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Pedophile Babysitter Provides Evidence Against Herself

I cannot express enough how important it is to do a thorough background check on anyone in care of your children. In this day and age when we know about sexual predators and violent adults working with children, there is absolutely no excuse to assume the person you are hiring to watch after your child is completely safe.

There are many companies that offer background checks for a very small charge, you can research for free through criminal records, you can do extensive interviews with previous families and the CHILDREN the person cared for in the past, there are websites which let people post their experiences with babysitters and child care facilities, and there are Nanny Cams. provides a list of resources to find a safe caregiver and helpful links for parents and expecting parents. There is simply no excuse to allow such a predator into your home and into your child’s life.

Considering this woman had photos and videos from the entire time she babysat, and she was discovered to have molested at least one other boy in her care (so far), the fact that this is her first arrest in this matter means almost nothing. Pedophiles nearly never get caught their first time, or second, or third. In fact, it is estimated that by the time a pedophile is finally arrested for the first time, he or she has victimized dozens of children.

Below two recent articles about the pedophile babysitter is information on warning signs your child may be a victim of child sexual abuse and links to how pedophiles groom their victims as well as the parents. Educate yourself on not only signs of what makes your child a target, but learn what to look for to know if your child is being victimized.


Officials: Baby-sitter made videos of molestations

By Bob Kasarda, (219) 548-4345 | Posted: Friday, October 28, 2011 3:30 pm

VALPARAISO | A 21-year-old Wanatah woman is charged with 13 felony counts on accusations of sexually abusing a 3-year-old boy in the bedroom of his Chesterton home where she was baby-sitting.

Tara Tryon, of the 6900 block of Volk Road, is being held without bond at the Porter County Jail until her initial hearing Monday before Porter Superior Judge Bill Alexa.

The abuse came to light when an anonymous caller contacted LaPorte County authorities about forwarding to them an email containing photos and videos of a woman sexually molesting a young male, according to court records. The caller identified the woman as Tryon.

The caller mailed memory cards containing the photos and videos to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department and the Valparaiso office of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

One of the memory cards was passed along to the Indiana State Police, which discovered 39 photos and two videos reportedly showing Tryon involved in various sex acts with the child. Police also identified the anonymous caller and the person who originally received the images.

The parents of the young boy confirmed Tryon watched their child in their home and verified the images were from the boy’s bedroom.

Tryon is charged with five Class B felony counts and one Class C felony count of child molesting, along with seven Class C felony counts of child exploitation.

Class B felonies carry a potential sentence of between six and 20 years behind bars, while Class C felony convictions could result in two to eight years.


Police believe Valpo woman molested at least one other boy

By Bob Kasarda, (219) 548-4345 | Posted: Monday, October 31, 2011 11:30 am

VALPARAISO | Prosecutors believe at least one other boy may have been molested by a 21-year-old Valparaiso woman who made an initial court appearance Monday on charges of sexually abusing a 3-year-old Chesterton boy she was baby-sitting.

Deputy Prosecutor Cheryl Polarek said investigators have found a sexual image of at least one other boy among the videos and photographs believed to have been made by Tara Tryon.

Anyone whose children have come in contact with Tryon is encouraged to contact Indiana State Police.

Tryon pleaded not guilty Monday to six felony counts of child molesting and seven felony counts of child exploitation related to allegations spanning Oct. 17, 2008, to May 2. The exploitation charges stem from allegations of recording the alleged abuse.

The case came to light when an anonymous caller contacted LaPorte County authorities. Police said they were provided with 39 photos and two video recordings showing Tryon involved in various sex acts with the child.

Bond was set Monday at $50,000 surety and $10,000 cash for Tryon, who appeared in court wearing shackles and the green-and-white-striped garb of a maximum security jail inmate. She likely would need to come up with $15,000 to await trial out of jail.

Polarek had requested a much larger $200,000 cash bond, arguing Tryon is a flight risk and a significant danger to the community. She said Tryon was preparing to leave the area when she was arrested and is believed to be responsible for other molestations.

“We do believe there may be other victims out there,” she said.

Tryon’s attorney, Bob Harper, sought a $20,000 surety bond, saying his client has no criminal history and was preparing to go to the laundromat, not flee the area.

A trial was set for Feb. 27, with preliminary hearings Dec. 16 and Jan. 20.

Each of the five Class B felonies carry a potential sentence of between six and 20 years behind bars while the eight Class C felony convictions could result in two to eight years each.



According to Love Our Children USA, 98,000 children every year receive treatment for sexual abuse. Love Our Children USA reports that infants often develop problems because of the psychological or physical ability to cope with the molestation. There are different warning signs of molestation that all parents and caregivers should
be aware of when caring for a baby.

