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Pedophile Grooming: Parents and Guardians

In collaboration with Guru from B.A.C.A. Nation, I am posting this information on how pedophiles groom parents for access to their children. My source for this information and for all grooming information is Warriors For Innocence. Therefore, I cannot take credit for the research, but rather as a living example of how these tactics on parents and guardians work very well.

Our grooming information will begin with this look into how pedophiles and sexual predators groom parents and care givers of children. This post will be followed by more on how they groom their child victims. I will be using the posts from Warriors For Innocence as reference, and additionally, I will add my own thoughts and point of view as a survivor.

From Sues at Warriors For Innocence:

Pedophiles Groom Parents Too

We’ve told you before in our Grooming Articles that pedophiles not only groom their victims, but the parents and entire communities as well. […] here’s a recent letter posted by a well known pedophile who calls himself “Blue Heaven” (BH). It’s addressed to the parents of his “lgf” or ‘Little Girl Friend’.

[…] “I can only cheer from the sidelines and set a positive example for the kids when I can, but it is important to me to see them growing up right and I believe in what you’re doing. I know you have a great support system within your family already; just know I am more than willing to help out if ever I can.” […]

“I want you to know that I have always had the best intentions at heart, and I always will. I’ve become a protective older brother with her (sometimes over-protective), and I’ve become concerned about her success in life, I am also a real friend to her, and she’ll tell you the same things. In short she has become someone special to me and I enjoy helping her.” […] Translation: He’s sexually attracted to her and he wants her bad.

He then tries to explain why he wants to spend so much time alone with her. We of course know its because he sees her as a sexual object. But he is in the grooming mode and is attempting to charm her parents into letting him have her in his house ALONE with him and without her siblings around….

“I believe it is good for her to have one more person around to encourage her and I think sometimes she needs someone else to talk to. It’s also good for her to talk to an older friend (as in non-related) who has her best interests at heart.” […]

“I want to always keep things out in the open” […]

“I have told her that with your expressed permission she is welcome in my home. If you give the OK she may come over anytime to finish her homework, here where there are fewer distractions. I would make sure it gets completed and work with her should she need it. She is also welcomed to come over just to talk or if she just feels like getting out of the house.” […]

“I am not asking you for anything, I just want you to know that I’m very good to her and she is more than welcomed here.” … Translation: Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her much. At least not at first. Yes, I want to rape her, but I’ll wait and mess with her mind first. Then I’ll force her to believe that it’s something that she really wants. That way when she gets too old for me, I can walk away from her, and move on to my next victim.

We wrote about BH before. He was trying to find a way to gain public acceptance. He wanted to fool everyone into believing that he was a “good” pedophile…

“If we adopt a non-threatening approach, and stay within the law. Then maybe we can gain just a little credibility with the public. If we build on this new image: “CL [Child Lover] in defense of those they love”, then maybe we can begin a dialog…but as long as outing ourselves is societal suicide, then we can’t do anything anyway.”
– Blue Heaven


Don’t ever forget that pedophiles are child PREDATORS. They will attempt to manipulate everyone around them in order to gain access to their victims. Your job as parents and caregivers is to stop them. Don’t fall for their lies. Don’t let them lull you into a false sense of safety. Pedophiles are not safe. They do not care about the well being of children. All they care about is how to get their hands on their next victim.

How do you stop a child predator? Go to our grooming articles and get some really good info here.

The most frightening part about this is that the letter sounds very innocent. It sounds as if he sees it as only a simple friendship and everything is open and honest, even writing a letter as proof for the parents own security (they have his request in writing should he do anything bad). If those who have investigated Blue Heaven, like Sues, didn’t already know he was a pedophile, and if the letter didn’t appear on a pedophile website as an example of how to groom parents, there is no way of knowing that this is a clever way of gaining trust and acceptance of being alone with this little girl he is dying to rape.

Grooming of children, parents, guardians, even the child’s community can take place for several months before sexual abuse occurs. Here is an example of the mindset and instructions in abuse from one of the men Sues has investigated:

They plot and plan against the rest of the world to try to gain acceptance. They want to abolish the age of consent (AOC) for sex. One pedophile, “Golem”, talks in graphic detail about how he would have sex with an 8 year old, if it was legal, of course…

“It would take months of preperation to get, say, an 8 year old girl physically ready for full intercourse with an adult man. Months of streching excersises, sexual aclimitizing(to make her more comfortable with her girl parts, so she doesn’t get nervous, and tense up during, possibly causing injury), and practice sessions. ….She would have to be masturbated by her partner with fingers or objects inside of her most every day. …there’s no danger in intercourse with a girl of 8, or even an average sized girl of 6”

If they are so good at grooming parents, how, then, can we ever hope to beat them at their game?

