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I am passing this along as it was sent to me a couple of days ago by a concerned parent:

The quote on the petition is:


It is entirely inappropriate for Perez Hilton to be a nominee for the Teen Choice Awards because his website is completely not appropriate for teens. At the moment, his “lead” story includes graphic, uncensored gay pornographic shots posted for access by anyone, regardless of age. This is not content I want my teens directed to. Please help by asking the Teen Choice Awards to remove Perez Hilton as a nominee and by boycotting sponsorship corporations Neutrogena and Dr. Pepper until removed.

Added by: Mary Rua on June 16, 2009, 11:02:07 am

Added by: Mary Rua on June 19, 2009, 1:56:29 pm

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Added by: Mary Rua on June 22, 2009, 7:13:52 pm

You guys are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Let’s keep it going!! Gee, I wonder if this is why I’ve been blocked by little Mario on twitter? YES!!!!!
Added by: Mary Rua on June 23, 2009, 12:53:18 pm

CONTACT INFO to voice your opinions:

Teen choice:


Dr. Pepper:

Nobody who posts the content he does, nor uses the hateful words he spews, should be considered for an award at a show aimed at kids.

I couldn’t agree more!

First and foremost: I am not anti-gay and I couldn’t care less what Perez Hilton does behind closed doors. As a matter-of-fact, the gay community is in an uproar over him and his obsession with his use of the word “f*ggot” toward anyone he does not like. This is not about his choices or opinions or public idiocy. It is about Hollywood touting his behavior as what our children should strive to duplicate.

Perez Hilton likes to spew garbage about other celebrities, spread lies and slanderous accusations about anyone he hates. Not such a big deal, in my opinion, in the celebrity world. Celebrities know the dangers of hostile fans and non-fans, and they usually get over it. Although Perez Hilton has spread some pretty dangerous lies, he is still an idiot attention whore whose 15 minutes of fame was too long after the first 2.

What concerns me and parents more than anything else is the content of his site and that the TEEN Choice Awards actually has the audacity to allow his nomination for a teen/kid role model.

He relishes in posting pornography, violent threats, vulgar outbursts, and an all around undignified, bullying attitude all over his sites. If they are going to allow Perez Hilton to be nominated as a role model for kids, they may as well call up Lindsay Ashford, Ron Jeremy, and Tonya Harding .

Normally, I couldn’t care less about Hollywood drama. It’s pathetic that the American people have allowed celebrities to dicatate what they eat, what they wear, who they like, who they love, how they raise their kids, how they vote, how they worship, and how they live, breathe, and die. It’s sickening how much media attention celebrities get when they pick their nose or have an extra marital affair while the plight of abused children is ignored because it’s just not “cool” enough to care about. However, this isn’t about one celebrity and one show’s lack of attention to their nominees. It is about the non-existent responsibility Hollywood takes in its influence over our society and our kids.

It’s one thing to say we can’t expect a football star to guide our children when that is our job, attacking him for getting drunk and smashing up a hotel room. It’s an entirely different thing to put said football star on a pedestal and tell kids this is how they should behave.

By placing Perez Hilton on this pedestal, even by seeing him nominated, the message is sent out to kids in our country that it is okay to slap naked photos of themselves and others on the internet and their lockers and cell phones. It is okay to go around calling people bitch, whore, faggot, and even worse (he has a colorful vocabulary) everytime they do something we don’t like, including authority figures. It is okay to spread gossip about people that will result in ending their careers, getting kicked out of school, losing their families and friends, and perhaps even land them in jail. It is okay to destroy someone’s future if they don’t agree with you. It is okay to have your opinions but no one else has that right and deserves to be publicly humiliated.

Perez Hilton is a terrible person. I don’t care about his sexuality, religion, politics, color, nationality, favorite car, if he drinks or smokes or takes a hit off a crack pipe every five minutes. I DO care that his hateful behavior, racist, bigotted, hypocritical, and maniacal bullying are being touted as role model material to CHILDREN – the very same who will run our country and have children of their own some day.

Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their child dignity, respect – for themselves and others – and values. Television, music, movies, the internet, and magazines are not proper teaching tools. The fact remains, however, that kids DO watch TV, listen to music, go to movies, surf the net, and flip through and cut out articles of magazines. As parents we can only do so much. The world around us presents them with the rest of the story.

But as parents, we can influence the messages that world sends to our kids, particularly the messages from Hollywood. We are responsible for that, too, and all it takes is for us to say, “No, you are not allowed to do this and say this and behave this way in front of our kids. You will not get another cent from me until you meet with my approval!”

WE have the money. WE control Hollywood. WE even control Perez Hilton.

There are almost 8,000 signatures of a 100,000 goal on that petition to ban him from the TCA. Add your name so we can send a message to him, people like him, and Hollywood that we are DONE allowing their trash to corrupt our kids!!!

Some signatures I like:

Julie McNamara said 8 hours ago (unverified)
I\’m 14 years old and I had the misfortune of viewing unprotected gay sex by visiting the website. I was very shocked and feel violated. Besides porn, his site has a lot of curse words and sexual drawings that is not right for kids to see. I do not think he should be a nominee for the Teen Choice Awards.

Connie M said 11 hours ago (unverified)
I support this petition. Perez never should have been scheduled for the Teen Choice Awards in the first place. No one in their right mind would want their teen(s) influenced by him.

Yasmine Khan said 11 hours ago (unverified)
What merit does Perez Hilton offer the youth of America?

Troy Hartman said 20 hours ago (unverified)
I support this petition. People like Perez Hilton and all of his supporters is what is wrong with America.

katie walters said 20 hours ago (verified)
as a former (long ago) reader, i gladly support this. he is beyond disgusting. at one point in time he was amusing but not at all appropriate for a teen audience.

Julian Velasquez said 14 hours ago (verified)
I don\’t think Perez Hilton really deserves any recognition for what he does. Putting other people down might be entertaining to some, but it should not be rewarded.

Jenifer Felt said 22 hours ago (verified)
I support this petition and more importantly support the decision to uphold morals in Americans youth. If he is so vulgar in his public videos, throwing obscenities constantly, he is not now….and never will be…a role model that our children should have. Perez Hilton is a disgrace.

Rob Cannon said 22 hours ago (unverified)
I support this petition. With him acting like such a child to gain popularity and the spotlight some more… he is not who we should be praising for our children and teens to idolize and try to be more like.

Megan Deshaies said 18 hours ago (unverified)
Disgusting pig of a male. Gives a bad name to gay rights with his hypocrisy. I will refuse to support a man who thinks calling a 16 year old girl a \”little slut\” and a 4 year old daughter of an actor \”ugly\”.

Ashley Dundovich said 18 hours ago (verified)
I support this petition. Perez is a misogynist, spews hateful words about people he doesn\’t know, and promotes absolutely nothing positive for the gay community. All he does is degrade, slander, and humiliate people. What award does that kind of behavior deserve? None.

Charly Flenniken said 1 day ago (verified)
I support this petition. It\’s a travesty that he\’s considered a suitable nominee for teenagers. I shall not be buying any of my diet Dr. pepper or Neutrogena products until he is removed.

olivia webb said 1 day ago (unverified)
I strongly support this petition. If you\’re going to be a nominee for a KIDS award you need to be kid-friendly.

Teresa Murphy said 1 day ago (verified)
I support this petition. This man is NOT someone I\’d want my son to look up to, especially after the stunts he pulled after the MMVAs in Toronto Sunday evening. Lying to his fans, and using anti-gay slurs are NOT something I want to condone.

John Haughey said 1 day ago (verified)
This is NOT the person I want my kids to see and think that it\’s acceptable behavior.

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