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Taking Responsibility For The Mass Murders Of Children


The parents of the 20 children who lost their lives Friday are going through hell most of us can’t imagine. The terror those kids faced and the ones who survived, as well.

This country has changed and we’re to blame for letting it happen. I’m not talking about god or religion. I’m talking about sitting back and doing nothing while we watched the collapse of dignity and respect for others.

Visit any chan site, like 4chan/12chan/etc, NewGrounds, even YouTube.., and you’ll find these people laughing and their sadistic humor growing because they feed off of each other and the mantra of “If people are offended, do more!” Our society knows these kinds of people exist, but we turn away and hope for them to get over it and learn their lesson. I’ll bet more than a few people reading this belong to groups on Facebook or the net that have posted images making fun of child abuse, pedobear, sex with underage girls, gruesome photos of animal deaths, pics making fun of the disabled…. and they don’t think that’s part of the problem. It’s called “desensitizing” and it breeds child killing psychopaths like this.

While we sit on our asses waiting for things to magically turn out for the better, the existing monsters are creating more and more and more. It’s our fault. We have allowed it to fester and grow for the last 50 years, and now we’re shocked it’s as bad as it is. Badness doesn’t stop just because you turn the channel or close the browser. It’s not going to “just go away” or get better if we pray about it. The parents of those dead kids prayed for their safety, too.


HUMANS are committing these crimes, not any god – regardless of his or her name. Humans are doing it and humans are sitting back watching it.No one would have had the inclination to ever do something like this years ago, but it will keep happening and more of these monsters will keep popping up in schools until we get off our collective ass and stop it.


STOP preaching “freedom of speech/expression” every time someone or some organization breaks the law or preaches violence and hate.START preaching about the right to happiness that these monsters are infringing upon.


It’s freedom of speech to make a blog page laughing about killing children. Then it’s freedom of speech to speak out about it and demand it be considered terrorism against the young citizens of this country who are being robbed of their freedoms.What else is it going to take to understand children have rights, too? They have a right to be protected from abuse, from the violence and predatory encouragement on pedophile sites that work within freedom of expression, they have the right to go to school without being scared of adults our laws protect for their free expressions, they have a right to pursue their happiness like the pedophiles who are given “rehab” by pussies who want to coddle the evil out of them.When are we going to fight for our kids and stop supporting the things in our society that cause school shootings?

Right on cue before the little bodies were even removed from their school, the anti-gun and pro-gun activists were fighting for their spotlight.

All the anti-gun people are doing is making excuses for child murderers. Don’t they understand that? I don’t think they really care. It’s just an opening for them to bitch about the guns. 20 children died so they could have another chance to vent. I wonder if they’re sleeping in their beds comfortably knowing they are exploiting dead children for their chance to rant.

Before all of this gun controversy, people used to carry guns, have gun racks on the inside of their trucks, kids used to play cops and robbers with toy guns… and none of this ever happened. It wasn’t even imaginable. What DID happen is a society that gave up caring about dignity and respect for others and started “feeling sorry” for criminals and glorifying them in movies and in video games. Guns don’t stand up and shoot themselves, and an honorable caring person doesn’t use guns against innocent people, especially children. That’s the issue people should be focusing on. Stop attacking inanimate objects and start owning up to the wicked world our apathy has created!

As for the pro-gun crowd, arming the teachers isn’t the answer, either. That would be teaching kids some horrible reality that WE created. Why would anyone want their kids to learn that we won’t stop people from the mentality to come in and kill them, so it’s best to have a bloodbath scenario in which at least we get off a few rounds of our own?

It isn’t the OBJECT. It’s the MENTALITY. And MENTALITY comes from a society that watches the wickedness breed.


We have completely lost control over our world, ourselves, and life. Every excuse we hear after one of these horrific events is that the shooter was depressed, felt they were unloved, unwanted. No one should feel so depressed they would do this kind of thing for attention, but no one should have it in them to do this for that attention. We need a serious look into what is wrong with us from the inside out and start actually fixing it!


Glorifying these shooters by naming them, showing their photos, delving into their lives has also bred more of them. If we take a look at all of the shooters at schools and public events (i.e. Batman movie), they all have one common ground: No one ever listened to them and they never felt like they existed, but

after their attack, their names were on everyone’s lips. Their lives become everyone’s “need to know,” searching the internet for anything to learn about them. Open fire on kids and innocent movie-goers and suddenly everyone knows you exist. More proof we, as a society, are creating these monsters. There is now a petition to stop publishing the information of these killers so they won’t be able to feel it is a way to get their fame.


I admit this article is far less angry than I think it should be. I’ve been raging ever since it happened, though, and I guess I’m just tired. I’m tired of seeing more apathy rear itself while this happens and the families are in mourning. The Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket the funeral of the children and the school with signs reading “God Sent The Shooter,” painted with blood-stained hand prints of children. Below articles about this are comments defending their freedom of speech. And we wonder why things are getting worse?


