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To all those in this fight against child sexual abuse, please remember that TODAY is ALICE DAY!

Alice Day is a celebration by pedophiles and child rapists, who have distorted the relationship between Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson – author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (though you know him by his pen name of Lewis Carroll). They claim there was a sexual relationship between he and the child just because he would take her and other children on rowing trips and frequently delighted in telling them stories he would create through his wonderfully vivid imagination. This has become known as “the Alice myth” and has absolutely no foundation in truth.

As a matter of fact, it has rather been proved that he was quite the ladies’ man and would entertain much older women quite often – much to the embarrassment of his family, who hid the behavior by destroying journal entries after his death. They even started rumors of his homosexuality because at that time, it was more accepted to be gay than to be a philanderer.

The pedophiles and child rapists have adopted what they call “Alice Day” in celebration of who they revere as a pedophile’s hero and their own sick ideas of little Alice and children like her, of enticing children with stories and any other means to gain a victim.

There are many ways pedophiles and sexual predators will celebrate today:

1. Find activities in their area involving children – such as parties, park outings, sporting events
— They will watch the children, photograph the children, and attempt to have a BM or GM, which stands for “Boy Moment” and “Girl Moment”. This includes a conversation with the child, in which they could gain information to get to the child at a later date. However, this could also include just sitting back watching a particular child at play.

They appraise a child’s form as if it were that of a stripper in a club, and they write the moment down later for their friends – online and in real life – with added feelings of desire they had while exploring the child’s body with their eyes and filthy mind.

Please keep in mind that a child does not have to be nude or in a bathing suit to be visualized that way by these people. They are sick enough to imagine that for themselves.

2. Seek victims for themselves – either through the first option or by riding around looking for easy targets: children walking alone, children playing outside with no supervision, children wandering in a store with an inattentive parent… I don’t have to tell you the rest as “victim” says it all.

3. Seek victims for others – through option 1 as well as option 2. The information they attain through their Boy or Girl moment is not always kept to themselves, especially on Alice Day. They get that information and share it to their pedophilia ring friends so that others will have a chance at acquiring a victim at a later date. The children they snare also often become shared sexual toys for themselves as well as others in their group.

Photos and stories of children are precious to these people and they will even pay money for them and more money for addresses and personal information of targets.

A lot of times, the person acquiring this information isn’t even a pedophile, themselves. They are just in it for the money from the sales of the photos and information that a pedophile and child predator can use to get their target.

Also remember that men are not the only perpetrators. Women make up a small percentage of sexual predators and abusers, but they DO exist. Even so far as to pimp out their own children for drugs or other selfish reasons.

I’m sure you’re wondering what can be done to spot or stop these people. You can’t very well go accusing every person you see in a public venue of being a sexual predator, nor should you be paranoid. Just careful.

It’s always better safe than sorry, but there is always common sense.

For instance: if you see a lone person with no children sitting nearby staring at the children at play, it’s a pretty good chance he’s there for less than honorable reasons. Particularly if he/she has a camera and no credentials to any claim of being a reporter – which should also be questioned and dealt with as any parent would by calling the editor of his paper to check his story should he say this.

If you are quite certain you’ve spotted someone with ulterior, twisted motives for watching your child or others at play, call the police immediately. Confrontation with a group of concerned parents also works. No violence is necessary as these people fear being caught at their private game and will quickly vacate the area. You also send a strong message that your children are protected and NOT easy targets!

ALWAYS teach children not to talk to strangers.
ALWAYS teach children to never give personal information to a stranger.
ALWAYS teach children to never give the information of another child to a stranger.
ALWAYS teach children to scream, “NO!” and “STRANGER!” very loudly if they encounter someone asking questions or trying to get them to come with them.
ALWAYS teach children to use a secret or safe word or password and to NEVER tell ANYONE, not even their friends, what this word is.

You should also discuss police officers with your child. Teach them how to spot a real officer from someone posing as one: “No, sweety, I’m sorry but I don’t know the safe word. Your mommy/daddy was too hurt to tell me. You can trust me because I’m a police officer/fireman/doctor.” This is NOT okay!

They should tell a teacher or another parent right away. If the person is real, they will be happy to supply proper credentials and will be glad the child was so careful.

Remember, too, that uniforms are a dime a dozen – figuratively speaking. Official vehicles, however, are a bit harder to come by. It’s one thing for a person dressed in a “uniform” to tell the child the plain car is undercover, and another when the car actually has the decals, lights, and sirens.

** You should also remember that children want to please adults. They want praise and to feel special. They can either get this from home or from the stranger offering it to them if they would only come with them.

