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Pagans Finally Showing Outrage Against Pedophiles

5134539ec24850b86f79f22926f220d2Regular visitors and followers of this site know I will expose any threat to children regardless of who is behind it. I don’t care about religion, political affiliation, Hollywood status, or anything that makes one believe they are above the law and above scrutiny.

In the course of my revealing posts, pagans have become more outraged at not the child abuser but about my revelation that many pedophiles have been using our symbols to 1. identify each other, and 2. to target children within the pagan community. I have countered these ludicrous attacks with the disclosure that I, myself, am pagan (on the Asatru path) and responded with anger that these commenters seem to care more about their image than about the child abuse, itself. I feel I may have been too hasty in my assessment of them – just as they were too hasty in their assessment of me.

I posted an answer to help them understand I was not attacking our kind but rather only going after pedophiles. I will never apologize for my work to anyone. I stand by all I do. I sincerely wish those in the pagan community cared more about the issue at hand and less about their ego. I am, however, happy over their outrage that our sacred symbols are being used by child abusers. This alone calms the insult of being misunderstood by my kin.

The level of outrage over the use of these symbols can only mean more pagans are becoming aware and are becoming infuriated at being compared to such vile filth as pedophilia. In recent days, I have received an unusual number of visits from the Asatru and Odinist communities. I find this curious but a pleasant surprise.

UPDATE: I was sent a link this morning to a blog featuring the symbols article, and it is now apparent to me where the majority of the angry comments from Asatru folk and Odinists are originating. This blog ( )    purposefully misrepresents the Valknut by stating: “The ‘Wiccan triple knot’ is a well-known paedophile call sign.”   I have written to the Editor of the site and requested a retraction, removal of the image, or at the least a removal of any reference to my site. Please, feel free to send your complaints over this travesty to the Editor of that website: . Thnorse_valknut_blue_round_car_magnetey do not allow comments on their website and request letters to the editor, instead. 

If any path will see pedophiles to their demise, it is ours! In the name of Odin and the warrior spirit that drives us all, the very meaning which is behind the shield symbol of this site, it is our kind that will arise to defend our children.  
It’s disheartening that my brothers and sisters on this path believed I was attacking our community when all they had to do was read the articles to see I was doing nothing of the sort. Their anger over pedophilia, however, makes me proud!

I must say that there has been a landslide of malice toward pedophiles from the Asatru/Odinist communities while the wiccan community still appeared to be covering for their own. That is, until recently …

In December 2008, I ran an article about my experience on a pagan site infested with pedophiles and the members protecting them. In September of 2008, I had run an article warning wiccans about the Frosts, who are known by their Good Witch’s Bible, which teaches about raping children. I posted a follow-up article holding wicca accountable for protecting the Frosts because of their willful blindness and pro-active defense of these pedophiles. To help readers better understand the intent of the Good Witch’s Bible, I posted the most relevant sections that pertained to how a father should rape his daughter to prepare her for sacred sex rituals. 

Unbelievably, the majority of the wiccan and pagan community that viewed these posts attacked me for exposing it rather than the Frosts for writing about it or the other pagans who supported it. I came down hard and pulled no punches when responding to these people. Our kids are more important than the ego of the pagan community and more important than a pair of filthy degenerates hiding within paganism to promote pedophilia, child rape, and child porn.

It was a long time coming but I am happy to announce the pagan, especially the wiccan, community is FINALLY stepping up and striking back against the Frosts and their fans!

It was recently announced that the Frosts will be guests at the Beltaine Festival held by the Florida Pagan Gathering. I haven’t kept up with the Frosts because wiccans have let me know in no uncertain terms that they were quite happy with instructions on how to rape children. I decided if they wanted to continue being poked and prodded by the FBI and demonized by christians, that was their own doing and I would wash my hands of trying to care. Care about the children? ALWAYS! Care about the adult wiccans who serve their children up as lambs to the slaughter? FUCKING NEVER!

In browsing through my visit history to gather IP addresses of bothersome trolls, I was shocked to find a sudden surge in visits by pagans. In one day, I had over 435 visits by them (many of whom were the Asatru and Odinists I mentioned before). I wondered what was going on so I looked through “Referral sites” and found over 20 pagan websites discussing the Frost’s attendance at this year’s festival with links to my articles exposing them. Links were either in the articles, themselves, or in the comments.

All articles expressed outrage over the Frosts being permitted to attend, and they finally took up their own torches and pitchforks against them. One of these was an author who asked them point blank if they regretted what they had written 30 years ago and they said no and defended their stance on initiating pre-pubescent children in which they still believe.

More pagan sites that are finally exposing the Frosts are:
Pagan Newswire Collective, The Wild Hunt,  Dark Goddess Musings, and quite a few more that appear to prefer privacy so I won’t link them. 

Thank you to those of you who have finally awakened to this horrific representation of the wiccan and pagan communities. I am deeply saddened and furious at the festival coordinators who are still giving the Frosts a voice as though they represent wicca and paganism as a whole. I encourage those of you stepping forward to continue to fight them and to continue to make known your disapproval of the honor bestowed upon them by such events.





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Holding Wicca Accountable PT 2: The Good Witch’s Bible


Quoted text of the Frost’s book is below. This is the section regarding child sexual abuse and is NOT INTENDED FOR ANYONE UNDER 18 TO VIEW!!!!!

DIRECTLY FROM THE GOOD WITCH’S BIBLE, FROST (Note that this is from the 7th edition, dated January 2007!)

Page 63
Chapter IV

The step before initiation is protection and naming. There are two cases to be considered when examining the protection service. They are, first, the case for children of Wicca families and, second, the case for latecomers who are past pubery. The first service a Wicca child attends is one at which he is protected and named. The christening rite used in the established church is based on the Wicca protective service, but the significance of christening has been lost; the Wicca service still retains its full meaning.

Order of Service: Protection and Naming of a Wicca Child

The robed coven assembles for a closed meeting just prior to a standard weekly service, and the child is placed in a cradle near the fire at the center of a circle. Chairs are placed in a circle, and the outer single line of a full circle is completed with the usual protective blessing. The following prayer is repeated three times, first by the flamens, then by the coven, then by flamens and coven in unison.

We are gathered here to protect and name this child. Help us with our work, which is for your good. We pray you: Ward off mischevious spirits. We pray you, send this child a sensible guide. This child will then be brought up on the Path. Help us, oh God, to help you.

In the case of a male child, the flamenca now takes over the service. (For a female, the flamen conducts the service.)

F: “Who is the mother of this child?”
Reply: “It is I, … (Wiccan name).” She stands.
F: “Do you bring him freely to this place for this service?”
R: “Yes, No one in body or spirit has made me do this thing.”
F: “After this service, do you swear by all you hold holy to aid this child in his development of Craft knowledge every possible evening before you sleep?”

