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How Effective Are You At Protecting Children?

(I have been asked to provide the answers to these questions.  Please give me about a week as I just got my computer up and running again. Thank you!)

If you are in the fight against child abuse but do not know the causes, affects, preventative measures of it, especially CSA, the answer is, “Not very.”

Can you answer these questions? They are easy for those of us actively working to end child abuse and defend/protect children who have been abused or can become targets for abuse:

1. What is Alice Day and when is it?

2. When is IMBLD (International Man Boy Love Day)?

3. How are Alice Day and IMBLD “celebrated”?

4. What is “grooming” and is it just used on children?

5. True or False: A bill to legalize pedophilia has already gone to the floor, receiving enough “yes” votes to rally childrens rights activists nationwide to step up efforts to expose the truth behind the pedo-supporters’ lies.

6. Do public libraries support child pornography?

7. What is NAMBLA?

8. Is a child in danger from a sexual predator he or she will never meet?

9. Do sexual predators of minors really frequent sites set up for children? (such as Webkins, Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie, Disney, etc…)

10. Are previously abused children better targets for predators, even if the prior abuse was non-sexual?

11. True or False: Child abusers are always adults.

12. Is a child safe from further abuse if their abuser or a predator knows they are being watched over by LE or any other group, official or voluntary?

13. Do sexual predators network online in groups and message boards?

14. Do mothers rape or otherwise sexually abuse their children, or is it just fathers and step fathers?

15. Do sexual predators always assault one specific age group?

16. Will a prior victim of abuse come forward if they are abused again, even if they won the case against their previous abuser?

17. Is it proper to promise a victimized child they will never be hurt again?

18. Can sexual predators of children be cured?

19. What are the classifications of the different age of attractions (AOA)?

20. Why should you know about CSA and perpetrators of CSA if the child you care for was the victim of non-sexual abuse?

If you cannot answer these questions accurately and completely, you cannot understand the war on child abuse to the extent necessary to defend children. There are resources on my site and any special crimes department has such information free to the public and available in the form of group presentations.

February 11, 2010 - Posted by | Alice Day, Child Abuse, What Makes a child a Target

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