Genitalia Signs

Trauma or damage to the genital area can be a sign of sexual abuse. According to Safer Child Inc., an important clue that your baby has been molested is if you find bruising, swelling or bleeding in the genital area. This type of clue is often noticed during a diaper change or when bathing the child. Although there are some other medical reasons your baby might have small amounts of blood in his diaper, including diaper rash or bleeding from a circumcision, bleeding along with swelling and bruising is not normal. Make sure you try to observe your child’s body when performing these tasks, especially if you have any concerns of this nature. A Safer Child reports that parallel or round bruises, perhaps in the shape of fingers or bruises, in different stages of healing can be excellent clues. In addition, Safer Child also reports the genital area may also have a discharge or the child may have pain when he urinates or has a bowel movement. Never overlook this clue; immediately take your baby to a pediatrician for evaluation.


A molested baby will often cry excessively. According to Safer Child, crying can come about without any annoyance. The baby may be especially upset when in the care of the molester and may begin crying immediately in her presence. Yes, babies do cry and some even cry much more than others do. However, if you notice a pattern or your infant crying excessively around a particular caregiver you should never leave her alone with that caregiver because the crying could represent more than attachment issues.


Love Our Children USA reports that a baby may experience an uncommon wariness of other people or new situations. He may become very upset if he thinks his parents are leaving him, and no amount of reassurance will appease the child. This can be a clue that is a little tougher to discern from a baby attached to his parents. In addition, Safer Child reports that sexually abused babies may exhibit such signs as lying very still when being played with or examined by a physician. This may not be a likely sign that some parents would notice but an alert physician might observe this slight sign.



If your child displays any of the following signs, it doesn’t mean that they’re a victim of sexual abuse – yet sexual abuse should be considered as a possible cause:

* Fondling
* Intercourse
* Exhibitionism
* Using kids for prostitution, in pornographic materials and as sexual objects
* Lack of interest in usual activities or unusually withdrawn
* Changes in temperament or interests
* Insecurity and fears
* Unusual and unexplained aches and pains
* Extreme behaviors, nightmares, outbursts of aggression, poor concentration, anger, depression
* Excessive masturbation
* Bed wetting or soiling
* Hesitancy to be alone with a certain person
Age inappropriate sexual knowledge, promiscuity and language
* Sexually transmitted diseases
* Sore, red, bleeding, itching, burning genital areas, discharge and unusual odors
* Pain on urination
* Stained underpants
* Self destructive behavior
* Acting more immature and infantile
* Depression or withdrawal from friends or family
* Seductiveness
* Statements that their bodies are dirty or damaged, or fear that there is something wrong with them in their genital area
* Refusal to go to school
* Delinquency/conduct problems
* Aspects of sexual molestation in drawings, games, fantasies
* Unusual aggressiveness, or suicidal behavior
* Unusual interest in or avoidance of all things of a sexual nature
* Statements demonstrating unusual amounts of sexual knowledge
Sexually explicit drawings
* Sexual interaction with other people, animals, or toys
* Preoccupation with sexual matters
* Sexual promiscuity (multiple partners)
* Reports of unwanted sexual experiences
* Adolescent prostitution
* Significant weight gain or loss
Unusual distancing from the family
Decrease in achievement
* Unusual wariness of other people and new situations
* Running away
* If a child talks about an adult’s undergarments
* Acting out
* Self-destructive behavior
* Use of alcohol and/or drugs
Regressive behavior

What You Should Know: Targets, Grooming, Symbols and Initials

Warriors For Innocence: Grooming Articles

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  1. And people wonder why I won’t leave my children with anyone other than my in-laws or their godparents.

    Comment by Holly | November 14, 2011 | Reply

    • I know. I’m fortunate that I can be a stay-at-home mom. If I couldn’t, though, I’d damned sure get every background check and reference out there. I’d know so much about the potential babysitter that people would think we grew up together.

      Comment by TUECAA | November 14, 2011 | Reply

  2. I am a work from home mom. I let my in-laws have my three-year-old son overnight, and will let my kids’ godparents watch them for an hour or two while my other half and I go out, but that’s it. There is no way I’d let some strangers in a day care situation or in-home babysitting situation–or even most of my family–care for my kids. I am just not that trusting.

    It’s going to be difficult to let the kids do sports, especially since my abuser was a volunteer coach, and what with the creeps at Penn State.

