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iPhone App Has Predators Scared!

For those who have the iPhone, you can download the free Offender Locator Lite application from the iPhone’s Application store. I did and it is pretty awesome. It’s a summary version of what you’d find on the FBI’s Sex Offender Registry.

Yes, anyone with internet access can simply go to the FBI’s SOR site and look up their own information, but this gives a brief summary of offenders within range of any address or GPS location the user is in, not just statewide. It is not a replacement for the official registry site. It is a quick reference and works just fine for that reason.

What makes this application even better is how terrified Registered Sex Offenders are about this feature. They are burning up the pedophile message boards and any forum or comment section of sites featuring this application, including the review section of the application via the iPhone link.

They are posting in the hundreds comments falsely claiming it is inaccurate so don’t waste your time, that it is an invasion of privacy, it crashes the iPhone, it puts bugs in the system, it’s the cause for vigilantes to find and kill RSO’s and people who were listed as RSO’s by mistake, that it is illegal, that it has been banned from California because it is illegal *, etc..

The attempts to keep people from downloading this free application are numerous and humorous! It just goes to show how terrified they are of parents and care givers knowing where they are. Once we know who and where they are, we are better armed to keep our kids from their locations.

The application specifically states what the person was charged with, so the excuses I’ve been reading that someone could pop up just for public urination is ludicrous and the most pathetic attempt by a predator yet. These are adults who raped, forcibly sodomized, and sexually molested children. This application does not include non-sexual situations that I can see. So far, the only RSO’s to pop up on my searches have been specifically child sexual assault related. Makes perfect sense considering this application has been brought to us by

I highly recommend getting this application if you or someone you know has an iPhone. It is FREE, easy to use, and best of all it has child abusers running scared!

*[California ordered iPhone to remove the paid version because they considered the company illegally making a profit from the free registry, which was false because the fee for the full version ($1.99) was only to pay for the technological distribution fees only and not access to the registry information. However, iPhone complied and has kept the free “Lite” version, which is nearly identical to the old version.]

August 17, 2009 - Posted by | Pedophiles Exposed


  1. (copied from original post)

    They’ve also got a version for the Crackberry: links at my place…

    Comment by Strings | August 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. (copied from original post)

    Awesome! Thanks!

    Comment by TUECAA | August 18, 2009 | Reply

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