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Over the years, I’ve prided myself on not playing favorites when it came to exposing child abusers and those protecting child abusers.  I have exposed them on separate occasions while explaining that it wasn’t a personal grudge based upon politics, religion, or emotional interests, but simply standing up for any child against anyone hurting them or allowing them to be hurt by apathy or aid to the abuser.

As a special treat for National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month 2010, I’ve decided to implement Equal Opportunity and show this country just how supportive it is as a whole to the rape of innocent children.  Not just that group on the right or the one at center field or that one just left of the flagpole.

It occurs to me that those directly responsible for inflicting pain on children, the abusers, would not be so strong as a collective with the numbers of incidents and victims on the rise if not for those who may not raise their hands to kids or may not force themselves onto a child sexually but who turn a blind eye to the abuse or even support the abuser by scapegoating the parents, society, and even the children, themselves.  They should be equally held accountable.

Let’s start with religion, shall we?  I could start with politics but I’ve already posted about christians, wiccans, and muslims.  I’ll go from there.

It has been my experience that when a person’s beliefs come under fire, they will argue tooth and nail to defend it.  It doesn’t matter if the argument is sound and they know the subject puts their belief in the wrong.  People do not want to discover that their way of life that has been laid out based upon their religion has all or even partially been wrong.

We invest not only our minds but our hearts into our beliefs.   I know from experience leaving Catholicism to find my own path that it is an indescribable pain that leaves an empty hole in your chest when you discover you’ve been lied to and manipulated all your life, resulting in a majority of your life being a lie and discovering you suffered abuses for the sake of a religion that was bullshit from the beginning.  Your abuse was for nothing.  The strength you found in what you were told crumbles along with the lie from the revelation that it was a lie.  This is the hole christians preach about when you leave the flock and they try to get you back.  They want to refill that hole with the same things you freed yourself from.

No, this isn’t an anti-christian post.  I am leading you through the pattern of religions participating in the grooming process of pedophiles.

You see, it is at this time that other religions step in to fill that hole, one of which is wicca and another, Islam – both having serious problems with child predators and Islam going as far as to condone child rape as much as worshiping the act as godly. And it is these paths just as christianity that makes children feel it is not only their fault that abuse happens but even so far as to say it is their obligation to their faith to sexually service older members of the sect.

We have christians, who consider teaching children about bad touching as the same as sex education, which is unthinkable for schools to do.  These same christians preach forgiveness, telling the child victim it is their place to forgive the person who abused them. They preach that the bad person will go to hell for their act, but that we go to hell, too, if we don’t clear our hearts of hatred and anger towards the abuser.

I still have a very hard time wrapping my head around how any parent can look their child in the eye and tell them to forgive the person who just sexually assaulted them, throwing in the whole “it’s what God wants so you can go to heaven” to get what they want.  Any parent who does such a thing should be arrested for accessory after the fact because sexual assault is just as much mental as it is physical, and don’t think for a minute that telling your child they will go to hell if they have anger for their abuser isn’t mental abuse!

Wiccans are there to “help” impressionable young girls.  I have been told that the general rule of thumb in Wicca is no one under 18 can be indoctrinated into a coven; however, it has been my extensive experience that the vast majority of the wiccan community condones “private lessons” given to pre-pubescent and underage teen girls by much older high priests/priestesses.  Wiccans stand by and watch old men enticing 13 year old girls to meet with them in private to “teach” them wiccan rites – like sacred sex rituals.

Then we have the Frosts, who wrote the Good Witch’s Bible, which has chapters describing in detail how a father should rape his pre-pubescent daughter with his hands and a dildo to prepare her for being gang raped with the males of the coven, and how a mother is to sexually abuse her son to prepare him for his role as a productive male in the coven.  I’ve been told most Wiccans do not consider the Frosts to be Wiccan and do not support the Frosts; however, the Frosts are always being invited to national Wicca and Pagan festivals and Pagan/Wiccan book clubs.  They speak to audiences of hundreds of Wiccans and Pagans, who applaud them and seek their autograph and their council.  If Wiccans had a problem with any of this, they would say something and put a stop to it.  They don’t so there you have it. It’s as simple as that!

Islam’s entire system is build around the foundation of a pedophile and child rapist.  Muhammad lusted after Aisha when he first saw her at 4 years old. He married her at 6.  The only reason he waited until she was 9 to have sex with her is because she instantly developed an illness, which caused her hair to fall out and scars about her body.  Yes, today we call this stress.  The child was terrified!  To this day, Muslim men marry children.

