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Hello! I know it seems all I do is copy and paste here, but honestly, I am out and about and on other net sites trying my best to counter the, yes I’ll say it, idiots who just cannot see child sexual abuse as a crime. Or at the very least, want to see more lenient laws for child abusers. Like letting them live where they want, doing away with the registry, and even taking down sites that these defenders of child rapists claim are only there to cause pain and suffering to people who should have the opportunity to rejoin society, claiming that websites like the FBI’s sex offender locater site prevent convicted sex offenders from living normal lives after they paid their debt to society.

You have yet to see my claws come out because I do so when battling these nimrods elsewhere on the net. Here goes your first taste: HORSESHIT!!! Productive members of society my ass!

I do my damnedest to keep calm when debating these brain dead jackasses who actually honestly believe sex offenders are sorry and will never hurt again. Sometimes I really lose it.

I’ve actually been called a Nazi for wanting all forms of child porn made illegal. You’re going to say child porn is illegal, right? Well, friend, there are those dumbasses out there who actually believe children should be allowed to pose nude for art studies, for album covers, for book covers and so forth.

They say it is just art. They also say that to remove images of naked children from the public eye is a violation of freedom of speech. I have actually been part of a thread where some sick bastard and his friends – most of them WOMEN with children – said that if the parents give their okay, it is none of the government’s business to say the child can’t be posed in a nude and provocative situation. Parents have the only right to give consent, and if they want their child posing nude for rock bands and art classes, it is their right and no one else’s.

Well, bub, in America that is called CHILD ABUSE and we take kids away from sick and disturbed parents who would sell their children for child PORN!

I wish I could repost that thread here, but it was removed when that individual became scared of a suggestion about law enforcement and child welfare paying a visit to his house. When someone else tried to stir up trouble for those of us opposed to child porn by posting his version of the thread, the site administrator pulled that post, as well. Good for her!

Now, I don’t have that thread but I do have my comment that I posted to a discussion regarding an online watchdog group, which enables people to find registered sex offenders in their area. Most posters were cheering the website. Two idiots, however, and both MOMS were condemning it for the reasons I listed above. I will post the comments by them but not their names or a link to the site. Then I will post my responses.

This is what I do when I am not posting to this page. So, I think you will forgive me for my absence, although I intend to be more hands on here as I am leaving that site tomorrow.


(This discussion post is in support of . The following were the comments left by the idiots. Following are my responses. )

“May 5, 2008 at 6:20pm
Hello, just adding my 2 cents here, but I have to say, I completely dissagree with web site like that. I think that it give a false sense of security to know that the person down the street was convicted, SERVED his/her time & is now being asked to rejoin a sociaty that is completely unwilling to accept him/her. We all know that there are very bad people out there, some of them very close to/in our homes, so why not teach our children to had a sense of personal responibility and strength? Teach our babies to NOT be victims!
Please don’t get me wrong, I work with Domestic & Sexual Violance Victims, I know that many sexual preditors will reoffend, btu I also know that if we only look at the guy down the street, we stop looking in our own living rooms, & we also make it harder for the offender to leave that life behind, & be a member of our sociaty as expected.
BB The Loving and often worried Mother of 2 beautiful Daughters”


May 9, 2008 at 2:41pm

Wow. How sad. For your daughters

“May 10, 2008 at 4:35pm I’m not sure whats so sad for my daughters. They are very aware, and well adjusted girls, and they know how to take care of themselves! They also know that you can never judge a book by it’s cover. And frankly, I think that a comment like “Wow, how sad for your daughters” is inflamitory! How judgmental!
I hope you have a peaceful day.
BB The loving Mother of very happy, safe & aware Daughters”


There is nothing inflammatory about that statement. Just an observation of how sad it is that your children have a mother who wants a child rapist living next door because it’s the “christian thing to do” to forgive and forget. It is inflammatory to criticize and condemn parents who actually love their children and want to keep them safe.

It is sad that you condemn parents for wanting to know if child rapists and molesters live in their neighborhood.

It is sad that you condemn law enforcement for making sexual predators let their community know they are around.

It is sad that you think they can be rehabilitated when those of us who are actually in this field know first hand they cannot.

In order to be rehabilitated, they must first acknowledge that what they do is wrong. They consider themselves lovers of children and don’t believe for a moment what they do is wrong. This is a fact. Not a crucifixion of the poor woe-is-me pervert who is constantly looking for his or her next victim. Most of us who have common sense know why a sexual predator would want to live next to a school or playground.

Oh, they may whine and cry to the cameras that they are sorry but it is all an act. See, they have a code. They have web sites and How-To books that guide them on how to behave in the public eye not only to gain access to children but also to get bleeding hearts to feel sorry for them and accept them back into society. Crying for the camera about how they just want to live a fruitful life and get better is a famous act of theirs.

They cannot and do not get rehabilitated.

