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Protecting Pedophiles and Holding Wicca Accountable

WARNING: Quote at bottom of post is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN!

This is a follow-up to my previous post: Wiccans: Beware The Frosts!

On September 22, a fellow child abuse awareness volunteer posted a discussion in PACA: Pagans Against Child Abuse on a Pagan site,, regarding the Frost’s Good Witch’s Bible – the instruction manual for raping and molesting children and calling it “sacred ritual” for entering Wicca. (quoted text will be at the bottom of this post, and is AGE 18+ APPROPRIATE ONLY!)

On that same day, she posted that same discussion on the public forum of PaganSpace so that non-members of PACA could contribute to the discussion. She was well aware there would be arguing regarding the book and did not want such behavior to take place on PACA, where child advocacy is taken very seriously and no support for child abuse is allowed. It is sad that she knew there would be supporters of the Frosts, but it goes to show how big this problem is in the Wicca community.

After only three days, the Admin of closed the discussion to any further activity, stating she was thinking of liability and slander and such. As of today, four days after the discussion was posted, she has deleted the discussion entirely – and all proof of those in support of ritual rape and molestation in the Wicca community. When another member tried to re-post the discussion, refusing to allow a cover-up, the Admin of also shut that discussion down.

I find this cover-up DISGUSTING as well as only harming Wicca.

There is a “bury our head in the sand and circle the wagons” mentality running rampant among them that apparently also includes protecting child abuse and abusers.

One of the worries I have heard over and over is that there will be a return to Satanic Panic, Witch burnings, and so forth. So, the choice they have made is to cover their own asses and damned the victimized children. Perhaps there is good reason for another Burning Times.

I have stated once before that I am Pagan. “Pagan” is an umbrella term that includes all spiritual paths that are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. I am a very spiritual person, though I do not necessarily subscribe to religion. Therefore, I proudly call myself Pagan. So, you must know that I do not take the attack on the Pagan community lightly, and I do know that by offering up Wicca to close scrutiny for harboring child abusers, I am inviting fanatics and fundamentalists to group everyone under the “umbrella” together, not just separate Wicca as should be done. You must be wondering, or thinking, I must not care much for my path if I were to sacrifice it so easily.

Let me tell you a little story about myself: I was molested between the ages of 6-7 by a man my own siblings sent me to for just such a thing to happen. When I finally came forward to my parents about it, I was told it was my duty as a Catholic and a good Christian to forgive and forget, that we had to think of his wife who would be alone should he go to prison, and that he is my elder and I must not speak of such things because I was to respect my elders. (It was posted on one of those discussions at PaganSpace by an obvious pedophile sympathizer that we were rude and wrong for attacking the Frosts because they are Wiccan elders and should be respected. See a pattern here?)

Due to my parent’s words and their refusal to defend me, I did not tell them or anyone else when I was violently molested between the ages of 13-16, raped and forcefully sodomized between 16-18, raped again and then raped and tortured for several more years.

I have since found my voice and my courage to speak out, and I can promise you that if my parents were alive today, I would call them pedophile supporters to their faces and for all to hear. Wicca deserves no more respect than my permissive, abusive (because ignoring my pleas for help from a pedophile IS abusive) parents.

When the pedophilia and rape by priests came out, there was shock, outrage, and eventual crucifixion of the Church. Not simply because some priests did horrid things to children. It was also because the abuse was revealed by victims tired of being silenced and paid off by the Church so their abusers could move on to other children while the Church shuffled them around and pretended nothing was wrong, never once punishing the offending priests or warning congregations of the priests’ activities. They covered it up and therein lies the crux of the outrage and cries for the downfall of the Catholic Church.

The Frosts are just as accountable for their behavior as the pedophile priests. Just as the passive behavior of the Wiccan community is no less heinous than that of the Vatican. Why should Wiccans, then, be treated any differently when they attempt to cover-up and excuse child abuse in their house?

Let me make this perfectly clear: There is only agree or disagree with child abuse. There is NO middle ground! Child abuse is child abuse is child abuse! Either you support it or you don’t. Period. And what the Wiccan community is doing when they silence discussions where the majority is speaking out against major figures of Wicca who preach child sexual abuse is choosing to SUPPORT child abuse and the abusers. PERIOD! THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!

