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Internet Safety You Can Share With Your Kids

It would appear Yahoo! is finally taking online safety seriously.

I was notified that if I have a Yahoo! 360 page, this would no longer be available as Yahoo! is shutting down the 360 blogging/socializing platform. I had one in the past under a personal account, and I left because of the enormous amount of cyber-bullying, stalking, sexual predators, and the Yahoo! 360 team’s refusal to help victims of these crimes or ban those perpetrating the offenses.

It seems now that not only has Yahoo! stepped up to the plate in taking responsibility for the activity on its membership platforms, but it is also offering an extensive amount of help and resource material for parents, children, and teens.

Below are some helpful videos for kids and teens, as well as links to how Yahoo! is working alongside organizations such as NCMEC, NetSmartz, WiredSafety, iKeepSafe, and the National Crime Prevention Council.

Communication is the first line of defense in combating child abuse, abductions, and overall harassment. Predators will avoid like the plague children and teens who have an open relationship with their parents in which they feel free to discuss anything, including fears and concerns. Primary targets are those children who have no guidance, no sense of discipline, no parental influence, and low self-esteem. I’ve said it many times before that parents have only two options: Be your child’s confident or someone else will – and that someone may be you and your child’s worst nightmare.

Brought to you by:

Safely Yahoo!
National Crime Prevention Council
and NCMEC: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Online Safety From Yahoo: A guide for parents, teens, and kids. An introduction to internet use.

Resources for Parents: Answering common safety concerns about your kids’ online activities

Get-Involved: Students helping students navigate safely

Yahoo!’s Safety FAQ page

Family Pledge For Online Safety


What I really like about these videos is that they are interesting, accurate, and most importantly, kid friendly – which means the lessons aren’t drilling safety into kids in an intimidating manner, or using over-exaggerated fear tactics to manipulate them.

Feel free to embed or direct your kids here or at the originating site:


Faux Pas (iKeepSafe) @ Yahoo! Video
UYN: The Boy Who Loved IM. (NetSmartz). @ Yahoo! Video


Report It! (Yahoo! & NetSmartz) @ Yahoo! Video
Digital Reputation (Yahoo! & NetSmartz) @ Yahoo! Video
Talent Show (National Crime Prevention Council) @ Yahoo! Video


Julie’s Journey – English. (NetSmartz) @ Yahoo! Video

July 16, 2009 - Posted by | Internet Safety

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