Even chemical castration doesn’t work. There have been subjects of this procedure who have been arrested and have admitted to raping with dildos, fingers, bottles, spoons, broom handles since they couldn’t use their dicks.

Yes, it is sad that any child would have a parent who would rather give repeat offender child rapists access to their kids than to arm themselves with the knowledge that there is one in their area. It is appalling that a parent would rather not know to protect her delicate sensibilities and flippantly say, “Oh, my kids will be safe because they’re smart.” Do you realize how many SMART women and children are raped every day in this country? Smart has nothing to do with being the victim of rape. Especially for a child who can be easily overpowered by an adult.

Yes, it is sad that a parent would condemn law enforcement for offering websites to parents who love their children enough to not turn a blind eye to the dangerous world around them and want to keep them safe.

It is frustrating and disheartening for those of us who fight for the right to know when child rapists move into our neighborhoods to not only have to deal with the perverts who want to scope out our children, but to deal with bleeding hearts who refuse to face the facts and choose to give rights to the perverts over the children. Fortunately, though, there are more of us than the bleeding hearts. Someone needs to keep the kids safe, even if those parents won’t.

I am terrified for your daughters. I really, honestly am. You think children should be able to just protect themselves? Gods.


1 day ago

“This is a very good tool to help keep people informed, however I just want to add something that I don’t think some people think of…..Did you know that some of these men are actually innocent of the crime they were “convicted” of but because of the courts long standing conviction rate of men when it comes to “he said , she said” they are convicted, sent to prison and when they get out still have to keep paying their dues to socieity for a crime they didn’t commit? Right now if a woman says some man assulted her, the man is arrested and put in jail until he is proven innocent. And when people find out that there is a “convicted” offender for any crime living “down the street” they become like the Christians when they find out that there is a person who doesn’t believe in their God living next to them. …..they are automatically devil worshipers who are going to come murder them in their sleep and take their children and cut them up to sacrafice to their demons. Sorry, it just burns me up when after someone has paid the dues that the court had put on them for a crime , they are still having new things added on long after they are released. Yes, there are some offenders that do go and repeat crimes, but the number is extremly small when you consider how many people who have served their time don’t! Anyway, I just wanted to add my comment , I know most won’t agree or even understand what I am saying, but , it is just my opinion and I do hope that by adding it I didn’t offend anyone.”


I understand completely your worry in this. Unfortunately, there are people convicted of crimes who are innocent. I feel for them and I would never want to see an innocent person suffer for being labeled for a crime they didn’t commit.

When it comes to sex crimes against children, however, and even rapes of adults, there are so many required procedures law enforcement and the DA must go through to even bring the charges because those are very serious allegations and the law knows what could happen if the court finds the person guilty. There are rape kits, DNA tests, witness interviews, interviews with the victim that are quite exhaustive and deeply personal, very detailed.

Don’t forget that in this country, the victim is always treated as a liar by the defense team and is presented in court as such. Every single indiscretion by the victim, even those of an innocent child, are aired in court by the defense to get their client off as either completely innocent or as having been lured into the encounter by a willing participant – even in the cases of child rape this is done, and judges have dropped charges against child rapists who claim they were seduced by the child. There is a well documented case of a judge who called a 6 year old rape victim a “teasing little slut” who got what she asked for and let the man go.

Out of 1,000 convicted child sex offenders, I can guarantee you MAYBE 1 is actually innocent. Personally, I want to protect my child from the 999 offenders and hope that the 1 innocent man will behave as an innocent man, thereby, causing him no trouble.

Sites like this help parents by arming them with the knowledge of convicted offenders in their vicinity. So often there have been cases of teachers and coaches and girl/boy scout leaders raping, molesting, even murdering victims and afterwards the community screaming, “Why weren’t we told about his record of child abuse? If we had only known, we wouldn’t have put him near our children!”

These sites run by law enforcement and the law requiring these people to be registered are very good, positive things that are very much needed in our society. If they had this system in place when I was a child, almost every man in our neighborhood would have been registered and every single friend and I would never have been hurt by their ring. Our parents would leave us at their homes to babysit because these men were “pillars of the community” and never laid a finger on their own children/grandchildren. They had everyone fooled except for the kids they hurt, even to the point we were called liars and bad children for finally accusing them.

Let me ask you this: Would you rather know that your neighbor was a child rapist by this registry, or find out after he rapes a child? Is it better to protect that one man out of 1,000 guilty men or the children who are potential victims of the 999?

I understand your points and I very much agree that I would never want to see an innocent person persecuted for such a heinous offense. It is just so rare a thing, though, and acceptable to me that one innocent man must fight false charges rather than my child or any other suffer rape and molestation and the ramifications that last a lifetime.

