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The Owl Symbol – A Request For Information

Hello, readers! First, I want to apologize for not posting anything new for a while. I’ve been on a spiritual mission, exploring more of my talents to include faux stained glass and woodworking, researching starting my own business in those areas, and getting back to my fiction writing. During this time, I have still had to maintain all the hats I have to wear for life with the Navy and parenthood.


My oldest cat died about 14 months ago. I know that seems long enough for some people to be in mourning, and it was, but it took up most of the past year. She was 19 1/2 years old, rescued from an extremely abusive home at 3 weeks old, bottle fed, and was my first and only child for 6 years. She was diagnosed with kidney disease from tainted Fancy Feast after the company waited almost 6 months to alert the public. She fought for a year after the symptoms showed themselves until kidney failure set in and affected her brain. I held her as the doctor put her to sleep, feeling her last breath and heartbeat as she laid over my shoulder and against my chest. It isn’t something you get over in a short period of time, and I still sleep with her favorite toy. I had her body cremated and dedicated an entire bookshelf to her memory. She was my angel cat in life and she is my angel cat in death as I still feel her from time to time laying on my chest and breathing in my ear. It’s only for a brief second but it’s all it takes to remind me I’m not alone.


At any rate, this site has still been fairly active and I am still approving and replying to comments. There is one issue that has been mentioned to me over the last few months by several people from the UK. I am in the US so I haven’t heard of this, but it seems that the sacred Owl symbol associated with many pagan cultures is being used in conjunction with a pedophile movement in the UK. I haven’t heard of this here, so I am guessing it’s just in the UK. I’ve asked for something to show me direct evidence and usage, but as of yet, it hasn’t been provided. Since I am hearing this from multiple sources, I feel it warrants some research. 


I would like to ask anyone out there who can get me information on this to please comment below with links so I can see for myself and learn more about it. I’ve posted about pagan symbols being used by pedophiles before, and the owl symbol is one of the more sacred animals and symbols to several cultures. If what I’ve been told is correct, people need to be informed so they can keep a close eye on predators posing as one of these groups to gain access to their children or to hide secret meetings with other predators. 


As always, if you wish for your comment to remain hidden, simply say so. All comments must be approved by me so that anyone who wishes privacy can be guaranteed it.  (And as always, this privacy is not afforded to pedophiles and their fans.)


Thank you for your help in this matter! 


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Addressing the Concerns of Pagans

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 11.37.59 AM

UPDATE: I was sent a link this morning to a blog featuring the symbols article, and it is now apparent to me where the majority of the angry comments from Asatru folk and Odinists are originating. This blog ( )    purposefully misrepresents the Valknut by stating: The ‘Wiccan triple knot’ is a well-known paedophile call sign.   I have written to the Editor of the site and requested a retraction, removal of the image, or at the least a removal of any reference to my site. Please, feel free to send your complaints over this travesty to the Editor of that website: . They do not allow comments on their website and request letters to the editor, instead. 


Recently, my post on pedophile symbols and codes was featured on a few pagan websites for its inclusion of pagan symbols. The authors of these sites were not condemning my article. They simply wanted to share with the pagan community that some of our most precious symbols were being used in a covert attempt by pedophiles to disguise their own created images that looked similar to ours. Unfortunately, some pagans took my article to be an attack on the pagan community, particularly since there was no mention of christianity within it.

This article was not about religion. It was a revelation of the symbols specifically created by pedophiles, themselves. Their symbols became known throughout the world of law enforcement, so they had to find a way to still covertly use them. They found that some of our symbols very closely resembled their own, so as Hitler did with the swastika, they bastardized our precious, innocent relics.

I have been accused by one commenter on a pagan re-posting as well as a commenter here on my original posting that this article is propaganda.  It is not. These images were taken directly from in-house FBI memos.  I was an active volunteer with the FBI’s NCMEC (based in the US) for over 7 years. My handler was an undercover agent with NCMEC for over 25 years when I was assigned to her.  Anything you find on my website has been thoroughly reviewed by law enforcement – federal and local – at my own request and by companies I contacted in regards to their unintentional use of these symbols. Inaccuracies and “propaganda” would only hurt our fight against child abusers; therefore, I have always openly welcomed law enforcement agencies to review my site and correct anything that was wrong or in any way harmful to their own efforts.

