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An Open Letter To Blogger and Rose DesRochers: Do Sites Like This One Hinder or Help Police?

For a post I’ve been working on regarding social networking sites that still allow child porn and pedophilia rings to operate – including Live Journal and yes, even Blogger – I came across a Blogger Help thread started by a pedophile who had been discovered and ousted by a Blogger user. He was begging Blogger to delete the person’s account because he didn’t think it was right they exposed him. This man has had multiple accounts on various sites around the net, where he poses as teenagers in many cases to gather information for pedophiles and child abductors.

Eventually, anti-pedophiles discovered his comment and antagonized him, the way all pedophiles should be!

There was one commenter – Rose DesRochers, who is an (perhaps self-appointed) official Blogger feedback administrator – who chose to chastise people and groups who expose pedophiles on the net and on blogger.

Here are her comments:

Comment Two:

  • “……. if you were really concerned about the online safety of children then you would report this to and not try to take the law into you own hands.Catching real pedophiles is a job for the professionals, not a group of untrained volunteers like yourself. You may think that you’re doing good, but you could very well being get in the way of criminal investigations. I feel that protecting those who are unable to protect themselves should be our first priority- and it sure is mine yet I still cannot help feel that a number of untrained individuals like yourself are taking law into your own hands & keep in mind that different countries have different laws. At one time Canadian enforcement didn’t have the technology needed to effectively confront sexual exploitation of children on the internet; however thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft the Child Exploitation Tracking System is possible. We know that there are sworn officers and undercover FBI agents posing as children in chat rooms like those provided by Yahoo!, MySpace, AOL and other sites. Let them do their job. Also groups like Kinsa made up of trained individuals are working hard to protect children. At the Child Exploitation Section of the Toronto Police, they deal with that reality every day. The article can be read here… There’s children being harmed and we need to do something about that. We can help through education and letting officers do their job and through reporting cases we see of internet luring to the authorities. Now, I know that my reply will spark debate and I’m not trying to do that or not acknowledge what you are trying to do, which is admirable, but I just think that you are going about it the wrong way. Trained officers do not operate in this manner & I just don’t think you should be either. You are not providing a service at all. Rose “

Then this response – which was not made to Rose – to a comment made by an anti-pedophile blogger:

  • “Your legal groups? I don’t think a group of untrained volunteers qualifies as a legal group unless you are referring to something else? Doesn’t matter! Legal law enforcement does not operate in this manner, now would you all mind taking this somewhere else as these groups are not the place for it. If you believe that he is involved in something illegal and have reported him to authorities than let them handle it. If a crime has been committed here, you may be just getting in the way.”

The ironic twist here is that Rose knows the issues with Blogger permitting child rapists and child porn because just before the above comments, she posted this one condemning Blogger for allowing what others on Blogger are trying to have removed:

  • “….They [Blogger] were also the host of Kevin Ray Underwood’s blog. Kevin was the grocery store clerk accused of killing a 10-year-old neighbor and planning to eat her corpse. Let us not forget about Joseph Duncan, the registered sex-offender who murdered the family of Shasta Groene before abducting her. Guess what? He had a blog hosted on Blogger too. …….. A marriage and family therapist intern is trying to convince Google todrop a blog that promotes “boy love,” sexual relationships between men and adolescents and what about all the girl love blog sites on blogger being run by admitted pedophiles. It is no secret that Blogger/Blogspot is a haven for pedophiles. These pedophile sites clearly violate the Blogger’s (TOS) and Blogger has been contacted numerous times about this by me and other concerned bloggers , but they are NOT willing to remove these pedophileblogs….”

My first question to you, Rose, is why so hostile toward people trying to expose child rapists, pedophiles, pornographers? Especially when you agree there is a viable threat on Blogger.

It may interest you to know, Ms. DesRochers, that sites like mine, Warriors For Innocence, Absolute Zero United, etc… DO work hand in hand with law enforcement. We’re even supported by them!

We are in communication with them and there have been many reports of people like us being instrumental in the arrests of child rapists, pedophiles, online predators, and child pornographers.

We are commended by law enforcement, including the FBI and The Center For Missing and Exploited Children for our extensive research and educational sites and services, which arm parents and guardians with valuable resources to keep their children safe from these criminals.

We are civilians that aid law enforcement in a task more daunting and overwhelming than your pretty little head could possibly comprehend.