The Quran states that a man can be still be considered pure for his marriage – a virgin prior as well as not considered an adulterer – by having sex with animals and children. One primary way of converting Catholics to Islam in Africa is by raping the Catholic children and women and beating the children daily as they are forced to read the Quran.  They force their own children to hate Jews and anyone who is not Muslim.

In any other part of the world, teaching a child to hate people by their race or creed is considered abuse.  In any other part of the world, raping and beating children for any reason is abuse and a crime.  But people still have a problem with waging war on Islam!

It would take a lifetime to address all religions, but I feel I have focused on those that have perpetrated the majority of crimes against children.  If you know of another such barbaric group, please let me know.  For now, I need to move on before this becomes a novel.  Many more people to push into the light for condoning child rape.

Any time politics are mentioned, the mental armor comes out.  People don’t like having their choices in how they support their country questioned.  Everyone thinks their candidate has all the answers, or at least the ones our country needs at the time.  Everyone thinks their candidate can walk on water when it comes to taking sides.  And everyone ignores the dark secrets.  It isn’t a time to make their candidate answer for his wrong doing because winning is all that matters, even at the expense of what is right.

Take President Obama, for instance.  People are torn about his ideas concerning “change.”  Everyone has something to say about his health care, plans for the war overseas, bail outs, and even his wife’s muscular arms.  Yet, no one seems to want to breach the subject of his hand picked choice for Deputy Attorney General, David Ogden.

Sure, there has been talk among the Christian Conservatives about David Ogden’s stance on allowing underage girls to have abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent (and let’s face it, abortion is surgery and no other surgical procedure would be questioned in these regards as every single parent would demand their knowledge and consent for their child to go under the knife).  However, this is the extent of the Christian Conservative’s concerns about this man.

They have, also, battled Obama’s choice for Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, citing  his desire to discuss homosexual sex and even expose children to soft-core porn involving homosexual sex.  They have included his nonchalant attitude when a teen boy confessed to having sex with an older man, his only response to the boy being concern of his use or lack of the use of a condom rather than being concerned over a sexual predator raping one of his students.  Based upon the Christian Conservatives’ refusal to expose more of David Ogden’s child endangerment issues, I feel the only reason they even mention the bathroom incident in concerns to Kevin Jennings is simply to find as much as they can to tear the man apart.  Rightfully, I will add, but not for the right reasons.

It’s all selfish and simply a matter of politics, and this is when children no longer matter.

The fact is David Ogden, who has refused Obama’s appointment to continue his personal pursuits to legalize pedophilia and child pornography, is a spokesman for child sexual abusers.  THIS should have been headline news.  Democrats, liberals, and anyone supporting the Obama administration should have immediately chastised the pick of David Ogden.  Obama should have been faced with losing all of his support should he continue to pursue the appointment of this pedophile rights activist attorney and man who represents registered sex offenders in their attempt to end Megan’s Law, restrictions of pedophiles to access schools and children’s playgrounds, and the RSO registry.

Democrats, liberals, and anyone supporting Obama should be vocally outraged over Kevin Jennings, who will, also, be teaching their own elementary children through soft porn in the class room and who supports NAMBLA: North American Man Boy Love Association (that’s the group of men who rape little boys from infancy to early teen years).

The only people who have spoken out against either of these men have been Republicans, conservatives, and anti-Obama groups.  Therefore, the Democrats, liberals, and Obama supporters merely see this as a challenge to their political choices.  They have shown they care nothing for children because they refuse to defend children, even their own, against these terrible decisions.  They won’t even acknowledge something isn’t right about a president who has a track record of appointing pedophile rights activists.  They have tried to bury the fact that Obama’s little girls have been featured for several years on pedophile/Girl lover sites and are allowed to do so.

The Republicans et al aren’t getting away unscathed here because the only time they have spoken up against any of this has been during the elections and during this administration. These men and these issues have been around longer than Obama’s bid for presidency, yet this is the first they have breathed a word of any of it.  So the children, even their own, do not matter to them, either.

The only thing that politicians and political people care about is their own pride, their children and your children be damned – and raped.

Now we come to child organizations, like the scouts and schools.

