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Pedophiles Exposed At Nudist Colonies (Shocker!)

I recently received a comment I refused to approve sharing a link to a site specializing in candid, uncensored photos of teens and children at nudist colonies and nude beaches. It reads as follows:

” ..


2010/07/09 at 4:14 am

Hey everyone, I this website for nudism [link removed by editor]. It is a new website to look at all kinds of uncensored teenagers, kids that live their life in a nudist community. Can anyone tell me if it’s a good site too go to or if its just another scam. I thought it was solid because none of the torrent sites carry anything like this….”

This same site and others like it have come to my attention many times, and I report it to LE each and every time. It is another example of sexual predators being everywhere and another lesson on the necessity of safeguarding our children. Sites like these offering photos of nudist colony residents and nude beaches are NOT authorized to sell or share these photos, unless the particular nudist colony is one that should be raided by the FBI. There is no other purpose to sharing nudist colony photos to non-nudist colony society than for sinister reasons, especially images of children.

These sites feature non-nudist colony images, as well, many of which appear to have been stolen or snapped in secret.  For instance, on such sites I have seen photos of children in very skimpy swimwear – dry and wet, images of little girls beneath the cleaning showers at public pools, images of what others would believe are innocent bath time photos, images of children playing in front yards in sprinklers, etc…

Most parents have such photos and see nothing more than the joy on their beloved child’s face of playing in water and soap suds.  Family memories become sexual predator fantasy when those photos are developed at a public photo lab or posted online in photo sharing sites and on social networking sites.

Never believe “private” settings make a difference. They don’t. There is always a way around those and online predators know all of them.

Furthermore, unless your entire friends list on your social networking page consists of people you know in real life and would trust alone with your child, and unless your page is set to the privacy of only being viewed by these people, you are offering your child up to pedophiles in your midst.

Where do you think all the photos come from that are found in convicted sex offender’s computers if not for ignorant parents behaving so haphazardly with their child’s safety?

THINK: Would you want someone posting images of your naked body all over the net to complete strangers? Why do it to your child?!

The reason the poster of the comment is inquiring as to this site’s validity is because he/she wants to know if the site is a sting operation or if it is the real deal. The reason this person posted a comment here on my site is because pedophiles, particularly overseas, frequently confuse my site with one in their network.  This person tried to post this comment on one of my Alice Day posts, believing it was a post celebrating Alice Day.  Idiots run rampant and thankfully, more so in the pedophile community.

More on the crime of child pornography and how you can be prepared and protect your children:

If you come across such sites offering images of nude children, teens, or anyone that appears unauthorized (nude children and teens are ALWAYS unauthorized and illegal!), please report that site using the following links:

FBI Tips form

FBI’s NCMEC reporting site

About The Program
Protecting Your Children
Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
National Sex Offender Registry
Report Child Exploitation and Pornography:
Use our Cyber Tip Line or call 1-800-843-5678
Or contact FBI Crime Against Children coordinators
in our Local Field Offices
The Netsmartz Workshop Child Safety Website
“Don’t Believe the Type” Teen Safety Website
FBI Miami’s “Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge”
Keep Safe on Social Networking Sites
Initiatives and News
The Innocent Images International Task Force
Endangered Child Alert Program
NAMGLA Takedown
Innocent Images Turns Ten & Goes International
“Travelers Advisory”

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  1. I would question the validity of some of the claims you make here. For example, to say that “[t]here is no other purpose to sharing nudist colony photos to non-nudist colony society than for sinister reasons, especially images of children” is clearly a broad generalisation that can’t be entirely true.

    “Nudist Colonies” (which I believe is no longer the PC term for those “resorts”) aren’t necessarily a self-perpetuating community. Beaches and resorts frequently wish to advertise to attract people to their venues, with the purpose of making money, etc. Think of any ads you see on TV for other beach resorts–they want you to see people enjoying their site, relaxing, having fun, etc., and, while I wouldn’t for a second expect to see these sort of things on TV, I don’t think it’s fair to say “nudist resorts can’t advertise” point blank, which is what you’re in essence saying (i.e., that any pictures that exist from these places are inherently for “bad” purposes). Of course, SOME pictures like this could exist, but your statement is a broad generalisation that just cannot be correct.

