye

    Comment by paul anthony elliott | January 9, 2013 | Reply

    • Paul, it is my honor to be here for the kids and for survivors like you! Comments like yours keep people like us going. Thank you! Don’t ever give up. There have been times when I was made to feel the only out was death, but that would be the ultimate win for those who hurt me. Never let them win!!! Your survival makes you the winner and reminds them of how very weak they truly are!

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

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