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Child Abuse Merely An Issue of Christian Morals To Many Wiccans

During the many heated child sexual abuse discussions at a site known as , many dare compare morality with the idea – for or against – of child abuse. Suggesting that by speaking out against child sexual abuse, one imposes their personal ideas of morals upon those who have a right not to believe the same. As if molesting and raping children is somehow the equivalent of stealing a car.

These individuals, who loathe Christianity to its core, throw around insults and accusations of anyone speaking out against child endangerment as being “Christian” for having what they refer to as “christian hang ups over sexuality” and “christian ideas about what is right and wrong”, or even “fluffy bunny”, which is a term given to anyone in the Wiccan community who does not think the same as the majority – a trait that is, ironically, associated with and chastised for in Christianity.

One person, Gwendolynn, went so far as to post a discussion attacking a group of Pagans who had revealed sexually predatory behavior, as well as the presence of a Registered Sex Offender (RSO) – of whom Administrator, Nyx_DarkSky, befriended until the PACA group (Pagans Against Child Abuse) alerted the community and Administration.

This discussion was posted by Gwendolynn on Sunday. Administration removed the post, the PACA group, and several PACA members from after comments to the post exposed once again Administration’s non-chalant attitude on predatory behavior. As soon as PACA was banned from, Gwendolynn reposted the discussion – this time excluding personal attacks and suggestions that adult consensual sex (adult porn and artistic nude) is the same as forced sex on a child. The content, mentality that is shared among most of the Wiccan community on that site, is as follows:

(Post as it appears on Click for larger view)

“Recent events have left me wondering if we, as Pagans, have an obligation to ferret out folks, and report them, for issues that, we as individuals, deem immoral? Who of us is qualified to determine what is immoral…lewd or illicit? The United States Supreme Court deals with this issue on a regular basis, yet even they have difficulty when trying to define what is or is not lewd or lascivious in nature… So who among us can define what societal values are moral or not?

Do we start discussions and/or groups and then rely on participants to police themselves, or do we monitor them ourselves? Seems to me that we should be responsible for our discussions and groups for their content and tone and take appropriate action when necessary. This is not to say that we should deny someone their opinion on a topic, as long as they are not accusatory or adversarial in their words.

I can tell you, from a law enforcement point of view (the retired cop in me) that self appointed ‘moral groups’ eventually do more damage than good and oft times endanger themselves as well as others. Quite often in their quest to be vigilant, they overstep the bounds of their authority.”

*It should be noted that this person’s claim to be a retired officer has, on more than one occasion, come into question. In large part due to the fact she has broadcast her entire family’s full names, where-abouts, and schools of her children and grandchildren on her profile. This is not something any law enforcement agent I’ve ever known would do. Let alone anyone who has worked in the child abuse awareness field, as she dared claim in a previous discussion.

In response to this post and the attitudes/mentality of the Wicca community at, I have this to say:

Would you consider someone who sees a child being groomed for abduction and rape and speaking out against it as imposing “morality” on the suspect?

So then would you define being anti-child rape as merely a matter of morality issue and not simply defending a child from a vile and loathsome act?

In that case, we must remove rape and molestation from the law books as we cannot arrest individuals for simply having a difference of religious morals than others. As a retired cop, then, Gwendolynn would have crossed that line quite often, as there are people who view theft, arson, murder, rape, and so forth as merely moral perspectives because those things are listed as no-no’s in the Christian bible. Domestic violence was seen as acceptible; therefore, making those cases void and end all protection from violent spouses .. if the law were to feel as Wiccans.

If someone sees a parent posting full names and locations of underage children on internet pages, should that person not say anything about the dangers in it? Say that person has had first hand real life experience with an online predator using such a page to track down and abduct, rape, sodomize, and murder a small child. Does that person have any responsibility what-so-ever to at least warn the page owner that they are making their children easy targets?