We hear a lot about the Boy Scouts of America and their exclusion of people based upon creed and sexual orientation.  Again, this is because of the war between religious and non-religious groups.  It’s not about the children.  The Boy Scouts of America is Christian run, and therefore, is against anyone who doesn’t accept Christ in some way and against homosexuality.  It doesn’t matter that their own leaders have raped little boys.  As long as those rapists are Christians and are in a heterosexual marriage, it’s all good.  The Boy Scouts of America has been protecting child rapists as much as the Catholic Church.  One might think those against the Boy Scouts rules governing creed and sexual orientation would be righteous, but you’d be wrong.  The only reason these groups speak out against the Boy Scouts is because of the war between Christians and atheists, homosexuals and anti-homosexuals.  The abuses have been occurring for years, yet the only time we hear of any of it is when the battle for religious and gay rights is brewing.  Again, the children be damned by both sides.

The Girl Scouts is no different.  There is an unwritten rule that there be no discussion regarding sexual predators.  This includes avoiding date rape, what to do if someone tries to touch you inappropriately, etc…  I know this first hand because my own daughter was in the Girl Scouts until they vehemently opposed doing anything in these regards during child abuse awareness month.

The word was passed down from the Girls Scouts headquarters that all troops were to have some kind of safety workshop during any April or May meeting.  When I and another mom, who was a Sheriff’s Deputy, tried to organize a McGruff visit as well as speak to the moms separately from the children, we were met with angry mothers and an even angrier home office staff.  We were told that the mothers refused to have us “talk to their girls about sex” and that the home office considered “safety month” to be about dangerous plants in the wilderness.

So, while the Boy Scouts of America is raping their troop members, the Girl Scouts is setting up the prey for those who prefer girls.

Schools are no better.  Many schools implement the McGruff bad touching/stranger danger seminars.  Good for them! They recognize that it is a very real danger and will not allow parents, who may be the child’s abusers, to dictate if the child participates or not.

Christian schools, on the other hand, consider any of this to be sex education, and there is a new drive to remove any sex education from Christian schools entirely, even spilling over to public education.  Those of us with common sense realize there is some agenda in parents refusing to allow their children access to law enforcement seminars where children will be given the opportunity to seek help from an abuser should they need it.  Sadly, though, the Christian right is winning and more schools every year are doing away with bad touching seminars.  Do you think it’s just coincidence that the statistics of sex abuse victims of people they live with is on the rise?

This isn’t to say that all Christians who oppose these seminars are abusing their children.  It IS to say that these parents’ refusal to admit the existence of sexual predators and refuse to arm their kids with the knowledge to stay safe IS abusive and it is irresponsible – not only to their own children but the classmates who may need the help of the officers at that seminar, just one chance to tell someone of their abuse and it is taken away by parents who believe sheltering their kids from the ugliness of the world will keep them safe from it.  Yes, it is partly your fault when your daughter’s friend admits she is being raped by mommy’s new boyfriend, or your son’s friend is found dead in a ditch after his father blamed him for his sexual misconduct.  It’s that self-centeredness again dictating we care only for our own pride and not about children screaming out for someone to help.

Corporate accountability. We’ve all seen the bail outs: banks, automobile dealers, corporations that have played a major role in the political arena for all sides and have managed to rile up our entire country in arguments of fairness and even conspiracy theories.  I wonder just how many who have read these headlines and tune into the news just to keep up with the gossip of such dramas know just how many businesses have been exposed as supporting pedophiles and covering up child rape.

We hear about it the instant it happens with the Catholic church because there is a movement now to de-throne the Vatican for its illegal interference in our country’s religious rights – to believe or not to believe.  As I said above, this is merely for personal agenda and has absolutely nothing to do with the children.

If it was about the victims, those very same people would be up in arms about companies like Langnese, which has for years knowingly implemented the Girl Lover logo.

If it was about the victims, those same people would make damned sure every headline carried exposure to’s outspoken support of pedophiles, pedophile propaganda, and child pornography (including that nifty little app you may have downloaded – Kindle).

If it was about the victims, anyone who uses incidents of child abuse to attack members of religious organizations and political affiliations would have just as vehemently attacked Whoopi Goldberg and members of The View and Hollywood, including the actors who star in Ghost Writer, for supporting child rapist director, Roman Polanski.

It isn’t so hard for a company to acknowledge any link to pedophiles if that link was purely by mistake.  Any organization that cares about children would be outraged and humiliated to learn of such a connection and do whatever it takes to rectify it.

My older readers may remember a post I made back in November: A Letter of Gratitude To A Company With A Really Big Heart.  I didn’t name the company then but I feel as though they deserve the recognition for working around the clock within days of alerting them to the use of the Girl Lover logo to advertise their product.  It was Zales.

