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The Good, The Bad, and The Pedophile

In dealing with public perception of what a child abuser looks like, I’ve come across stereotypes that have served to give such creatures a safe haven and make many child advocates appear dangerous, criminal, and the last thing you want near your child. Stereotypes… They aren’t only for the small minded. They can serve as a predator’s Trojan Horse.

In my own life, I have known the stereo-typical angels and devils, and because of what I was taught by the church, by “decent” society, and by ideological parents, I ran to the predator in a three piece suit while the knight in torn up jeans was just a few feet away – fists and horns ready to come to my defense had I only chosen the devil to watch over me.

I’ve known the child abusing gospel singer, and I’ve known the child protecting Juggallo.

I’ve had the principal who would give every spare moment of his life to ensure the safety of the kids in his charge, and I’ve had the principal who raped half of the high school dance team.

I’ve known of respected members of the military who were convicted for child pornography, and I’ve come across a battalion of military men and women who raise up their guns in sworn defense of abused kids.

I’ve heard songs written by beloved folk singers that were used as pedophile anthems, and I’ve listened to songs of killing child rapists by groups society has labelled child abusing criminals.

I am a child advocate and fight tooth and nail against child abusers in various ways, though I just so happen to be of a spiritual nature that most religions label “godless” and “hell-bound,” and I’ve been a member of such a religion that protected child rapists and condoned what they did by covering up their abuse and continuing to send them out among the trusting, clueless flock.

I’ve met with physicians who have confided in me about the nightmares they have after speaking to young abuse victims – their one desire in life to see to it that every pedophile meets their end in very slow and very painful ways, and I’ve recently blogged about a small group of mental health “professionals” who seek to serve children on a silver platter to their pedophile patients.

I’ve known of law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges convicted of child porn, child abuse, and defending child rapists while they went about arresting, prosecuting, and convicting motorcycle gangs who would ride through hell  to return a child to a leather-wearing guardian angel’s safe embrace.

We cannot know by simple appearance the evil within those who take glee in the painful cries of a child, and dressing them in the costumes we think best suit them is only allowing them to hide in plain view.

Actions speak louder than words or an Armani suit. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and defends/sympathizes with/understands/forgives/has compassion for pedophiles, have no doubt that it is that which children must never be taught to trust.

If it does all we’d expect an anti-child abuser to do and say, but our gut tells us there is something just not right, or our child does not feel comfortable being around, trust that instinct and trust that child’s natural intuition. For they can play the part well and do so every day, and it is up to us as parents and protectors of children to look within ourselves and see what is right before us rather than what others have decided for us to see. It could be very well that we see what predators themselves wish instead of what is actually the tell-tale sign of a person playing a carefully constructed game of grooming and acquiring their prey. No one is immune to having a child abuser in their midst. No predator is ever so obvious as a stereo-type.



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  1. Thank you for this post. There are so many people that believe they would be able to spot a predator a mile away but they forget that a predator who looks weird would not get close to their prey. That is what they need, to get close enough to touch, rape, murder.

    Parents: If the man wants to desperately spend time with your kids, he is needing to be watched. Maybe he loves children for the right reasons, but maybe he wants them in all the wrong ways. You had better tune into your instincts and listen to your children.

    Your children are the best thing in your life, the most valuable. Protect them as such, at all costs.

    Comment by Marie Crist | August 31, 2011 | Reply

    • Hello, Marie! Thank you for your comment! You know, our greatest asset is our instinct, but we have been groomed as a society to doubt those feelings of uneasiness and feel guilty for suspecting anyone of such a horrible characteristic. We’re accused of profiling based upon race, religion, social stature, or disability. It doesn’t matter if we don’t care about those things, that we only care about a gut feeling that tells us something isn’t right. Just for feeling that way is frowned upon if the person is another color or has a different set of beliefs or financial background. People stare and treat us as if we’re only feeling that way because the person is different, then we start to wonder if they are correct and we backtrack so we don’t look bad. We keep our mouths shut and ignore those instincts that are there to keep us and our children safe, all because it isn’t politically correct to speak up. I say bullshit. If someone gives me a bad feeling, I don’t care if we’re at a rally where I’m in the minority – race, religion, etc… I’m saying something! Especially if it pertains to my child’s safety. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. My child is more important than anything or anyone else in the world.