The reply is left open to the mother. A typical reply might be as follows:

The mother advances to the cradle. Lifting her hands, she says,

“I swear that I will do the best within my powers to help my child develop into a happy and well-adjusted adult. I promise that every evening I am with him, I will direct his steps on the Path.”

The mother lifts the naked child from the cradle and holds him so that the flamenca can perform the protective service.

F: “What name do you wish for this child?”
R: “…, which means… and whose hidden meaning is…”

The flamenca takes a phial of purified water and seals each orifice of the child’s body with a Celtic equaiarmed cross. As each orifice is sealed, the coven says the following words:

“Oh, Guide of God, let no malicious spirit enter… .

Let the eye see only beauty; he will make the world more beautiful (repeated twice).

Let the ear hear only beauty; he will make the world more beautiful.

(repeated twice).

Let the nose smell only beauty; he will make the world more beautiful

Let the mouth taste only beauty; he will speak honestly.

Let the penis be controlled; he will bring forth beauty.

Let the anus be controlled; he will stay healthy.”

(Female substitution)

“Let the vagina be controlled; she will bring forth beauty.”

“Let the urethra be controlled; she will stay healthy.

We give most humble thanks.”

F: “Oh, Guide of God, we name this child… Let him be surrounded by the pure white light of the God and so remain until he is able to protect himself. Blessed be… (child).”

Reverently the mother replaces the child’s robe and lays him again in the cradle.

F: “I now break the circle, asking that the power retained herein be given to this child.”

The flamenca brushes out the circle and places the broom under the cradle. The chairs are removed and the child remains alone for a few moments under spirit protection while the coven members refresh themselves and prepare for the normal service to follow. When power is raised, the first use is

F: “We give power to… (child).”
R: “Let… take the power he needs. We give it willingly and happily.”

The normal service is then continued.

Protection and Naming of Latecomer

When the service is used for a latecomer, that is, one who is past puberty, who is not a child of Wicca, a sponsor replaces the mother. The sponsor is usually the least senior member of the coven (the most recent joiner). We usually arrange for a group of latecomers to be dedicated at the same service. They will be initiated at the next month’s eshbat or sabbat.

When two adults wish to be protected and named but have no flamen to help, they perform the service on each other; when the group increases to eight members, the service should be repeated for these two so that the power can be reinforced.

Renewing Violated Protection

Wicca believe that the world understands the difference between pleasant and proper intake and output of the body and that which is abnormal and unpleasant. Thus, when a baby is born, it is a time of utmost joy. There is no need for special service to “church” the mother; she is not unclean. She has just performed one of the most sacred acts: she has reincarnated a spirit. There is no need to reprotect her. She has more protection at this time than at any other time of her life.

If one of the coven takes internally something dangerous, or is possessed, the orifice involved should be resealed because its protection was insufficient.

Preliminaries before Initiation Service

When a child develops to a stage where the physical attributes of reproduction are present, he can become a full member of the coven. This is a landmark in the child’s life, when he is made to understand his new capabilities and responsibilities. Wicca do not threaten their children into submission or bring them up as suppressed perverts. The parents relinquish the spiritual guidance of the children to the coven, and warn them that temporal authority will also soon be outside the family.

The Wicca child enjoys bedtime because it is then that both parents take time to be with him and to mediate pleasantly on the day’s happenings. If a member of the family – even a parent – has overstepped the mark, all is forgiven; an attempt is made to clarify in the delinquent’s mind where he has erred. This quiet time thus becomes the family meditation period, and the Wicca child has his natural psychic capability developed rather than suppressed. The child is exposed to the basic precepts of Wicca from his first moments of understanding; hence, he has no requirement for the full development classes necessary for latecomers. The child must know the various phases of the services and one of the branches of healing and prediction, and he must have made his set of tools. Latecomers, known as novices, not having th benefit of the natural growth of Wicca beliefs within them, are required to attend a long development class and get to this stage in a minimum of six months hard work.

In the final weeks before initiation, the child meets the flamen, the other novices, and their sponsors. Through discussion the flamen decides whether the child needs special teaching before initiation. IF such teaching is required, it is usually very littel and is given by a chosen sponsor.

The sponsors for the child or novice are the most recent coven initiates, though if there is too large a differential in age or physique, the coven elects special sponsors. The sponsor is an outside friend, one on whom the child or novice can depend; not one of the family. Nor is the flamen of the coven a sponsor, for he is too awe-inspiring.

It is hoped by Wicca that the first full sexual experience will take place in the plesant surroundings of the coven and that the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the experience will lead the child to a complete life.

The horror stories through which the Establishment attempts to downgrade this aspect of Wicca and the threatened terrible consequences of obeying natural instincts cause Wicca to more time and trouble in preparation for the sexual experience than of old. The physical attributes of male and female virginity are destroyed at the youngest possible age, either by the mother or by a doctor. In the female case, the hymen is painlessly broken surgically. In the male case, the mother makes absolutely sure that the foreskin can be drawn fully back by cutting the underside attachment membrane.

At the last sabbat or eshbat before the initiation, the female novice is given the sacred phallus and the instruction sheet in Table 5 so that she can learn to insert and remove the phallus quickly and comfortably. She is also taught how she should lie and what she should do during the initiation ceremony.

The male novice is instructed by his sponsor on his role and responsibilities in life. She reviews with him the functions of his various glands in fertilization; she also examines him to make certain that he knows precisely what he must and must not do during his initiation.

The final three days before the initiation are a time of fasting. Ideally, only honey, water, and homemade bread should be taken, Throughout the fast the novices are given a demonstration of introitus by a couple selected by the coven. The novice makes her own decision on contraception or lack of it. If she needs advice or help, the sponsor is the one to give it. (The IUD is the recommended Wicca preventive.) The novices are, therefore, completely prepared and the initiation holds no fear for them. There is no hazing, no secret, mysterious, and terrible ritual. Everything is made as comfortable and as matter-of-fact as possible.

Table 5. Use of the Phallus

(Instructions for Female Novice)

You have been entrusted with two phali; these are in your care until your initiation. We would like you to be initiated at the next coven meeting, which will take place on …. This means that, excluding your menstruation time, you have three weeks to prepare your muscles for introitus. Your father or your sponsor will help you if you have any difficulties or pain. You may have to delay your initiation, but there is plenty of time and no need to hurry. These are important development phases. Relax and take your time. You have no hymen; there is no restriction except the vaginal muscles.

After your evening discussion and meditation, and before you go to bed, take the smaller phallus and smear it with lubricating jelly. Either lie on your back with your knees up and legs slightly apart, or stand up and bend your knees. Spread the lips of the vagina and gently insert the phallus. Remember it must point toward the back, not up inside you. Push the phallus in until the vaginal entrance muscles close around the core. Wear it and the larger phallus in accordance with the following table, except during menstruation.