This was just before Black Friday and they had already invested a sizable margin in advertising and inventory, yet they conducted a global recall of anything bearing that logo – which included multi-media advertising, in-store ads, and products with the logo displayed on the cartons.  They did this over the weekend, and the president of the company was at his offices on Saturday to see this through.  They called me on several occasions and I spoke to their security officer, who expressed to me their shock and dismay and wanted to know everything I could give them to help them rectify this situation ASAP.  They read through my site and others I directed them to because as parents and grandparents, they wanted to learn more. They even contacted the FBI to see how detrimental such use of the logo could be to our society.

They kept me with them every step of the way, and it was my honor to see this company bending over backwards to send the message they would do whatever it would take to keep pedophiles from seeing their product as any kind of support for their activity.

I think if this company could do all of this, and in less than a week and during a weekend – and with Black Friday inventory no less! – ANY company or organization can.  It tells me that if a company or organization does not step up and take responsibility, it isn’t that it is impossible but rather they simply don’t want to.  This could be because they are money whores who don’t want to lose the profit or because they, in fact, do condone child rape.  In any event, they are supporting child sexual abusers and should be held accountable.

Our society, however, will not do so because that would mean boycotting favorite celebrities, no longer wearing favorite designer labels, not viewing movies they may like, and even just acknowledging child sexual abuse exists on the scale we ALL should be worried and ALL should be fighting against in any way possible by any means necessary.  Logically, if you are not going to stand up for what is right, you are standing by what is wrong.

Pedophile sympathizers are the most dangerous people out there.  They are apologists who blame everyone for the child abuse but the abuser, even brainwashing parents to blame themselves and children to feel it is their fault.  These same people would fight against a woman being traipsed into court wearing her party clothes, that may include a mini-skirt and low-cut blouse, to be accused of leading on her attacker.  Feminist organizations all over the country lobbied to have that disallowed in court, and it is.  The rapist can no longer demand his victim wear what she was wearing when he assaulted her, his excuse being that although she said, “No!”, her clothes said, “Yes!”

Yet, the same liberals that fight for women’s rights against male attackers have been seen standing by rapers of children, claiming it is society’s fault, the parent was supposed to be watching their child, the child was not raised to stand up for themselves, and that we should feel sorry for the child abuser because he/she was most likely an abuser, too – citing that WE failed HIM/HER by not treating them properly to avoid such abuse.

The liberals and pedophile sympathizers even get health care facilities that cost billions of dollars to “help” these men be cured.  There is only ONE victim when a child is abused, and it is NOT the abuser.  Before harming a child, that abuser may have been a victim him/herself, but once they hurt a child they are nothing more than a criminal and should be treated as one. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again: Many abuse victims become productive members of society and go on to fight against child abuse. There is no excuse to turn one’s pain against another helpless victim. Period.

Like it or not, there is no cure.  I can loosely compare this to alcoholism in that there is no cure for that, either.  Just rehab and a will to stop.  The major difference is pedophilia is the direct abuse of a child.  When a person drinks, they don’t do so with the intention of seeking out a person to hurt.  Hurting others can become a by-product of their addiction, but it is not the purpose for their addiction.  Pedophilia and child rape, on the other hand, is exactly the intent to harm a child.  Therefore, those sympathetic to their “illness” are supporting their CHOICE to force sex onto children.

Forcing off the clothes of a child to rape and sodomize them, or forcing their hand down someone’s pants or up their skirt is a far cry from picking up a wine glass or a joint.  Stop comparing the two as if they are one in the same!  I challenge those who do so to spend one afternoon with a drunk and another afternoon at the mercy of a convicted rapist.  Let’s find out if you can tell the difference.

While I’m at it, where is all the money for rehabilitation clinics for the victims?  Where are the three billion dollar facilities to treat children traumatized by not only being the victim of rape and molestation but physical violence, as well?  One excuse for the rehab clinics for abusers is that if we study them, we can help them and stop abuse.  Why not treat the victims NOW to prevent victims in the future?  It is the victim that learns which direction to take by how well they deal with their abuse and how they are treated because of their abuse.   Treating an abuser who was once a victim is closing the barn door after the horse ran out.  Wake up!

I think we should look into how much each state spends on road repair and tourist attractions each year.  I’m sure someone somewhere will deny that potholes are more important than helping a young victim of sexual assault, but the proof is in the pudding.  People bitch about damage to their cars a lot more than they do about the guy down the street teaching their child how to suck his dick.  Way to line up your priorities.

Antis.  These are the people like me who are anti-pedophile/anti-child sexual abuse.  Organizations such as Safe Horizon and B.A.C.A. would be considered antis, also.