Therefore, if Wiccans want to continue to sweep the CLEAR preachings of the Frosts – in their own writing – under the rug and hide their heads in the sand, then the Wiccans who do so deserve the scrutiny they bring upon themselves for defending pedophiles. Defend pedophiles, you support pedophilia. This is not only opinion but it is FACT that will earn you a place on a government watch list, where you belong!

Now, one of the arguments the most vocal child sexual abuse supporter had to say was that this was merely “tribalism” and we had no right telling this couple and their followers how they worshipped.

No, this is NOT tribalism in any fashion. So what if it is? This is America and this is 2008! Furthermore, no tribe I have ever heard of tells a father to take a wooden dildo and shove it into his daughter at an age as young as 10, or possibly younger, to prepare her for orgies with older men at her initiation. I say “possibly younger” because the age the Frosts say is when puberty begins. Some girls begin their menstruation as young as 9. I’ve heard of 8 in rare cases, as well. Starting mine at 12 was considered late, but even if 12 or 13 was the age to which the Frosts were referring, it is still child sexual abuse, incest, and ILLEGAL!

Additionally, it is suggested by the Frosts that the father should familiarize his daughter with sex by molesting her in the bath at a very young age. How is this tribalism? It is NOT. This is not in any way, shape, or form the required initiation for ANY religion or spiritual path or any other group other than Pedophiles. ONLY pedophiles preach molesting children and raping them with objects. ONLY pedophiles!

Additionally is the genital mutilation ordered by the Frosts in this book. The mother is to mutilitate her son’s penis and then mutilate the daughter’s hymen, or have a doctor do it. We are intolerant of Islam’s teachings of genital mutilation. Wicca and the Frosts are just as deserving of our intolerance and demands to an end to such a vile act.

One thing that was mentioned was that this book has been around since 1972, so why the sudden outrage. No, this is not sudden. This fight with the Frosts has been taking place ever since the book came out. The only difference now is that we have the internet and more people in the Wicca and Pagan communities are coming forward to speak out against it.

For years, it was unheard of for a Wiccan to speak out against a fellow Wiccan for fear the Christians would find another reason to persecute them. This fear is very well grounded and I understand that position. However, there is NO excuse to throw children to the wolves to spare Wicca – or any other group!

Now, I will NOT publish names of those who spoke out in defense of the Frosts or their beliefs on that discussion (though a couple have proved themselves to be pedophile sympathizers and are now under very close watch) because I will not make any one person the proverbial whipping boy or martyr for what is consensus among others in Wicca. This post is, also, not about them or waging a war on a handful of members of one website.

This post IS about holding Wiccans accountable for what they ALLOW within their organization. From what I saw on those discussions, the post of AJ Drew, and other places on the net, the vast majority of Wiccans are outraged over the Frosts and their instruction manual for sexually abusing children, and they do not even see the Frosts as “elders” or any representative of Wicca in the least. It’s been said the Frosts are self-proclaimed bringers of Wicca here in the US, which is a total fabrication and an example of their need for self-importance.

I find it difficult to embrace those sentiments of the anti-Frosts when the majority of them still would prefer keeping the Frosts and their inexcusable behavior in the closet rather than let the world know Wicca acknowledges their activities and does not condone or accept it.

Once again, I understand the fear that this will only provide the ignorant anti-Wiccans, anti-Pagans, and spreaders of stereotypical lies regarding us all (baby killers, human sacrifices, animal abusers, devil worshippers, and yes, child abusers). I feel it is loathsome that a group would refuse to help children if it means offering themselves up to the ignorance of prejudice, but I understand the fear.

From my own experience, there are certain circles I know full well I cannot share my Pagan beliefs or even allow to see the pentacle around my neck. I can stand there and listen to them freely and without restraint speak of their faith and attempt to cram their beliefs down my throat, but I know quite well that I haven’t the same rights in many public settings. Pagans have less rights in this country than others and it is wrong, a shame, and a violation of our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion. I could go on all day about the persecution of Pagans, but that isn’t what this is about and it is NOTHING compared to the child abuse being permitted and supported.

What Wiccans cannot seem to grasp is that keeping this a secret from the world, burying it in hopes no one outside of Wicca will see, and covering up every discussion that brings this dirty little Wicca secret to light is exactly what has torn apart the Catholic Church and made it the mockery it is today. If Wiccans think their lives are so difficult now, wait until this gets more attention. The choice is theirs: Either speak of it openly and disown the Frosts as having any claim to being true Wiccans and representative of anything for which Wicca stands, or continue the cover-up and have the Frosts in addition to the cover-up dragged into the light. Which do Wiccans think will be more harmful to them?