To my fellow pagans who feel this or any article is an attack on our society, it is not. I can assure you that I know many paths and my vehemence to defend children extends to them all, regardless of reputations or delicate sensibilities. I protect no one, regardless of their vestments. All child abusers are my targets, regardless of their faith.

Personally speaking, I know about catholic abuse and that priests do not just rape and molest boys.  I grew up catholic and attended catholic school from kindergarten to twelfth grades. We had priests and nuns who ran everything, though we had lay teachers, as well. Our church had a revolving door for pedophile priests, and most of them abused both boys and girls. I had a dear friend who was raped by a priest the teachers and parents praised as being “the best with children.” My abusers weren’t priests but they were catholic men held in the highest regard within the church. The entire block of girls in my neighborhood was abused by these three men, and we could say nothing because their word was infallible.

When you grow up catholic, you are indoctrinated into a code of silence. 1. NEVER speak out against your parents, even if they abuse you. 2. NEVER speak out against a priest, even if he abuses you. 3. NEVER speak ill of the catholic church, even if it turns a blind eye and forces you to stay with your abuser.

My oldest sister was not permitted an annulment from her abusive husband, even when she showed the church that he was raping their children (age 2 – girl and age 6 – boy, until they were ages 8 and 10), making child porn videos with them, and selling them for sex. She was called a liar and he was instructed to come into the monsignor’s office for weekly counseling. Once those “meetings of spiritual reflection” began with the priest, his abuse grew more frequent and more videos and photos were made. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.

I was a proud catholic for nearly all of my life, but with my first pregnancy, I began to develop a spiritual awakening I would not fully realize for a few more years.  My daughter’s birth was a miracle, itself, regardless of what religion or path you are on (even a miracle of science for my atheist friends).  I hung a crucifix above her crib in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU), she was baptized in the catholic church, and we attended mass together for the first 3 years of her life.  Every day and every event that involved the church drew me closer to a different spiritual calling, until finally, I found my spirituality was evolving into something greater. I fully opened myself to it when I reached the age of 30.

I do tackle other religions on my site, including christianity   (Some videos were removed by YouTube and some links may not work due to removal of websites/images by law enforcement. I haven’t had time to correct them) . I am pagan now, however, and what I have seen within my circles has infuriated me to the point that I refuse to remain silent. I will NEVER again be told to shut my mouth to protect a society that hides predators and abusers. I had to as a child prisoner of the church. I am now a free adult and not even death threats from pedophiles will muzzle me ever again. I refuse to allow these monsters sanctuary within my beloved pagan community. The vatican defends their abusers. I defend the children.

If anyone would like to see more regarding christianity’s role in abuse, please feel free to link me to something I can use. I have taken a break from posting here because I work in child advocacy offline as well as have a hectic lifestyle involving other real-life responsibilities that have taken up a considerable amount of my time. Unfortunately, these monsters don’t just live on the internet, and my family always comes first.


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url As adults, it is our responsibility to notice when a child needs our help. We have experience with warning signs, danger signs, and a learned intuition when something doesn’t seem right. Often times, however, a situation arises when such instinct is in the hands of other children, peers of the child needing help. This is where raising our kids with reasonable knowledge of social dangers becomes not just important for their own safety but for their friends and schoolmates, as well.

My daughter, who’s in 5th grade, came home a few weeks ago worried about a boy in her class. “James” was telling other kids that he cut himself, that he stabbed himself in the chest once with a knife, and that he wished he could die. She said she was scared for him because he seemed serious. Other kids didn’t want to get involved.

I advised her to talk to her teacher, but first, I wanted her to be sure of what he told the other kids. I asked for their names – 3 girls I know personally – and instructed her to find out how they felt when he told them.

She returned home the next afternoon to tell me each girl had heard something the others hadn’t. He told one girl he cut himself on the arm and showed her the slash marks. He told another girl about the stab to his chest and said his mom took him to the doctor, where they patched it up and told him not to play with knives because he could kill himself. He had told his mother and the doctor that he was running with the knife in the kitchen as a joke and fell on it. He admitted to the girl that it was a lie but he didn’t want to get in trouble. Another girl sits behind him in class. She said he was sitting quietly at his desk one day when he said in a soft voice, “I wish I could just die.”

