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Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

There is an evil brewing around the carefree joviality surrounding the annual Super Bowl: Human Trafficking. Taking place every year at such major sporting events as the World Series, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl is the sex slavery of children and young women, demonstrating the overwhelming issue that isn’t just an overseas concern. It’s right here in our own backyards and involves our own children, as well as children flown in from other parts of the world to increase profit for the pimps — slave owners — who scout such events for buyers.

Super Bowl 2012 is February 5. We are at the end of October 2011, so we have 3 whole months and one week to spread the word. In that time, I and others like me will be dedicating every spare moment exposing this criminal travesty, this pandemic from which no country is immune. Our game plan will include:

1. Contacting individual NFL players with written letters, not e-mails.

2. Contacting NFL team representatives with written letters, not e-mails, and phone calls.

3. Contacting Super Bowl organizers, corporate and local, with written letters, not e-mails, and phone calls when possible.

4. Contacting Super Bowl sponsors as they are revealed with written letters, not e-mails, and phone calls.

5. Contacting hotels and motels in Indiana to ask them to be on the look out for the signs of underage sex and prostitution in their establishments.

6. Contacting Anheuser-Busch to inform them of the possibility their Bud Light Hotel will be used to host child rape gangs.

7. Buying billboards around Indianapolis, Indiana, particularly around the stadium, making residents and visitors aware of the sex trafficking that will be taking place and that we know and are watching.


The reason I don’t plan on implementing an e-mail campaign is because of the high probability of having our cause ignored or mishandled. All businesses have web masters. These people are responsible for maintaining the corporate website and handling all incoming electronic transmissions. There may be anywhere from 1 to a handful of web masters, and the one who comes across such an e-mail may, for whatever reason, take it upon him or herself to not let it go through to corporate headquarters. Once they make such a decision, they add key words into the filter so that from that point forward, any incoming e-mail with those words will be sent directly into the trash without ever being seen by anyone, including someone who may feel it is important to send upward.

Handwritten letters are much more beneficial for several reasons:

1. Hand addressed envelopes with hand-written or even typed letters are uncommon now. So much so that when we receive one, it immediately grabs our attention before anything else in the mailbox.

2. The person who gets them will have a very tangible, very real message in their hands. It isn’t some click of a button to discard without further thought. It’s something to see in front of them to look upon and understand the important nature that the sender feels dearly about.

3. When sending letters to the NFL players, even if it’s to a fan-based post office box, more than likely it will be his wife or some other relative or close friend volunteering to read his mail for him or bring it directly to him to read with him.

4. Unlike e-mail message campaigns that can be viewed upon and discarded as spam through pre-programmed filters, an onslaught of paper messages cannot be ignored. 500-1,000 such messages being delivered into an office has no chance of being misdirected or forgotten.

Additionally, I will not entertain the notion of an online petition. Quite frankly, no one cares. There are millions of online petitions and range from very serious issues to childish pranks. Moreso, how many sports fans wake up and think, “Hey, wonder what new online petition is up today!”? Online petitions are, for the most part, ineffective and a waste of time. They, also, hurt causes more than help them. They give people an easy out to actually doing something. Someone can say they helped the cause just because they filled out their name on an obscure list that the target of the petition will probably never bother to see. The people signing such a petition, however, can go about claiming to have done their part, even when they really did nothing at all. They will no longer be on the lookout for what else they can do to help, so for researchers who don’t think to include the useless online petitions, it forms the impression that the number of supporters is at a low level.

I won’t discount the internet altogether.  The Super Bowl, the NFL, each NFL team, and many of the players all have their own Facebook pages. They have Twitter accounts and official websites. All of these sites have comment areas and discussion forums. This is where we can spread the word and get more people to join our letter writing campaign, fund raising for billboards and fliers, and possible plans to be at the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

I will be creating a form letter within the next day or so that can be printed out and sent along to addresses I will, also, provide as soon as we can get this campaign up and running. This letter can be sent alone or with a hand-written message with the sender’s personal thoughts. (Please be respectful! The Super Bowl organizers will not be accused of endorsing or permitting or in any way engaging in the illegal act of child sex trafficking, nor will the NFL, its coaches, or its players.)

In the meantime, what we can do is begin to awaken everyone we know to the very real existence of child sex trafficking/sex slavery in this country. It isn’t just an overseas problem as many believe. We HAVE to get the word out and begin to wake people up to this reality.

Super Bowl Frenzy: Police Watch for Sex Trafficking

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — As thousands of football fans descend on Texas for Sunday’s Super Bowl, law enforcement agencies are keeping watch for a different kind of out-of-town visitor: pimps selling children for sex…. (continued..)

The United States of America is principally a transit and destination country for trafficking in persons. It is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the U.S. annually. (continued…)

US Department of Education

What Is the Extent of Human Trafficking in the United States ?

Contrary to a common assumption, human trafficking is not just a problem in other countries. Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and some U.S. territories. Victims of human trafficking can be children or adults, U.S. citizens or foreign nationals, male or female.

According to U.S. government estimates, thousands of men, women, and children are trafficked to the United States for the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation. An unknown number of U.S. citizens and legal residents are trafficked within the country primarily for sexual servitude and, to a lesser extent, forced labor.(continued…)

Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Form letter to state congressmen and representatives.

Child Sex Trafficking Growing in the U.S.: ‘I Got My Childhood Taken From Me’

For four years, M.S. was forced into child prostitution with four different pimps. She was taken from city to city, forced to have sex with random men against her will. She rarely got to keep any of the $1,500 she made every day. Instead, she was abused mentally and physically by both her pimps and other girls who he housed. (continued…)


  1. I am with you all the way. I will get those price estimates for you regarding the billboards in a day or two.

    Comment by Marie Crist | October 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Great! Thanks!

      Comment by TUECAA | October 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] favorite sporting events.  The last time Tuacca shared her research she helped us to know that pedophiles have a secret language.  This time she’s letting us know that we need to be more than vigilant– this requires […]

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  3. This makes me sick in my stomach & truly makes me want to cry. I have 2 children & cannot imagine something this horrendous happening to them. My heart also goes out to the families of the poor children who have been abducted. I cannot imagine the pain, fear, sadness, anger, and complete helplessness of the par parents of abducted kids.. & of course the poor kids that have to go through something like this is so awful, it makes me sick that there are people in this world who are so evil. Its scary. My heart goes out to these children 😦

    Comment by Jamie Lynn | January 29, 2014 | Reply

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