As a matter of fact, there are blogs on the internet praising sites like ours for our efforts and help with arrests, sites like Wikisposure and Perverted Justice, and blogs like this one for instance: Disgusting Pervert Exposed By Ablsolute Zero , in a case where law enforcement was able to arrest and convict Johnathon Johnson, who raped children and allowed men to rape his daughter, thanks to the efforts and alerts by Absolute Zero United volunteers – The same men and women you say are doing more harm than good and are “just getting in the way”.

You say we should just alert authorities and walk away. Well, that may be fine and dandy for you, Ms. Rose-colored-glasses, but the number of cases for law enforcement to wade through is so staggering, by the time they are actually able to check up on a tip, the damage is already done.

People like Warriors For Innocence, Absolute Zero United, Perverted Justice, etc… have hundreds of volunteers undercover in pedophile chat rooms, in online pedophile rings, on child porn sites. They are able to gather names, dates, places, times, and targets in the amount of time it takes for law enforcement to open the case file – if they even get to it. That information is immediately turned over to local law enforcement as well as the FBI’s Center For Missing And Exploited Children. Yes, Ms. Rose, just as you suggested. Imagine what you learn when you actually take the time to learn!

There is a reason law enforcement stands behind what we do. We HELP them! We FRIGHTEN pedophiles! We EXPOSE rapists BEFORE they are able to reach their target! We remind these child abusers that not everyone, like you and Blogger, will stand quietly by while they target our children.

There is a reason most of us have direct phone numbers to agents at The Center For Missing and Exploited Children, Ms. Rose, and people like you do not. Why people like us are on a first name bases with these agents and people like you are not. Why people like us are privy to information of persons of interest and arrests before even the media and people like you are not.

So, Ms. Rose DesRochers, you rush off and have your hair done, nails polished, and go to that ever-important Tupperware Party, where you’ll gossip about the latest celebrity fashions and why Brangelina have so many kids. We’ll continue spending our free time gathering information for police and for parents to be aware so they, and you, don’t have to see the images we do of infant rape, child sodomy, child torture, videos and images of little bodies being handed from one rapist to the next, all so we can help in the arrest of these people and help in the efforts to keep the children in your life safe.

Sincerely, SMP

September 14, 2008 - Posted by | Child Advocates, Law, Pedophile Defenders


  1. There seems to be a movement gaining strength on the net where people claim that only law enforcement should be involved in this or that, which I think is just a shirking of moral responsibility. Blogs like this one help inform people of the victimization of children they may not realize is going on, but more importantly serve as a counter balance to those pedo blogs ensuring their evil pro-rape propaganda doesn’t go unchallenged.

    Making the net less hospitable for pedophiles is as important as turning suspected pedos in. People like Rose live in a fantasy world where they can abdicate responsibility for society to someone else, luckily people like you and Absolute Zero pick up the slack for them.

    Comment by Rob Taylor | September 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you for the support and encouragement, Rob!

    Yes, and I’ve had grueling, hostile debates with people like her numerous times. Their numbers are growing, but then again, so are ours ;). And we know we’re winning. So do they, which is why they kick and scream and argue so much.

    I’m not saying she is a pedo supporter, or one herself, but in my past experience, most of the people who criticize our efforts and become nasty towards us turned out to be pedophiles and online predators.

    Of course, there are also the simple idiots, like Rose may be, who just don’t get it.

    I think what you said about shirking responsibility is dead on. They see others pouring so much energy, blood, sweat, and tears into this kind of thing and they feel useless for not having the courage and moxie to take it on, as well. They’d prefer to criticize people like us rather than join us because it makes them feel better about themselves.

    No one is saying that everyone can do this. Hell, even I have to take breaks for months at a time because of my own personal experience. It gets to you and not everyone can do it. That’s fine. It’s okay if you can’t see this stuff and talk about it. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t feel so bad about your own inabilities and insecurities that you have to attack those who do. The children are who matter here. Not the “Roses”!

    Comment by TUECAA | September 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m laughing my ass off at your post as you know nothing about me, yet were so quick to judge me. I have done more to protect the children of Canada then YOU give me credit for.

    Before you criticize me for having an opinion that differs from you, please make sure that you know where my thoughts lie.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for protecting children. However, the work of catching criminals should be left in the hands of those in uniform. Keep in mind that different countries have different laws too. The Child Exploitation Section of the Toronto Police Service’s Sex Crimes Unit discourages posing as a child online to catch predators.

    I’m not asking that you agree with me or any of my thoughts, but it is my opinion and you should NOT attack me for it. FYI- I will personally intend to continue to voice my opinion despite what you or Zen ferret says about me.