When my daughter asked the girls if they thought they should tell the teacher, they said it was none of their business. One of them said she didn’t want to get the boy in trouble.

I asked my daughter what she thought she should do. She itemized the issue like this: “1. He’s cutting himself and stabbed himself in the chest. 2. He says he wants to die. That’s not a normal thing for a kid to say, mom. Someone needs to do something!”

I told her she needed to go straight to her teacher in the morning. I said that if her teacher tells her she can’t talk right now and to sit down at her desk (because it happens sometimes), she is to tell her teacher it’s about a student in the class who is in danger.  My daughter isn’t known for exaggerating or causing trouble. In fact, she’s known to be a very caring individual who doesn’t hesitate speaking up for what is right and for talking about what is wrong with teachers. Therefore, I knew that if she told her teacher it was about a student in trouble, she would have her undivided attention.

The next afternoon, the first thing she blurted when coming home was, “‘James’ is going to be okay!” I asked what happened. She said she went to the other 3 girls first and asked them if they wanted to go with her to tell the teacher about the boy. Two of the girls said no, it was none of their business. The third girl said she asked her mom about it and her mom said, “You girls need to mind your own business. It sounds like he’s just trying to get attention from the girls in the class.” My daughter told the girl about the work I do with child abuse prevention and awareness. The girl said she told her mom about me and that my daughter was raised to know warning signs of kids in trouble. Her mother told her, “Well, I’m an expert with kids and I’m telling you nothing is wrong. You shouldn’t listen to that girl [my daughter] because her mom sounds like a worry wart.”

My daughter shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay, well, I’m going to tell because he needs help and I care about other kids.” She then marched up to the desk and asked if she could talk to the teacher outside so no one would hear. They did and a little while later, the school councilor called for the boy to go to her office.

I had a reason to call her teacher a few days later, and when we were done with the reason for the call, she informed me that she was very proud of my daughter for speaking up. She said she couldn’t say what was going on but that he was going to be okay now, thanks to my daughter. She said she was aware the other girls wanted to keep quiet about it and had been told by another parent not to tell anyone. She said she was going to have D.A.R.E. bring up a situation like that in their weekly class given to the 5th graders.

A few days ago, my daughter informed me that “James” will be leaving the school in a couple of weeks because his mother is moving with him and his sister to another house in another part of the state or possibly out of state. She said he seems so happy now. He’s always talking about going on family outings with his mom and sister, and he hasn’t said one thing about hurting himself or wishing he would die. He smiles more and seems to have more friends on the playground. He didn’t really have close friends before and no one was allowed to go to his house. Since the family was living in military housing and the father is active duty, I am assuming this means they are leaving the dad, which means they have to leave military housing. I’m left to speculate that the boy was being abused by his father and this was the reason for his depression.

As parents, we are responsible for the well-being of our children. Some believe they should only look after their own and let other parents tend to their responsibilities. Such an attitude may sometimes be okay in the fields of politics and religion, but it never ceases to amaze me how an adult can feel that way about a defenseless, helpless child.

Raising our kids with respect for themselves as well as respect for others goes a long way in their lives. Such a character trait makes them productive members of society, valuable assets at work, and guarantees them a healthier social life through their school years as well as adulthood. Teaching caution when proceeding in a dangerous situation is understandable, and knowing when to get involved and when to have an authority get involved instead is perfectly fine. Raising a child to be apathetic, however,  is never okay. Such coldness will affect all areas of their lives: school, work, relationships, and parenthood. Such an apathetic attitude from one’s parent could, also, lead to a child to believe their parent won’t care if they are the child in need of help.

I am proud of my daughter for not only caring about that boy and speaking up for him, but for ignoring the apathy of her friends and the negative, cold-hearted attitude of that other mother. She knew what was right and she did it, even if it meant those three girls could make fun of her and even if the boy could be angry with her.

When I suggested to her that he may be angry or upset for telling his secret, I let her know that it was okay if he was mad. At least she would get him help and he would be thankful later on. She said she felt like he was telling the kids in class because he was hoping one of them would tell the teacher so he wouldn’t get in trouble for asking for help. She’s a smart girl because that is precisely why many kids don’t tell. So isn’t it up to us as good parents to teach our kids to help their friends who can’t ask for the help they need?