Simple: Be a PARENT! If you’re a parent behaving like a parent, grooming isn’t easy at all and won’t work!

Common sense dictates to most of us that children do not belong in the homes of men alone. Good parents don’t even allow their children (under 16) in homes with kids their own age alone, or to stay in their own home alone – it’s even illegal to do so (under 13 in some states).

I recently posted about women who abuse, so although men pose a greater threat, you shouldn’t be too free with the trust in women who want to spend extra amounts of time with your child, either. Adults hang out with other adults, NOT children. It is a serious red flag when an adult only likes the company of small children. Adults who hang out with other adults on a regular basis abuse, too, but you can’t get any more obvious than adults who constantly choose to mingle among children.

Protecting our children is simpler than pedophiles want you to know, and not as difficult as lazy parents make it out to be.

I know every single thing that my parents could have done to keep me from being abused and put into dangerous situations.

1. My mom left me alone in the car while she shopped.

On one occasion, two men tried to get me out to take me: One man went inside to distract my mom while the other one tried to coax me out with candy. I had heard them talking to each other near the closed window about how to get me out, picking which one would go inside and which one would grab me and hold me down in the backseat of their car while the other one came out of the store to quickly drive away.

Overhearing their conversation was one reason I didn’t open the door, but even if I hadn’t heard their conversation, I wouldn’t because I was afraid of everyone at this point in my life due to the neglect and abuse in my family.

Had my mom not left me in the car alone, I never would have gone through this. Had I been a trusting child, I would have opened the door and never been heard from again.

2. My parents preached that adults are always right and children are always wrong if there was a choice to be made.

Adults deserved respect no matter who they were, and it was never okay to back talk an adult or refuse to do what an adult said. Although I knew the abuse I suffered from adults was wrong and I had the rebellious sense to know my parents were stupid, the blockers set into my brain by those hard driven lessons of acceptable adult dominance made it impossible for me to fight back when I wanted to. My own parents, therefore, groomed me for my abusers.

3. When I came forward with my abuse to my parents, they ignored me and made me feel like it was my fault and my shame.

The pedophiles in my neighborhood knew my parents would behave this way, and they used this in their threats: “Your parents will never believe you…. Your parents will blame you because you weren’t allowed down the street…. Your mother is too uptight to talk about this, so she won’t listen to you…. Your father is always at work and he thinks his other two daughters are tramps and asked for what they got (kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, forced prostitution…)…..”

And because my parents were like this, the pedophiles chose me and other girls on my street with parents like mine as their easy prey. There were 5 of us and we never spoke of it, but we all shared a fear of the same men, which spoke volumes without speaking a word.

4. My siblings were allowed to continue their physical and emotional abuse on me because I was never paid attention to by my parents or any other adult.

They never noticed the bruises and never wanted to hear it when I would try to show them. Each of my siblings tried to kill me in some way, one succeeding when she had me hit by a car. Every time, my siblings had an excuse and my parents let it go, ignoring the warning signs all around them.

Even my teachers ignored it and they saw the clear signs of home abuse that is taught to them to recognize. Neighbors knew it but this was a neighborhood made up of older middle aged catholics who believed in minding your own business, even if it was a child asking for help.

Therefore, predators watching me knew no one would ever notice my abuse, or care if I came forward.

5. I was the 5th child born to a mother who had been through several bouts with depression and psychotic breaks.

She wanted a living baby doll, so she had me. The other four were much older, the oldest being 20 years older than me and the youngest being 10 years older than me.

I never should have been borne to this woman. The doctors tried to get her to abort me. My father refused to allow it because it was a mortal sin by the Vatican’s laws. I wished all my life that I had been aborted. I was unwanted after the new baby luster wore off, and so was forgotten by both of my parents and allowed to become the toy of my siblings and anyone else who fancied a turn with me.

No one deserves a life like that and I seriously doubt any God worth worshipping would prefer that life for a child over a quick death before birth.

