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I was reading one of my favorite sites last night, Red-Alerts, and was horrified and disgusted to find the story of Hannah Overton, who has been convicted of capital murder of her 4 year old foster son, Andrew Burd. According to reports, her “God-fearing” brethren have begun a campaign to set her free, suggesting the child had it coming to him for being unruly.

Tell me if this sounds like reasonable punishment for an “unruly” child (and do please keep in mind he was 4, his previous caregiver says he never gave her a bit of trouble, and he was only in the Overton home for a month before the abuse began):

“Hannah Overton watched Andrew on a security camera in a bedroom and used food and pepper as a form of punishment” Caller-Times

“the Overtons waited nearly three hours on Oct. 2 before taking Andrew Burd to a medical clinic after he drank the mixture, vomited and drifted in and out of consciousness” Caller-Times

“Hannah Overton called [a neighbor] about 2:52 p.m. that day and asked her to watch one of her children because Andrew was intentionally vomiting and defecating and ‘smearing it everywhere.'” Caller-Times

“‘He is not sick, he is doing it to get to me,’ Hannah told the neighbor, adding he had defecated eight times, the affidavits said. — Caller-Times

“When the autopsy was performed the cause of death was ruled as sodioum poisoning with a secondary factor of blunt force trauma.” —Parents Behaving Badly

“Hospiatl workrers also noticed bruising in his body and an untreated wound on his arm that was consistent with a burn” Parents Behaving Badly

One might assume that since she was using a security cam they she may have been locking Andrew in the room, the same room where it was alleged that Andrew was forced to sleep on a piece of plywood.” —Parents Behaving Badly

From Lost in Lima, Ohio :

Dozens of news media organizations have picked up Hannah’s story- from 20/20 to Christian News Sources. They’ve picked up Hannah’s story, her version of how a child declared “healthy and fit for adoption” one month, could end up dead less than six months later. But it’s Hannah’s story they have picked up- not Andrew’s.

No one wants to talk about Andrew’s story, about the suffering he endured, the incredible pain he would have been in the last day of his life. They don’t mention that the 23 teaspoons of Zatarain’s he would have had to have ingested was almost 100 times the recommended serving size (1/4 teaspoon), which introduced almost 24000mg of salt into his body at 240mg per serving. How, in making Hannah some sort of saint, they’ve made Andrew a child that was wild, and flawed. They’ve went as far as to claim that perhaps Andrew- suffering from his never mentioned before eating disorder- might have found a moment alone in which he on his own consumed so much salt that it caused the fatal toxic levels in his blood. The bruising on his head that was listed as a secondary cause of death? Well, that wasn’t really what it seemed. Perhaps someone rubbing his head, and the onset of his death caused it. Really, it could have been anything.

There is more to Andrew’s story, but sadly, it may be washed away by a flood of support for the woman who was responsible for providing him with care, love, and protection- the woman who didn’t fulfill that responsibility.

Hannah’s church has begun a “Free Hannah!” campaign, in which they already have the support of Christian News, 20/20 and ABC. Not surprising since 20/20 has gone on record defending the liberties of pedophiles and sexual predators of children, mocking “To Catch a Predator” and defending the adult teachers’ rights to have affairs with their young teen students. (Google “Boycott 20/20 and Disney”)

The church has bumperstickers and pamphlets and websites such as this one filled with outright lies about the case and defending a mother’s right to discipline her child.

Regardless of the damage control these cretin are trying to feed the public, there is NO DISPUTING AUTOPSY RESULTS! No evidence like the bruised and scarred body of the victim. As all medical examiners know, dead victims testify the loudest.

Here is an example at their pathetic attempt of convincing the public she did nothing wrong:

Lie: Hannah created a toxic brew of spices, put it in a sippy cup and forced Andrew to drink it therefore causing his death.

Truth: Hannah gave into Andrew’s desire to have an extra helping of food on the day of the incident. His insecurity and desire for extra food had been increasing since the car accident 3 weeks earlier. He threatened to throw poop on her so she heated up a can of HEB vegetable soup (she called it chili in the interview but it was soup,) he wanted the Zaterain’s sprinkled on it (he decided he liked it the day prior.) She gave one or two small shakes onto the soup, he wanted more and started to get upset again and was grabbing at the container in her hand spilling it in the kitchen. She thought if he wanted the flavor, she could give him a bit of the flavor in water instead of giving him more food. She put two shakes into a tumbler and then poured that into a small sippy cup, put on the top and let him drink that. This equals no more than 1/4th of a teaspoon of Zaterain’s. Maybe not the wisest thing to do but certainly not the amount of spices the prosecution proposes. The amount was less than the salt lime and chili we put on our fruit at the fruit stand.

How, then, did he die of sodium poisoning? The autopsy report confirms this. Not someone wanting to frame Hannah. Not someone who doesn’t understand what they are witnessing when they see a child vomit. Not someone “over-reacting” to a child passing in and out of consciousness while the parents watch and do nothing. Yes, that certainly would be over-reacting to think such apathy is abuse.

Additionally, what parent is so terrified of their 4 year old that they bend to his every whim and permit him to hold the threat of throwing feces if he doesn’t get what he wants?!At the same time she swears this did not happen, she claims he did this to himself. Which is it, Hannah?

Yes, their entire site is filled with such irrational garbage.

FromRob Taylor at Red-Alerts :

Indeed. Andrew Burd’s story must not be forgotten in the mad rush to free a child killer. He deserves justice, and that justice would be Hannah Overton dying in prison, caged like the animal she is. But the lawyers paid for by this insidious smear campaign against a four-year-old are appealing the case and may well get her conviction overturned. Andrew needs your support now more than ever.

Don’t let Hannah Overton get away with murder.

PLEASE show your support for the real victim here, innocent little Andrew Burd. Comment on any of the stories I have linked to in support of keeping this murderous bitch behind bars.

You can also send letters, call, and fax your support to:

13th Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi Site

Nueces County Courthouse

901 Leopard, 10th Floor,

Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Telephone: (361) 888-0416 Fax: (361) 888-0794

I’m presently working on my own banners and buttons for Andrew. As soon as I am done, I will post them here and on every site I have. Please feel free to use and be sure to provide a link to any of the afore mentioned articles relaying his case.

UPDATE: This article has been brought to my attention. Apparently, Hannah Overton is the granddaughter of the Heaven’s Gate cult leader and the daughter of a man convicted of beating a teenage girl to death with a crowbar. Her church says this has nothing to do with Hannah.

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