I have a couple of links about childhood suicide, depression, and childhood cutting. If you are a teacher or professional caregiver, please keep this information handy. If you’re a parent, please remember that even if you raise your child with love and kindness, it doesn’t mean his or her friends and classmates are being raised the same way. This information will help you talk to your kids about what their friends may be going through at home or elsewhere and how they can help.

Dr. Jane Pearson on Warning Signs for Childhood Suicide…

An excerpt:

Dr. Pearson: So the children who attempt suicide can have many types of problems. It could be depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, substance abuse and it’s typically a combination of things and there may be some events that are precipitants as well… so it’s usually not just one simple cause.

Announcer: Dr. Jane Pearson is with the Division of Services and Intervention Research at the National Institute of Mental Health. A great deal of her research focuses on how to prevent suicide. When it comes to reaching out to children and the adults who care for them, the most critical action step may be- listening…

Dr. Pearson: Kids often do talk about what they’re feeling. And people talk about gestures- being something that’s just- oh, they’re just trying to get attention. Well, they’re trying to get attention for a good reason and it would be good to not ignore any kind of comment about “oh, I just want to die.” It should probably reflect some type of distress and its worth evaluating.

Announcer: In addition to listening to our own kids… it’s important to listen to their friends…

Dr. Pearson: Kids still prefer to talk to other kids. They’re still reluctant to seek help from adults. So we’re… we see the research moving towards how do you get kids to help kids more. Usually, there is some distress and some comment about not wanting to be around. Other friends might notice this and you should take those comments from the kid’s peers very seriously and try to get some kind of evaluation as soon as possible.

WebMD Cutting and Self-Harm….

An excerpt:

“They may have a history of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse,” Lader adds. “Many are sensitive, perfectionists, overachievers. The self-injury begins as a defense against what’s going on in their family, in their lives. They have failed in one area of their lives, so this is a way to get control.”


For many kids, it’s the result of a repressive home environment, where negative emotions are swept under the carpet, where feelings aren’t discussed. “A lot of families give the message that you don’t express sadness,” says Conterio.

It’s a myth that this behavior is simply an attention-getter, adds Lader. “There’s a [painkiller] effect that these kids get from self-harm. When they are in emotional pain, they literally won’t feel that pain as much when they do this to themselves.”


David Rosen, MD, MPH, is professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan and director of the Section for Teenage and Young Adult Health at the University of Michigan Health Systems in Ann Arbor.

He offers parents tips on what to watch for:

  • Small, linear cuts. “The most typical cuts are very linear, straight line, often parallel like railroad ties carved into forearm, the upper arm, sometimes the legs,” Rosen tells WebMD. “Some people cut words into themselves. If they’re having body image issues, they may cut the word ‘fat.’ If they’re having trouble at school, it may be ‘stupid,’ ‘loser,’ ‘failure,’ or a big ‘L.’ Those are the things we see pretty regularly.”

  • Unexplained cuts and scratches, particularly when they appear regularly. “I wish I had a nickel for every time someone says, ‘The cat did it,'” says Rosen.

  • Mood changes like depression or anxiety, out-of-control behavior, changes in relationships, communication, and school performance. Kids who are unable to manage day-to-day stresses of life are vulnerable to cutting, says Rosen.

Signs of Depression in children:

The behavior of depressed children and teenagers may differ from the behavior of depressed adults. Child and adolescent psychiatrists advise parents to be aware of signs of depression in their youngsters.

If one or more of these signs of depression persist, parents should seek help:

  • Frequent sadness, tearfulness, crying

  • Decreased interest in activities; or inability to enjoy previously favorite activities

  • Hopelessness

  • Persistent boredom; low energy

  • Social isolation, poor communication

  • Low self esteem and guilt

  • Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure

  • Increased irritability, anger, or hostility

  • Difficulty with relationships

  • Frequent complaints of physical illnesses such as headaches and stomachaches

  • Frequent absences from school or poor performance in school

  • Poor concentration

  • A major change in eating and/or sleeping patterns

  • Talk of or efforts to run away from home

  • Thoughts or expressions of suicide or self destructive behavior

Kids Health: Understanding Depression..

