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Using Stolen Valor To Stalk Children

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.53.49 AMStolen Valor” is the act of posing as a member of the military for various reasons, including scamming individuals out of money, businesses out of military freebies, and gaining the trust of lonely women desperately seeking companionship. Much of this stolen valor has been occurring on social networking sites like Facebook and on military websites where the fraud feels some sense of belonging while gathering information to use in his next scam.

Among the victims of the stolen valor con are children. Unfortunately, the latest school shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary brought forth one such individual. The incident involving Craig Pusley, who dressed in a “borrowed” uniform and stood out in front of a California school after witnessing a similar act by a real soldier, Jordan Pritchard, has opened up the secret methods of predators for getting access to our children.

Not only was Pusley wrong for what he did (impersonating a decorated Marine Sgt with overseas combat experience), the school was even more at fault for putting their students at risk. No one at the school questioned Craig Pusley’s claims of being a servicemember. He simply showed up in a uniform and stood in front of the school entrance, where children ran up to him and parents tearfully thanked him. The school staff was elated to have this “soldier” giving up his spare time to “guard” their kids. No one asked for his identification. No one asked for his military ID. No one asked for a contact number to verify his claims. He didn’t even have children at the school. He was every bit a stranger, and the school allowed him on their property with no questions asked, simply because he wore a uniform and played upon the hysteria of our nation in the wake of Sandy Hook.

An even more worrisome ripple to this story has come in the form of support he has received. One such example is the following that has been passed around Facebook like an aggressive cancer:

“Valley marine calls himself to duty at an Elementary school. Sgt. Craig Pusley wears his desert camo fatigues…no weapons…just him. Took it upon himself to go to the nearby school and stand watch outside. The school loved it. The principal thanked him. No breaks…just his heart felt need to do this. His reward? Marine Corp Reservists says he violated protocol bt wearing his fatigues and not his dress uniform in public. Facing $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Also getting a “dishonorable” stamp on his “honorable” discharge. He served 2 tours in iraq, in Baghdad and Ramadi. One in Helmand province of Afghanistan before leaving active duty.

Now he is writing a letter to the President apoligizing for his actions.

WAKE UP! This man is a wonderful outstanding brave hero in my book and to think for a second that his heart felt need to go stand in front of his little neighborhood school was wrong. Screw you! The President should be sending him a Thank you letter.

So I salute you Sgt. Craig Pusley. Thank you!

This is something I would like to see go viral. Let’s stand up and say Thank you to this man who didn’t think twice…he followed his heart and there is no crime in doing that.”

This “share” isn’t just wrong because there is no threat of “dishonorable” or the other claims and because there was NEVER overseas service. It is, also, dangerous because it hails the unthinking actions of the school that put children in very real danger. There is NOTHING respectable or admirable about what he did or what the school did. They have shown the pedophile world just how easy it is to stalk school children, especially after a tragedy that has all schools raising the drawbridge and parents buying bulletproof backbacks.

Now, I’ve been accused in the past of giving predators ideas because of my thorough discussions regarding their grooming tactics and what makes children targets. I’m sure this article will come under the same scrutiny. I can assure you that these predators already know what to look for, how to target and acquire their prey, and anything I or others like me post isn’t even everything they already do. Where do you think we get our information? Pedophile forums.

Pedophiles have their own culture. They are every bit a cult as a fringe religion. They have their own secret language, their own secret meetings, their own rules, their own ideas of “right” and “wrong,” and they have their own lobbyists to make what they do legal. Their best strategy to continue their way of life is by feeding off of one another’s experiences and ideas. I can assure you, also, that this issue with Craig Pusley has been and is still being discussed in pedophile chat rooms and among pedophiles at dinners together, children’s sporting events together, and at so-called “rehab” centers for sex offenders.  We hear it, we see it, and we’ve had previous cases involving military impersonators.

I, personally, have been contacted by parents whose children were approached by someone in uniform who could not provide proof of service. I’ve been contacted here by a mom whose daughter was stalked and groomed by a man impersonating a deceased soldier. The young girl didn’t think a soldier would be after anything bad, so she told him everything he wanted to know about herself, her family, and her contact information. When I pretended to be a target for pedophiles, I encountered such people, as well.

