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Oprah Interviews Child Molesters

Oprah Winfrey has done much in the way of exposing child sexual abuse, including child and women trafficking for the purpose of forced prostitution.  Just recently, she interviewed 4 child sexual abusers, who detailed grooming techniques and exposed a first-hand glimpse into the minds of these incurable monsters.

Please share this link with as many people as you can. Although many of her shows have been about such things, it is our society that chooses to focus only on her fluff pieces, like celebrity gossip and make-up tips. It is time those shallow members of the society allowing child abusers to freely abuse because it just isn’t a feel-good topic are silenced by those of us who care about the safety of children.

February 9, 2010 - Posted by | Child Advocates, Girls, Pedophiles Exposed, Videos, What Makes a child a Target


  1. Dear Opera
    Yesterday I changed the channel when You interviewed those Molesters.
    My sisters and I was molested by our own fader and it stirred up feelings I thought I berried a long time ago.
    I hate him and revere him only as my sperm donor.
    Last night I woke up in a cold sweat, I dreamed about the first time he put his hands on my private place.
    I was in such a shock and he told me that if I told anyone no one will love me, not even my mother.
    I could not sleep anymore for so many memories came back all at ones.
    When my sisters, brother and I came home from school it will always start with:
    My brother and I was send to play out side while my sisters had to tickle his back and stomach for hours.
    I do not remember everything, my oldest sister was send away because she told some one.
    I was about 7 or 8 years maybe I do not remember when it started, but when she was sent away.
    It started with me tickling his back while my other sister tickled his tummy.
    Later when I was home alone with him while my other sister was at netball practice or a friends place,
    he would let me start by tickling his back, then his tummy, then he took my hand lower and lower.
    He would tell you over and over about not telling, no one will love you, his preparing me.
    He also reminded me that I will be send away if I told any one and never see my mom again.
    He was not only a molester, he also hit us and my mother.
    We would be throne out a lot, moved out for a while then moved back.
    When the truth came out, he went for rehab and counselling and declared cured or rehabilitated what ever.
    He said his sister did it to him when he was young, his father beated them also.
    He also said a psychiatrists cured him for his brain on sex was stuck on the age of 16 and he wants to commit suicide.
    He beated my mom up so many times and she took it for our sake, if she knew then what she knows now.
    I believe she would have done thing differently, I do not blame her at all.
    When we talked about it, why she moved back and took those beatings every time
    My mom regrets it. The reason she did is a priest told her she needs to take care of her children.
    Her children will blame her for leaving their fader, if she go home and look in our eyes and theirs no food ect.
    I told her I would have rather lived in a box in the street with her, and we would have been happier their.
    I am proud of her leaving and divorcing him when we told her what he did to us.
    She became an in depended strong woman, took great care of us, raised us with out a sent from that sperm donor.
    She did a great job, on her own. I love her.
    The sperm donor is finally spending only 18 years in prison for molesting his second wife’s children.
    Our cases took years and when we did went to court, something happened.
    Their was not enough evidence or a file got lost or something happened so he was free and got away with our case.
    It seemed that he will get away with his sins forever.
    We did worn his second wife, she told us to respect our father for the bible tells us so.
    He went on like noting happened, he went on like he was the victim, he even grabbed the bible and said he is a christen.
    If she listened to us her children would have not been molested. At least she got him to pay for his sins.
    The reason I am writing this is to get the massage to all
    A child who warns you of a molester should be taken seriously, even if you think it’s a lie because it just might be thru.
    They will tell you that its not tier fault, that they will never do it again or the ex is spreading lies.
    They know how to manipulate.
    They have multiple personality.
    No redemption, No cure, No Rehab nothing will make them stop. I know it and so should you.
    It is not a disease it’s a choice to ruin lives.
    Once a Molester always a Molester.

    Comment by Sanchia | June 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Dear Sanchia,

      I want to apologize for not approving this comment sooner. I read what you wrote and did not want to approve until I had time to reply. I did not want you to think I was not concerned enough to answer you.

      I am so very sorry for what you survived, but you did survive and can speak of it. Good for you! Our silence is their power.

      You are absolutely right: It is NOT a disease and it IS a choice. They cannot be cured and will do it again and again. It’s a damned shame his second wife didn’t listen to any of you. She chose herself and her happiness over the safety of her children. It happens far too often. It’s wrong.

      I don’t know if you will come back here since it took so long for me to respond, but if you do, I would like to know if I can post your letter as a topic on this site. You do not have to. I will respect your wishes either way.

      Thank you for coming by and sharing your story. You have helped so many people who come by here just to feel they are not alone. And your words will very probably help other women like this man’s second wife understand when they are warned about a threat to their children, they MUST listen!

      Thank you!!

      Comment by TUECAA | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. hi, i’m meg from indonesia. i was molested when i was 5 years old by 2 different guys. all things i kept for myself , i never tell anyone, and i was starting very angry at little things, everytime i got upset i hurted my self, i was only 5 years old !!! then aged 9 i did suicide but i’m alive. but suicidal thoughts always in my head until aged 27. i was very often hurting my self and because i’m so depressed. and i never tell this sh*t to my family, now i’m 28 years old. about one month ago, i forget i forget my took my medication, and i went psycho, and i can’t handle it anymore, i keep it too long so i told my sister’s and brother. i was asking my my sisters please don’t tell mom. but u know what….i’m not the only one, my lil’sister was molested by the same guy who molested me. and my mom was molested also when she was 5 years old by neighbour.
    i was really shock !!! everytime i wake up i always wants to kill these molesters, i hate them, i want to kill them.
    i’m on the medication for PTSD.

    Comment by Megalia TankianShiNoDA | October 9, 2010 | Reply

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