At the bottom of that page are tabs for parents to click, kids to click for help, and teens to click. Each tab has information on depression, cutting, suicide, bullying, etc..

In this month of National Child Abuse Awareness, we must remember that sometimes, the hero to an abused child isn’t always an adult. Sometimes it’s another child who has been taught to listen, speak up and speak out.


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Using Stolen Valor To Stalk Children

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.53.49 AMStolen Valor” is the act of posing as a member of the military for various reasons, including scamming individuals out of money, businesses out of military freebies, and gaining the trust of lonely women desperately seeking companionship. Much of this stolen valor has been occurring on social networking sites like Facebook and on military websites where the fraud feels some sense of belonging while gathering information to use in his next scam.

Among the victims of the stolen valor con are children. Unfortunately, the latest school shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary brought forth one such individual. The incident involving Craig Pusley, who dressed in a “borrowed” uniform and stood out in front of a California school after witnessing a similar act by a real soldier, Jordan Pritchard, has opened up the secret methods of predators for getting access to our children.

Not only was Pusley wrong for what he did (impersonating a decorated Marine Sgt with overseas combat experience), the school was even more at fault for putting their students at risk. No one at the school questioned Craig Pusley’s claims of being a servicemember. He simply showed up in a uniform and stood in front of the school entrance, where children ran up to him and parents tearfully thanked him. The school staff was elated to have this “soldier” giving up his spare time to “guard” their kids. No one asked for his identification. No one asked for his military ID. No one asked for a contact number to verify his claims. He didn’t even have children at the school. He was every bit a stranger, and the school allowed him on their property with no questions asked, simply because he wore a uniform and played upon the hysteria of our nation in the wake of Sandy Hook.

An even more worrisome ripple to this story has come in the form of support he has received. One such example is the following that has been passed around Facebook like an aggressive cancer:

“Valley marine calls himself to duty at an Elementary school. Sgt. Craig Pusley wears his desert camo fatigues…no weapons…just him. Took it upon himself to go to the nearby school and stand watch outside. The school loved it. The principal thanked him. No breaks…just his heart felt need to do this. His reward? Marine Corp Reservists says he violated protocol bt wearing his fatigues and not his dress uniform in public. Facing $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Also getting a “dishonorable” stamp on his “honorable” discharge. He served 2 tours in iraq, in Baghdad and Ramadi. One in Helmand province of Afghanistan before leaving active duty.

Now he is writing a letter to the President apoligizing for his actions.

WAKE UP! This man is a wonderful outstanding brave hero in my book and to think for a second that his heart felt need to go stand in front of his little neighborhood school was wrong. Screw you! The President should be sending him a Thank you letter.

So I salute you Sgt. Craig Pusley. Thank you!

This is something I would like to see go viral. Let’s stand up and say Thank you to this man who didn’t think twice…he followed his heart and there is no crime in doing that.”

This “share” isn’t just wrong because there is no threat of “dishonorable” or the other claims and because there was NEVER overseas service. It is, also, dangerous because it hails the unthinking actions of the school that put children in very real danger. There is NOTHING respectable or admirable about what he did or what the school did. They have shown the pedophile world just how easy it is to stalk school children, especially after a tragedy that has all schools raising the drawbridge and parents buying bulletproof backbacks.

Now, I’ve been accused in the past of giving predators ideas because of my thorough discussions regarding their grooming tactics and what makes children targets. I’m sure this article will come under the same scrutiny. I can assure you that these predators already know what to look for, how to target and acquire their prey, and anything I or others like me post isn’t even everything they already do. Where do you think we get our information? Pedophile forums.

Pedophiles have their own culture. They are every bit a cult as a fringe religion. They have their own secret language, their own secret meetings, their own rules, their own ideas of “right” and “wrong,” and they have their own lobbyists to make what they do legal. Their best strategy to continue their way of life is by feeding off of one another’s experiences and ideas. I can assure you, also, that this issue with Craig Pusley has been and is still being discussed in pedophile chat rooms and among pedophiles at dinners together, children’s sporting events together, and at so-called “rehab” centers for sex offenders.  We hear it, we see it, and we’ve had previous cases involving military impersonators.

