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Anonymous FINALLY Joins The War On Pedophiles!

After years of cyber attacks and protests on government agencies, credit card companies, Scientology, and anything believed to be corrupt and advantageous against the common citizen, Anonymous has FINALLY taken up arms against child abusers. Not just any child abusers but particularly pedophiles and child pornographers.

I’ve watched Anon(ymous) for years and have contacted a handful of people I’ve suspected, due to conversations on Anonymous posts, of being members of the group. After finally having an in-depth conversation back in 2007, I felt I was brushed off as though my “claims” of the growing pandemic of child rape, child sex slavery, and child porn were inflated at best. After that, I rolled my eyes anytime I saw Anonymous’ involvement in anything, feeling that if they were serious about doing good in this world and good for victimized citizens, they would take their obvious collective genius and succeed where the average volunteer and even the FBI seem to fail.

By the look of this news release and their manifesto, it would appear Anonymous’ jaunt into the world of child pornography has been a sobering experience, and as it does to all of us, has awakened a sleeping lion within that will never NEVER again slumber.

Welcome to the fight, Anonymous. No matter how hard it gets, you are not alone. Never stop! Regardless of your previous battles and victories, this is a whole new war. By your own admission, you’ve opened the door to things you’ll never be able to forget. It won’t get easier. This, I can promise, but you’ve finally come into the real world of what TRUE horror is, and you’ll never see things the same way again. You’ve grown up and you’ve done so with a bang! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and with the intensity of my soul, Thank you!


Anonymous Hackers Take Down Child Porn Websites, Leak Users’ Names

The Anonymous campaign began Oct. 14, when members of the hacktivist group found a cache of child-pornography websites while browsing a secret website called the Hidden Wiki, a guidebook to hundreds of underground websites invisible to search engines and regular Internet users. (Click heading for full story)

Anonymous Exposes Pedophile Ring – Hacks Lolita City

Tuesday, after hacking into Lolita City, a darknet website used by pedophiles to trade in child pornography, Anonymous released usernames and other information of 1,589 pedophiles trading in kiddie porn. (Click on heading for more)




Press Release – 10/15/2011

Our Statement

The owners and operators at Freedom Hosting are openly supporting child pornography and  enabling pedophiles to view innocent children, fueling their issues and putting children at risk of  abduction, molestation, rape, and death.

For this, Freedom Hosting has been declared #OpDarknet Enemy Number One.

By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites, among these is  Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites to date containing more than 100GB of  child pornography.

We will continue to not only crash Freedom Hosting’s server, but any other server we find to contain,  promote, or support child pornography.

Our Demands

Our demands are simple. Remove all child pornography content from your servers.  Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography.  This statement is not just aimed at Freedom Hosting, but everyone on the internet.  It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting  child pornography, you will become a target.

October 21, 2011 - Posted by | Anonymous


  1. I thought you guys might be interested in this video from Newsy ( about ‘Anonymous’ busting the child pornography ring online. The story goes into some political groups’ reactions to the bust, as well as the details of the site it busted. Thought you guys might want to embed it in your blog for your readers to see!

    Take care,

    Comment by georgia | October 24, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi, Georgia! I read through and the criticism of Anonymous doesn’t surprise me. Pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers have always tried to shut down anyone who has exposed them. The truth of the matter is that law enforcement is overwhelmed and it takes months, sometimes years, to bring down one sex offender. In this time, he has created hundreds of victims, who will more than likely cause victims, themselves. It is a matter of fact that not enough is being done to stop child porn and CSA (child sexual abuse) by our government. There are various reasons for this, none of which matter to a child just screaming for someone to help make it stop. Quite frankly, if the FBI/Law Enforcement doesn’t want “vigilante justice,” they need to step up their efforts. We have every right to defend our children. Especially when the government practically refuses.

      Comment by TUECAA | October 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. I agree. The FBI had ample time to do something about Lolita City and whether they are under funded, under manned or overwhelmed and outnumbered, the fact remains that everyday children were and are being raped. The pictures and videos of those rapes were being traded and showcased on that website. This in turn fuels the desires to continue such practices on innocent victims.

    Anonymous refused to play politics and wait for the FBI to pull their shit together. They refused to sit back and wait for the law enforcement to get the “BIG FISH”. In doing so, they have pissed off pedophiles on the known pedophile website, Boychat. I ran across some of the pedophiles bitching about Anonymous. Pissed off pedophiles is what our society need to be striving for.

    I pray and hope that Anonymous is just getting started. I hope that they stir fear in online pedophiles everywhere and these pigs get so scared of having their true identities revealed that they get the hell off the internet. They have spent years believing they were so damn smart and capable of hiding their tracks from parents. Now, there is a group that is much smarter and faster and capable. I welcome Anonymous to the war and hope they prove to be superstars versus one hit wonders.

