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PLEASE BE AWARE! Halloween is fun for normal people but also a time for sexual predators to get what the law forbids from our children. RSO’s convicted of sexual misconduct with children are forbidden from participating in Halloween activities where children are allowed. This includes Trick or Treat. However, many do not abide by that restriction and the police are often times too busy on this night with crime to arrest a RSO for violating this.
Law enforcement, the FBI, and NCMEC as well as volunteers like me know that child sexual predators consider Halloween the greatest opportunity of the year. They get to befriend kids with their parents right beside them, look at them through snug fitting costumes, and give them candy to convince them they’re okay.

This has long been a traditional predatory event for them. They even post stories about their encounters (LG moments, LB moments = Little Girl/Little Boy) the following day on pedophile forums and when getting together. We have read disturbing and vile accounts on pedophile forums about children in their costumes, descriptions of how sexy they look and the fantasies that were imagined about the neighbor’s child. We’ve heard them brag about getting children’s full names and addresses, and not just by the child but by the parent with whom the perp engages in a polite conversation. We’ve seen them coach each other in the proper ways of grooming the parents and the child in the following months for future sexual contact.

Not all child sexual abusers are listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, although it’s a very good idea to check out as well as the FBI’s official site registry for your state. Just because someone isn’t listed on the registry, it doesn’t mean they are harmless. It could mean they either have failed to register or they haven’t been caught.

There is a man a few streets over from our house who last year gave out small stuffed dinosaurs to only certain children – my daughter was one of them. He instructed each child to go home, read about the dinosaur, and return to tell him all about it, with an offer of cookies in his living room and a suggestion that they could come without mom or dad if they wanted. This man isn’t on any registry, but most parents know this is crossing the line and he will not be seeing many children this year.

Trick or Treat is a happy time for kids in this country and should not be feared or forgotten because of a few sick bastards who use our kids as sexual fantasies. Look at the registry, stay away from the people listed, teach your child it is improper for an adult to ask their name and/or where they live, instruct your child to let you know if any one asks their information if you are standing outside of earshot, and do not let children under 13 go out unsupervised. Every year, I see groups of small children accompanied by young teens and no parents in sight. This is unacceptable and anything that happens to those children are the fault of those parents – logically and legally.

Keep Halloween a fun experience for your children. Teach safety protocol when dealing with adults and be their guardian as they venture out tonight so they CAN enjoy themselves and CAN enjoy childhood for as long as possible. They are counting on you to take their safety seriously and not put a neighbor’s feelings above theirs.

October 31, 2009 - Posted by | Dangerous Trends, Other Safety issues, What Makes a child a Target

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