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Terrorists Sleep With Teddybears

I was recently alerted to a news bulletin concerning Islamic terrorists using child pornography and pedophilia websites to spread their secretive information. I felt it necessary to re-post that article with links here.

Now, The Ultimate Evil is not a political blog. I would not post my personal political views on this site unless something specific regarding one side or the other occurred in regards to child abuse – positively or negatively, preserving fact and reason in my report, void of personal agenda or bias. In this case, I wish not to address any anti-war, creedist, or racist issues, nor will I post any personal subscription to conspiracies or propaganda. It is what it is. Unfortunately.

From Jihad Watch:

All’s “fair” in love and jihad? More on how, for jihadists, the end, Islamic supremacy, will always justify the means, no matter how odious.

“Al-Qaeda Hiding Behind Pedobear for British terror attacks,” from the Inquisitr, January 5:

Al-Qaeda is using pedophile websites to plot terror attacks on Britain according to British Security Services.

Al-Qaeda is using the sites due to the levels of security employed: paedophile sites are said to be password-protected and encrypted to avoid detection from police, which apparently makes them great for secretly plotting terrorist attacks as well.

A security source quoted in The Mirror said “Using child pornography sites appears to be al-Qaeda’s latest desperate attempt to avoid detection. Sadly, the high levels of secrecy, passwords and encryption demanded by paedophiles means their websites can offer good cover for terrorists.”

Pedophiles and terrorists: a snappy headline waiting to be had, but not really surprising either.

Do I believe these theories? Of course. After all, this was taking place before even 9/11. However, it is quite clear these men do not use pedophile and child porn sites merely to hide from the FBI. They have been shown time and again to support and perform child rape. More about that in the links provided in the article, which is well written and consists of more links to further expose the degeneracy of these people that need to be stopped for so many reasons, including their support and participation in child rape.

In the event some of you do not know of “pedobear(some images in link not suitable for children!), he is this:
He was started on “chan” sites, which are websites once used by teens and now infested with sexual predators, pedophiles, rapists, child pornographers, and child molestors.

Channers claim pedobear was created by the teens to alert other users when a pedophile or other sexual deviant was in their midsts. I could never confirm that claim but I will say the only thing I witnessed pedobear being used for was jokes about child rape.

They, the teens themselves, will post images of pedobear in comments about children with remarks of a desire to rape the child. The comments are vile and disturbing. So much so that I once believed they were from adult men posing as young teen boys, then was sickened to discover these writers of such disgusting child rape scenarios were in truth teen boys.

I have known people who went after pedobear on sites like, trying to have it completely removed from sites that allowed minors due to the graphic images and remarks pedobear spawned. These individuals were immediately drowned in attacks and threats of physical violence by these supposed teens, who would seemingly die if they lost their pedobear icon.

Sure, it’s fine to mock pedophiles. They deserve nothing better. However, when a person takes this icon and has it saying lewd things, often times graphic things, about the acts of raping children, it is no longer about mocking pedophiles. It is about mocking child rape and those making these remarks should be held just as accountable as someone who jokingly yells “Bomb!” on an airplane.

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