May 15, 2008 - Posted by | Pedophile Defenders, Wicca


  1. You are so full of crap. You know nothing about Wicca. I was sexually abused by a christian church going bible verse spewing family from age 5 to 12. So go back and do some reading and talk to a real Wiccan. There is no such ceremony for hymen removal. You are trying to scare the public into the burning times of the Inquisition. We do not recognize only a god but a god and goddess so the ceremony that refers to just god is a lie. Stop spreading hate like so many christians do. Catolic priests have gotten away with sexually abusing children for years. You make me sick.

    Comment by Cyndi | October 18, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi there, illiterate bitch! We’ve already proven the very words of the Frosts. The Good Witch’s Bible is available for everyone to read the proof, and the Frosts, themselves, have defended it. We all know what Christian churches and priests do (get some new material, pedo lover), so you’re saying it’s wrong for them but because we are pagans, we should turn away and pretend it doesn’t exist within our circle. You pedo lovers should really get some new material. These comments are becoming a broken record. Now, go back to your pretend coven and avoiding eye contact with victims so you can sleep at night while they scream. Dum kaldt hearted purke.

      Comment by TUECAA | March 19, 2014 | Reply

  2. I doubt there’s many children who lie about such crimes! The amount of questioning they get it would be impossible for a child to keep a lie up. I through personal experience am seeing the darker side as at present I’m fighting to protect my child from a family member who’s a convicted paedophile. I have been lied to for years and luckily I’ve found out. He hasn’t seen her and was Not told by social services. And apparently were not even allowed to talk to my daughters father and ask why he wants a paedophile even supervised near our child. Apparently its okay if it supervised. Well what about thoughts. Children sometimes take off there clothes. I had a older daughter who did that constantly. I don’t want my child being even touched on the legs by him. Yet I’m fighting. It makes no sense. Children really are not protected. I just seen another one from my area walking by a school. I can’t say too much. Because I could get in trouble. Its a joke. If social services thinks its ok for a two year girl to be in the same room as a paedophile. Then the world is going mad!

    Comment by julie | March 19, 2014 | Reply

    • My heart goes out to you! One thing ALL social services agents and law enforcement from special crimes know is that pedophiles excuse their actions by claiming the child “seduced” them, and one of their examples of “proof” is when a child has a habit of taking off their clothes. It’s outrageous social services in your area wouldn’t take better precautions knowing a child has such a habit, which is perfectly natural, and is in the family circle of a child abuser. Pont that out to them the next time you have to deal with them.

      Comment by TUECAA | March 19, 2014 | Reply

    • No person (even registered sex offenders) are for anything that might harm children. Many registered sex offenders are parents as well and most offenses by those on the registry are NOT involving children. Remember these citizens after going through probation, therapy and time served wish only to live normal lives with their families. 95% of sex crimes against children aren’t from those on the registry but are new offenses by those in the families of the victim and by those known to the victim. The registered sex offender recidivism rates are only 1.9% according the the latest California Department of Justice report. California has the largest population of registrants in the nation (105,000 and growing). The DOJ is NOT a friend of sex offenders. So these stats are factual. Why do we have probation and parole Departments? It’s so that those that come out of jails and prisons must walk a hard tight rope up to 5+ years to ensure they’re safe to be back in society. The sex offender registry serves no real purpose other than to enact continued harm on these citizens and their families. The registry is a form of Living Death, it is Evil and it is wrong. It was started from a place of fear and darkness and continues to grow by leaps and bounds adding more and more punitive measures at the whim of any politician looking to get elected. The registrant is today’s new whipping boy for votes. There are children on that list as young as 9 years old. This adds to the sad truth of our country no longer being a place for second chances, liberty and freedom. The registry ladies and gentlemen is not a thing of freedom but of Tyranny! No wonder we have 25% of the world’s prison population with only 5% of the world’s population. In time either you will be a part of the criminal injustice system or have a job servicing it in one form or another. TRUTH. Wake up sheepeople!

      Comment by Robert Curtis | March 19, 2014 | Reply

      • (Translation: Sex with children is beautiful and stopping the rape and molestation of children is bad)

        Robert Curtis,, we do not allow pedophiles to defend their assault of children here, nor do we entertain their or their friends’ attempts at destroying efforts to keep them away from their prey. While I understand your city of Atlanta is a child rape haven, the majority of the world does not support your twisted lust for children. Take your bullshit rhetoric onto the pedo boards where they belong.

        Comment by TUECAA | March 23, 2014 | Reply

      • Robert, I already told you we don’t entertain pedophiles here. I don’t care that you’re christian conservative. You really think that makes what you do to children okay? How interesting and it explains so much. What a twisted fuck you are. And yes, I know exactly where you live and I know exactly why the sex offender registry scares you. Perhaps you should browse this site more thoroughly to better acquaint yourself with who I am and for whom I work. Big mistake bringing your pedo lobbying efforts here, dumbass. BIG mistake.

        *As with this recent unapproved comment, all future comments by you will be directed to the spam folder; however, they are being archived and recorded for the FBI’s NCMEC and your local law enforcement special crimes division.

        Comment by TUECAA | March 24, 2014 | Reply

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