Morning Evening
Day (Minutes) (Minutes)
Small Phallus 1 & 2 10
3 & 4 10 20
5 & 8 All Night
Large Phallus 9 – 12 10 10
12 & on 10 20

The small phallus must be returned to the flamen when you are sure the large phallus is comfortable. He will destroy it and will know by its return that you will be ready for initiation on the above date.

Order of Service: Initiation of a Novice

The service takes place just prior to a standard sabbat or eshbat. The robed coven assembles, and the novices sit on the ground near the center fire. Chairs are placed in a circle, and the outer single line of a full circle is completed with the usual protective blessing. The following prayer is repeated three times, first by the flamens, then by the coven, then by all.

“We are gathered here to intiate these novices. Help us with our work, which is for your good. We pray you, ward off mischevious spirits. We pray you, help these novices. They will help you with your work. Help us, oh God, to help you”

No more than two novices are admitted at one time. There is no way of conducting a mass initiation. Each person is an individual and is important.

The flamenca works with the male, and the flamen with the female. The flamenca takes precedence.

Fca: “My son…, how long have you studied Wicca?”
Novice: ” For…”
Fca: “My son…, have you studied other religions?”
N: “i have studied … and reject it.”
Fca: “You understand that when you are initiated your mind and body will be used by the coven to help others?”
N: “Yes. When it’s in my power, I will obey the direction of the coven.”
Fca: “You understand what is required of you this night, and you freely undertake these responsibilities?”
N: I understand my responsibilities, and I come freely to seek entrance to this coven.”

The flamenca gives the novice a full glass of mead.

Fca: “Drink then this mead, and tell us: what do you vow?”

There is no fixed answer to this question. A short speech is reqired which pledges allegiance to Wicca precepts and to the coven.

Fca: “What method of healing are you going to attempt?”
N: names herbal, spirit, or telepathic
Fca: “Describe three requirements for a cure”
N: Again there is no fixed reply, but a concise answer should be given.
Fca: “What method of prediction are you going to attempt?”
N: names scrying, tarot, palmistry, natural, numerology, or astrology.

The flamenca now asks a critical question on the method named, for example, tarot: “What means the Page of Wands reversed?”

N: must give an appropriate answer.
Fca: “Sponsor, come forth.”

The sponsor (in this case a female) removes her robe and comes forward.

Fca: “Show us your dance.”

N rises, removes his robe, and with his sponsor dances once around the circle inside the chairs in imitation of the two modes of the coven dance. They stop before the flamenca.

Fca: “Do you of the coven accept this applicant?”
Coven: “Yes.”

Fca (to Novice): “Go now, and rest. If you are of the like mind when you return bringing the fruits of your body with you, you will be accepted. Blessed be… and… (sponsor).”

The couple leave the circle.

Questions and answers for a female candidate are identical to those for the male until the request from the flamen.

Fca: “Sponsor, come forth.”

The sponsor (in this case male) removes his robe and comes forward. The novice removes her robe and stands beside the sponsor in front of the flamen.

F: “Do you now accept your sponsor?”
N: “Yes.”
F: “What does the phallus symbolize?”
N: “That my body is sacred.”
F: “What should happen to that phallus?”
N: “It should be given back to the God through flame.”

The novice casts the phallus into the fire. The previous order of service then resumes.

F: “Show us your dance.”

It continues through the couple’s departure from the circle. (The wording is changed to, “Bring back the fruits of your sponsor’s body.“)

At this time the coven wait for the return of the first novice. The members meditate, raising power and sending the power into the new novices. When the male initiate and his sponsor return, the flamenca takes over.

Fca: “Does the novice now understand the meaning of life?”
S: “Yes”

The sponsor puts on her robe and sits down.

Fca: “Do you still wish to be a member of this coven?”
N: “Yes.”
Fca: “Do you have the fruits of your body (sponsors body)?”
N: “Yes”
Fca: “What symbolize these fruits?”
N: “They symbolize the fact that seed is the sacred giver of life and must be given back to God through the flame.”

Flamen and coven pray as she (flamenca) casts seeds into the fire.

“Oh God, we give back these seeds. We preay you, make abundant the fertility of nature.”
Fca: “Make your vows.”


“I will gladly accept:

the responsibility of my life’s role;

the guidance and help of this coven;

the guidance and help of God’s messengers.

I swear that i will:

help to prevent evil; obey the rules of the coven;

follow God’s guidance.”

Fca: “What means ‘accept my life’s role’?”


“It means that:

I will not irresponsibly fertilize;

I will use my sex for good;

I will not in lust release sperm without my partner’s permission.”

(Female substitution)

“I will not irresponsibly conceive;

I will use sex for good;

I will not exchange my sex for anything else.”

Fca: “Give me your anthame.”
The novice gives a new anthame to the flamenca.
Fca: “What mean these symbols?”
The novice explains the engraved symbols.
Fca: “Let this anthame serve you well; let this be the only blood it ever spills.”
She pricks the novice’s upper forearm with the anthame so that a drop of blood falls on the blade. She returns the anthame to the novice. He rerobes.
Fca: “Have you other tools?”
N: “I have my ankh.”
He brings it forth from its wrappings. The flamenca measures the ankh.
Fca: “It is well made.”
She returns the ankh to the novice.
Fca: “Abase yourself.”

He falls to the ground before the flamenca. She symbolically whips him with his own whip. He kisses her foot, she helps him to rise. He points to his ankh (symbol of the God’s authority) at her. She falls to the ground. He symbolically whips her. She kisses his foot; he helps her to rise. Flamenca and novice embrace.

The symbology of the meek overcoming the strong and the godhead overcoming all, even the flamenca, is easy to understand, but has been the cause of many attacks by the establishment, who freely change “foot” to “backside”.

The second novice goes through the same ceremony with the flamen. When both ceremonies are complete, the following prayer is said by the flamens and the coven.

F & C: “We accept you, … (female) and … (male). We pray that God also accepts you. Come to us in your hour of need. Be guided from above. May you take with you power and light.”

As the last sentence is said, the flamens give the novice a glass of sacred water to drink.

Novices: “We thank you and will do our part. We dedicate our bodies and our minds to God.”
F & C: “Blessed be… (female); blessed be… (male).”

The coven disperses for a few moments of relaxation before the meeting to follow. The novices are welcomed and congratulated by every member; the full sabbat or eshbat follows.

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Pagan Sites Infested With Sexual Predators

(Please see my previous posts: Wiccans Beware the Frosts , Protecting Pedophiles and Holding Wicca Accountable, and Child Abuse Merely An Issue of Christian Morals To Many Wiccans)

(Please see disclosure and updates at the bottom of this post.)