    Comment by Marie Crist | October 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow! They are freaking out! LOL!! I copied the text on the page so no one has to click the link if they don’t wish to do so:


      Re: Anonymous attacks pedophile web, publishes info

      Posted by jqhacker on 2011-October-22 23:54:10, Saturday
      In reply to Anonymous attacks pedophile web, publishes info posted by Qberry on 2011-October-22 08:50:43, Saturday
      Alright, sorry I am a bit behind on this one, but I am here to explain it nonetheless.
      If you do not have the time, just read the recaps, and skip the rest. The recaps should also be used if you understand little technical jargon.


      First off, let me tell you that Anonymous is not a set group, or a set individual. Anonymous is no one and nothing, yet everyone and everything. What I am trying to say is that Anonymous is meaningless. The title can be used by anyone for anything, it is the smaller sub-groups that you deal with, the rest is a meaningless joke, though it does get people’s attention, here and in the media.


      To recap, subgroups are everything, the main group does not exist!

      Penetration of the Website

      There was no penetration of the website itself, as far as has been proven. The user list includes as follows: Username, Attraction, TorPM, TorChat, Images uploaded, Earnings, Future Earnings, User for

      This means they copied the users page, as anyone can easily do with a browser, and a copy of TOR. We can do the same here. There was no one exposed, they did not get passwords, IPs, or anything of the sort. They simply got a listing that was, and is, freely available.


      They did not hack the site, they simply posted the Users Page.

      Exposure of Users

      Supposedly, some user information was exposed, though this looks to be supposition, based upon statistics from other sites, perhaps even some chat exposure. This is nothing new, and some of it has even been found faulty already, as well some persons working in this operation have been found untrustworthy, and their information disavowed.

      Some people can’t keep their mouths shut, or their identities strait for the sake of their own anonymity, so some people may get “outed” by stupidity. Much like the cops, anonymous goes after “low hanging fruit.”


      Don’t reuse user names on the open webs and the Darknet… Yes, I’m looking at you!

      Location of the servers/3G Burner

      There is a claim by anonymous that they have found the overall location of Freedom Hosting, and, they claim, thereby Lolita City. This claim is tenuous at best, and due to the nature of the Darknet itself, TOR, and the Internet itself, their “facts” are, in my opinion, kida flaky.

      I will throw in here that their use of a burner 3G connection is a genuine act of stupidity, not only for the lack of need, as to the TOR factor of the situation, but also the fact that the connection can easily be traced otherwise to a general location, giving more than enough information about their location without TOR itself. Not to mention, with the general proliferation of open Wifi, this just seems like a dick move to waste money.


      Anonymous, still does not exist, but is generally made up of griefers and fools, claiming to be hackers, but really, barely script kiddies.


      Don’t do drugs, kids, and don’t believe what you hear in the media, as it is generally sensationalized bullshit. Shit sells, don’t buy it, when you can make your own every day!

      Reply with any questions.

      Here are Seven Rules for posting on this forum.

      1. Do not post erotica or overly-detailed sexual discussions.
      2. Do not request, offer, or post links to illegal material, including pictures.
      3. Do not engage in campaigns of harassment against other posters.
      4. Do not reveal identifying details about yourself or other posters.
      5. Do not advocate or counsel sex with minors.
      6. Do not post admissions of, or accuse others of, potentially illegal activities.
      7. Do not request meetings with posters who are under age 18.

      What is funny here is that this person is trying so very hard to convince people Anonymous didn’t succeed in finding out information … yet … he goes on to warn users of the pedophile site and even chastise users for their stupidity if they get caught from Operation Darknet.

      Furthermore, he tries to claim Anonymous doesn’t know what its doing and can’t hack anyone. Funny. I guess he doesn’t watch the news too much. Too busy raping children.

      Take a look at the rules of posting. If that isn’t a guide to keep your ass out of jail because the OP knows his followers are engaging in illegal activity, i.e. raping children, I don’t know what is.

      As annoying as stupidity is, you have to love that it dwell so deeply in the heart of every child rapist!

      Comment by TUECAA | October 27, 2011 | Reply

  3. I thought the same thing. These guys are not smart, they are the same ones who talk in circles trying to convince the public that their screaming victims want it. They are just lying to themselves and each other. Which is great, because I hope Anonymous takes offense to the part, “Anonymous, still does not exist, but is generally made up of griefers and fools, claiming to be hackers, but really, barely script kiddies.” Yeah, I hope Anonymous not only crashes their site but infiltrates their server and releases their true identities to the public. That would be the greatest act of justice!

    Comment by Marie Crist | October 27, 2011 | Reply

    • I know, based upon comments/reactions in other areas from Anonymous, that Anon reads or has read my site. I’m counting on that now in the hopes they see your post, the link, and the quote. 😉

      Comment by TUECAA | October 27, 2011 | Reply

  4. I have been thinking about this article ever since the Penn State story broke. Now Syracuse. Does anyone else think there is a connection between the Anon data dump and the actions finally being taken?

    Comment by kgs | November 18, 2011 | Reply

    • It’s possible but I haven’t delved into the information enough to know.

      Comment by TUECAA | December 7, 2011 | Reply

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