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What Does Illegal Immigration Have To Do With Child Abuse?


The topic of illegal aliens and undocumented workers is a sticky one. Everyone has an opinion and every expression of those opinions leads to heated debates.

I, myself, have always been admittedly on the fence. On one hand, I feel a bit hypocritical telling people from other countries, especially Mexico, they have no right here when some of my ancestors invaded this land and stole from its previous inhabitants – many of whom were Mexican. On the other hand, I feel that as a nation, we pay taxes, vote, and go about our daily lives in ways to better our country. How fair is it that people who give nothing to this country be allowed to take from it?

Well, I just read something that has made me leap from that fence and onto the side of border patrol. As obvious a thing this is, I never even thought of it, and I doubt many others have, either. It’s the culture these people bring with them that our society frowns upon, but they have never gone through any citizenship process to learn what is accepted here and what is not that may be acceptable in their home land. They come to this country with ideas and a code of conduct that endangers innocent people who are told to trust in the laws of this country created to protect them. If they care not for becoming legal citizens, what makes anyone think they would care about our values and our laws?

Here’s what I’m talking about: Illegal Immigrant Rapes and Impregnates 10-Year-Old , Hard Working “Undocumented Worker” Racks Up 80 Counts of Child Rape , Olivar Roblero Attempts to Kidnap 9-YearOld Girl After Mother Refuses to Sell the Child to Him .

I know what you’re thinking: Legal citizens rape and molest, too! Yes, they do, so why add to the problem by allowing non-citizen child predators in?! And just remember: non-citizens are free to come and go as they please — taking little living souvenirs with them.

What makes it worse is they truly don’t see any of it as illegal. They have been raised in their culture that sex with 9, 10, 11 and even younger girls and boys is perfectly okay – even when the child is crying and screaming and begging for them to stop.

Even kidnapping and raping children and women is okay. It’s called “rapto” and I never heard of it until I came across the above articles.

According to Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin’s essay Importing Violence: The Danger of Immigration from Violent Cultures:

  • This comes from Mexico where in some areas, it is socially acceptable for a man of any age to abduct a female of any age as long as long as he intends to marry her. That is right. Men can kidnap and rape females. This is acceptable in Oaxaca where the government continues to view rapto as a minor crime. One legislator even referred to this horrid violation as “romantic.” Lest anyone believe such garbage, note that 24 year old Mexican immigrant Eliseo Nunez snatched a 12 year old girl and took her to Mexico to fulfill his erotic desires. Isn’t that romantic?

Also, this information quoted from Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin’s essay Importing Misogyny:

  • The fact is that South American male attitudes toward females are often archaic and misogynistic. Thus it is not surprising that the U.S. is seeing more attacks against women and little girls committed by these immigrants. In August 2005, illegal immigrant Jose Ramirez from El Salvador was charged with the violent attack of a 15 year old girl who refused to respond when he whistled at her (Roh, 2005). Perhaps such primitive behavior stems from the homeland culture. El Salvador and Guatemala have had a string of unsolved brutal murders where young females have been abducted and cut apart. Authorities have found body parts, including heads scattered around. In one instance, two female heads were deposited right in front of a local police station, blood still oozing from the severed heads (Miles, 2003). Gangs are suspected in these crimes as it is often part of their initiation to kill.
  • If you are not yet disgusted, you will be. Not only are criminal immigrants coming from cultures that are misogynistic, but they are changing U.S. culture in response to their sickness. Many illegal aliens join violent gangs which take over neighborhoods and terrorize innocent citizens. These gangs are highly organized with tentacles spread through several countries. The mantra of the deadly MS13 gang is: blood in, blood out. And the chilling effects of the illegal aliens participation in these gangs are very far reaching. For example, on December 19, 2002, Victor Cruz, Jose Hernandez, Armando Juvenal, and Carlos Rodriguez were involved with the drawn out gang rape of an unsuspecting 42 year old New York woman. These illegal aliens were well known to police for their prior crimes of assault, attempted robbery, drug offenses, and illegal gun possession. No deportation followed their lesser offenses because of the sanctuary policy.

Although these quotes were the best suited for the blogs written about South American illegal immigrants, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin’s study “covers misogyny from a variety of cultures including Islamic ones”.

Let me state loud and clear for the record: I am NOT racist. I am NOT a creedist. I am NOT prejudiced toward other cultures of other countries. I’m also not at all against people coming to this country for a better life. They just need to do it the legal way and understand what may be acceptible in their country may not be acceptible here, and if they want to be part of our society, they MUST abide by our laws and refrain from what is regarded as intolerable.