Around my neck on a white gold chain I wear a sterling pentacle. The star is fashioned over the Tree of Life, which rests upon a sliver of moon. Around the circular medallion is the song of the Goddess: I am the beauty of the green Earth and the white Moon among the stars. In certain circles I have found myself discretely covering the small medallion until recently when I realized I have every right to my beliefs as those who wear a Crucifix or a Star of David.

I felt this to be my path all through my childhood as I was being raised a Roman Catholic, and though I was afraid of how I would be treated should anyone find out my feelings, I was never ashamed of them. I was never ashamed of being whatever it was one would call me. I knew I was not Catholic. I knew I was not Christian. I knew I was not any religion we were taught in school, and taught to hate.

It wasn’t until a year ago I discovered the term that best described who I have always been to be “Pagan”. Though “Pagan” is an umbrella term that embraces all paths not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, I am no definitive thing. Not a Wiccan or a Druid or a Buddhist, though I hold Zen Buddhism very dear.

I am simply a Pagan in that I follow where my spirit, my soul, my inner essence tells me I should be to reach Heaven, Enlightenment, a new and greater next life.. Whatever there may be waiting for us on the other side. I sometimes fear expressing those beliefs in mixed company because of misconceptions of others. I have never, however, been ashamed of being Pagan, nor did I ever allow anyone to make me feel as if I should. My caution has never been borne of embarrassment …. until recently.

For a few weeks now, I have been aiding in the efforts of Pagans Against Child Abuse (PACA) to keep children and young teens safe at various social networking sites. More recent efforts centered around one Pagan-oriented site called

Although this particular website has monopolized quite a large sum of volunteer time, it is not the only site on the internet to be rittled with suspected predators and seemingly predatory behavior. I’ve witnesses such behavior by Wiccans and other Pagans on MySpace, deviantART, Yahoo!, and Live Journal.

What made such an issue with PACA and those helping PACA was the lack of help from Administration and the seemingly tolerant attitude of Wiccans and other Pagans in regards to child sexual abuse. The air of animosity toward anyone speaking ill of pedophiles and posting information about pedophile grooming practices (including criticism of sites like the FBI’s Sex Offender registry) was frightening, to say the least, and instantly put those of us working in the field of child protection on high alert. It always raises eyebrows and the threat level when a high number of site members attack anyone speaking ill of child sexual abusers.

I, myself, was chastized by several Wiccans and a Satanist for calling Lindsay Ashford “Lindsay ASSford”, criticizing me for not respecting him – the most outspoken child rapist on the planet, author of how-to books in ways of grooming and assaulting victims without leaving evidence, the go-to guy for any bleeding heart with an urge to “understand” pedophiles and agree what they do “isn’t really that bad.”

So, although isn’t the only site where red flags are raised in concerns of child safety, it is the most recent personal experience I have had with Wiccans and their tolerance of child sexual abuse/abusers. Therefore, I will use what I know from first hand experience for this post, but remember that this behavior is exhibited everywhere. is home to every spiritual and even non-spiritual path. There are groups offering help to new comers, homeschoolers, crafters (the Wicca craft as well as arts-and-crafts), artists, jewelry makers, writers, various nationalities, politics, and even based upon gender and sexual orientation.

The child abuse awareness group, PACA, was also there since late Spring of this year. Their main purpose was to raise awareness about child abuse – sexual and non-sexual – and to attempt to discredit the stereotype of Pagans being child abusers. Most of their posts came from The Ultimate Evil, Warriors for Innocence, Absolute Zero United, Red-Alerts, local Law Enforcement agencies, the FBI and the FBI’s National Center For Missing And Exploited Children (the online guide as well as through personal phone calls and communications with FBI agents).

Unless a person has been dwelling in a nuclear war bunker deep underground and is just learning how to use the internet, there is common knowledge that predators seeking young ones to sexually assault and exploit roam everywhere on the World Wide Web. They spend weeks, even months finding and grooming their targets.

This we know and this PACA posted about frequently, complete with news articles and broadcasts about victims of online predators, stories that could have been avoided had simple precautions been adhered to by the minor as well as the parents and even the online community in which the minor belonged.

Anyone would believe such a group would be a welcome addition, but they would be mistaken as I was mistaken until I came to learn the ugly truth about that net community and Wiccans in general.

In my time there, I witnessed many of the adult male members – ages ranging from around 32 to around 65 – leaving sexually explicit comments on the pages of girls from 13-17 years of age. These comments included graphics of nude women, scantily clad women, women in sexual situations, and statements that included “horny”, “hump”, “sexy”, “seductive”, “tease me”.

In addition to the sexually graphic comments were written comments that requested personal contact information, asked exact locations of the girls’ residences, claims that these men would cast “love spells” on the girls, offers to teach the girls about “sacred sexuality,” offers to meet the girls for “private lessons” in sacred sexuality and Wiccan rituals.

Astonishingly enough, though the Administration was made aware of such comments and the site community viewed such behavior on a daily basis, concerned members were met with resistance when they tried to interfere with such insidious conduct. Even today, Pagans who belong to fear being members of PACA due to the ridicule they receive by the community. I posted one such discussion already in my post Child Abuse Merely An Issue of Christian Morals To Many Wiccans .

To further discredit PACA, making it apparant PACA was, indeed, onto something the community preferred to remain its dirty little secret, another post appeared. Then, of course, as the blind sheeple often do, there was page after page of comments left by those who never saw proof of such ludicrous claims, yet were quick to hop on the bandwagon for which the purpose they didn’t even know.

Typically, and not surprisingly, it is filled with outright lies expressed after which their accusations cannot be disputed. Once Admin deleted PACA and its members, their profiles and any comments or posts they made were conveniently deleted with them. Profiles, comments, and posts that bore no resemblance to the allegations posted by this person with the delicate sensibilities she feels are so threatened. What an innocent person
would feel threatened about from an anti-child abuse group, we should seriously consider.

Rob Taylor, being one of the child abuse awareness volunteers who was attacked, has more on his post , which includes a few snippets of proof he was the one being harassed by one of those “freedom of speech” loving Wiccans.

Interestingly enough, the person who posted this discussion attempts to claim Admin worked “diligently” to stop and shut down PACA to put an end to its monitoring of suspicious men. Ironically, her claims to this as well as how Admin stopped PACA from gathering information about the Registered Sex Offender for Law Enforcement only serve to insinuate the community was involved in a large cover up and worked feverishly to protect the suspected sexual predators it was warned may exist on its site. Wonderful how those who fight so hard to stop defenders of children always end up making matters worse for themselves.

You see, every time a member of PACA, or even a non-member but a member of the site, posted an anti-child sexual abuse discussion, site members would swarm the discussion with hostile remarks that included claiming the person was trying to be the “morality police“, comparing sex with children as tribalism and defending even indicted child sex offenders, throwing around terms like “witch hunt” and “never again the burning times!