If the neglect didn’t let me know I wasn’t wanted, the miscarriage a year or so after my birth did as soon as I found out. It was around the time she started ignoring my needs, when I wasn’t “fun” anymore. I wished I could have had that little brother, but I was grateful later in life that he didn’t live to go through what I did. I even started to envy him.

Neglect led to every bit of my abuse as a child, and the apathy of my parents led to more abuse as I grew older and the emotional and mental difficulties I have suffered because of their mistreatment. It wasn’t at all difficult for predators to groom my parents, whether those predators were after me or after one of my other siblings. The unconscious grooming of me by my own parents set me up before I even walked out my front door. After that, it was easy for pedophiles to coax my parents into having “alone time” with me, even when I begged my parents not to.

So, how easy is it to keep yourself and your children from being groomed by pedophiles?

1. Love your child. I’m being serious. Just because you say you love your child, your actions will tell pedophiles if you actually love them enough to do what it takes to keep them safe and teach them well.

2. Have an open relationship with your child in which he/she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can come to you about anything and you will talk with them about it or help them with their problems and fears.

3. When your child comes to you and expresses concern over someone, LISTEN! Take it seriously because each time you brush it off and tell them to get over it or deal with it, you are adding more cement to the barrier inside their mind that will keep them from talking about their abuse later and even from fighting back. Why say anything to anyone when they will be seen as tattle tales, whiners, complainers? Why tell and why fight when mom and dad don’t even care and won’t protect them?

4. Make sure your child has no doubt that you will protect them from anyone trying to hurt them. Don’t make this backfire, though. Children don’t like seeing others hurt, so avoid telling your child you’ll kill anyone who hurts them. They don’t want to be responsible for someone else suffering and they don’t want to be the reason their parent goes to prison for murder. Don’t forget, they watch TV. I tell my daughter that if anyone ever hurt her, I would make certain the police know all about it and the person will never be able to hurt her or any other child again. She likes the police, knows the police help kids, and would never want to see a kid hurt.

5. Don’t instill fear in your children of every adult, especially law enforcement. We’ve all received tickets at some point, and we may not like all the laws. To speak ill of police in front of our children is to show them A. you have no respect for police, the very people who put away child abusers, B. you make them afraid of going to the police when someone hurts them, and C. you strip them of the hope they have that there are adults with the authority to stop their abuse and keep them safe.

Equally, by making your child afraid of every adult by over-dramatizing crime in our world, you, also, make them afraid of the very people who may be able to stand in the way of a predator seeking them out. You need to let your child know that not all people can be trusted and that there are bad people who want to do them harm. In the same breath, you have to reassure them that there are adults who will do anything it takes to keep children safe from anyone wanting to do them harm. Introduce them to people who will protect them and make them feel safe. Show them the good people in the community as you show them the bad. Keep them vigilant but serene.

6. Set boundaries and discipline. This doesn’t mean corporal punishment. It means you set the rules and you enforce them. Let them see you as an authority figure who is capable of domineering the person who may try to dominate them. You are their guardian. From the time they are born, you become their guardian. It is a responsibility you took on when you chose to have that child, so don’t shirk your duty to this helpless little person looking up to you to guide them in life and protect them from bad people.

  • Children do not belong in the streets alone.
  • Children do not belong in an adults home without you.
  • Little girls do not need to be dressed up like teenage rock stars, with make up and mini skirts and a come-hither look they don’t even understand (pedophiles later tell little girls like this it was their fault and use the defense that the child “wanted it” and was “sexually ready” because of the clothes and behavior mommy and daddy allowed).
  • Little boys do not need to be raised to believe sex is a joke (it instills embarrassment when they are sexually abused, resulting in fewer boys coming forward than there actually are, leading to further abuse as an adult).
  • Children have the right to be taught drugs are bad, regardless of mom or dad’s “habit” (one way abusers get their little victim to comply is by coaxing them to take drugs).
  • Children have the right to be taught alcohol is for grown ups only, that alcohol will hurt children and make it easy for them to be hurt (sexual predators use the temptation of alcohol on children who see their parents drink but aren’t allowed any. They also use to their advantage children who are allowed to drink, “Your mom/dad lets you drink, so it’s okay …. [and later after the assault] It’s your fault for drinking and mom and dad won’t be mad at me because they let you drink, too.”).