    Furthermore, I believe the statement “Family memories become sexual predator fantasy when those photos are developed at a public photo lab or posted online in photo sharing sites and on social networking sites” is a bit of an overreaction as well. For starters, this comment implies that any parent who wants to take a picture of their child must become a professional photographer, equipped with their own Dark Room to develop the pictures so that they don’t fall into the hands of “predator photo lab technicians” (which is what your comment is implying). Not only is this over-cautions, it’s offensive to suggest that anyone working at a photo centre is going to be inherently dishonest, and that they work there solely to steal “private pictures.” I don’t think I need to elaborate further on why that could easily offend many in that industry.

    Additionally, to say further that people shouldn’t post pictures of their children online is playing purely to people’s paranoia, which is already raised to unnecessarily high levels. Of course, parents should be protective of their children, but to say that a mother can’t post a family Christmas picture online, for example, strikes me as overly cautious and sounds more like you’re trying to make your children recluses who can never leave the house and never be photographed.

    Again, I’m not saying that parents are wrong to express concern for their children, and that they should do what they can to protect them, but there –is– a point where that protection can become overbearing and result in more harm for the child than that “protection” is worse.


    Comment by JC | September 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Your comment is so full of propaganda for child pornography peddlers that I’m just going to address each ludicrous apologetic point individually so everyone can easily sift through your garbage.


    “…to say that ‘[t]here is no other purpose to sharing nudist colony photos to non-nudist colony society than for sinister reasons, especially images of children’ is clearly a broad generalisation that can’t be entirely true.” and your entire second paragraph.

    You make a partially valid point. I should have said, “There is no other purpose to sharing NUDE IMAGES OF CHILDREN AND TEENS from nudist colonies…” However, people who come to this page without the purpose of trying to nit-pick their way to justifying child porn get what I was saying.

    And yes, I AM correct. Using nude children as ad material for a nudist colony (and these child porn sites advertising for these “resorts” do refer to them as “nudist colonies”) is not only irresponsible and dangerous, it is illegal in most places around the world. Why? Because even the most common person knows slapping photos of naked children all over town and the internet is disgusting and attracts those who masturbate to such images and those who take it a step further and groom other children with these images to show being naked in front of adults is perfectly okay. I’ve seen the case files expressly showing such things perpetrated by pedophiles. You, obviously, have not (unless you’re a pedophile trying to poke holes in the proven authenticity of such dangers).


    “Furthermore, I believe the statement ‘Family memories become sexual predator fantasy when those photos are developed at a public photo lab or posted online in photo sharing sites and on social networking sites’ is a bit of an overreaction as well…..[and the rest of that paragraph]”

    Here, you are trying to demonize me for warning parents not to let strangers view images of their children naked, especially strangers who have the ability to secretly make copies of those images of their naked children.

    Are you really ignorant enough to believe anyone will agree with such an imbecilic argument? This entire paragraph makes you look like a pedophile trying desperately to keep this option open.

    People don’t have to be like me or other CSA investigators to know the dangers in giving total strangers unencumbered access to NUDE photos of their children. It’s on the news all the time, but if someone wants proof, they need merely to call their local police department and ask to speak to someone in Special Crimes to know the danger IS real.

    Anyone encouraging parents to ignore the warnings, many that are law enforcement generated, and continue sending in their child’s naked playtime photos to be developed has a clear agenda, and I have a feeling that agenda is one of yours.


    “Additionally, to say further that people shouldn’t post pictures of their children online is playing purely to people’s paranoia, which is already raised to unnecessarily high levels. […] sounds more like you’re trying to make your children recluses who can never leave the house and never be photographed.”

    So you’re saying the recent barrage of arrests and take-downs of pedophile-owned groups and pages on sites like Facebook, where they were caught stealing children’s images from other members, hasn’t been happening? Nice try, jackass, but this is another failed attempt to make me look like a prude and fear-monger. Sucks when your buddies get busted, it makes headline news, and just ruins the game for the rest of you, doesn’t it?