      Comment by TUECAA | September 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. How are ya, darlin’! *tips hat*

    I was itchin to comment on the weekend with that latest of yours. I get hot headed and my temper flairs. I say what I maybe ought not say in public. I can’t put into words my feelings like you can. You have a great deal of respect from me like ya always do with the way you manhandled that so and so. “manhandled”? I think you understand me.

    I am greatful you put the comments in by the pedophiles and people who think like em. Good people need to understand how they think. Its hard for me though to understand why they put themselves out there to be put under your microscope. They are monumentally dumb or just damned arrogant so much they don’t see how transparent they are to the rest of us.

    Such wisdom in the new post here and all as can be expected. Fine job, my lady! Good day!


    Comment by Frank | August 31, 2011 | Reply

    • Hiya, Frank! Long time no hear. Sorry it took a while to get to your comment. Hey, your replies to those ignorant and sick assholes is always welcome.

      I would go with “monumentally dumb,” which, by the way, I’m going to use some time ;).

      I hope all is well and be sure to toss me some more requests any time. Thank you for your support, as always! Have a wonderful day, Sir!

      Comment by TUECAA | September 6, 2011 | Reply

  3. There’s a very good reason I tend to trust authority figures and pillars of the community about as far as I can throw them. My abuser was a pastor, a little league coach, a sixth grade girls’ basketball coach, on the bowling league, and was my dad.

    Comment by Holly | September 3, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your traumatic experience, Holly. Especially by the man every girl is supposed to be able to trust. I know all about the men who make themselves popular and beloved in their communities. It’s all part of their game to help them abuse the girls they are trusted with guiding and protecting. They use their station in society and with their parents and neighbors to convince their victims that they will never be believed if they tell. They, also, acquire the kind of power that affords them with whatever is necessary to get them around their prey as much as possible, get them alone with them as often as possible, and help them cover their tracks should anyone start asking questions. NO ONE is an angel and no one deserves to have complete trust with our children. There are many great people out there in the position to mentor and protect our kids, but we can’t just assume someone is so trustworthy simply because they have a good reputation with children. No one ever loses that reputation until they are caught, and by that time, they have offended multiple times.

      Comment by TUECAA | September 6, 2011 | Reply

  4. I can Really Relate Holly, mine were my step father that I was lead to believe was my father my three uncles, our friendly neighbor, date raped by a bus driver, and then found out my only brother tried to rape his wife’s niece when she was 13 after he become best friends with her parents and for years lead her to believe they would never believe her because it turned her into becoming a lesbian. But to protect my children when I went to live with them exposed the truth to me threw her sister. I had a nerves breakdown and they hot lined it but the girl was never questioned because she was a adult and my brother claimed he didn’t know if it was true or not because he was doing crack at the time. I was then turned on by my aunts uncles and father in which they did their best to make my children think I was crazy and diagnosed with bipolar because when I fear sexual abuse I break down or threaten the abuser. My brother later on stole my son from me with the help from the court system that was his friends by using the diagnosis to take him from me lying that I wasn’t on my meds. The judge was a lawyer at the time I found out what he done to his niece and was going to try to get my children then but told him to wait because of what I found out. They took my son to get even with me for exposing him, a few years later but my brother didn’t want his twin sister because I taught her to never allow herself to be intimidated by a adult and to tell if she was being abused., my son was afraid and intimidated by him.They had a whole system that worked for him my son’s law guardian and the public defender they gave me. They are truly a secret society that has everyone working for them when you try to stand up against them from judges,, lawyers, social workers and even teachers and police officers believe it or not. They cover all their bases. So beware but never stop fighting for innocent children because someday they will be exposed for what they are inhuman flesh seeking sick narcissistic evil pigs, and when they finally get theirs I hope God has the best revenge their is the fire of Hell! For everyone must Die someday and I know God will be Their judges! Kathryne Jeanne