Children deserve RULES. They deserve LIMITS. They deserve to remain children for as long as they can. We don’t have the right to make them grow up, and we don’t have the right to make them feel being a child is a bad thing. Again, it is a parents responsibliity as guardian to let them stay children for as long as nature has ruled it to be, keeping them safe from people and elements who would take all that away.

7. A parent’s responsibility is to their child above all else. No thing and no one is ever going to be more important or have more say than a child in a parent’s life. Once this is established in the home and in the mind of your child, passing predators will get the message and move on.

June 13, 2009 - Posted by | B.A.C.A., Grooming Techniques, Pedophiles Exposed, What Makes a child a Target


  1. i really thought this list was full of great guidlines for child rearing in general. the only one possible thing- and maybe it is negligible . while i doubt you meant to convey it- the bit about the police might also be construed as to end up making the child vulnerable to appeals to authority. while i’m not sure how common it is for sexual predators grooming children, i know it’s fairly common in other predatory types to gain confidence by feigning association with or mempership of- trusted groups such as police.

    great blog, thanks.

    Comment by Anonymous | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank YOU! I appreciate your visit and your thoughts.

    There are different types of predators: those who snatch on a whim and those who take their time, enjoying the grooming of their chosen target. It’s foreplay to them. Like a cat and a mouse.

    Those who kidnap or perpetrate a quick assault are desperate and in it more for the violence and a “quick fix.” Predators who actually prey on targets outnumber them a great deal. I don’t have any statistics to back that up, just the facts surrounding groups such as NAMBLA, NAMGLA, and the thousands of pedophile rings and message boards on the net.

    Undercover officers/volunteers secretly broke through their heavily guarded barriers years ago and gathered this information via message boards designed to help new pedophiles on ways they could attain their “little friend.” This information, compiled with victim interviews and abuser interviews, resulted in breaking their codes to reveal them to the public.

    The scary part is that an abuser can groom for months without anyone realizing it – if they aren’t aware of the signs or are too liberal with their parenting.

    You do make excellent points about the police. If you look at the other blog entries tagged with “grooming,” you’ll see I mention about predator tactics involving a child’s trust of police.

    I suggest to parents to instruct their children that just because someone claims to be a police officer, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. This involves the stranger danger mantra, code word, etc…

    If someone approaches them and says they are an officer, that mom or dad were in an accident and wanted them to pick the child up, the child is to go directly to a teacher or another trusted adult who should demand to see proper identification. I let parents know that uniforms are a dime a dozen, as well as a flashing red dashboard light, and offer that any policeman/woman worth his/her badge will not only understand but expect to show proper credentials to an adult responsible for the child.

    It’s my suggestion that if a person claiming to be an officer becomes impatient or angry about having his identity questioned, it’s a sure sign he isn’t who he says he is (or deserves a severe reprimand from his CO).

    And of course, we all know that police officers abuse, too. They are human like the rest of us and are susceptible to being abusive jerks. We can’t impose this concern to our children, though, because it is few and far between than any officer who is approached by a hurt child will ignore that child or do something to hurt him. There are so many monsters, we have to let them know there are just as many, hopefully more, good people ready to save them.

    Song lyrics and constant derogatory talk about the police does a tremendous amount of damage to a child who is looking for someone to help them and only has an officer to turn to.

    Thank you again for stopping by. I appreciated your input and am always eager to discuss this, so thank you! Please feel free to Follow and/or come back any time!