There are certain kinds of children predators go for. Remember that predators are patient. They could be watching a potential target for weeks, sometimes months, before striking. They want to be sure the target meets their criteria before they strike. Some of the markings of a perfect target are:

1. Always alone
2. Latch-key kid
3. Parents/Guardians are either hardly around the child or are always too busy to talk to/spend time with the child
4. Always dirty, hungry – suggests the child is not being cared for at home and the parents don’t pay attention to the child’s needs
5. Is always being reprimanded or admonished by parents or guardians – as if they can do no right or are not trusted
6. Is taught to keep secrets, or is in an environment – like abuse – where secrets are a normal thing
7. Has not been taught to not talk to strangers

Now, a lot of these things are also the markings of a child someone wants to care about; however, in the case of a sexual predator, these signs of neglect are the markings of a child whose abuse will go unnoticed or of a child who won’t be believed should they come forward.

There are what’s called “grooming techniques” that predators follow on kids like this. They include:

1. Being a confident to a lonely child
2. Constantly praising a child who is told otherwise at home
3. Being innocently affectionate to a child who is given no such attention at home – simple hugs, holding hands, pats on the head or back…. All things a parent or guardian would do that in no way suggests sex. That will come in time with longer back rubs, more involved hugging, and so forth.

**Anything a parent or guardian should be doing to fulfill a child’s need for love and affection, acceptance and worth but is NOT doing will be fulfilled by the predator in order to gain the child’s trust and compliance.

Later, when the perpetrator acts out his long awaited assault, he will blame the child for allowing him to get so close, blame the child for “flirting”, for “coming onto him”, for “asking for it” by accepting his “love”.

Every good thing the perpetrator did prior to his assault of the child becomes a tool to use against the child to make the child feel it was all his/her fault.

It is NEVER the fault of a child and every child should be taught that they are NEVER to blame if someone touches them inappropriately.

Even if a parent is one who isn’t in the child’s life very often – perhaps through work or divorce or separation – that parent should at the VERY LEAST teach their child that NO ONE has the right to touch their body and that if it ever happens, it is NEVER their fault.

EVERY parent or guardian MUST be sure their child understands that if they are ever touched or assaulted in any way, that child can tell their parent or guardian without fear of being ridiculed or punished. That it is not their fault and the parent or guardian WILL make it right, even if they may not be around for other things. Not being there for a soccer game does NOT mean they won’t be there if someone tries or does hurt their child. The child MUST know and FEEL this is the case.

So, remember to be alert not just today, Alice Day, but every day! There are other days: NAMBLA days and NAMGLA days: North American Man Boy Love Association and North American Man Girl Love Association. And every day one of these pervs gets close to a child or hurts a child is a celebration to them.

For more information on Grooming as well as Alice Day and techniques to protect your child, please visit:
Warriors For Innocence:

In fact, there is a new blog there about Alice Day 25, 2008:

“Alice Day is tomorrow, April 25th. Alice Day is a ‘holiday’ that was created by pedophiles and child predators that are sexually attracted to little girls. They used the name Alice because they feel that Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, was a pedophile.

Pedophiles use this day to celebrate pedophilia and child molestation. They hope to have a ‘girl moment‘ or GM. They are on pedophile message boards right now talking about how they plan to spend “their day”. They are happy and excited that they have a ‘holiday’ that is dedicated to their abuse and exploitation of children.

KissByAlice will be spending the day handing out pamphlets about pedophilia. These pamphlets try to fool the public into accepting pedophiles as loving and decent people. He’s so dedicated to this, that he’s going to use his bicycle and ‘pedal half across the city if I have to in order to spread pamphlets’.

Child predators are called predators for a reason. Don’t be fooled by pedophile lies. Alice Day is not a holiday. It’s a day that pedophiles choose to ban together and promote adult-child sex. Feeling that small children can consent to sex, they see nothing wrong with manipulating everyone around them in order to have access to their victims.”

Remember: We determine our world’s future in the way we raise our children today.

April 25, 2008 - Posted by | Alice Day


  1. Thank you for such an informative site, and for all the kind words and praise. You are doing a great job of informing everyone about child predators and how to keep their kids safe.

    Comment by Sues | April 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you SO much for your comment! I am honored you are happy with what I’ve done here. I have never seen a more thoroughly put together and informative site as yours, Warriors for Innocence, so your words mean so much! You guys are heroes and mentors to the rest of us!

    Comment by TUECAA | April 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m Begging all of y’all Let’s end this evil Holiday For all the little Childern of the world and For all little Childern every where.Abuot a Guy And a Little girl had a sexual thing makes me sick.Is time to stand up to these Sexual preverts and lock them up So let’s end Alice day before is too late.

    Comment by eholtonjr | May 2, 2011 | Reply

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