Yet, when the topic came to priests’ assaults of young boys, the Wiccan community approached it with no tolerance and a “string ’em up!” attitude. Burn the Catholics but spare the Wiccans for doing the same thing.

The men on (some of whom were discovered to be lying about being Wiccan) seemed to view the site as a one stop shop for any teen girl of his choosing. And why shouldn’t they feel this way? After all, they had been posing quite a hazard for some time with their suspected predatory behavior but were left to do as they wished while anyone who reported them was chastised and then banned.

Grown men, some of them well over 50, had large numbers of underage users on their friends lists. These same men posted sexually explicit graphics on their young friends’ pages, artwork that included nude images, sexual situations, sexually explicit verbage. Each comment that was turned in to admin was ignored, simply swept under the rug, or said to be a “non-issue”.

Before an imposed rule fashioned today by Admin to ban all under 18 users, was full of young teen girls with accounts their parents knew nothing about, seeking council from complete strangers about their new-found attraction to Wicca.

Their profiles suggested their parents didn’t understand them and would be so angry to learn their darling daughter was covorting with the likes of Pagans and Heathens, Wiccans and Druids. Just when they felt no one understood, no one could help, in rushed their much older, oft-times grey haired knight with offers of compassion, a shoulder to cry on, guidance into the ways of young Witches, and offers to bring them into his own Coven fold …. after, of course, she performed the ritual of Sacred Sexuality, as deemed necessary by the Frosts.

One man, who was not only reported multiple times and by multiple members of but was also on the friends lists of Admins, instructed young teen girls to call him “Uncle” and “Father”, mentioned meeting them in person, urged them to become friends and to form a coven under him.

His comments remind me of Charles Manson gathering his young sex cult. Some screen shots of the 18 shots I collected (all are readily available if needed):

Most of the females he addressed were 15 -17. The men he posted to are much older, like Lleied who is 43 and Terry who is 62. (From what I could gather, these men did not respond and Lleied was even seen to agree with the imposed rule of making PaganSpace an adult only site.)

After viewing these comments, what sort of conclusion would the average citizen make with only common sense as their tool?

I am not accusing this man of anything other than suspicious and highly inappropriate behavior at the very least, but this conduct is quite disturbing to me and everyone else I know in the child abuse and exploitation prevention industry. Believe as your own heart tells you.

During the week of Thanksgiving, a Registered Sex Offender was discovered on the site (referred to earlier in this post regarding the discussion poster). His page has since been shut down but what is really shocking is that a Admin was on his friends list.

RSO’s are supposed to be forbidden from the site. Made worse is that he was making himself available to underage girls when his probation clearly states he is forbidden from such activity. I and several others collected evidence about him, then turned that evidence over to Florida law enforcement, who then turned it over to his probation officer. In the meantime, I alerted other PaganSpace members as well as Admin.

The community was in an uproar, so Admin accused PACA of never filing a report, claiming PACA of doing the wrong thing by reporting to Law Enforcement instead of to them. This raised many eyebrows as PACA had publicly and privately alerted Admin, and the legal chain of command is to alert Law Enforcement first and foremost when witnessing registered sex offenders breaking their probation, as any one in Law Enforcement will contend.

After this incident with the RSO, the site owner posted a new rule stating anyone under the age of 16 must make their pages private (she later revised it to 18), and that no adult was to request private meetings with them.

Within two days, almost every man who had complaints lodged against him for approaching these girls suddenly privatized his page. As soon as someone would report to Admin, the man’s page would become private. The pages became private when it was mentioned this illegal activity would be passed on to law enforcement, though no one else but Admin knew of the complaints.

There were also quite a few adult-oriented groups, to which many of the afore mentioned men belonged, that were found to admit young underage members. Some of these groups were “Sacred Sexuality,” “Pagan Singles,” and “Just Lesbians A Place To Be You(I’m still scratching my head at why no one questioned the presence of the male members in a lesbian group, those very men leaving flirtatious and sexually explicit comments on underage and other women’s pages).

Because of the concerned efforts of site members, groups like these have been made to crop their members lists and drop those underage. However, the very adult groups were still visible to the young teens and any child viewing the publicly viewable site with their parent or teen sibling.

These are the types of discussions found there merely browsing as a non-member/non-site user, as well as once commented on by underage users before the forced ban:

lose of mojo” (One can only assume the intended word here was “Loss”)
Mens Energy/Tantra/Kegel Exercises
group ritual sex
Your Personal Practice
Your Lovers
elixir” (Yes, it means exactly what you may think)
Practising Sacred Sexuality
D/s and bondage
Sex for a magical purpose

Child abuse awareness volunteers were booted and harassed but these men and groups were allowed to remain unencumbered – which just so happens to also be a clear violation of the Ning network’s TOS. As owner of any website has every right to allow or disallow anyone and any group membership, they must also realize they will be held personally accountable should any underage user come to any harm through the contact that has been brought to their attention and ignored.

Thanks to the group PACA and other concerned site members, stricter measures have been taken, awareness has been risen, predators have either closed their accounts or at the very least know they are being watched. Groups like Pagan Singles, which allowed 13-17 year olds to join and be friended/approached frequently by much older men, even has this to say now for it’s joining rule:

(click to enlarge)

“Due to content of a Mature nature, this group is for those 18+ years of age. Also due to recent security concerns this group will be invite only for…”

As of Friday, the site owner announced no one under the age of 18 would be allowed on the site. She also acknowledged that her own rule of “no pornographic imagery” was being broken and promised to start enforcing it better. Though she was met with support for her decision, albeit a forced one, some were none too happy and certain male members left.

Why would grown men get angry and leave a site after the announcement of an “18 and over only rule”? Though the answer is crystal clear to you and I, don’t hold your breath waiting for the Wiccans to ask that oh-so-obvious question.

One has to wonder why any website or website members would be so opposed to hosting a group of volunteers seeking only to keep children safe and monitoring potentially dangerous situations. Why the site would prefer to ban said group in order to “keep the peace.”

Wouldn’t it be wiser to question the hostility of particular members toward such a group?

Wouldn’t it be more prudent to monitor those who speak out against groups like PACA yet speak up for a person’s right to free speech and privacy when case in point is lewd comments toward underage girls?

After learning what I have learned in just one year of trying to better inform myself about my Pagan path and its inclusion of Wicca, it boggles my mind why anyone would question those who despise and mock Wicca. As vile as PaganSpace was during my experience there, I have seen the same behavior on other Pagan/Wiccan sites and on Wiccan discussions across the net. It seems to be anywhere a majority of Wiccans gather.