    Comment by Kathryne Loukopoulos | February 15, 2012 | Reply

  5. I do that with all my students…

    I was lying on the couch listening to the Beatles through a set of headphones. These two men walk in and stand there looking at me. I was 13 years old and this was in a little village, Argenta, in the Kootenys, the first free school I attended. I was living there with my sister.

    These guys are in their mid forties. One guy has a red beard and the other has gray hair. I later understand that these guys are a homosexual couple. They are visiting but I don’t know what the connection is, I don’t know them.

    The gray haired guy’s eyes lit up when he looked at me. I took off my headphones and we exchange some words. I don’t recall what we talked about.

    A couple of days later the older one, the gray hair, he invites me to come for a ride. I get in his car and we head towards the town of Kaslo.

    We drive by an area. He says he wants to show me something. We pull off and it’s caves. I didn’t know about this place. We are standing there and this guy embraces me, he hugs me. I am standing there rigid and I don’t hug him back. This doesn’t feel right. He reaches down and starts fondling my penis. I’m scared. I start crying. And here’s the miracle: he backs off.
    He is not a total monster. We head back. In the car he explains that that is something he does with all his students because it makes them feel more “alive.” He’s a teacher.

    It really doesn’t sound plausible but I’m a kid and he’s an adult. That’s the really evil thing these types of people do; that pedophiles do. They coerce their victims into colluding in their own exploitation. They are skilled at it. They are cunning.

    Just like this guy scouted that place out; the caves. He had planned all this shit from the minute he set eyes on me.
    He tells me this horseshit about his students and then he says, “Don’t tell anyone else about this. They wouldn’t understand. This is just between you and me.”

    Although I think the director of the free school would have understood; since he was a molester himself. He was molesting a fifteen year old girl; a “student” at the Free “School.” I guess Valentine, the old bastard, was in his fifties. We would hear him at night coming to her bed. Plus his wife knew he was doing it and she looked the other way.

    I ended up at the other Free School, the one on Saturna Island. The director there, Tom ****** was a homosexual pedophile. My sister got raped on Saturna by one of the staff.
    Anyway, these people abound. And victims of molestation are legion. My sister and I feel that our parents abandoned us. If they didn’t know, it’s because they didn’t want to know.
    You can talk about the basic goodness of man, but not to me. And I got off light. I mean I am truly blessed. That was a dangerous spot I was in.

    Comment by Jesse Kaellis | October 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Jesse, thank you so much for sharing your story. You’re very brave to do so. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m very relieved you didn’t fall for his attempt to create a sympathizer. They pick people to groom that way, to show them they can control themselves and it’s all a misunderstanding. You didn’t fall for that MONSTER’S plan. I’m so proud of you for staying strong and speaking out for those who couldn’t.

      Comment by TUECAA | October 20, 2012 | Reply

  6. You are welcome. I know I’m blessed and that isn’t the first time.
    Here is an excerpt from another story. You know what? We are privy to inside information. Nobody needs to know this stuff but by God I got off light. Here is this fragment.

    Most of what I felt for my mother throughout my life was fear. I can’t say it’s a feel-good thing yet, but she did put her money where her mouth is at the end there and it did keep me off the street. When I get around my parents’ friends I view them as children. They are lacking something, some kind of awareness of what this world is, of what people are, of what people are when nobody is looking. I know they are uncomfortable around me but that’s their lookout. I don’t care — I don’t even give a care.

    Comment by Jesse Kaellis | October 27, 2012 | Reply

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