Moral or not, right is right, wrong is wrong. If said person can sleep at night knowing they have just witnessed a person setting children up as predator bait when they know first hand what can happen, they are a sad lot. Truly.

Should a Pagan site be treated any differently than, say, MySpace when it comes to housing sexual predators? The FBI doesn’t think so.

The FBI didn’t think it was a matter of religious freedom or morals when it went into MySpace and seized hundreds of users for being sexual predators. Law enforcement and the volunteers who work side by side with law enforcement, with the full endorsement and respect of law enforcement, does not see Pagan or Christian or Jew or Muslim or Atheist or Theist in a situation of child endangerment. They see a child who is the target or fits the target criteria of a pedophile and online predator, and they take action.

Why should being Pagan matter in the instance of child protection? Does being the child of a Pagan parent mean that child deserves less protection than non-Pagan children? I don’t think so. Neither do my fellow volunteers, Law Enforcement, or the government that makes the laws protecting ALL children.

Several in the Wiccan community recently claimed personal experience as a survivor did not make one an authority. Law enforcement and the children and parents of those children see differently, as our extensive personal experience has afforded us an exclusive look into the minds and clever actions of sexual predators, pedophiles, and rapists.

I admit to being somewhat secretive about my past, as is my right. The reason is because I don’t feel one must have had to experience what I went through to join in the fight to protect our kids and stop those wishing to molest them, rape them, sodomize them, oral rape them, photograph them nude for their pedophile friends, etc …. You don’t have to be a survivor or victim to be watchful and concerned. You just have to care.

I’ve received a lot of negative attention from people who feel I “overstep”. The only ones I received it from are child abusers and people who wish to remain ignorant about what is actually happening around them.

I understand not wanting to see the very real evil that exists for the sole purpose of hurting children. It hurts, breaks the heart, gives nightmares and makes us not want to leave our house if we let it get into our heads too deeply. Denying it exists, however, will only hurt our children.

Those of us working deligently to spread awareness and watch over kids online and in real life take most of that burden so others don’t have to see the horrors we do. Not everyone can handle it. Even I have to take long breaks, but I always come back because it is the position I choose to be in, to unselfishly look after children regardless of my heartache and nightmares so others who cannot handle it don’t have to. Someone has to watch. I’ll be that someone if others cannot.

As for the child abusers that mock me and try to discredit me so they can take me down and continue preying upon children, why should I give a damn about how they feel about me? They get their kicks from sexually abusing kids, and I should care how I make them feel or what they think about me? No, it doesn’t work that way.

See, as hard as it’s been at times to deal with these people, as hurtful as it is to see parents siding with people we warn are pedophiles in disguise, I will not stop what I do. It isn’t in me to quit. It isn’t in me to turn away from children who need my help just because it gets a little difficult for me.

Nothing anyone says to me could compare to what a child endures at the hands of their abuser, could compare to what I know will happen to that 14,15,16 year old girl being manipulated into meeting that man promising to “teach” her in the ways of the world.

I know first hand the horrors those children are facing and those girls will face. To know that and yet turn away simply to save myself from harsh words because people don’t like my watchful eye makes me as bad as any of those people.

I’ve been verbally bitchslapped a lot in this fight by abusers as well as those inadvertently coming to their defense. It makes no difference to me. I will not stop.

If it is Christian to speak out against child abuse, Christian to stand up against those desiring to sexually assault our children, Christian to fight against those who believe being anti-child rape is merely a matter of opinion to be questioned and hold less credibility than facts or compassion, then one must wonder: What exactly does Wicca stand for?

December 10, 2008 - Posted by | Culture, Religion


  1. Well said. When morality becomes subjective evil thrives.

    Comment by Rob Taylor | December 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. “When morality becomes subjective evil thrives.”

    They know not the vicious can of worms they open when raising such a dangerous argument, nor – in my experiences with them – do they care.

    Comment by TUECAA | December 11, 2008 | Reply

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