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(I apologize for not posting this sooner as some issues came up in real life – know, however, that the information is still legitimate as this is the weekend and therefore, affords a longer celebration for Alice Day.)

Alilce Day is a Pedophile and Sexual Predator holiday. Although they pose a constant threat to children 365 days a year, they have designated this day, usually April 25, to celebrate the molestation and rape of little girls.

Pedophiles/Predators/Child rapists go out in full force to events held for children, parks, child-centered establishments, acquiring photographs, information, and personal contact with children.

Please refer to the posts I have previously posted and linked at the beginning of this article, as well as Warriors For Innocence and Absolute Zero United’s in-depth features on Alice Day.

An exerpt from Absolute Zero United:

Save Alice

April the 25th is Alice Day, originally known as “Pedophile Pride Day” the day was devised by pedophile activists during the 1990’s to celebrate their desire to molest children.

Here’s what some pedophiles from GirlChat [ – a pedophile website designed to attract young girls on the internet] were planning to do:


I will be wearing my GLogo t-shirt with my GLogo pendent for all to see!!!. I guess I will be doing what I do everyday, just hangout with friends and maybe if it’s nice out, skateboard a bit etc. I don’t have a LGF so I won’t be spending anytime with little girls or boys but I will go to the park and LG watch. I also try to do a bit of CL activism on Alice Day or any day for that matter, in the sense that every time I see an opportunity I drop off a few pamphlets, flyers and cards that I always carry around in my backpack.


I will be spending the day at a local market filled with beautiful LG’s. Kinda boring, but I will at least be wearing a pink t-shirt. I doubt anyone will catch on, but you never know 😉


I think the t-shirt thing is just to wear any kind of a pink shirt on Alice Day. That way if any asks if you’re a pedo, you can claim you have no idea what they’re talking about…and how dare they insinuate such a thing! lol.

Save Alice – Alice Day 2009 from Absolute Zero United on Vimeo.

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  1. It’s funny how dumb you fuckers are. and visions of alice and all these honeypots are run by cops, not real pedophiles.

    you dipshits.

    Comment by Tabs | October 28, 2014 | Reply

    • Tabs, the only dipshit here is you. Do you understand who runs the site on which you are commenting? Carry on, pedo troll.

      Comment by TUECAA | August 13, 2015 | Reply

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