And so as I write this, I am forced to contemplate the lovely pendant about my neck and just what it means to me now. I have always been drawn to the moon, have a great respect for Scandinavian religion and the Tree of Knowledge – intertwined as all paths: that from the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life from the Celts and Druids – and have always felt my personal spirituality should trump what others say I should like or not like, believe or not believe.

However, as I look now upon this 1″ silver disk-shaped medallion, a birthday gift to myself that cost $46, I realize that by wearing what has become known as the symbol of Wicca, I am paying a far greater price: that of my convictions and the code by which I live. The code that drives me to publish this scathing review of a website and a fellowship that cares more about their first amendment rights and profit margin than young girls targeted for introductions into “sacred sex”.

In removing the sign of Wicca, a path I once defended to those I accused of ignorant creedism, I remove the symbolic gloves of soft approach and raise my ink-filled sword.

No longer will I be tolerant of a path that has chosen to throw children to sexual deviants. No longer will I be fooled into ever again believing a Wiccan is deserving of the benefit of the doubt, for it has been proven to me in this past year that this Wicca of today is little more than a hippie sex cult, bent on criticizing others beliefs while droning out that every unsavory remark to them is a “witch hunt,” bent on martyrdom and self-pity, protecting their dirty little secret of child abuse by screaming about religious freedoms and tolerance.

Though I realize it is unfair to appear to include all Wiccans in my seemingly blanket statements, it is only how I have been made to feel through my dealings with majority Wiccan sites. I apologize to those who follow Wicca and care equally as much as I about child safety. However, if you want to bring honor to Wicca’s name, perhaps you should emerge from the safety of the shadows and stand up for the injustices you see when those opposed to child sexual abuse are being viciously insulted by your kind.

I don’t like feeding stereotypes, and one big stereotype of Wiccans I remember when I was a teen was that they were child abusers and law breakers. I remember rolling my eyes about the irony that the only men who abused me and that I knew to beak the law were Catholic.

I don’t like to throw a blanket statement over an entire culture for a few bad apples, but I think in the case of Wicca, it is more like a handful of good apples in an orchard of fermentation.

***DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form does this posting accuse anyone of sexual abuse or promoting sexual abuse. This article was written based upon my personal experience in what I witnessed first hand and have proof to that effect. Only the facts that are in evidence in the form of screen shots, posted and not posted, have been addressed. All gathered material to support any claim made here is readily available for Law Enforcement should any question to credibility arise.


The Wiccans – and their “Warlock” counterparts – show themselves for what they really are yet again. Those of us who posted about our experiences on have come under fire on the post presented by the owner of the site announcing no more minors.

Again, why would grown men care about the removal of minor teenage girls?

Of course, his claims of discovering our personal information, supposed criminal records, e-mailing us, and so forth are ludricious, though we’ve all enjoyed a bit of a laugh this morning over it. Those with the most to fear are they who scream the loudest.

His threats of cyber and physical assaults are criminal, screen captured, and will be dealt with via criminal charges, be assured of that.

His threats of the “Warlock” kind .. well, it’s the mentality that guides those like him to believe they function well in the real world when in actuallity, even those in the Pagan community find him ridiculous and criminal.

I’m sure there’ll be more of this hogwash but I will not turn my site for child abuse awareness and child safety advocacy into a Wiccan free-for-all. They’ve taken up enough of my precious time. Those on that site and they who think like them will never change and will be the downfall of this new age Wicca that we could all do quite without.

****UPDATE 2*****

Over the weekend, the owner and primary moderator of made a new rule to prohibit anyone under 18 from becoming a member of the site. This is the same discussion in which the previously mentioned threats were seemingly made toward PACA and its members. I didn’t have time over the weekend to post this update, so I apologize for not crediting the site sooner.

There is a bit of a “grain of salt” feeling to this new rule, however. As you can clearly see by her “tone” and chosen attitude in regards to the very real threats on her site, as evidenced by the screenshots in this blog and passed on to law enforcement, it is quite clear she only made such a change due to pressures of the Ning Network and the bad publicity her site and Alexandrian Archives, at which she is Senior Vice President, were receiving.

There is no acknowledgement here that there was any wrong doing by the older men on the site, no gratitude toward any one who alerted her and her administrators to the presence of predatory behavior and a registered sex offender, and no admission that she had allowed this behavior to continue unchecked for a good many months (perhaps more but I was only witness to the last 7 months).

There is no sense that she will ever admit that there are possible predators on her site and she has punished the teens while preserving the accounts of the ones who caused the trouble – I can still see their pages though the innocent teens have been forced to leave.

So no “Good Samaritan” award for Starrfire Price, who seems to have only chosen this route because she was backed into a corner and wanted to avoid more headaches and the pain of keeping a responsible eye on her site.

**** CLOSING ****

I’m about to take a short break for the holidays. When I return I will NOT be blogging about Wicca and its pervert issues unless something current and important to the rest of society occurs.

As for PaganSpace, I am done. I have posted warnings about the site as necessary – not just for anyone browsing the site but as mostly an example of the type of tolerances the Wicca and Pagan communities often times have, as well as an example of the dangers of any website where kids and adults are allowed to mingle unsupervised. I believe I have provided sufficient awareness in those regards and will now cease to discuss that site any further.

Information as to suspected child endangerment has been passed on to the proper authorities. If they investigate and see no wrong doing, it’s their call. If they do find something and stop something terrible from happening, great for them! On my end, I am done. That site and those people have taken up too much of my personal time and too much of my site. As important as awareness to such a grand scale was, it is concluded and I will post no more about this particular site. ~SMP

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Protecting Pedophiles and Holding Wicca Accountable

WARNING: Quote at bottom of post is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN!

This is a follow-up to my previous post: Wiccans: Beware The Frosts!

On September 22, a fellow child abuse awareness volunteer posted a discussion in PACA: Pagans Against Child Abuse on a Pagan site,, regarding the Frost’s Good Witch’s Bible – the instruction manual for raping and molesting children and calling it “sacred ritual” for entering Wicca. (quoted text will be at the bottom of this post, and is AGE 18+ APPROPRIATE ONLY!)

On that same day, she posted that same discussion on the public forum of PaganSpace so that non-members of PACA could contribute to the discussion. She was well aware there would be arguing regarding the book and did not want such behavior to take place on PACA, where child advocacy is taken very seriously and no support for child abuse is allowed. It is sad that she knew there would be supporters of the Frosts, but it goes to show how big this problem is in the Wicca community.

After only three days, the Admin of closed the discussion to any further activity, stating she was thinking of liability and slander and such. As of today, four days after the discussion was posted, she has deleted the discussion entirely – and all proof of those in support of ritual rape and molestation in the Wicca community. When another member tried to re-post the discussion, refusing to allow a cover-up, the Admin of also shut that discussion down.

