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(Please see my previous post for Part One on Obama’s pick for Deputy Attorney General, David Ogden, and Obama’s affiliation with his mentor, an outspoken child rapists.)

For a full report on David Ogden’s disappointing legal record, visit

DISCLAIMER: I realize Fidelis is a Christian Conservative reporting agency. However, this post nor the previous reflect in any way a political agenda. This is a notification to all those who care about the safety of our children and the appointment of a child endangerment and abuser rights lawyer to monitor the laws set to protect our children from his very own clients. Regardless of your political views, please remember this is NOT about Republican vs. Democrat, Liberal vs. Conservative. THIS IS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN! As a non-Partisan Pagan, I care not that this information came from those who may not agree with who I am. I care that their documentation is FACT and reveals a terrifying REAL threat to our children.


In various cases, he has filed briefs opposing parental notification before a minor’s abortion, opposing spousal notification before an abortion, opposing the military’s policy against public homosexuals serving in uniform, and opposing the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act.

[…]He believes that judges should rely heavily on social science when making decisions, that they should be “compassionate” and partial to “suffering” litigants, that they need not follow Founders’ intent for the Constitution, and that they should consider “worldwide consensus” and international law when making their decisions.


Opposed Parental Notification by 14 year olds:

“There is no question that the right to secure an abortion is fundamental.” (p. 10).
“By any objective standard, therefore, the decision to abort is one that a reasonable person, including a reasonable adolescent, could make.” (p.11)


Opposed the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000

“As a condition of receiving federal funds, Congress has – with the Children’s Internet Protection Act … – insisted that public libraries affirmatively censor constitutionally-protected material. By demanding that libraries be censors and devote resources – not to facilitating – but to interfering with patrons; pursuit of information and ideas, Congress has subverted the role of librarians and public libraries and violated the First Amendment rights of library patrons.” (p.3).

“Imposition of mandatory filtering on public libraries impairs the ability of librarians to fulfill the purpose of public libraries – namely, assisting library patrons in their quest for information…” (p.3).

Apparently, helping someone find “To Kill A Mockingbird” is far more important than keeping child porn from public-use computers, and adult porn from public-use computers used every day by school children. What of the rights of those who don’t wish to view this material? What of the rights of parents who wish for their children to have a safe place to work on school reports – the way a LIBRARY was meant to be?!

Challenged the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act

He convinced the court that requiring producers of pornographic materials to personally verify that models were over age 18 at the time the materials were made would “burden too heavily and infringe too deeply on the right to produce First Amendment protected material.” American Library Association v. Thornburgh

Representation of Pornographers

Ogden represented Playboy Enterprises, among others, seeking an order forcing the Library of Congress to use taxpayer funds to print Playboy Magazine’s articles in Braille against the express wishes of Congress.


PHE, Inc: The nation’s largest distributer of hard-core porn videos and other sex-related products. Run by Philip Harvey, who has supervised Population Services International, a nonprofit corporation that works to promote population control overseas. (PHE distributes a number of DVDs with titles that suggest it would have problems with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act. (Titles include terms like “School girls,” “Bubblegum cuties,” “Sweet young things,” “Young Girls,” and “Fresh and Young.”)


1. Ogden is an abortion-on-demand absolutist. He opposes common sense restrictions on abortion, including policies that have significant support from the American people, such as parental notification by minors.

2. Ogden is an absolutist on pornogrophy and obscenity. He opposes common sense restrictions on the ability of pornography peddlers to sell their products. He believes pornography users have a constitutional right to view pornography at a public library. he believes private property owners’ right to exclude protestors from theier property must yield ot the protestors’ free speech right.

3. Ogden supports a “living Constitution” that changes to fit the latest fad o the intessigentsia. He will use social science to reach whatever result he wants.

4. Ogden supports the use of courts as a policy – and law-making behicle to advance his social agenda and left-wing values regarding abortion, homosexuality, the death penalty, and other issues. He will seek to overturn established precedents that he disagrees with on a policy level.

There is much more on the site but I could not possibly fill this post with all 9 pages. The document is available for download and print at the link provided above.

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