    There’s children being harmed and we need to do something about that. We can help through education and letting officers do their job.

    As for Perverted Justice – Well in my opinion they are nothing more than an Internet lynch mob. I have been harassed by ZenFerret of Perverted Justice myself.

    FYI: Trained officers do not operate by posting the name, address, chat script, photograph and other personal information of an alleged pedophile on a website for viewing, allowing us to rate it.

    Comment by Rose | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. Rose: First, let me apologize for not posting/commenting to your comment before today. I never even got an alert you commented – something Blogger has done to me before – and only found out when I tried out a new comment widget just now (which lost some comments on me, so I won’t be doing that again!).

    Your comment: Laugh all you want as the idiot you are. Sorry, but it’s true. Try to understand as I use small words: Law enforcement not only allows volunteers like me but ASKS for our help. They even have legal guidelines for us to follow to keep the investigation trustworthy and loophole-proof. It really doesn’t matter where your small mind takes your opinion of us. Law enforcement, including the FBI, praises us and supports any help we can give them (within the confines of the law). Our government would rather spend millions on road repair and historical landmark preservation than on stopping child rapists and informing the public of the enormity of the situation; therefore, volunteers like me are crucial to getting the word out there and reporting child abusers when we find them.

    Just because you don’t have the balls to put yourself out there like we do, it doesn’t give you the right to condemn the efforts that HAVE brought child rapists and child molesters to justice. When you attempt to slander us and our work, you make yourself look like a pedophile sympathizer because who the hell trash talks people sacrificing themselves for the protection of children?! Just a little FYI.

    Now, I don’t know who ZenFerret is. Never in my life heard of the person. And Perverted Justice isn’t exposing anything any average citizen can’t do on their own. These are public records, dear. It’s a way to make people like you, who would rather pretend the problem really isn’t that bad, understand it IS a huge problem. It, also, lets people see that abusers don’t come with a certain look or set of outward characteristics. They can look like anything, hold any kind of job, and fall into any pay grade.

    I agree there are some groups out there who seem to be in this fight merely for attention and an ego boost. I’ve worked with a couple of them, who I have since kicked to the curb. Those people are few and far between. You notice them more because of their drama whoring, but they are not the prevalent volunteer force.

    In any event, you’re wrong about volunteers. If law enforcement felt we were what you sadly believe we are, we wouldn’t be allowed to do this, we wouldn’t have direct lines to their desks, we wouldn’t be on a first name basis with them, and they wouldn’t have designations and regulations for us.

    You write about it. We live it, see it, have nightmares about it, and sacrifice our safety and well-being online and off. To each his own, as long as the word is getting out there, but don’t go putting us down just because you go about it differently. It’s about the kids, Rose. Not browbeating people with your hysterical opinions.

    Comment by TUECAA | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. Are you unable to debate without personal attacks?

    David Jones of the San Diego Police Department states that evidence provided by groups such as PJ is almost useless. Jones further says he’s worked on cases where PJ has gotten in the way of investigation.

    What are the FBI’s thoughts?

    David Beyer told that anytime the public gets involved in something of this nature they run both the possibility of civil and criminal liability.

    Attorny Lee Tie thinks that the website PJ could send real peds into hiding.

    Comment by Rose | November 28, 2009 | Reply

  6. Wow, Lady, you are seriously thick. I was going to simply copy and paste your comment here because of your obvious attempt to garner attention to your blog, but then I read your blog and caught the many innacuracies and outright lies within. I decided to let anyone coming across your comment here to see the lame-brained attempt of yours to demonize volunteers SANCTIONED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT (I think you have a difficult time with the English language because you keep missing that- or is it purposeful?).

    I found it humorous you attempted to go up against Trench Reynolds, one of the most respected cyber crime fighters by both volunteers as well as law enforcement, itself.

    At any rate, I will no longer entertain your idiocy on my blog. You cannot comprehend a thing, no matter how many times you have been told by me and many others that we work WITH and are SANCTIONED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.

    Now, dear, if you want to tear up someone for their volunteer work, might I suggest you approach BACA with the load of bullshit pro-pedo propaganda you keep spewing here. They would be most interested in your thoughts, and I, your humiliation.

    The only people who have ever had a problem with volunteers helping expose and put away child rapists are child rapists and their ilk. You know, there are and have always been children rights officials found guilty of CSA. Your personal claims mean nothing when compared to your actions.

    Comment by TUECAA | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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