Having said that, it is my full intention to alert in the coming week every organization I know about the Frosts and the cover-up by the Wiccan community. Yes, you heard me and your suspicions are correct: I WILL be informing every fundamentalist group that would love to hear of this. You will be dragged kicking and screaming into the light since you have chosen, instead, to cower in the dark!

It’s been said that this book is over 30 years old, so why bother. The book was published in 1972, yes, but the copyright for it has been renewed every year, continues to be preached from by the Frosts and their followers, and continues to be purchased – further padding the Frost’s pockets at the risk of every child of every idiotic, abusive parent who reads it!

In recent years, the Frosts added an addendum at the front of their book trying to excuse their ideas of genital mutilation. They completely left out their instructions of rape with dildos by fathers and forced orgies, trains of Wiccan men raping the young Wiccan girl as her initiation. They also have a section instructing men who participate in the gang rapes of how to avoid legal problems (prosecution for child rape) and that they must sign a document excusing the Frosts of being responsible for any child abuse allegations (though it is the Frosts who provide the mead to the children to get them drunk after having the parents starve the child for 3 days, and it is the Frosts who host the rape orgies).

Therefore, though the original publication was in 1972, the book and its teachings are very much still part of the Frost’s beliefs and requirements for being part of their coven.

Why this couple and their followers have not been prosecuted is beyond comprehension. Why this book has been allowed to exist is beyond comprehension. I have heard it is because they are protected under the right to worship as they please, Freedom of Religion, recognized as a church, and the government, in all of its political correctness, has chosen to do just as Wicca has chosen and not stir the pot and cause an uproar about religious persecution and religious freedoms.

The cover-up, then, doesn’t just involve Wicca. It involves the United States government.

My actions in the coming week will be:

1. Alert several of the most hardcore news sources
2. Alert several of the most hardcore Christian fundamentalist churches
3. Alert several of the most hardcore government watchdog groups
4. Alert any store I know which carries this book as to its content and how they are involving themselves in promoting child sexual abuse
5. Alert as many Wiccans as I can, because there are Wiccans who refuse to stand silently by just to save Wicca’s collective ass.

I invite anyone who agrees that no one has the right to preach child sexual assault and no organization has the right to cover it up to join me in this fight. I am not alone in my beliefs or my actions, and I will not stop until something is done. But for the sake of Wicca’s own image, I encourage Wiccans, themselves, to do something NOW before it is done for you!


September 27, 2008 - Posted by | Culture, Dangerous Trends, Pedophiles Exposed, Religion, Wicca


  1. Awesome. This is a strong stand and one that’s needed. If Wicca cannot take the moral leadership they demand from the neo-Pagan community seriously they must stand aside.

    So few Wiccans are on firm moral footing themselves that they rarely speak out about abuse for a variety of reasons and it’s outrageous. Remember that case a few years ago of the Wiccan who was raping autistic kids he cared for and when he was caught he said it was part of his religion? Most people don’t because Wiccans studiously ignored it.

    It’s time to call Wiccans to task for putting their fantasy of persecution befroe the reality of child sexual abuse.

    Comment by Rob Taylor | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I did save copies of the discussion and all comments from the second discussion posted at I did not make it to the original before that was deleted, unfortunately, but I did copy some quotes, along with the names of those who posted them, if you’re interested. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through the entire discussion… It just got too disgusting, and I had to take a break.

    BTW, here is the link posted by Crescent in the original discussion:
    It is the entire section in question, in context. I read it through and there is no way that reading the entire thing should convince anyone that it is not advocating child molestation and rape.

    Comment by DF | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. It was disgusting and I have found the same sort of thinking all over the web. I’m writing a post about it but I’ve found so many examples of people defending the indefensible I have to pick and choose.

    We should publicize this far and wide.

    Comment by Rob Taylor | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thank you Rob and DF!

    Thank you, Rob, for being one of those never afraid to speak out for victims and never putting the Path above compassion.

    Thank you, DF, for your original post and for enduring so much in posting it. I was sad to see some of your strong supporters turning to defend the pedophilia supporters who showed up and painted a pretty picture over the ugliness of the sexual abuse taking place. Thank you, also, for that link! I’ll add it to this entry with a disclaimer for parental guidance in viewing. Hang onto those quotes and the names associated with them, or e-mail them to me if you’d like. They may be needed!