It’s hard finishing my decorations for the season knowing the families of 20 children and 8 adults are planning funerals. My mom died of cancer when I was 11 on December 17. We had just been making plans for her to come home from the hospital for Christmas. I am one who can say I know what they’re going through, although not the same circumstances. I don’t care who you are or what you believe in. Please just don’t forget about these people when you celebrate your holy day. Never take those who love you for granted.

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 3.44.21 PM

Charlotte 02/22/06
Daniel 09/25/05
Rachel 07/17/83
Olivia 07/18/06
Josephine 12/11/05
Ana  04/04/06
Dylan 03/08/06
Dawn 06/28/65
Madeleine  07/10/06
Catherine V 06/08/06
Chase 10/31/05
Jesse 06/30/06
James 03/22/06
Grace 11/04/05
Anne Marie 07/25/60
Emilie 05/12/06
Jack 05/06/06
Noah 11/20/06
Caroline 09/07/06
Jessica 05/10/06
Avielle 10/17/06
Lauren 06/0/82
Mary 02/11/56
Victoria 11/04/85
Benjamin 09/12/06
Allison  07/03/06

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“Dance Moms” Seems To Give In To Pedophile Demands

It’s no secret that pedophile forums are a frenzy of excitement during each new episode of “Dance Moms” and “Toddlers and Tiaras.” I, even, posted a snippet of a comment on a post I wrote back in August:

“jeff809 writes: Dance Moms , nominated Sexiest new show on GC! [Girl Chat – pedophile message board]

jeff809 writes: Can watch and record for later pleasure with noone knowing. Sweet little secrets. Wish all could be my lf! [“little friend” – pedophile slang for boyfriend/girlfriend]

Socrotes writes: omg!! ikr?! [I know right] i just want to slip my hand up that little maddies poofy skirt and welcome her to womenhood.! 

jeff809 writes: I’m really releaved the ages stop at 13. Who wants to see bouncing knockers? so grossed out at tht point

Socrotes writes: no longer atractive when the pubes start. as soon as buds form its time to get another lf

lgluv4lyfe writes: What do you all think of the coach Abby Lee?

Socrotes writes: ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! she brings out the sexy tigress in them!!! makes me sooooooOOOOoooo wetttt!!!!

jeff809 writes: Hero worship time! 

lgluv4lyfe writes: Agreed. I’ve visited dance studios with the niece to scout. No other dance coach gets their girls to release their sexiness like her. She has a way of making them welcome their natural sexuality. I am a big fan of how she makes the moms go along with her. I could learn from her!

Socrotes writes: we need a Abby Lee fan page. 

jeff809 writes: Second that!

Socrotes writes: might send AL a thank you note ;;;;)))

jeff809 writes: hehehehehe 

jeff809 writes: ask for more sexy costumes

Socrotes writes: tru dat. not enough soft little tummies showing. need mooooooor!!

lgluv4lyfe writes: God in heaven I died when she had them slap their little behinds. Tivoed it and until I cum! 

Socrotes writes: yyeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeff809 writes: YEEESS!!!“

**It gets far worse, much more explicit pertaining to sexual acts they wish for each of the girls and how they would get them away from the easily controllable moms if they were instructors there.

Now, it seems, Abby Lee has answered the pedophile dream. Her latest assault on the innocent girls involves portraying them as topless burlesque dancers.

Dance Moms hits a new low: Girls as young as EIGHT wear nude bikinis and dance burlesque routines in front of their mothers

Lifetime’s Dance Moms has hit new lows by asking its child contestants – the youngest of whom is just eight-years-old – to dress in nude bikinis and perform a burlesque routine on stage.

The raunchy dance moves are usually the domain of striptease experts, the X-rated acts brimming with nudity, nipple tassels and sexually explicit poses.

But a clip from this week’s show sees dance teacher Abby Lee Miller dressing the children in tan bikinis to give the audience the impression of full nudity, before asking them to act as if a man ‘cant’ afford’ them.


There are many more blogs popping up about this now. This is another and I encourage you to read the comments. The ones by pedophiles are glaringly obvious.

In this episode receiving world-wide attention and scrutiny (and many around the world demanding to know what is happening to America), Abby tells the girls, “‘the audience should think that you are nude,” and she tells them to have an attitude of “I’m hot, I’m mean, you can’t have me, you can’t afford me.”

It’s very clear all of the girls are uncomfortable, and 8 year old Mackenzie says, “I don’t want to be naked on stage.”

Abby replies to their concerns by telling them, “You give the allusion that you’re nude underneath the fans. We all know you’re wearing tan bras and tan pants.”