    Comment by Holly | November 16, 2011 | Reply

    • I am totally against just accepting any person as a volunteer or a paid worker to “help out” or work with kids ,its a known fact that pedophiles actively seek out jobs or volunteer ops to be with kids, and they really heavily target those kids at risk; esp a kid with a single mom in low economic situation, this allowing the pedo to exert influence because the parent feels guilty they cannot provide all the opportunities they would want for their kid. etc and there s this “special” person who has take a “special interest” in their child. yeah a PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!! I believe that every single program for kids, EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM at least here in the USA, MUST be ACCOUNTABLE and make sure that every person that has any even minute contact with children be investigated thoroughly and without sparing expense. if this is not doable then the foundation or whatever MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to continue, IT MUST BE SHUT DOWN and i don’t care what type of foundation. Pedophiles are everywhere they are constantly alert for any chance to “get at ” a child. I blame the foundations like Penn state and other s that keep their heads in the sand or truly believe that everyone who volunteers to work with kids or even at a pay job working with kids has good intentions. when it comes to kids until I am sure I CONSIDER EVERYONE A POSSIBLE CHILD MOLESTER ..THATS JHOW IT IS THATS HOW IT IS GONNA STAY kids need someone to protect them

      Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  3. I am absolutely appalled there even has to be “signs your baby is being molested”!!!!!!!! What is going on with this world??!?!?! Why can’t we just kill these monsters and be done with it already????

    Comment by Janice Langstrum | January 12, 2012 | Reply

    • Janice, you are not alone in feeling as you do! Believe me, every one has their breaking point, and there will come a day when true justice is finally sanctioned by the law and delivered. We just have to keep reminding society of this pandemic and fight those forces trying to distract people.

      Comment by TUECAA | January 12, 2012 | Reply

    • we need to have a law that acknowledges pedophiles are untreatable and unrehabbable and make a law to euthanize child molesters for the good of society and the safety of children. it makes no sense that we don’t have it already. probably because no rich person with influence’s kid has YET been kidnapped sexually tortured ( thats what child rape is its AGGRAVATED CHILD SEXUAL TORTURE) and murdered maybe IF that happens something will change for these innocents ….. because no one cares what happens to John or Jane Q Public’s kid at all

      Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  4. i think we should also allow bounty on child molesters turn one in dead and get paid more than turning the pos in alive if the pos is dead we won’t have to house and feed and provide for that garbage I wish we could take their clothes away and make them stay outside in sub zero cold bring them in a few minutes so they don’t die of the cold let them warm up and send them back out again over and over and over and over until they plead to be euthanized ( killed)

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  5. kids are not voters so the pols don’t listen they have no voice.. but i will tell you who DOES listen is the media and companies where children are consumers or where parents consume products for kids. I believe if we contact companies that make child products and places that profit hugely from children ( even thru their parents) as customers/consumers like McDonalds Nickelodeon Channel etc and let them know that until they get behind some sort of law that protects our kids from pedophiles we will boycott their products this may be one way ITS A START anyone got any better ideaS ????

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply


    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  7. and lastly don’t EVEN think this woman will get her due in prison. I know women who have molested children WHILE in prieon who are not shunned by oter woman prisoners there is no “code” in womans’ prison because womans prison is full of morally maladjusted b i t ch e s (try Googling -child raoed at dwight correctional center dwight Illinois during warden jane huchs camp out for children, ) this took place in that late eighties early nineties I know cause i was doing time at Dwight and saw this inasnity happen i was super shocked that not one woman shunned the mother who raped her child all weekend during a prsion dcfs campout for kids with their incarcerated mothers all she recived was a few days in Segrgation!!!!!!

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  8. i am done i am sick of children suffering if I could kill everyone of the mf’s that would hurt our kids i would gladly do it..USA SAVE OUR CHILDREN ..BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY FOR MOLESTERS MURDERERS, SEXUAL TORTURERS OF CHILDREN

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  9. sorry for so many posts its just the number cause there is NOTHING more important than kids

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

    • No problem, Mitchie. Not much more I can add, but I’m enjoying your fire! Feel free to vent any time.

      Comment by TUECAA | February 1, 2012 | Reply

  10. i tried google what i told you all about i don’t come up with anything but i promise you it happened i wonder did they cover it up? warden huch was relievd of her post because of the scandal of letting family murder patty columbo out on daily passes ( patty columbo murdered her mom her dad and her little brither in their sleep and she also killed the dog ( google Patty Columbo) but i was there i was doing 9 months when this occurred i was there from may 90 to february 1991. i will cooperate if anybody wants any information

    Comment by mitchie420 | January 24, 2012 | Reply

  11. Reblogged this on frogpoison and commented:
    OMG!! That says it all.

    Comment by frogpoison | April 25, 2012 | Reply

  12. I have reblogged, blogging my own post on this, spreading awareness all over the internet on this horrific topic. I believe EVERY parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and adults in general need to know about this; for awareness. Being a survivor, my mission in life is to stop as many of these horrible atrocities from occurring. WE ALL NEED TO BAN TOGETHER, BE ALERT, AND HELP PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Thank you all for the support in this. Thank you to,”The Ultimate Evil” blogger who posted this among others like it; spreading awareness.

    Comment by frogpoison | April 25, 2012 | Reply

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