    Comment by TUECAA | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. I have always been aware of the fact not all poeple are what they seem, haveing been a child who was close to abtuction in the 70s when things were less aware i have tried to put my thoughts out in the open, i have a grown son of my own, and taugt him that child offenders are not men in raincoats in the bushes offering sweets but are people who come in many forms, to look out for actions and words… i am a open person on this subject and can not understand why people refuse to talk of a subject which could save a childs life from being ruiened for ever.. I might even be concidered over the top in my distrust of people and many times have been told oh shut up thats not true or that won’t happen to us…. I have known girls i went to school with who have confessed in there adult life that they were molested by a so called uncle, family friend.. I have also always been wary of any adult that befriends me through my child, ie paying my child attention, with great child like tales, sweets and pets call me crazy but, i know whats out there. I have tried to talk out loud with friends of mine who have small children now, most of the time the subject is quickly changed, or iam told this topic is uncomfortable, my reply is always the same and the people who pray on children love the fact no one wants to talk about the taboo subject… I now live in spain where there does seem to be less cases of child abuse, but still this does not mean it is not out there. I have a friend who concerns me the most, although she is a protective mother, of all the things that can happen in a day, she is nieve that there are bad people out there, i have tried to share my knowledge and fears with her but it’s not really herd, her and her partner enjoy the free life that we have in spain, and regulary, host or attend parties where the children run free, because we are all friends, it is safe? i think other wise, whilst you are getting merry sipping your wine in the sun who is talking to your child?
    The other day i was cringing in the nievety of it all i am not saying the person/persons envolved are preditors but the situation is a perfect example of leaving the way wide open.. Some new people have moved to the area where we live, and my friend and her 3year old boy, and myself were sat taking in the afternoon sun chatting out on the terrace of our local bar the new comers were there aswell, the male of the couple seemed to have a love for children and a way to capture my friends 3year old attention with fairy tales of dragons, the couple were chatting to us also, having known these people for a short time my friend invites them to BBQ at her house at the weekend. I remark to my friend it is all good to meet new people but at this BBQ there will be alot of kids and alcohole present do you not think it would be better to get know them 1st, her reply to me look how good he is with the little ones, nice guy, your just paranoid, my reply :no not paranoid just aware and cautious… i don’t know how to make her see that a bit of paranoiar is not a bad thing..and parents can be groomed too…

    Comment by cheyennetms | February 20, 2011 | Reply

  4. It’s difficult living in a world of ignorance, isn’t it? The saddest thing of all is that parents like these are the ones who say, “I didn’t think it would happen to my child. I was so careful,” when it happens to their child.

    You do the right thing by making them aware. Unfortunately, that’s all you can do. They are the child’s parents and cannot be forced to grow a brain and protect their babies. All you can do is keep your own kids out of the dangerous situations and keep an eye on those you know should be watched.

    You are 100% right on your points. Just because a person is great with kids, it does NOT mean they can be trusted. Gaining a child’s trust and admiration is the first step a pedophile uses on them. And yes, they absolutely do groom parents!

    This isn’t to say that all people who are great with kids are bad people. There are more genuine people out there than bad people seeking to groom and do harm.

    Red flags should go up, though, if the person EVER speaks to the child alone. Like if a child is off in the distance, away from other kids and adults, and this adult goes to that child and starts talking to them, engaging them in a game or conversation with no effort to get the child to return to the group. That’s a sign something not right is going on. If a person who is not familiar with a child approaches them in such a situation and does not immediately direct them to return to the group, or does not return to the parents to let them know they are concerned why their child is alone, then that person has no business going to that child at all! No adult should ever attempt to be alone with a child!

    Just keep an eye out for such things with this guy your friend invited into her home. You know your friend is ignoring the warning signs, and you know she won’t listen to your warnings, so the best you can do is watch him, yourself.

    If you see him enter the home when you know other children are in the home, FOLLOW HIM! If you see him enter a child’s bedroom, even if that child isn’t there, follow him and ask him what he is doing there. (they collect underwear of children for their perversion) If you see him speaking to the children outside of the presence of other adults, FOLLOW HIM and ask him what he has to say that cannot be said in front of the child’s parents. If he ever says anything you feel is crossing the line, SAY SOMETHING. Speak up and tell him he doesn’t need to know that, or ask him why he is asking so many questions and why he needs to know so much about the kids.

    If his intentions are innocent, he will understand and realize you are right. If his intentions are wicked, he will become defensive and angry because you are ruining his attempts to get a victim.

    At any rate, you are letting him know that even if your friend is believing him, YOU are not and you are WATCHING him.

    If he ever suggests that you are not included in activities at your friend’s house while he is there, this is a perfect example for your friend that he is afraid of you and your watchful eye. Ask your friend why he is so concerned with your protectiveness over the children. Why should a person protecting a child from a stranger make someone angry? 😉

    Comment by TUECAA | February 20, 2011 | Reply

  5. Compelling article esp. now that the whole Penn State catastrophe has happened. Very sad all the way around. Sometimes all the awfulness in the world is just overwhelming. I hope parents read your article and learn how to not be manipulated by potential predators. Sadly, kids in foster care don’t have parents and often get abused more regularly (often by older children). That happened to me and the scars run just as deep. The whole system seems broken. Can it ever be fixed?