I find this cover-up DISGUSTING as well as only harming Wicca.

There is a “bury our head in the sand and circle the wagons” mentality running rampant among them that apparently also includes protecting child abuse and abusers.

One of the worries I have heard over and over is that there will be a return to Satanic Panic, Witch burnings, and so forth. So, the choice they have made is to cover their own asses and damned the victimized children. Perhaps there is good reason for another Burning Times.

I have stated once before that I am Pagan. “Pagan” is an umbrella term that includes all spiritual paths that are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. I am a very spiritual person, though I do not necessarily subscribe to religion. Therefore, I proudly call myself Pagan. So, you must know that I do not take the attack on the Pagan community lightly, and I do know that by offering up Wicca to close scrutiny for harboring child abusers, I am inviting fanatics and fundamentalists to group everyone under the “umbrella” together, not just separate Wicca as should be done. You must be wondering, or thinking, I must not care much for my path if I were to sacrifice it so easily.

Let me tell you a little story about myself: I was molested between the ages of 6-7 by a man my own siblings sent me to for just such a thing to happen. When I finally came forward to my parents about it, I was told it was my duty as a Catholic and a good Christian to forgive and forget, that we had to think of his wife who would be alone should he go to prison, and that he is my elder and I must not speak of such things because I was to respect my elders. (It was posted on one of those discussions at PaganSpace by an obvious pedophile sympathizer that we were rude and wrong for attacking the Frosts because they are Wiccan elders and should be respected. See a pattern here?)

Due to my parent’s words and their refusal to defend me, I did not tell them or anyone else when I was violently molested between the ages of 13-16, raped and forcefully sodomized between 16-18, raped again and then raped and tortured for several more years.

I have since found my voice and my courage to speak out, and I can promise you that if my parents were alive today, I would call them pedophile supporters to their faces and for all to hear. Wicca deserves no more respect than my permissive, abusive (because ignoring my pleas for help from a pedophile IS abusive) parents.

When the pedophilia and rape by priests came out, there was shock, outrage, and eventual crucifixion of the Church. Not simply because some priests did horrid things to children. It was also because the abuse was revealed by victims tired of being silenced and paid off by the Church so their abusers could move on to other children while the Church shuffled them around and pretended nothing was wrong, never once punishing the offending priests or warning congregations of the priests’ activities. They covered it up and therein lies the crux of the outrage and cries for the downfall of the Catholic Church.

The Frosts are just as accountable for their behavior as the pedophile priests. Just as the passive behavior of the Wiccan community is no less heinous than that of the Vatican. Why should Wiccans, then, be treated any differently when they attempt to cover-up and excuse child abuse in their house?

Let me make this perfectly clear: There is only agree or disagree with child abuse. There is NO middle ground! Child abuse is child abuse is child abuse! Either you support it or you don’t. Period. And what the Wiccan community is doing when they silence discussions where the majority is speaking out against major figures of Wicca who preach child sexual abuse is choosing to SUPPORT child abuse and the abusers. PERIOD! THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!

Therefore, if Wiccans want to continue to sweep the CLEAR preachings of the Frosts – in their own writing – under the rug and hide their heads in the sand, then the Wiccans who do so deserve the scrutiny they bring upon themselves for defending pedophiles. Defend pedophiles, you support pedophilia. This is not only opinion but it is FACT that will earn you a place on a government watch list, where you belong!

Now, one of the arguments the most vocal child sexual abuse supporter had to say was that this was merely “tribalism” and we had no right telling this couple and their followers how they worshipped.

No, this is NOT tribalism in any fashion. So what if it is? This is America and this is 2008! Furthermore, no tribe I have ever heard of tells a father to take a wooden dildo and shove it into his daughter at an age as young as 10, or possibly younger, to prepare her for orgies with older men at her initiation. I say “possibly younger” because the age the Frosts say is when puberty begins. Some girls begin their menstruation as young as 9. I’ve heard of 8 in rare cases, as well. Starting mine at 12 was considered late, but even if 12 or 13 was the age to which the Frosts were referring, it is still child sexual abuse, incest, and ILLEGAL!

Additionally, it is suggested by the Frosts that the father should familiarize his daughter with sex by molesting her in the bath at a very young age. How is this tribalism? It is NOT. This is not in any way, shape, or form the required initiation for ANY religion or spiritual path or any other group other than Pedophiles. ONLY pedophiles preach molesting children and raping them with objects. ONLY pedophiles!

Additionally is the genital mutilation ordered by the Frosts in this book. The mother is to mutilitate her son’s penis and then mutilate the daughter’s hymen, or have a doctor do it. We are intolerant of Islam’s teachings of genital mutilation. Wicca and the Frosts are just as deserving of our intolerance and demands to an end to such a vile act.

One thing that was mentioned was that this book has been around since 1972, so why the sudden outrage. No, this is not sudden. This fight with the Frosts has been taking place ever since the book came out. The only difference now is that we have the internet and more people in the Wicca and Pagan communities are coming forward to speak out against it.

For years, it was unheard of for a Wiccan to speak out against a fellow Wiccan for fear the Christians would find another reason to persecute them. This fear is very well grounded and I understand that position. However, there is NO excuse to throw children to the wolves to spare Wicca – or any other group!

Now, I will NOT publish names of those who spoke out in defense of the Frosts or their beliefs on that discussion (though a couple have proved themselves to be pedophile sympathizers and are now under very close watch) because I will not make any one person the proverbial whipping boy or martyr for what is consensus among others in Wicca. This post is, also, not about them or waging a war on a handful of members of one website.

This post IS about holding Wiccans accountable for what they ALLOW within their organization. From what I saw on those discussions, the post of AJ Drew, and other places on the net, the vast majority of Wiccans are outraged over the Frosts and their instruction manual for sexually abusing children, and they do not even see the Frosts as “elders” or any representative of Wicca in the least. It’s been said the Frosts are self-proclaimed bringers of Wicca here in the US, which is a total fabrication and an example of their need for self-importance.

I find it difficult to embrace those sentiments of the anti-Frosts when the majority of them still would prefer keeping the Frosts and their inexcusable behavior in the closet rather than let the world know Wicca acknowledges their activities and does not condone or accept it.

Once again, I understand the fear that this will only provide the ignorant anti-Wiccans, anti-Pagans, and spreaders of stereotypical lies regarding us all (baby killers, human sacrifices, animal abusers, devil worshippers, and yes, child abusers). I feel it is loathsome that a group would refuse to help children if it means offering themselves up to the ignorance of prejudice, but I understand the fear.