Nice way to A. completely disregard their modesty, and B. admit how you figured out a loophole to get away with producing a child strip show.  Let’s be honest here.  If the rules permitted it, she would’ve made them go on completely topless.

When asked about the feelings of the moms surrounding this routine, Abby Miller says, “Everyone in in the industry knows the girls are completely covered and everything is harmless… These mothers need to stop questioning me. What I do works.”

Well, Abby, we know what you do works wonders for pedophiles.

The moms express concern but in the end, go along with it. You know, instead of doing what any REAL mother who actually LOVES her child would do and pulling them out of there. Then, once in the car, call the police to report the child sexual abuse taking place. Of course, none of the moms of these girls will ever be confused with loving moms, the kind of mothers who would never permit the sexualization and mental abuse these women have permitted since the first day they enrolled their children in Abby Miller’s school.

There is a light at the end of this disgusting tunnel of child exploitation. This episode has awakened a LOT of people to just how far a person like Abby and mothers like these will go at the expense of innocent children. Even die-hard fans are outraged and vowing never to watch the show again. Take a look at the “wall” of the official Dance Moms Facebook page. There are still a few fans commenting, but for the most part, people are calling for her arrest and an investigation of the moms allowing this blatant child abuse to continue.

My last post about “Dance Moms” was about boycotting the show. While this could help in small ways, the best way to stop this attack on these children (since their moms are getting paid not to) is to hit the show and Lifetime where it hurts the most: the bank account.

I was asked if I knew who sponsors the show because for this kind of boycott to happen, the companies who pay for air time during the show have to be contacted and warned about a boycott if they continue to support the show, followed by a boycott of the products if they refuse to pull their ads.  It’s been done with other shows and it works!  In answer to the question, I went to the Lifetime Network site, where you can watch  full episodes of “Dance Moms.”  Within those videos are sponsor ads. Of course, ads during the shows on television must be considered, as well.

The episode I watched was Ep 8 “Runaway Mom”, and these were the sponsors for that online episode:

Geico (twice)
America Cotton Producers

And I have to add that in this episode, she wants the girls to wear garters with wedding dress costumes. Everyone knows what the garter represents.  The dads were invited but only one showed up. Big surprise. Even bigger surprise is that she yelled at his daughter right in front of him and he did nothing. Even after this latest child porn episode, we don’t hear much, if anything, from the dads. This clears up any expectation of REAL fathers being in the girls’ lives.

I ask anyone  who has a complete sponsor list for “Dance Moms” or “Toddlers and Tiaras” to please leave a comment with this list, as well as a link to any group spearheading a sponsor-centered boycott.

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Confronting A Careless Mom With A Terrifying “What If” Scenario

Back in 2008, I posted an article about the dangers of family decals on vehicles. This is the link: The Dark Side of Those Cute Family Decals.

A few months ago, a Bikers Against Child Abuse posted the following personal account:

“I couldn’t help myself today. I saw a minivan parked here at the hospital with those stickers in the back window of each family member and their names. The lady exiting the vehicle was in her late 30’s, well dressed and rather attractive. While she was still at the vehicle I walked up and struck up a conversation with her using her name and also her husbands. I fabricated a story of how we had met before and convinced her of that by talking about one of the local night spots where we hung out. She assured me that she remembered and began talking about how much fun it was. I then asked about her kids to which she told me a story about her daughters birthday party and invited me attend. At that point I had to stop her, hand her a BACA Trifold and a window sticker and explain to her that her stickers were putting her and her children at risk. She tried to defend family pride until I asked her when that birthday party was again. She thanked me and walked into the hospital. I just looked out the window at the van and it is still there but the stickers are not. There is a new BACA sticker in her rear window where it use to be.”

I am honored to know BACA Opie and so many like him who aren’t afraid to speak up for children they have never even met!

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Happy New Year!

Slowly making my way back into the swing of this blog. Please bear with me while I approve all pending comments and reply!

Thank you for the continued visits and support, the private messages, the suggestions and alerts, and for the passionate concern for children! Whether you are an outspoken contributor or one who regularly speaks to me via private comments or one who chooses to post a thought or suggestion anonymously, you are all very much appreciated!

I hope 2012 brings you the health, warmth, and happiness you deserve!


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Hello! I want to thank everyone who has left comments during the last week. I sincerely apologize for not approving your comments and for not responding. I have been unable to get to my computer as often or for as long as I usually do. I like to approve comments when I know I can respond; otherwise, I will forget about the comment. Especially if it is on a much older post.

I want you all to know I truly appreciate your attention to the pandemic of child abuse and your eager participation on this site. I want to demonstrate my gratitude and respect for your time by giving your comment the consideration it deserves. Please be patient as I should be back to full business by the first of December.

Thank you again!

Jade Falcon TUECAA

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