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Tweeting Away Parental Responsibilities

It’s a new age with numerous ways to ignore our children and create more adults who have a problem adjusting to relationships and the real world. We haven’t seemed to notice that the line was crossed long ago as we continue to breach appalling methods of expressing to our children just how much we wish they were never born, that they are of no consequence to us, and that we will go on behaving as adolescents with no responsibilities to anyone but ourselves and strangers we feel we must impress by becoming their puppets in the race for Most Popular. Children be damned.

The latest trend in self-centered parenting is blogging or Tweeting in the delivery room. Not the soon-to-be father. Not the soon-to-be family or kin. Not the medical staff (for now). No, the internet addict is the birth mother, herself.

I am, of course, referring to women like Melissa Skabich, who tweeted the entire birth incident so that thousands of complete strangers could be in the room with her. You know, because it isn’t as though the father might want to share some quality time with the mother of his child, or that the child about to come into the world needs his mom to be focused on what the doctor and nurses may need.

Forget complications. Those just have to wait, and don’t we all know that complications during child birth come with prior warnings? Why on Earth would she wish to worry her pretty little head about the possibility of complications when she hadn’t scheduled any? Especially when she didn’t seem too concerned over the lack of family bonding that future fathers and grandparents enjoy at a beautiful time like this.

Don’t you know that the world revolves around the internet? What better way for a woman to let her new baby know he or she will always come after the internet than to have the internet stake its claim as #1 priority right there in the delivery room? “Sorry, Jr., can’t breast feed you right now. Mommy’s net friends are more important … Get used to it!”

I would like to think I’m not the only woman and mother outraged by this trend, which isn’t exclusive to this one inconsiderate jerk but has inflicted many others. Actually, the ever-progressive people over at think she is the epitome of brilliantly progressive motherhood. So much so that they are making her the go-to blogger for Parenting Advice. Yes, I had some problem choking back the bile at that one, too.

The support doesn’t stop there! Over at TwitterMoms, they are beaming with pride. After the outrageously supportive comments for her – some of which criticized anyone who doesn’t think blogging during labor is “totally cool!” – I ditched my account there. That and the fact that the Ning site is infested with spammers and women who post the photos of their children as often as they can, even promoting online child beauty contests (FYI: Those are scams run by pedophiles, and not many people now days don’t know that!).

I even Twittered briefly but then left because of too many bugs in their system and too many compulsive morons with no lives who get highly irate if you don’t click on their hourly updates. No one seems to have a life anymore that doesn’t involve kissing the ass of internet people for 15 minutes of fame, even if that means ignoring the nurturing instinct that seems to be non-existent in too many parents on the net.

My pregnancy was completely uneventful. I, honestly, had no signs of pregnancy and wouldn’t have known I was during the first trimester if I hadn’t gone to the doctor for a bad cold and was tested, as is policy, to be sure I wasn’t pregnant before they prescribed antibiotics. The delivery, however, turned very badly soon after it started. I couldn’t even see my daughter until the next day because of the complications she and I both survived. There was no warning, no idea there would be any complications at all. Women who blog at this time are either sadly misinformed to the dangers they could face or somehow think they are safe from such circimstances due to their imagined importance in the scheme of life. It isn’t right that unborn children are forced into this dangerous situation caused by these stupid women.

I’m, also, at a loss as to why they are even allowed such electronic and wifi equipment in the delivery room of a hospital. I think that if this behavior ever causes the other women in labor and delivery to experience complications because of electronic disturbance or failure, both the inconsiderate bitch and the hospital should face not only a law suit but criminal charges for endangering the welfare of the other patients.

Some people may see this blogging-while-in-labor issue a debate of social trends and not an issue for child abuse awareness. This is very much about child abuse awareness because neglect IS child abuse, and this is also a child abuse prevention site.

The reason I’m posting this is because one can only imagine the kind of life the kids of people like this do or will go through. I previously blogged about women who have children suffering from RAD and other mental conditions and stay on the net all day moaning and groaning about their woe-is-me lives as parents to “screaming and bitching burdens.” And people wonder why children are becoming more cold and distant, why the number of underage criminals is on the rise.

If you wanted a clear cut example of what makes a great target for pedophiles and sexual predators, well, here ya go!

These women dedicate so much of their time on the net that they treat the total strangers on their friends lists as family coming into their homes for a visit. They post home movies and photos of their children that range from naked bathtime play to sporting events featuring the name and location of where that child is every weekend. They post their children’s names, school information, pet names, and every quirk and hobby as if they are filling out a report for their child. You hear me – You are pimping out your kid!!!

I cannot begin to make these women understand what they are doing is ignorant at best, mortally dangerous at worse. Perhaps these women need to add a site meter to their web pages to see the kind of depraved minds who come across their images. Here is what I collected for today’s visits to The Ultimate Evil:

Opal Telecom UK
Search for: Pedo friends

Telefornica del Peru
Search for: Mature blogspot child porn

Technische Universitaet Dresden
Search for: Pussy child African

Africa, Limbe
Search for: children pussy

Melaka, Malaysia
Search for: little children pussy

Tulsa, OK
Search for: child pussy

Bell Canada
Wallaceburg, Ontario
Search for: Free thinker gl (GL is girl lover)

I’m not able to post the IP addresses for other domestic visitors because I have forwarded that information on to law enforcement, but the searches they used that lead to my posts about child pornography and child sexual abuse were: “child porn,” “little children in bath,” “naked children photos,” “family photo naked child pussy butt rearend bath,” “photo album children child naked pool bath cute butt,” “photos of naked children,” “baby rape photos,” “infant rape photos,” “child rape not hurt,” “sites to find naked children.”