I AM intolerant of crimes against children. I don’t care what your country tells you. Sex with a child is wrong. I don’t care what you are permitted to do in your country. THIS country does NOT allow you to rape and/or kidnap children, and we WILL defend all of our children – blood or not – in any way we can.

If you don’t like these rules, go back to your own land and keep your culture’s sickness to yourself.

From this day forward, I am making it my personal goal to contribute in any way I can to the tightening of our borders. And I will continue to fight in any way I can against the citizens of this country who take advantage of our freedoms to prey upon our children.

Just as the criminal illegal immigrants tarnish the image of those who are just trying to make a better life for their families, the citizens of this country who commit crimes against our children send the message to the world that they can come here and get away with their repulsive lifestyle.

We need to send the message that they’ve been lied to, that they WILL be caught, they WILL be punished, and they will NOT be allowed to harm American children!

September 5, 2008 - Posted by | Culture, Politics


  1. You know, this never occurred to me, and this article has changed my opinion the subject quite a bit. I am still for allowing people to enter the country, but now I don’t believe that they should be allowed to do so without going through the proper channels, even if it’s from South America or Canada.

    If someone has committed a crime in this country and we don’t even know they’re here, how are we supposed to catch them? Well, maybe that’s the point. If they’re invisible, they can do whatever they please.

    Thanks for posting this.
    ~ DF

    Comment by DF | September 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. That’s the danger in liberalism. It makes us ignore the bigger picture and the core issue.

    Most welcome! 🙂

    Comment by TUECAA | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. I think the main problem is that we’ve switched from a immigration culture where assimilation was valued into the segregationist culture of “multiculturalism” which doesn’t seek to bring immigrants into the American mainstream.

    The better to exploit them by using them as defacto slave labor I guess.

    Comment by Rob Taylor | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. It’s the PC thing. While I agree completely that no one should feel their culture is less important or non-existent in America, I also feel illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to the rights of respecting their heritage. Especially when it brings this.

    I see and agree with your points, and the government – which includes voters and all American citizens – needs to put its foot down when it comes to forgiving and allowing the parts of a culture that endanger the rights and safety of American citizens, especially the children who depend upon those of voting age to protect them!

    Comment by TUECAA | September 13, 2008 | Reply


    The above link showed up on the RSS feed I put up on PACA. Thought it was appropriate for this post, and that you’d find it interesting.
    ~ DF

    Comment by DF | October 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. Tueccaa, either you are simply an idiot or you turn a blind eye to what’s happening in your own back yard. The stats prove that the vast majority of crimes committed against women and children are those that are middle aged white males. For example, if you tune into the evening news, the vast majority of student rape are white female teachers. You have thoroughly deceived yourself. Check your own family members and I’m pretty sure you are related to a few of them, may uncles, cousins, and grandfathers. Many white women report growing up mentally screwed up because someone in their own family has sexually abused them from infancy onward, like their very own fathers.

    Listen, there is no country and certainly no race on this earth innocent of crimes period, crime knows no color or creed, especially here in the good ol’ US of A, where child porn sites, and pornography of the grossest kind are owned and operated by home-grown white Americans in vast numbers.

    It’s people like you who try to find a people to blame all these problems on, ie, scapegoats. In doing so you assign gasoline to the flames of hate and violence to a particular group of people.

    Never forget that the sad history of white people in this country is strewned with rape, torture and mass-murder of the American Indians, the Blacks and the Yellows.

    It is well known that white women forced themselves sexually on black men during the Civil War while their white men were off fighting in it and consequently many black men were falsely accused of rape by them. Where is the justice in this?

    Comment by John Martinez | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  7. (copied and pasted from the other post you commented on because I will not spend any more time on you.)

    John, you are a prime example of what is wrong with the increasing rate of child rape and rampant pedophilia in this country right now. You took this post and the other one linked here – which I will reply to you there after this one – and turned my entire site into your political soapbox.

    Did you even bother to read my other posts? Of course you didn’t. You don’t care about children being preyed upon for sex. You just care about getting your 15 minutes with the race card.

    Okay, I’ll play just this once. However, no more of your posts will be approved. I will not allow some insensitive jackass to hijack my site dedicated to CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS AND PREVENTION.

    I am from Louisiana. All the years growing up, we “white” girls knew the most dangerous places to go were “black” and “brown” neighborhoods. Why? Raping a white girl was not only a gang initiation but what “black/brown” boys deemed their right.