I’m sure right now you’re wondering what I could possibly say about antis.  We are, after all, against child abuse.  It is our whole life.  We dedicate every waking hour to combat child abuse in some way, even if it’s a learned impulse to keep an eye out while shopping for eggs and cheese.  We live and breathe for the safety of children, so of what crime against children could I possibly accuse antis? : Turning a blind eye, covering for their own, behaving abusively towards their own children, and undermining all of the work their group and the rest of us have done to fight child abusers should about cover it.

I have been the member of groups that, as explosive as they are attacking child abusers, have been seen supporting dictators and politicians infamous for child abuse.  I have seen groups who as a unit do not condone severe physical abuse as punishment but that will remain silent when any of their members is found to have physically abused their child to the point of leaving welts and bruises.  I’ve seen anti groups permit members to engage in mental abuse of minors and say nothing when that minor asks for them to make it stop.  I have seen antis sweep incidents of abuse by members under a rug and cover it up to the best of their ability.  I have known of members of groups who have sexually abused minors being allowed to join the group and become a valued member, even when the group knows of their past.

As most of you know, I was part of a group that cared more about generating attention for one admin’s monetary gain and another’s need for attention rather than any good they were supposed to be doing for children.  A lot of anti groups will not even look into a case if there will be no notoriety or monetary reward.

Most anti groups have their heart in the right place.  This is an absolute given because take it from me, the images we have seen and the cases we have read will never leave us.  We will forever be plagued with the nightmares that include very real feelings and hopelessness for every child we cannot help.  Fighting child sexual abuse is not for the weak minded or those with a weak stomach, so it should never be entered into lightly.  The majority of us know this and give up a part of our emotional and mental well being for the sake of children.  Those who abuse this position for their own gain are few and far between, and be sure that many of them are pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers with the sole purpose of undermining our mission to end their reign of terror.

Greed and ego springs up everywhere, though, and I’m ashamed to admit it happens even here.  My message to those of you who behave this way is that you have overstayed your welcome and are no longer safe to do as you please.  From this point forward, I don’t care who you are, I will expose you.  Should your group not wish the bad publicity for your exposure, I suggest they start throwing you to the wolves where you belong.

No one wants to see the work that any anti group has done to help children be taken down in one fell swoop by one egotistical asshole.  On the other hand, no one wants to see a group they believe they can count on to help their child covering for someone who could just as well protect that child’s abuser. So my message to the groups who protect these people they know go against the spirit of their group is that you’d better start cleaning house quietly before it is cleaned out for you on a very public arena.

I will no longer sit by and watch as we piss and moan about nothing while child rape is being held just out of our line of vision.  It needs to stop.  We need to start demanding that papers and news programs stop running gossip about Tiger Woods and Sarah Palin and start publishing headlines about pedophiles trying to legalize pedophilia, predators frequenting parks and school functions to watch and get off to our children, predators stealing our kids’ images from websites and idiot parents who believe all the “your child could be a model!” ads.  The more headlines and front page stories we see exposing just how rampant child sexual abuse has become, the lower the statistics will drop.  Why would anyone be against that?  Good question. Think on that.

Now, I know from experience I will be told it isn’t fair to make blanket statements that it seems I have done here, that not all * – fill in the blank – * are like this.  No, but the rest sure as hell keep silent enough to portray the image they support the ones that are.

If you don’t want your faith, political affiliation, organization, etc.. to be seen as condoning child abuse, speak up!  Silence is support, whether you like it or not.  The pedophiles are pro-active, passing out literature to support their cause to legalize pedophilia.  Where are you?  Where are your group’s pamphlets decrying such evil?  When is the last time your religious or political leader stood before their congregation or constituents to speak out against child sexual abuse?

So don’t come to me with how unfair I’m being by casting a blanket when you refuse to stand up for children.  You have no problem criticizing Ricky Martin for being gay, but you remain silent about his work to rescue child sex slaves.  You remain loyal to Whoopi Goldberg when she supports Roman Polanski, the man who raped a little girl.  So don’t dare speak of blanket statements to me.  You protest the war and say we are persecuting others for their religion, but you say nothing when that religion is exposed as using child rape to increase their numbers. Actions speak louder than words.  Speak up or join the blanket party!

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  1. Are you going to write an article about Alice Day 2010?

    Comment by Name | April 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes, I am. I should have had this one posted this past Sunday, but as you can see, it took me some thought and time to write. I will have the post about Alice Day up this weekend or no later than Monday. Thank you for your question.

      Comment by TUECAA | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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