Nothing I say here is news to them. They are already doing this to get to our kids. The worse part is that schools like the one in California are making it easy for them, and people like those spreading support for impersonators like Pusley are sending the message that many in this country are still gullible idiots who refuse to consider the dangers around every corner. It’s “depressing” to live that way, so they say. I can guarantee you it’s more depressing to witness a school shooting and child abductions that happened because no one wanted to admit the dangers they were, themselves, cultivating.

We are all afraid for our children, as parents and as a collective. Turning a blind eye to the dangers, however, helps to create a world in which we have to be more fearful and our children are faced with horrors your blind eye refuses to imagine.

Craig Pusley could have been a pedophile. He could have been a child pornographer or a kidnapper for the black market in child slavery. He could have even been a stalker of a teacher. And he could have been a shooter looking for an easy angle to get into a school. No one knew because no one checked him out. They didn’t check him out because he was wearing a uniform, and they believed the uniform automatically made him safe because assuming otherwise would have been “fear-mongering” and “depressing.”

We still don’t know much more about this man than that his service claims were a lie. He could very well be any of the above, or just a typical attention seeker riding the coattails of a horrific tragedy. No one knows because no one asked and no one verified anything.

This is the perfect set up for those who would do our kids harm, and any support for behavior like this sends a clear and strong signal to predators that it works and a message to children that the adults in charge can’t keep them safe.

The Facebook share above does have one thing right: WAKE UP! Our children can’t afford to have the adults in charge of their safety ignoring dangers just because it’s depressing and an inconvenience to us. A child’s funeral is a depressing inconvenience, too.

January 8, 2013 - Posted by | Dangerous Trends, Grooming Techniques, Other Safety issues, What Makes a child a Target


  1. Great story. May I use your story on my website? Please feel free to via email me. Have a nice day

    Comment by reginajackson69 | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • Absolutely! Thank you for the support!

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  2. This is scary. But.nothing surprises me anymore.

    Comment by reginajackson69 | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • Same here.

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  3. I posted the “Valley Marine…” article on my FB page with no idea that the man was not a Marine. I got it from a friend that I trust. I will also post this article letting my FB friends know that he was not a Marine. We do need to be more aware of what is truth and what is not. I never imagined that someone would lie about being a Marine. As an incest survivor myself, I should have known better. Thanks for the posts that you write. I share quite a few of them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Comment by patriciacsingleton | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • Thousands of people fell for that. At least now you know and you’re working to correct it. Thank you!

      Unfortunately, there are many posers out there. It’s called Stolen Valor and there is a group of dedicated veterans working to expose them. One such website is and their Facebook page is .

      Thank you for helping to spread the word about predators and child safety. Every person is a link in the armor used to protect our kids!

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  4. So glad you’re posting again. Please don’t stop…you have some great info to share. You have any updates about Alice Day, pedo jewelry, etc. You should get a twitter account.

    Sincerely, Damita Watson

    Comment by Damita Watson | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • People keep suggesting Twitter. I guess I should re-open one I had a while back. I just don’t find the time I used to for online updates since I started doing more “pavement” work. If I get it started, I’ll post about it :).

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  5. Do you have any updates about pedo bear?

    Sincerely, Damita Watson

    Comment by Damita Watson | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • He seems to be finally dying. I still see him pop up now and then, but not among the more popular crowd and not since Anonymous featured him in one of their anti-pedophile videos. From what I’ve seen, using pedobear now will get you mocked for being old and outdated. Wearing the costume will get you thrown out of public places, too. They’ve tried it at ComiCons and the end result wasn’t good for the costume wearer. We’ll leave it at that 😉 .

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  6. Reblogged this on voicelesssoulsdotorg and commented:
    How did this man get this far? Instance there once was a man who went into a school and killed a numerous amount of children. How has things changed? We have here a man that throws on a military uniform, poses as Honorable discharged, and injured marine. He fabricates a story, shakes hands with our children without the media or government knowing he’s an imposter. How safe is that??? We have to take better stance and acknowledgement of whats going on. I firmly do not believe that these uniforms should be sold in stores. Selling government attire enables anyone to walk around and abuse the system to harm our communities and it isn’t safe for our children. Outsiders don’t deserve to wear such Honorable dress. While the criminals hold up corners we hold up our country. From bdu’s to badges we just don’t know who’s who.

    Comment by reginajackson69 | January 9, 2013 | Reply

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