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The Owl Symbol – A Request For Information

Hello, readers! First, I want to apologize for not posting anything new for a while. I’ve been on a spiritual mission, exploring more of my talents to include faux stained glass and woodworking, researching starting my own business in those areas, and getting back to my fiction writing. During this time, I have still had to maintain all the hats I have to wear for life with the Navy and parenthood.


My oldest cat died about 14 months ago. I know that seems long enough for some people to be in mourning, and it was, but it took up most of the past year. She was 19 1/2 years old, rescued from an extremely abusive home at 3 weeks old, bottle fed, and was my first and only child for 6 years. She was diagnosed with kidney disease from tainted Fancy Feast after the company waited almost 6 months to alert the public. She fought for a year after the symptoms showed themselves until kidney failure set in and affected her brain. I held her as the doctor put her to sleep, feeling her last breath and heartbeat as she laid over my shoulder and against my chest. It isn’t something you get over in a short period of time, and I still sleep with her favorite toy. I had her body cremated and dedicated an entire bookshelf to her memory. She was my angel cat in life and she is my angel cat in death as I still feel her from time to time laying on my chest and breathing in my ear. It’s only for a brief second but it’s all it takes to remind me I’m not alone.


At any rate, this site has still been fairly active and I am still approving and replying to comments. There is one issue that has been mentioned to me over the last few months by several people from the UK. I am in the US so I haven’t heard of this, but it seems that the sacred Owl symbol associated with many pagan cultures is being used in conjunction with a pedophile movement in the UK. I haven’t heard of this here, so I am guessing it’s just in the UK. I’ve asked for something to show me direct evidence and usage, but as of yet, it hasn’t been provided. Since I am hearing this from multiple sources, I feel it warrants some research. 


I would like to ask anyone out there who can get me information on this to please comment below with links so I can see for myself and learn more about it. I’ve posted about pagan symbols being used by pedophiles before, and the owl symbol is one of the more sacred animals and symbols to several cultures. If what I’ve been told is correct, people need to be informed so they can keep a close eye on predators posing as one of these groups to gain access to their children or to hide secret meetings with other predators. 


As always, if you wish for your comment to remain hidden, simply say so. All comments must be approved by me so that anyone who wishes privacy can be guaranteed it.  (And as always, this privacy is not afforded to pedophiles and their fans.)


Thank you for your help in this matter! 


April 1, 2014 - Posted by | Culture, Pedophilia Symbols, Religion


  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing, and KNOW it is not in vain. Whatever sacrifices we sustain in doing whatever it takes to protect the most innocent, the most vulnerable, and the most helpless: CHILDREN-we must stay obedient-be persistent, at being consistent in exposing these: demons, master deceivers, terrorist, monsters, animals, wolves in sheep clothing…and the list can go on…..

    I’m sorry about your cat. Thank you for sharing that personal story. I understand 100% what you mean, and pictured what you wrote about as you described your heart ache…..It takes time to get over what I deem more human than people at times: our pets! I so understand… 🙂 😦

    I would love to know who you are, and speak with you, as I am in this Spiritual and fleshly battle too.This Ultimate Evil hit home for me. I found out in 2009, after 22 years of marriage that my soon to be X’s husband father is a child molester- who threatened to kill his victims if they said anything, and his wife knew he was molesting children; even her own and she said and did nothing to stop him. I discerned a darkness in this family for years I just couldn’t pin point where it was coming from. The soon to be X husband has given me so many puzzle pieces to this horrific picture-and yet I was his perfect picture to hide in, when I married him in 1987. You can trust I know evil first hand (I was never sexually molested) but the mental abuse from choosing to speak out, and more has taken a toil on me. I lost my 5 children. Yes, this husband married me with 2 little girls…Hmm….a typical plan of a child molester.

    I was told about the soon to be X’s father/ child molester, when I was at a trial for a ‘convicted’ child molester in this family; a second cousin. Last year the wolf I had married confessed to what my niece said he was doing to her…12 years ago. She was 14 and 15 years old. Her and her sister lived with us 3.5 years. I had a sister that was brutally murdered on May 9, 1993 on Mother’s day in TX. This niece was a prime target for a child molester. That is a story that will be incorporated into the book I am writing about this evil I was subjected to with this family I was deceived by, and then betrayed. All the people that knew and chose to keep quiet…….way too many; especially mandated reporters: A pastor, a Social Worker, and more. My book title; which I have only told a few is: ‘Shattered Silhouettes’

    I read stories on the internet, as I investigate, and feel like I have written them. Enough is Enough!! I have been called by God to stop this generational curse in this family, and to be a voice for all children. I have no doubt that God allowed me to go through- encounters these wolves in sheep clothing for a greater purpose. He called and put me in this position before I was even born. I tell anyone who is willing to listen; even if it is in a line at Wal mart.

    I am a believer, and a woman whose soon to be X husband said that one of my problems is that I am too honest…..Yes, a problem in his eyes, as I am not a ‘Respecter of Persons.’ and he knew I wouldn’t keep quiet about the evil all chose to conceal in his family.
    He is a medical professional, so am I but not at his level.

    Children in society as a whole expect to be protected by anyone that can protect them….but when these demons live right under our noses, and we know about them, and they are not exposed then all children are at risk. Money cannot protect anyone from a child molester; unless that child is put in a box by themselves. I live in faith, not fear, but we must live knowing that this Ultimate Evil exist, and it is not a ‘Respecter of Persons’ working 24/7 to destroy.

    Your blog is great! Congrats! on your being a parent (not sure if you are the mother or father) It’s.the hardest job and biggest responsibility you will ever have. I look forward to hearing from you….Please contact me….by email first or I have a trac phone….. *************

    Another Voice That Will Bring This Darkness into the Light, at Whatever Sacrifice to Me. “No greater love does one have for another than to lay down their life for them.”

    Susan (*******) can’t wait to get rid of that cursed name will go back to my maiden name (*******)

    Comment by Susan (Bear) | June 10, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi, Susan! Thank you for your comment and effort to reach out. Unfortunately, I do not contact people in a personal way. I have been invited to Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but I am more likely to look around than join.

      I am very sorry for what you went through, but I am so very proud of you for turning it into a fight for children. We each have our own inspirations on this journey. Mine has been my resolve to never sit back while a child is begging for help the way so many in society do because it’s “not my child.” In recent years, I have relied upon my blood ties to the old Norse ways and Asatru to keep me strong. The symbol of this site has always been a Viking shield and sword with Valkyrie wings. As long as I live and breathe, I will wield those weapons for children. When it is my time to leave this Earth, I will adorn the wings of a Valkyrie to defend these little victims and guide those who will take my place. This is my vow and my destiny.

      I am a mother but it really hasn’t been too difficult of a job. I have a great kid who is following in my footsteps and will become a detective working to defend children. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment and again, thank you for your own efforts in this war.

      Comment by TUECAA | June 21, 2014 | Reply

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