I, personally, have been contacted by parents whose children were approached by someone in uniform who could not provide proof of service. I’ve been contacted here by a mom whose daughter was stalked and groomed by a man impersonating a deceased soldier. The young girl didn’t think a soldier would be after anything bad, so she told him everything he wanted to know about herself, her family, and her contact information. When I pretended to be a target for pedophiles, I encountered such people, as well.

Nothing I say here is news to them. They are already doing this to get to our kids. The worse part is that schools like the one in California are making it easy for them, and people like those spreading support for impersonators like Pusley are sending the message that many in this country are still gullible idiots who refuse to consider the dangers around every corner. It’s “depressing” to live that way, so they say. I can guarantee you it’s more depressing to witness a school shooting and child abductions that happened because no one wanted to admit the dangers they were, themselves, cultivating.

We are all afraid for our children, as parents and as a collective. Turning a blind eye to the dangers, however, helps to create a world in which we have to be more fearful and our children are faced with horrors your blind eye refuses to imagine.

Craig Pusley could have been a pedophile. He could have been a child pornographer or a kidnapper for the black market in child slavery. He could have even been a stalker of a teacher. And he could have been a shooter looking for an easy angle to get into a school. No one knew because no one checked him out. They didn’t check him out because he was wearing a uniform, and they believed the uniform automatically made him safe because assuming otherwise would have been “fear-mongering” and “depressing.”

We still don’t know much more about this man than that his service claims were a lie. He could very well be any of the above, or just a typical attention seeker riding the coattails of a horrific tragedy. No one knows because no one asked and no one verified anything.

This is the perfect set up for those who would do our kids harm, and any support for behavior like this sends a clear and strong signal to predators that it works and a message to children that the adults in charge can’t keep them safe.

The Facebook share above does have one thing right: WAKE UP! Our children can’t afford to have the adults in charge of their safety ignoring dangers just because it’s depressing and an inconvenience to us. A child’s funeral is a depressing inconvenience, too.

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“Toads May Talk”

I don’t usually do this and I am a supporter of “Boycott;” however, I feel this book is an excellent tool in teaching children how to deal with situations in which they may find themselves, and how to cope when a friend or loved one is a victim. Please check it out!

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 1.14.34 PM

Book Description

Publication Date: 1 Jun 2012

“A young boy learns that some friends are not friends.”12 year old Luke and his Mum flee his evil stepfather and the city for life in a country village. All looks idyllic; a new, more peaceful way of life, a new school, new best friend. Everything appears perfect until one day Luke meets the mysterious Albie, in a graveyard of all places…

Toads May Talk was written as a response to the many tragic incidences of abuse of children by people that they know. It is reported that most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone within the child’s social sphere – for example, a relative, a family friend, a teacher, youth worker, religious leader, neighbour. Despite the stereotypical image of the abuser propagated by the media, abusers usually do not look like monsters and it is relatively rare for them to be strangers.

Toads seeks to help answer the question on every parent’s lips – “how do you teach your children to trust their instincts when they know something is not right?” It seeks to teach children about the ways in which some people, even those who are not strangers, can manipulate them.

Written as a sensitive and enjoyable tale from a young boys point of view, the story is intended to educate and empower children from ages 9 years and up. The author recommends that you read the book with your child, so that they may ask questions that may arise as they follow the story.

The tale is of a friendship between two boys, Luke and Tobias, who regularly spy on small animals in the garden hoping to hear them talk to each other. When Tobias’s father begins to become over-friendly with Luke, taking him into his confidence and introducing him to alcohol in a cool, seemingly innocent way, Luke senses something is not quite right but as many good boys who are taught to be polite to their elders, he doesn’t voice his concerns.

The story follows several incidents where Luke is under the influence of Tobias’s Father (and the ‘alcohol’ which in reality is a drug) but is taken away from the scene by meetings with the mysterious Albie. Thus, allowing the reader to learn the valuable lessons within the story without being subjected to the full reality of the situation.

It is hoped the story will serve as a gentle, compelling, sometimes amusing and, most importantly, cautionary tale for children to raise awareness and assist parents to have a conversation with them on the difficult and dark subject of child abuse. Knowledge is power.

Author’s website: …

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