Prior searches that are now an ongoing investigation by law enforcement: “child rape fuck hurt,” “where to find naked children,” “internet sites that show locations for naked children public pools dressing rooms,” “infant rape violent,” “children videos naked kids…”

Some of the IP addresses lead to offices of professionals in the business of child care or public service that places these workers in daily contact with families with children.

IP address trackers, such as Feedjit and Sitemeter, show what keywords are used in a search that lead the person to your page. Additionally, they show the page the person came from and the page the person goes to after leaving your site. In cases that I state above, some came from Google searches and left via sites that feature what they were looking for… leading me to be able to report not only them but the sites they visit after leaving mine.

It’s a wake up call to the mountain of ignorant internet users who are too self-absorbed to even consider the kind of people they are inviting into their private lives, serving up their children to pedophiles to get off on and predators who will seek out the location of their child and either act upon it themselves or share that information to pedophiles/predators in the child’s home town.

Yet, internet popularity seems to somehow overshadow any underlying natural motherly concern, replacing what is supposed to be a natural instinct in women with a brazen attention whore personality – at the cost of their own children.

Now that Twitter is developing a television show dedicated to celebrity members as a form of legal stalking, I fear we will see more activity from women like Melissa Skabich while their babies are raised by Spongebob, Hannah Montana, and the pedophiles lurking on How’s that for punk’d, Ashton?

May 27, 2009 - Posted by | Culture, Dangerous Trends, Internet Safety, What Makes a child a Target


  1. WOW!!!

    Good for you for posting this!
    *Shakes my head in wonderment at some of stupid, self-centered crap that bloggers put out there for anyone and everyone to see*

    Have put you in my favorites. Will be back.


    Comment by Anonymous | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you, J.W., for kind words and support!

    It never ceases to amaze me how much exposure parents give their children on the net, like the quantity of home videos on YouTube – the pedophiles’ playground. I continue to be surprised the longer it goes on even after all the breaking stories and alerts by law enforcement and the FBI.

    Honestly, there should be a license requirement to have children now days just like people need one to drive!

    Thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome anytime. I’m glad you got something out of your visit. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you’d like me to talk about.

    Comment by TUECAA | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Tanya S. said…

    Oh my Lord! Thank you so much! I am so tired of tweet this and tweet that and all this brewhaha about connecting on the web. I came by this blog when I was looking for something about the woman who was blogging in the delivery room. You spoke my mind, Miss! I surely hope others read this and the rest of your blogs as well. What you are doing here is nothing short of God’s work! God bless the little children and God bless you!

    Comment by Tanya S. | May 30, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thank you, Tanya, for the words as well as being someone else who feels this way! You are very sweet to say such things, too. Please visit often and use what you can to keep kids in your life safe. That’s all that matters to me – the kids.

    Comment by TUECAA | May 30, 2009 | Reply

  5. I am working with my children’s school on re-writing their discipline codes. I am finding out what a naive parent I have been. I always thought neglect happened in lower class families. I have now found out how uninvolved many “good parents” are with their children. And then they wonder how their children turn out looking for attention in the wrong places. It amazes me how self centered these parents really are!

    Comment by Anonymous | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  6. There are many forms of neglect and no social class is immune. In fact, the richer a family is, the more neglected children tend to be as the parents throw money and toys at the children to keep them on their side of the house while mom and dad socialize for popularity. Abuse is covered up to protect reputations. Lesser intelligent children or medically imperfect children in upper class homes experience shunning because it makes the “perfect” family image look bad.

    Lower class families tend to “neglect” more so when the provider has to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. However, tough times tend to make families pull together and learn to rely on one another, forming a stronger bond than those who form their bonds with the almighty dollar.

    Granted, hard times can go both ways, as often seen in parents experiencing hardships and taking out their frustrations on their children. Let’s not forget, though, that again, it happens in rich families, too, when dad doesn’t get the promotion or mom doesn’t get the “rock” she wanted because the private school was too expensive this year.

    One could argue crime rate and drug abuse in lower incomes that always leads to child abuse, but that occurs in every social setting, as well, just a different drug or addiction of choice.

    Your comment raises a very good point of society ignoring the plight of “privileged” children because of the stigma attached to being “poor.” I grew up in a middle class family and was neglected and abused in ways lower income friends couldn’t even fathom because they were from loving homes.

    You’re right that kids will turn to the wrong places. Children will get the attention they need to grow in any way they can. We learned this in high school Sociology. Even if it’s bad attention, it’s still attention. And if it doesn’t come from mom or dad, it will come from the abuser down the street or on the internet targeting just such children.

    Thank you for your visit and your thoughts!

    Comment by TUECAA | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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