    “Again, I’m not saying that parents are wrong to express concern for their children, and that they should do what they can to protect them, but there –is– a point where that protection can become overbearing and result in more harm for the child than that ‘protection’ is worse.”

    Simple steps to avoid making a person’s child a target does not mean their kids can’t have fun. Why would someone suggest that not allowing strangers to enjoy naked pictures of their kids and collect images of their children ruins a child’s childhood? Hmmmm…. .

    In addition to the comment by the predator that I posted clearly showing my article is correct and showing parents what IS out there (contrary to your pointless ramblings to prove otherwise), I posted several links that lead directly to official sites, including the FBI’s informational site about child porn and articles like mine. It doesn’t take a genius to click those sites and see who the honest one is here and who is the one with a clear attempt to dissuade parents from protecting their children from sexual predators.

    Comment by TUECAA | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. FYI pedophiles are “discussing” this article on one of their forums. Typical comment: “The only way to deal with such morons is to mock them into silence”. So expect other people like JC – pedophiles coming here pretending they’re just normal people passing by & commenting.

    Comment by killallchildrapers | September 14, 2010 | Reply

  4. LOL! Thanks, killallchildrapers. I figured that one out pretty quickly. JC tried to leave another long winded diatribe defending his whimpering, and “John” just tried to remark that we in America are the only ones infested with pedophiles, or that maybe we think so because we’re so prudish .. then suggested I’m not telling the truth that photos of naked children displayed on the internet is a crime.

    Do you want to know the best part? What you say, “The only way to deal with such morons is to mock them into silence,” is really ironic since I was gearing up to shut down comments for my site and go on a hiatus from blogging on this. Now that I know they are all worked up and quaking in their boots over lil ole me, I find new energy in this fun I plan to have.

    See, they are used to dealing with sites like Absolute Zero United, where the admins will adjust their comments to toy with them and the members get highly emotional over everything. I am impressed by the work AZU does. I’ve yet to see most other non-LE related volunteers with such thorough posts and evidence (with exception to my friend, Sues). However, I don’t let the child rapists get such a rise out of me. They don’t deserve my time and effort. Their victims do.

    As for pretending to be normal people, LMAO! Since when can a child rapist ever fool us into believing they are “normal people!” A so-called “normal” person won’t attempt to justify child pornography and molestation, nor will they defend child rapists. Real people who come to sites like mine have a genuine concern over children and want to see these sick fucks torn to shreds, starting with their genitals, and don’t show a forgiving nature towards them.

    At any rate, approving comments and even acknowledging they were received is solely at my discretion. I won’t play their games. I may choose to use one of their comments to shame and humiliate them publicly in a post, but that’s about it. They deserve no more attention. And as for silencing me LOL. They just fanned the fire!

    Comment by TUECAA | September 14, 2010 | Reply

  5. Long-time reader (since your old site), first time commenting.

    In re. to what you said about calling the cops about this: I did that. Please don’t take this disrespectfully because its not. I only mean to say that I have called the police and asked them about some of the things you have posted. Everytime I do, they confirm what you say! I called the national center for missing and exploited children one time, too, and told them about your site. I read what you said about child pornography before in one of your older posts from the old site. She said you wree very thorough but had left a few things out that she told me about. So the only thing I would say about that is that not only weren’t you lying, you just didn’t put everything in there. I can see why you can’t cover everything in one writing. You do so much already. I just thought I would add here that you do tell the truth!

    All somoene has to do is call the cops or the national center for children to find out if what they read here is right or not. It isn’t hard to do. Maybe you can post some phone numbers? I don’t know if there is a national number for the cops but there is one for the center. It is 1-800-843-5678.

    Thank you for everything you do! Ignore the stupid liars. Everyone sees what they are doing!

    Comment by Mary Sanchez | September 14, 2010 | Reply

  6. Mary, thank you! I approved your comment via my phone, so I’m typing on this irritating little keypad lol. I appreciate not only your words but double checking my information with LE. I LOVE it when people show so much interest and care in the safety of children. You don’t offend me for checking up at all! It means so much to me that you did! Thank you!!