    Had you read my previous posts, you would know I have an extensive past including molestation and rape. I was raped by one black man and attempted to be raped by another black man with ruffies. My niece was gang raped by 5 black men when she was 14 to prepare her to become a white whore for their gang. Did you ever watch Star Trek? Do you remember the blonde who was from a planet where she described rape gangs? That is EVERY DAY in Louisiana, and those rape gangs are made up of “black/brown” men targeting all color girls and women – but raping a white girl, the younger the better, even children – will get you higher prestige within the gang. Regardless of the past, do you think it’s fair for any CHILD and any WOMAN to be RAPED??? That’s what you are saying in your two comments, John. Oh, the white man did it a century ago, so innocent children and women today need to suffer. NO ONE deserves rape, John, and that is why this country went to war years ago and so many of ALL colors fight for equal rights – so that such atrocities would end, not so racism could rise up in another form and cause undeserved torment for innocent children who never hurt anyone.

    Do “white” men sexually assault women and children? Of course they do, otherwise the numbers wouldn’t be so high. Most of my abusers were white. Not once did I bring color into this post, though, John. YOU did that. Not once have I ever brought color, race, or nationality into any of my posts, John. You are the first to do so and the first to make any of my posts into a racial issue.

    The fact of the matter is, John, that I am not “white” by your standards. My husband isn’t even “white” by your standards. As a matter of fact, I have blood directly to a lesser Spanish king from the 1700’s and Mic Mac Indian, and my husband has Mexican blood as well as American Indian. I am descended from Vikings, Acadians, Italian, Irish, and Scotch. My husband is, also, from Acadian blood. Every fiber of our blood, with exception to the Mic Mac in mine and the Choctaw in his, comes from immigrants…. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    See, that is the issue here. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. I addressed the illegal Mexican immigrants in this post and the other because Mexico is so close and is always a cause for debate regarding the border. I, also, did not just address rape here, John, but the violent gangs and drug cartels ruled over and run by illegal aliens – Mexican as well as Arabic and Russian and Italian, etc… Again, ILLEGAL being the operative word, John.

    Hollywood is always trying to argue in defense of illegal Mexican immigrants, not any other illegals – just the Mexicans. Why? Because the rich and famous don’t want to lose their slave labor, and let’s face it, the illegal Mexican worker is treated barely better than a slave. This goes on because these people know the illegal worker cannot press charges or sue for unfair treatment.

    The reason illegal immigration is such a hot topic for me in the regards of my awareness blog is because we have enough legal citizens, of ALL COLORS, preying upon our children. We cannot afford to put more officers out there for the legal citizens we know are out there sexually assaulting our children every day. We cannot afford the child protection services it would take to combat the problem to put it to an end once and for all. We cannot afford to have the manpower to stop sex slavery that goes on within our borders through legal citizens as it is. Illegals make it almost impossible to combat. They add to the numbers of criminals, pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers, gang bangers, etc.. And who pays the price more than anyone? OUR CHILDREN! So quite frankly, John, I don’t give a damned about your race card that you will use for your own agenda but keep it from the “brown” children being preyed upon by illegals as much as any other child. You may not care about the “brown” and “black” children in this country, John, but I do!

    Now, perhaps you would like to re-read the words I have used, John. Focus primarily on the word “illegal.” I will help you with it:

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Main Entry: 1il·le·gal
    Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i(l)-ˈlē-gəl\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French illegal, from Medieval Latin illegalis, from Latin in- + legalis legal
    Date: 1538

    : not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit; also : not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game)

    And the definition of “illegal immigrant”:
    illegal immigrant
    n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa.

    Are you starting to catch on, John? NOWHERE have I EVER said anything about anyone’s color being the cause for sexual assault. YOU did that. Who is the racist now, John? We already know who cannot read.

    Comment by TUECAA | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  8. How does color become an issue in this post, it sounds like someone is just trying to switch the issues at hand here. This post is about the kids and how to protect them not about race or political views. So please think about the kids at hand not the wrong political views that you believe on hand. TUECAA, everyone understands exactly what you are saying except for John Martinez maybe that is because he is one them…

    Comment by Rodney | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  9. Thanks TUECAA, Even I got that one. […] PLEASE tell me you’re on Facebook or some other ‘safe’ website? Take care and God bless.

    Comment by Jeanne M. | May 26, 2010 | Reply

    • Jeanne, I had to edit your comment because I do not allow religious preaching of any kind here and I do not agree that God is against immigration. That is, also, not the purpose of this article. It is the meaning of “Illegal” that is the focus. Facebook is FAR from a safe website. It is one of the worst there is known to harbor sexual predators of children.

      Comment by TUECAA | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  10. Interesting, so what is someones idea of how to stop this? Does someone have a recommendation that can be put out there for stopping this madness.

    Comment by jennifer | December 28, 2014 | Reply

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