From my own experience, there are certain circles I know full well I cannot share my Pagan beliefs or even allow to see the pentacle around my neck. I can stand there and listen to them freely and without restraint speak of their faith and attempt to cram their beliefs down my throat, but I know quite well that I haven’t the same rights in many public settings. Pagans have less rights in this country than others and it is wrong, a shame, and a violation of our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion. I could go on all day about the persecution of Pagans, but that isn’t what this is about and it is NOTHING compared to the child abuse being permitted and supported.

What Wiccans cannot seem to grasp is that keeping this a secret from the world, burying it in hopes no one outside of Wicca will see, and covering up every discussion that brings this dirty little Wicca secret to light is exactly what has torn apart the Catholic Church and made it the mockery it is today. If Wiccans think their lives are so difficult now, wait until this gets more attention. The choice is theirs: Either speak of it openly and disown the Frosts as having any claim to being true Wiccans and representative of anything for which Wicca stands, or continue the cover-up and have the Frosts in addition to the cover-up dragged into the light. Which do Wiccans think will be more harmful to them?

Having said that, it is my full intention to alert in the coming week every organization I know about the Frosts and the cover-up by the Wiccan community. Yes, you heard me and your suspicions are correct: I WILL be informing every fundamentalist group that would love to hear of this. You will be dragged kicking and screaming into the light since you have chosen, instead, to cower in the dark!

It’s been said that this book is over 30 years old, so why bother. The book was published in 1972, yes, but the copyright for it has been renewed every year, continues to be preached from by the Frosts and their followers, and continues to be purchased – further padding the Frost’s pockets at the risk of every child of every idiotic, abusive parent who reads it!

In recent years, the Frosts added an addendum at the front of their book trying to excuse their ideas of genital mutilation. They completely left out their instructions of rape with dildos by fathers and forced orgies, trains of Wiccan men raping the young Wiccan girl as her initiation. They also have a section instructing men who participate in the gang rapes of how to avoid legal problems (prosecution for child rape) and that they must sign a document excusing the Frosts of being responsible for any child abuse allegations (though it is the Frosts who provide the mead to the children to get them drunk after having the parents starve the child for 3 days, and it is the Frosts who host the rape orgies).

Therefore, though the original publication was in 1972, the book and its teachings are very much still part of the Frost’s beliefs and requirements for being part of their coven.

Why this couple and their followers have not been prosecuted is beyond comprehension. Why this book has been allowed to exist is beyond comprehension. I have heard it is because they are protected under the right to worship as they please, Freedom of Religion, recognized as a church, and the government, in all of its political correctness, has chosen to do just as Wicca has chosen and not stir the pot and cause an uproar about religious persecution and religious freedoms.

The cover-up, then, doesn’t just involve Wicca. It involves the United States government.

My actions in the coming week will be:

1. Alert several of the most hardcore news sources
2. Alert several of the most hardcore Christian fundamentalist churches
3. Alert several of the most hardcore government watchdog groups
4. Alert any store I know which carries this book as to its content and how they are involving themselves in promoting child sexual abuse
5. Alert as many Wiccans as I can, because there are Wiccans who refuse to stand silently by just to save Wicca’s collective ass.

I invite anyone who agrees that no one has the right to preach child sexual assault and no organization has the right to cover it up to join me in this fight. I am not alone in my beliefs or my actions, and I will not stop until something is done. But for the sake of Wicca’s own image, I encourage Wiccans, themselves, to do something NOW before it is done for you!


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Wiccans: Beware The Frosts!


I wish to say first and foremost that this entry wishes not to tarnish the Wiccan or Pagan paths but to expose those who would use vulnerable newcomers to sexually abuse them and/or their children.

I have previously blogged about Catholic priests and have links to the right for survivors of Catholic priest sexual abuse. Although I have Wiccan friends and walk some Pagan paths, I will not single out any religion/path while covering up for others. There are child abusers in every religion and culture.

Some religions condone the sexualization of a child, which I will come to in future posts. Wicca, as a spiritual path, does not but there is a pedophile couple who have been using Wicca to supply their vulgar needs for over 30 years. They are Gavin and Yvonne Frost, and the title of their book, which details the rape and molestation of children as being part of Wicca membership, is ” Good Witch’s Bible”

I was sent this link to AJ Drew’s Pagan Nation post, which outlines the offensive and illegal material from the book. The books passages are in quotes with AJ Drew’s explanation following each pertinent segment.

I try not to include explicit material on my site because I want it to be open for children along with their parents to read together so they can understand the dangers out there and their parents can easily discuss what they find here. Occasionaly, I will post a warning like I did at the top of this entry in the event some content cannot be helped.

Since some of the material in AJ Drew’s post is very explicit, as he quotes directly from some of the more vulgar passages of the book, I will not re-post it here. I provide the link for parents to see it for themselves, but I encourage them not to read it in the presense of their child as this pedophile couple details acts of intercourse with children (age 10 and possibly younger) – by sponsors as well as parental units and masturbation.

There are chapters of this book that also detail legalities members of the coven should follow to be safe from prosecution should their activities become known to police. I find it a bit arrogant as well as ignorant and amusing that they think signatures by the men they encourage to bed little girls will absolve them from any legal accountability in the even the child, the child’s parents, or some outside party reports the rape and molestions to police. I also find it absurd they think a child could enter into any such contract, but this is the sort of mentality of this couple and of anyone who joins these people.

Do not mistake Gavin and Yvonne Frost or any of their followers as true Wiccans. They are a group of pedophiles and child rapists and nothing more! They have believed from the beginning that they could make Wicca into their own creation and have people follow the rules of their twisted version of Wicca and be called true Wiccans.

Wicca is NOT about child abuse and has never been! However, I find it alarming that so many in the Wiccan/Pagan community have let this book exist and have even participated in gatherings sponsored by them or featuring them as guest speakers.

It is true that no Wiccan I know would ever think to do such sick things to any child, much less condone it from another. No Coven I have ever heard of would permit such behavior, much less demand it and make it part of their initiation and membership requirements. I wonder, though, why it seems the majority of the Wiccan community has tolerated this book and these people for so long.

This is not what Wicca is about – not the ancient forms of Wicca. It’s this Neo-Wicca that seems to have introduced things by less than honorable people to less than honorable people that was never a part of the true branches of Wicca heralding from all corners of the globe. There is no excuse for tolerating these people, and I hope that any good Wiccan and Pagan who does will realize for their own good and those of all Wiccan children that their tolerance translates as their agreement with the Frost’s pedophilic ideas and actions.

I’d urge anyone who would ever consider joining any sort of organization that encourages you do things to your child or allow others to do things to your child to seek counciling. No intelligent, thinking, loving parent would EVER subject their child to such things, and any who would are just as guilty of child sexual abuse as the club that requires it.

Other Stories of Child Abuse That Should Anger Good Wiccans and Pagans
Do the Wiccan and Pagan communities really need more bad publicity? Is this what Wicca has come to?? Your actions or inactions decide!

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