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On Friday, January 2, I received an e-mail from my very good friend and fellow child abuse awareness and prevention volunteer, Dodia Fae. She came across a website of child pornography involving boys no older than 8 and some toddlers.

What made this discovery so urgent – in addition to the child rape seen there – was the site was publicly viewable, and it was a social networking site where none of these men felt it necessary to hide.

My fellow volunteers and I filed incident reports with the FBI and Local Law Enforcement immediately, so we had several states’ law enforcement agencies looking into this.
The blatancy in which the images were posted, no effort to conceal faces or locations – even the faces of the rapists, the locations which appear in the photos to be outside in some instances in public view, the creation of this website on a publicly viewable networking property – boggles the mind. The description of the site was boldly: “A place for pedophiles only. For child porno lovers only.”
Previously, pedophiles, child rapists, and child pornographers held their secrecy to the utmost importance. They created mock accounts that seemed harmless but with hidden doorways for those who knew what the site was actually for. They weren’t and still for the most part aren’t usually this open, this publicly proud of what they are doing. However, recently on sites like YouTube, child pornography has become almost accepted and pedophiles and child abusers expressing themselves openly has become protected under “first amendment rights” issues sites like YouTube and companies like hide behind.
Being so openly pedophilic and abusive was rarely if ever done in the pedo/child porn world, yet it is becoming a trend protected by groups like the ACLU . It says quite a bit that this openness caused the seasoned SVU detective Dodia Fae spoke with to gasp and comment continuously his astonishment.
Although we knew the networking company would have immediately pulled the site from its servers, none of us reported the site to the networking company. We went directly to law enforcement so that the children and abusers could be identified before the site could be shut down. This is always the best course of action as the removal of a child abuse site removes with it the evidence and any chance of identifying the children who need to be saved as well as the rapists who need to be stopped.
At the time the site was discovered, there were only a handful of members with 72 photos of child sexual assault as well as custom avatars also showing child sexual assault. By the end of the weekend, the numbers rose considerably with the count of photos taken specifically for the website climbing dramatically.

A very important issue I must point out in the event anyone reading this comes across something similar is that many of the children looked unhurt. They appeared to enjoy what was being done to them. They were laughing, smiling, grinning, even giving the camera a “come hither” look and smirk.

Do children enjoy being sodomized and orally raped by adult men, forced to perform sex acts with other young boys and animals? No! So why do some photos of child pornography appear this way while others are obviously painful and torturous? Grooming plays a large role in this. Coercion and threats to them or their family members, as well.
So many children in this situation are groomed to feel there is nothing wrong with having sex with grown men – even women, that it is normal and they must adjust if they are to fit in, whether they like it or not. They are being raised as living sex toys and in effect, this is the breeding of future child rapists. If you raise a child to believe it is normal to have sex with adults, they will go on to rape children, themselves. It is already a battle with pedophiles and child rapists who attempt to make people believe there is nothing wrong with “child love”. Here they are creating pedophiles from scratch to strengthen their numbers.
Every child is born with the inherent ability to know right from wrong. Call it the soul, a conscience, or common sense. Whatever has been done to these children has completely removed this natural instinct that is stronger in children than in adults. Whatever has been done for this to happen is yet another terrifying factor in combating child abuse.

Many cases like this come from countries that allow it or look the other way, either because government officials are involved or because it has become a lucrative business for the country’s economy. Sadly, this attitude and behavior is being imported daily into America, where it has earned sympathy by extreme liberal groups and a welcoming committee by abusers who were once made to feel ashamed and as the criminals they so very much are.

Many of the boys seen on the site are in places like the Philippines, Thailand, London, and Canada. Some are from America. Though our law enforcement can take care of the victims in our country, there isn’t much they can do in countries that either allow it or turn their backs on the problem.

By the end of Sunday, the site was removed from public view. I am still waiting to hear from the detective if it was, indeed, the network, the poster of the site, or the FBI. The detective Dodia Fae spoke with contacted Ning and said he would have them freeze the account, make it no longer viewable to the public, and leave everything – including each member’s account information (including ISP addresses!) – viewable to law enforcement and the FBI only. We’re waiting to hear back if this was the case.

Therefore, as of Sunday, the FBI and Law Enforcement should have placed everyone who was a member of the site on a target list for investigation, arrests, and at the very least a watch list. The information pertaining to the children overseas will be investigated thoroughly by law enforcement in those countries via the personal data our FBI is able to pass along to them.

This was a drop in the bucket, I am sorry to say, in this fight, but for the several dozen pedophiles and child rapists taken down through this effort, thousands of children were saved. Though this problem is a sadly large one, it’s taking down seemingly small groups like this that causes a ripple affect saving thousands. For every member of that site, there may have been an average of 100 photos of at least 30 different children each. That’s hundreds of children that were saved or at least are now not suffering in silence. People now know and something is and will be done.

I’ve often heard hunting out child abusers on the net isn’t as important as doing so in the real world. What people who say that fail to comprehend is that the images in those photos posted online are very real children in very real abusive situations.

Ironically, the pedophiles, child rapists, and predators have taken what they once believed was a safe haven in the internet and turned it into a very easy tool for us to take them down. Where they once did their deeds in private, secretly passing on their goods in dark allies and back rooms, they have exposed themselves on the World Wide Web where they can try but will ultimately fail at keeping their true identities safe and secure. They put it on the net and we pull them in like the catch of the day.

Had Dodia Fae merely shaken her head and hit the back button on her internet browser without saying a word to anyone, there is no telling how much longer this site would have remained and how many more real children would have been raped for photo and video sharing among its members.

All it ever takes is for one person to report something either blatant or suspicious. Please, if you ever see something that doesn’t look or feel right, report it immediately to your local law enforcement. It’s nothing but a call. I spent a total of 15 minutes calling my local law enforcement and being transferred to and speaking with the detective. It took a total of 5 minutes to fill out the FBI’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children internet incident form. It really doesn’t take much to save one child or thousands.

If it doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t. Law enforcement doesn’t care if you make a mistake. They don’t fault people for reporting suspicious activity in the name of a child. They would rather people say something than keep silent, as the child cannot speak for themselves. It is far better to err on the side of a child than say nothing and allow the abuse to continue. Where there is one victim, there are many, many more.

As for the children on that site, it is not over yet and I will continue to keep communications with the detective at the local special crimes department until I have exhausted all of what can be revealed about the case – which he expressed he is more than eager to do as I spoke to him once again today.

I am asking that people please keep these children in your thoughts when you go to church services, holy celebrations, prayer or spiritual activities/services of any kind. The boys on this site need to be rescued and this dangerous trend of breeding child rapists needs to be stopped – not to mention the permissiveness of today’s society that allows pedophiles to feel safe enough to be so open about their cause and freely express their perverse desires.

As soon as I hear more from the detective I contacted, I will post updates here.


The detective I’ve been speaking with in special crimes of my local law enforcement agency called yesterday morning with a follow up. The FBI did, in fact, freeze the site for further investigation and possible arrests.

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