    Comment by manny | November 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi, Manny!

      I’ve wanted to post about the Penn State tragedy, but I’m in the middle of moving and have two other things I need to post about. I really should blog something, though. It’s extremely important since there are so many boys who don’t come forward after abuse. There is a stigma attached that their friends and peers will call them “queer” etc.., and the male victims of women are too afraid because of the ridicule associated with the “boys club” mantra that boys need sex to become men. They are made to feel like complaining about a woman coming on to them will be met with cruel remarks and names and jokes to make them feel less masculine for “complaining” about “getting laid.”

      The whole foster care situation is a gigantic thorn in my side. Why? Because it is so damned easy to fix! There is no other family unit in America that comes under as close scrutiny as a foster family, yet abuse goes unseen and unreported. How the hell can a family that has to report to the government and receive periodic visits by government employees get away with so much abuse?? It’s unreal! And it is 100% unacceptable! Every case of abuse that occurs in a foster home, reported or not, lies squarely on the shoulders of the case worker in charge of overseeing that family and the case worker in charge of looking out for the child’s well-being. I firmly believe that in every case of abuse of a foster child, the case workers – for the family as well as for the child – should be charged with accessories. And if the child is murdered, the case workers should be charged in conjunction with involuntary manslaughter.

      Yes, it can be fixed. We need a government who gives a damn. Only then can it be fixed. The only way we will get that is by voting for candidates who make combatting child sexual abuse a priority. Those are very few and far between. Therefore, we need to make it known that we DEMAND politicians with those kinds of ethics and goals. We have to make the fight against child sexual abuse a primary issue that we as voters will be looking for before we go to the polls. Politicians will only respond to what is demanded of them by the majority. We have to let them know as a society that we expect child sexual abuse to be on their platform, and if it isn’t, we will be looking to the other candidates. WE are the only ones who can fix the system, so WE have to speak out now and do it as loudly as possible and as often as possible.

      Comment by TUECAA | November 12, 2011 | Reply

  6. I find what you have posted to have misleading information
    “children do not belong in the homes of men alone.” So that means that every time a child is in a home with a man they will be hurt or even abused? Dose this include their dads, so then dads should be arrested?

    “I recently posted about women who abuse, so although men pose a greater threat”

    75% of sexual predators are male and 25% are female.

    86% of the victims of female sexual predators aren’t believed, so the crimes go unreported and don’t get prosecuted.

    So 86% of abuse by female are not believed, that makes a greater number of female offenders then men.


    Comment by Dan | November 18, 2011 | Reply

    • Dan, you clearly came here with an agenda, and one can only ponder for whom.

      This is not, nor has it ever been, a male-bashing blog. I rely upon not only my own research but the FACTS located in the current files as well as solved/unsolved archives of U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies. We can speculate upon the number not reported all we like, and I have a few times, myself. Speculation and theory are not FACT. Furthermore, such skewed percentages are done so with clear intent to instill fear of female caregivers and encourage more trust toward male caregivers, many of whom are waiting for droves of frantic and liberal minded parents to rush to them for service so they can have more victims under their belt (figuratively and literally).

      No, not all men are going to abuse kids. Nowhere did I say so in this article or anywhere. You’re pulling that out of your asshat to justify your post with its clear agenda. MOST ABUSERS ARE MEN. Deal with it, Dan. Everyone knows this. No amount of caving to NAMBLA and other pedophile communities is going to change what the world knows.

      Nice try but wrong place for your pathetic attempt to groom people into trusting the male caregiver.

      Comment by TUECAA | December 7, 2011 | Reply

  7. I recently posted about women who abuse, so although men pose a greater threat??? WHAT? This is NOT a fact at all. Send me your mailing address and I will send you a copy of the book I wrote about being molested by my Mother. Although both parents were pedophiles, the abuse from my mother was much more disturbing and although she was mentally ill, readers are saying they relate as it also descried their Mothers too. Sexual abuse from a male or female is equally disturbing, shocking and confussing. In my life, women are a greater threat…. Jori Nunes

    Comment by chocolateflowerstwistedtale | March 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Male predators are more organized and have more positions of authority. I’m sorry about your experiences and I hope you are well on your way to recovery. If you wish to share an online version of your book, I would gladly check it out and perhaps feature it on my site. Thank you for the offer.

      Comment by TUECAA | April 10, 2014 | Reply

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