    Something I will add is that members of Special Crimes as well as the FBI make occasional visits to my site at my request to double check my information. I have made adjustments according to things they find are incorrect or missing. Since the safety of children means more to me than ego or having my work scrutinized by the professionals, I eagerly await their visits. It’s like a holiday gift when I see they’ve stopped by. One thing that was pointed put to me by you-know-who was questioning my information. The pedo that came after JC suggested I was lying without links. These people refuse to mention that not everything is found online. I even stated that I was, also, referencing case files. Only an idiot would suggest case files in child rape and abduction cases can be found on the open Internet. Or someone who thinks parents are that gullible to believe them.

    Like I always say, call the local police department or NCMEC to verify if there is a question or doubt. I am always willing to make changes to inaccuracies because wrong information interferes with investigations and points parents in the wrong direction for protecting their kids.

    How long ago did you make that call and find out I was missing information? Have I since covered the missing parts? You’re right that it is a lot to cover at the moment I post, but I can always post follow-ups. 😉

    Thank you, again, and I apologize for any bad misspellings. Cellphone’s autocorrect doesn’t always work when I’m on this site. LOL

    Comment by TUECAA | September 14, 2010 | Reply

  7. Hi again! This was well over two years ago, hon. You have covered quite a bit since then! You didn’t miss anything at all in what you posted and like I said, the officer was very impressed with your work. You only had not covered everything there is to cover about child pornography, but who can really? You do all you can on your own and your readers see it and appreciate it. Thank you for all your help and guidance over the years! 🙂

    P.s. it’s good to see the jerk didn’t come back!

    Comment by Mary Sanchez | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  8. Well, thank you, Mary! There are some things I don’t cover for various reasons, some of which include graphic content that cannot be avoided and to which I’d rather not expose my readers (many of whom are victims/survivors). There are other things I want BADLY to post but know that if I do, it would endanger ongoing investigations. Drives me nuts not posting it, though lol.

    Oh, he has. He keeps trying to beat the dead horse and I refuse to play. He, also, tried to insinuate your comment proved I was wrong about information. I may approve that comment just to show him for more of what he is, but right now, I’m not bored enough.

    Thank you for stopping by to clarify that information and for your continued support. Glad you finally spoke up! 🙂 Do you prefer this site over the Blogspot one?

    Comment by TUECAA | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  9. im new to this site and read all the old posts and the story here at the site.It is sad that the world in which we all live in has this type of crime going on.And it keeps on getting worse and worse.HOWEVER you fail to highlight one important aspect in your article-What the children(kids) think or do about showing off their bodies.Due to the year in which this article was posted,some time has passed for an update on this subject.Kids(ages 9 to 16yrs old) in general,have their own minds,ideas,feelings,and expressions on what they say,do,act,and DRESS or/and how much they show off.Not all are inoccent or blind to others when it comes to their bodies and sexually.I’m not an expert,let me clarify,im just someone that have seen first-hand what kids do when the parents aren’t looking or when aren’t paying attention to them.
    My wife drives a school bus in the city/surburbs for a kinergarten/elermentary school district.She has about on a average between 40 to 70 kids on her bus ranging from 7 to 16yrs old.Three of them are pregant(one 16,one 14,and last one 13).YES-PREGANT.The two girls that are older 16 and 14 were pregant by older boys although they wouldnt say how old but said enough to suggest that they(the boys) arent in school anymore.They are proud and happy of being pregant and the one 14yr old got pregant by showing off her body.Even though,she was told about such articles like this and others,even was told before this happen,the laws against pedophilers and the laws of child porn.She didnt care and went ahead and had sex over and over again with boys(still wouldnt say how old) til she got pregant.She said to my wife”there are so many people talking about it on-line,in school,at social events,and in articles(like this one) that got me to want to do it.If they didnt say anything or didnt mention it so many times,i wouldnt have wanted to do it.There are so many people that like they know best about my body and try to control it in so many ways that they just need to stop and listen to what i say about it-YOU DONT OWN MY BODY,I DO.Then they either should stop chatting about or forcing it down kids throats,so that I can just live and do what i want to do with my body cause its mine not theirs.”