    Comment by TUECAA | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  5. Yes, Rob, we should! I fully intend to, as well. I can’t wait to read your post! Leave a comment here with a link when you’re done, okay?

    Comment by TUECAA | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  6. I just finished mine, which is a slam on the anything goes attitudes of many Wiccans. Just spell checking it and it’ll be up by 5:00

    Comment by Rob Taylor | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  7. Incredible post, Rob! Just great! Here is the link so others may read your powerful words:

    Comment by TUECAA | September 27, 2008 | Reply

  8. I am wiccan, and I dont support child molestation or abuse any more than the average wiccan. in other words, child abuse is disgusting, and horrible. I feel so bad for those poor children, and would of course like to wipe child abuse and child molestation from the earth. But what the Frosts said is truly unexcusable, if that is their same belief. But to be honest, have you ever heard of the Wiccan rede? “An ye harm none, do as ye will” HARM NONE are the key words here. and this is a law that the vast majority of Wiccans follow. So a real Wiccan would never ever abuse a child, because it is wrong and even if they didnt think so, karma would kick their butt so hard they would have to have it surgically removed.

    Comment by Crimson | September 22, 2010 | Reply

  9. so i would just like to point out that what the Frosts said doesnt automatically make every wiccan follow this, because a very wide majority of us dont. and I am so sorry about your childhood, and I know it must be hard for you. I hope things are better now and whoever hurt you got what they deserved.
    Blessed Be )O(

    Comment by Crimson | September 22, 2010 | Reply

  10. Thank you, Crimson. I appreciate your comments!

    Comment by TUECAA | September 23, 2010 | Reply

  11. No real Wiccan would ever commit the actions described in this ritual. The article on Paganspace has long since been removed. This was obviously nothing more than an attempt by a conservative christian to discredit Wicca. This page should be removed immediately for promoting lies about a good peace loving religion thats golden rule is “As it harms none, do what ye will.” Harms none, that includes children.

    Comment by Phoenix | January 17, 2012 | Reply

    • Well, Phoenix, your dear Starfire removed it to save her ass from charges and a lawsuit (her site came under FBI investigation when she and Nyx protected a child molester on the site after they were alerted that he was contacting minors). It was stated quite clearly that she removed it and her excuse. A bit late to the show and not too quick on the uptake, aren’t you?

      Furthermore, the text is DIRECTLY QUOTED from the Good Witch’s Bible, written by the Frosts, who are still to this day FEATURED AUTHORS AND HONORED GUESTS at Wiccan celebrations across the country. If no Wiccan would support their child rape instructions, why are Wiccans still slobbering at their feet?

      As for your asinine accusations of this being a Christian attempt at attacking Wicca and claiming this post is full of lies, it’s very clear you’ve never visited here before. Too bad you didn’t look around because you now look like the damned idiot you are. I’ll give you a clue (complete with screenshots of wiccans on paganspace doing just what they are accused):

      Fucking moron.

      Comment by TUECAA | January 17, 2012 | Reply

    • Where do you people come from? I am convinced there is a hole somewhere on this great Earth that has been cursed to produce dumb and dumber. People like you should go back and crawl into it!

      Comment by Frank | January 18, 2012 | Reply

      • LMAO Frank! Good to see you :)!

        Comment by TUECAA | January 18, 2012 | Reply

        • Wiccans are no more responsible for child molesters than the Catholic Church. If the behaviour in the Foster’s books has EVER been witnessed by anyone with functioning brain matter – I would like to think the authorities were called immediately. Anyone who does NOT do this is part of a group I like to call the “subspecies”. I refuse to believe that they and I are the same species.

          Wicca is NOT the problem. The problem is a society that allows people to get away with anything – especially under the guise of freedom of speech. I have a difference of opinion.

          I am more than a little upset these days when those who do these things are allowed to blame it on ANYTHING except their own actions. Our society is going down hill faster than the speed of sound. No one is responsible for anything anymore. The Fosters are a perfect example of this theory. This is also why they are not in prison.

          Why do Wiccans line up to see or hear the Fosters? I can think of three reasons – stupidity, ignorance, or gathering ammo to use against them. I find the last reason to be most unlikely – anyone who can READ already has the ammo.

          Also, have you checked out the book, Fire by Kristin Cashore? This book has it all! Rape, the heroine murdering her father, incest, out of wedlock children, birth control, it has everything!! A link to a review:

          Did I mention this book was the Number ONE book of 2009 for CHILDREN and School and won numerous awards for being the best children’s book ever????