    So who is to blame in this situation?? I know:This is only one pre-teen girl that will never understand the dangers of child porn or the pedophilers that prey on girls such as these girls in this city/surburbs.And since im no expert, I cant tell or suggest what you should think or/and act on this story.Child porn is wrong,Pedophillers are wrong too and are disgusting in what they see and do to children in our planet that we live in.But what about when children such as this girl reverse our thinking and want to have intercourse with others due to what we say or express to them?? This article that you wrote is the truth and is very educational.It gives us the facts on Pedophiles and child porn and how to combat it and the problem.But blaming it all on the pedophiller or nudists camp or family photos is not the complete answer or blame.The children esp. the ones that think like this girl is also the blame as well.You really need to look at all angles first before posting or writing about a subject that is sensitive on all fronts.The story has two-sides to it,its foolish to believe or/and state as law one side of the storyline.The other might be too much for others to handle or believe but it does exist and cant be ignored.There is no story or post like this one out there but there is no storyline or post out there that truly covers the ENTIRE story.

    Keep up the good fight and job,im sure this will not be the last that will come about this terrible problem that we all face day-in and day-out.Until theres a soruation to this type of crime,know this:solving it will be a challenge,dealing with it is still a learning experience for all of us to follow and live with…

    Comment by justben | December 15, 2012 | Reply

    • Justben, first and foremost: Children are NEVER to blame. Children are what we make them. They are the product of what they are taught at home, at school, and by society. Your points are valid but the blame lies completely at the feet of society for teaching these girls to behave this way and grooming them to want to be this way, other adults for not speaking out against it to stop Hollywood and clothing designers from sexualizing children, and parents for not raising their children to be informed and better able to make the right decision no matter hard it may be to go against the trends.

      As for the girl in your story, she sounds like she’s been sexually abused from a very young age. That isn’t her fault. She has been raised to believe being a sex object is all she is, and the desire to have control over her body and sexuality is her only way of feeling like she has some say in what happens to her. In reality, she probably has no control at all. It was taken away from her. That is called rape and no one, especially a child, is to blame for that. If you really want to help her, call the local authorities and report that you suspect her of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

      Comment by TUECAA | January 6, 2013 | Reply

  10. I blog likewise and I’m creating a thing related to this excellent blog, “Pedophiles
    Exposed At Nudist Colonies (Shocker!) The Ultimate
    Evil”. Do you care if perhaps I actuallyimplement a
    few of your concepts? Thanks for your effort -Bobby

    Comment by | January 13, 2013 | Reply

    • It depends upon the concepts and how you would implement them. Credit for my words that you may quote would be appreciated. What else would you like to use?

      Comment by TUECAA | January 16, 2013 | Reply

  11. An abusive man I used to know once told me, as a ten year old, that a local festival in which people walked around nude was a great thing because “well, some people just aren’t ashamed of their natural bodies.” That bothers me because to another adult who didn’t know the rest of what he would do or say, it sounds like a body-positive, don’t-be-ashamed-of-who-you-are kind of thing. He didn’t say it around any other adults, just me and my friend (he was my friend’s dad), but if another adult had been there I bet they wouldn’t have even blinked an eye.

    Comment by AK | June 23, 2015 | Reply

    • AK, I know the feeling. After discovering what a relative had been doing to his children, I thought back on certain conversations that seemed innocent enough. To the kids he was abusing, however, he was not only keeping them afraid of what he would be doing to them, but he was convincing them, also, that no one cared. They didn’t understand that the adults hearing his words didn’t know he was being a pervert. I, on the other hand, was always creeped out by him because though I was never a victim of his, I had been a victim of someone just like him.

      As an adult, I have learned that if it sounds like it could be taken another way, look at the children around him for their reaction. It’s all in their eyes.

      Comment by TUECAA | August 13, 2015 | Reply

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