          Try to put the blame where it belongs and don’t tar everyone with the same brush as the Frosts.

          Thank you.

          Comment by susanne | April 3, 2012 | Reply

          • Susanne, you make very valid points. If you read through my site, you’ll find that I will call to order ANY religion that has a history of protecting child abuse of any kind. To the right is a category drop down list. Click on “Religion”.

            As for this post, I WILL hold Wicca responsible as a whole because I have witnessed first hand belonging to pagan sites the lengths to which wiccans will go to justify, condone, and cover-up child abuse and sexual predators within their ranks – not just of children but of women, as well. I’ve provided screen shots to prove it.

            There is outrage in the media and in headlines around the world when the catholic church protects child raping priests. Where are the headlines and public outrage when wiccan priests/priestesses/communities cover-up child abuse? It’s politically incorrect to do so, just as you will find the liberal media covering up the islam-driven child sex slavery and rapes. The children be damned.

            Wiccans are just as responsible for child molesters as the catholic church and islam. When an organization provides sanctuary to child abusers, they are responsible. Period.

            Comment by TUECAA | April 3, 2012 | Reply

  12. I am a Wiccan. Child abuse is the most horrible scourge on Earth. We all know this is true. Instead of trying to hating Wicca – how about we place the blame where it really lies – with the Frosts and their evil ways? I’m still trying to figure out why they haven’t been arrested for selling child abuse and pornography around the globe? I KNOW Wiccans do NOT spread this evil anymore than the Catholics teach the priests to abuse children. A lot more good can be done if you concentrate on the guilty parties instead of dividing your efforts against several million innocent people who firmly believe that people who abuse children are lower than whale drool and that’s on the bottom of the ocean!!

    And exactly how is Wicca “covering up”?? The Frosts don’t even try to cover up the filth they teach and tell.

    Thank you.

    Comment by susanne | April 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Okay, dumbass. One last reply and the rest of your ignorant posts are going into spam.

      The experiences I have outlined with the wiccan community include one of the largest international online groups on the net. When the owners and admins were alerted to the sexual predators on their site targeting girls 13 and under (who weren’t even supposed to be on the site due to their own rules at the time of 16+), THE ADMINS instructed the men preying on these girls to make their profiles “private” so that we (those of us who saw what they were up to and reported them) could no longer see. When we (DOZENS of fellow pagans) started warning the girls we saw friending these men, the site came out with a brand new rule that said any profile of a user under 16 had to be made private. When we reported the pedophile who admitted on his page of being a registered sex offender for his sexual abuse of his little nieces, he was warned by the owners and admins to block us and to put his profile private so that “strangers” coming in couldn’t see.

      The FBI got involved because of all of this COVER-UP the site was doing. And then new forum threads started in which those of us concerned for these girls were called judgmental and “christians in disguise.” Then they fell back on the old martyr stand-by: “Never again the burning times!” and claiming it was a witch hunt.

      Considering that most of the members guilty of this cover-up also belonged to WitchVox and other nationally and internationally known groups on and off the net, this suggests to anyone with even a minute semblance of a brain cell that there are serious pedophilia issues within wicca and are covered-up and ignored.

      Incidentally, there are hundreds of case files of child sexual abuse and other forms of abuse regarding children at wiccan events and ceremonies and within wiccan homes. The reason there are special is because when law enforcement tries to investigate, the wiccan community comes together to protect the wiccan family/coven/group by claiming they are having their religious rights trampled on. If there were no wish to cover anything up, why doesn’t the wiccan community just let law enforcement do its job? No one in law enforcement targets someone because of their creed. They don’t see color or race or religion when they get a report of sexual abuse. Why does wicca think it’s above the law? If they cared so much about kids, let the police do their damned job!

      THIS is how wicca covers up sexual abuse. Nowhere have I ever accused every wiccan of child abuse or covering it up. But I WILL continue to speak out against the COVER-UPS. I don’t give a fuck if you like it or not. If this bothers you, go away. Simple as that because I’m not shutting up.

      Comment by TUECAA | April 3, 2012 | Reply

  13. […] their Good Witch’s Bible, which teaches about raping children. I posted a follow-up article holding wicca accountable for protecting the Frosts because of their willful blindness and pro-active defense of these pedophiles. To help readers […]

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